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Ha Do was startled to wake up, not caring about his own injury, but calling out to Thanh Minh Thanh Minh also rushed in to hug Ha Do for the last time, Thien Loi was too fierce, and Chiang brother didn't wake up anymore , Ha Do hastily pushed Thanh. I made it out to check that it's okay, but I'm fine, I've been lucky before, I've been by my brother's side, I've experienced it many times. So I just tried to adapt to Thien Loi on my own, then Duong Vy ignored it and woke up and listened to it. there is a voice of exile brother you finally wake up Ui has a headache what happened just now, it's so touching brother hey what the hell are you touching At that time you said if there was any punishment then aiming at me not to hurt my brother before was to misunderstand him and argue with him because of trivial things, while at the bottom line, he sacrificed himself for Dinh ah Well, as a senior brother, he protected him. I'm the one.

Who has to do it. Wait, it's not like you're already in a coma, how do you know all that stuff? That's it, you bastard in danger. Even then, she pretended to faint At that time to be really afraid of the brother, don't hit the two brothers who are in love, Thanh Minh of the world this is the bag that these people dropped, and the half of the cake that hasn't been eaten has already been put in it No No If you need more, you can eat as you please before, if there is anything wrong with it, hope you guys will ignore it, but we have already announced that we won't be staying anymore. The two brothers then competed in the sack jump despite falling. The stairs also want to get out of this place as quickly as possible, let's go to the Five Lotus Sword Sect. Anyway, today the great battle of Ho Son is no more, it's better to go to the congress and always say that maybe we can find a shelter we just went out to see the world Come on brother, why don't you want to go, brother, where are you going, I'll go there the.

Next day, the sky is clear, the preparations are not good, it will be very troublesome one two three Phat Hehe What are you laughing at, brother and sister aren't afraid of Thien Kiep, it's like they've said it 999 times and then scared a few more times The two brothers and sisters happily touched I didn't forget to leave a message in front of the sect's door, and also took the monk to go to the sword sect to participate in the Great War of the Great Battle of Ho Son, it was broken by thunder, we are fine, father, don't be too far away to see God Unexpectedly, there are really immortal sects here, there are many great hermits who cultivate immortals with one heart in a mountain forest, this is not an inability to go to the Five Lotus Sword Sect. This great brother is not an Evil cult, we can rest assured that our Shushan Tieu Dieu Palace is also invited to this conference. The first senior.

Of that life has been gone for a while, then we have to leave soon, the head of the sect, the senior brother to participate in the congress must bring out the genius of the sect's treasure, do we arbitrarily pick some herbs from the mountain and bring it down? OK, wait, I was going to Bon Bon when I was surprised that someone flew over . say that the outside world is very dangerous, cultivators because of the treasures that kill people can make anything like that, maybe they have experienced it when they were young. Why are these two people able to fly? When they have a plot with us, there is no Ho Son great array that wants to kill us as easily as a worm, so you two friends, please stop and be discovered, are you two disciples of the mountain sect? That's not dead, Duong Chan, the realm of Kim Dan Ky Sect, Thuc Son Tieu Dieu Cung, Ha Tien Tu.

Kim Dan, second grade, just went out and met his own two people, Kim Dan Co is really terrible. Why are you looking for Thai Quynh ? What's wrong with Phong, I'm Tu Duong Chan Nhan, a disciple of Thuc Son Tieu Dieu palace, this is our master Ha Tien Tu, we came over here especially to greet you, the child behind that teenager's personality. I'm Tieu Minh and I'm Tieu Minh, this is my younger sister, Tieu Hong, we're a monk, a person walking on the street, but living in this remote area has a good quality So s Ao fooling people, I have something to say to senior Thai Quynh Phong, you two are not in the subject, so hurry down the mountain. Is there something to ask for a teacher ? If they take action, it's basically impossible to win and listen to me talk, so I don't want to go, Brother We are just passers-by who don't mind working people.

Say goodbye to wait and ask to stop the parents, could they really be cultivators who can't reach their realm Although low, but Tien Phong Ngoc's deep bone Tien Duyen can be stronger than us If it's really someone from Thai Quynh Phong is sure that the two of them left a letter on a post, was that girl ever the girl who became a fairy yesterday, maybe the brother of the two of them was standing there doing that, is it transmission in the voice? The brain that the brother said, is it true that they are using the sound transmission consciousness to meet the high man plus 20 being deceived and swear that the girl is stronger than me minus 50 The girl's father is stronger than me minus 50 this is my secret Thuc Son Tieu Dieu joins us with the five elements to gather the Linh Dan with the monk who refines the gas. This is a very good spiritual Dan today with Tien Duyen here, hope everyone can receive the five elements and gather the Linh Dan level of the fifth grade. Gathering the Five Elements Spirits.

Strengthening the physical strength of the consciousness increases the value of the real weapon by 500 points compared to Ha Do's more than 8 million points, it is normal But with Thanh Minh, it would be great if Chan Master Duong was so persistent. We don't mind anymore, we still have things to ask for advice, we have to be on the road. Cui don't mind the two sages reveal it slowly. Let's go and meet the post-war fairy again If you have paved the way for me to run, then bye bye, brother, we haven't finished talking yet, little brother, don't go in a hurry, the rotten kid won't look at me there's nothing to say brother and sister We have to hurry on the road with a little inconvenience brother and sister prepare to go somewhere right behind the long grass, just make friends with friends hado pretended to answer saying Heaven is high The four seas are home to meet here later, it's hard to say first and then leave, leaving only the other two with black faces like floating ass, it's.

Not safe to eat, there is no single element, genuine Linh Dan is waiting for them I find a safe place every time I eat, the Dharma protector for everyone who doesn't need precious things to give to the head teacher, This little girl has a high temperament. Don't you have a father named Lei Thien Kiep Ascension, I'm afraid that you and this little girl have the same temperament, if we do good, good things will be good, and there will be good retribution later. Our sister and sister also went to the Lien Sword Sect, I believe that we will meet again soon, then we will have the opportunity to ask the Church to practice immortality, there is no need to rush under the five-year-old Lien Son, which is Van. Mong Thanh Two brothers and sisters Ha Do lying on a straw truck going to the small brother to Van Mong Thanh Hou in front is Lien Hoa leading the five Lien sword sect lying in a place too cold to sneeze, senior brother, we have arrived, five spirit swords The sect.

Isn't in Van Mong Thanh Why if two people want to go to the Five Lotus Sect, they have to go in the direction of inter-reconciliation, and in Mong Thanh's literature, there are only a few mortals who want to search for immortality and ask for the Way, if it's not a flying fairy, then only We can only go up from here to join the army. From here, go up. Why ca n't we just see off here and have a relationship later? Thank you again for this radio brother, I have one more request, can we use herbs to pay for the road tolls, can't Binh Bop chat, Do you ride the pagoda, Mai, the elderly are so hot-tempered, the senior brother is really The fact is that you have to go from here to there, how can the deep soul training of Co Duyen be able to pass through the strong soul body is an advantage, this bridge must be a good product of the five spirit sword sects. I have to take advantage of it and say that my sister grew up in the mountains. Why am I afraid of heights, my brother and sister can't.

Go on if I waste my energy, why do I have to be so tired? This bridge has a problem for a while, after two people have passed through the soul refining bridge Ha Dong looks back at Thanh Minh and sees that her attributes have increased by one point in each rank after Loi Thien Kiep Tu Vi has not changed, but this bridge can be broken. But life is not like a dream. Ha Do's information board except for Chance is 99 points, all five other brands remain unchanged. no matter what, you can always learn passive skills on the bottom number that can hide your cultivation. You look like a monk most of the time, you can clearly see that my mind is already a Qi refining period. What's the use of this, what's the mind language? God can't we have to go a few more times Don't believe Can't break through but but when we go back to the bridge, it's gone. audit this thing is disposable so we'll keep going so we'll go on then,.

Look at it, we've arrived and the five Lotus sects on Lien Hoa take the five Lien Phong Swords The heart of the righteous man went up to the sword, the head of the white juniper sect said that someone seemed to have come to practice soul training, Bao Lien Phong, the owner of the real man, was a bit worried that he couldn't train the soul because I personally locked the conference for 5 years. After the Boundary, the youth of the Wind Lord armor from the real man shook his head and said that someone had passed by, could it be that the Boundary had been broken? Thai Nam, the true human being, Tran Phong, doubted it was very likely. Due to the long-term decrease in the strength of the barrier, it may actually be broken by someone participating in the conference and then the white juniper stops the Wind Lords from arguing about soul training, only the extremely deep predestined people can step forward. The higher the realm, the more painful it is to go, all the people here including me can't completely.

Go through. It is convenient for the head of the sect that the person who can cross this bridge must be a powerful master in the sect . Some of the Wind Lords were surprised that the head of the sect had someone to consult, but after the day he had to go out himself, the little friend of Thai Quynh Mon came and wanted to see me, Thai Quynh bought it and never heard of it that year, I entered the army. Linh Sword Tong was sent to other sects to learn from me to go to Thai Quynh Mon with Thien Trong True Human to learn a lot. Thien Trong True Human was the leader of Thai Quynh's later sect. Yes, we are also considered as Brothers and Sisters is also a story 400 years ago, and at this time, the people who pass by for soul training are 8 9 part of them then The four wind lords must be surprised so why is outside the big door of Ha Do's stomach? gurgling.

So hungry, my sister and sister ate the five elements, and Linh Dan went up to wish Ky Ky and didn't need to eat anymore. But I still need to eat. I'm a little annoyed Hey We wait half a day and then when will we be able to enter during the conference a lot of people want to see the head of the class We are just a small, unknown sect Wait a bit but but at this moment the sect door suddenly opened, the true man led the four lords to come out. Ha Do clasped his hands Hanh Le, the head of the Thai Quynh sect, Cam Minh's feet, the exclusive disciple, Thanh Minh paid homage to the master of the five Lotus sect. Thanh Binh nestled in the back of Ha Do, the four Phong Lords immediately changed the color of this sub-area. This Nuong has a name of energy around it. Could it be that it passed through the soul training bridge, so it must be him and Nam Sy is standing next to it. What is the quality? The new master of Qi Refining is so fake, it's fake, Ha Tu, when he saw the conversation of these people, he was startled when.

He rubbed his eyes and talked about how the new master of Qi refining was so fake it was fake . fooling people, the new girl is a very good, very good natural talent, could it be a girl, their appearance is not so bad You can see their Divine Consciousness transmission. Can it be that this is a passive skill? Sound transmission is the heart of our star and the heavenly body is a brother. Made a 400-year friendship without any formality? so call me a white juniper uncle is to have Bach as a true human being in the magical realm of nature, having an uncle Hoa Than Ky is not lucky. Call it whatever you call it, he deserves it, are you a public geek, maybe they came to participate in the Stranger's Conference, thinking that this little girl has a genius but her cultivation is not enough. how to.

Participate in the congress, let alone this mythical head of the sect, the four junior wind masters who know their cultivation base themselves do not dare to participate in this congress to find the uncle, there is something that needs to be supported by Ha's words . the guy makes 4 people pale, why does it make me feel like he knows what we're saying What golf is, he doesn't know anymore, so he was a little worried so I could try a fortune telling, ask Ha Do If you need help, just say don't be afraid Ha Do immediately Kneel down and cry like your father died 10 years ago, the master has been in seclusion. As a result, Thai Quynh Phong was killed by lightning not long ago and destroyed Son Moon after being discharged from the military. That girl must think of a way to let her join our Five Lotus Sect.

. very rich and generously arranged accommodation for us , we will stay in this room, sister in the room next door, but seeing Thanh Minh's mood is not comfortable hado had to turn around and share a room with the monk. I'm still young and now I can sleep with her in a few years, but I can't anymore This is not sure, brothers and sisters, I want to hear about what I want to hear. About Saint Gladiator, it's not too long. Come here, send the Party people to save Nha so that Na can bravely fight with the 12 palaces until the sky is still a mess. Thanh Minh looks at Ha's pajamas until her pajamas are flowing. Then she reveals a happy expression. The next morning, the Five Lotus Sect was really rich, the house was not bad, there was such a large garden, the head of the school, the elder brother in Thuong Son It's already noon in the pond There are fishes with five colors Thien Nguu Linh.

Ngu tu at the border Meat and fish are delicious with a very specific flavor without adding spices The spirit is very abundant so don't eat a lot I'm the only one In these five Lotus Sword sects, they need to eat from yesterday until today, they are so hungry and hungry that they just need to catch a few fish to make meat to eat to avoid hunger, Thanh Minh was sitting and watching Ha fishing when a group of people saw him. See, Do is chasing Kim Lien Ngu without a fishing rod, no net, it doesn't matter if I can catch you with my bare hands, that name is the head of Thai Quynh's class, but it's only in refining why does it seem like a ragged loincloth hugging this anonymous small sect has the right to set foot on the lotus flower but be heard by it and then pay special attention to the female teacher of Thai Quynh Sect ? Probing like this without saying the reason It makes people curious to stop talking about and denigrating others is not the.

Attitude of a cultivator, our brothers and sisters. I'm impolite I hope Little Master will forgive me, I'm not your Little Sister, I'm too sudden You two go ahead If you need any help just tell us Master looks right. This girl is really a genius in cultivation, Thanh Minh is annoying. Wanting them to stay away from Ha Do, she heard the noise, turned around and saw that Thanh Minh's mood was a bit bad, so she went to him, Bao's true savior. Lien Phong must not have the pleasure to meet the head of the Thai Quynh sect, save the real man Kim Dan Ky Nhi, save it on the occasion of the ceremony, and then go out to get acquainted. You must be careful that this person's attitude is very polite, like the good man just now, my junior. There's nothing wrong with talking disrespectfully so that I can act on behalf of Sorry, Master, This is a genius, I modified a little Kim Dan Spirit to help you break through, rest assured, it's not dangerous, the mood.

To collect the top of the lot plus 100 Ha the people who fear the top of the lot take other people as their communal house This is the practice of the Evil Dao Five Lien Sword Tong Tang Tang is the right sect to save the true people. Bao Lien Phong's official son Why do you want to use Thanh Minh as the top of this group of people who have a problem hado immediately blocked between the two of you, thank you for being honest. But the younger sister said it was not necessary and then I wished Ky Kim Dan Linh a good luck. That smell is very useful, Kim Dan Linh Qi doesn't need to be so stupid, Thai Quynh Mon It's ridiculous that a brother with good intentions is only a master of Qi refining, what is the right to refuse him to save his true personality? Still thick-faced, but reaching out to thank him without having to take his hand from Ha Do in a voice with a determined look, a waste of a new weapon, if you want to stand in my way, I have to teach you to taste the benefits of the five lotuses . The spirit of going hado felt cold energy along the arm running up, for a monk.

Practicing Ky Ky, although he did not die, his weapon would be taken over by Chaos Chi and his body was light, so serious illness would not have a chance. Break through a bit of selfishness and Nguyen will fall to the ground in pain and regret this extravagance, but Ha Do again grins at you Are you sure? Save the real man was startled and didn't react, why did the Lien Ling Qi enter the helmet disappear and disappear, Hado also used aura to attack in reverse, making the saver pale and the spirit from his hand can still be transmitted directly to the body My attack damage to Jin Dan Ha map is also uncomfortable, you can't withdraw your hand at the right time, if not, then drag it back again, why did Ha Tu still have no hands, but the real man was scared and jumped back, this also made Ha Tu take a breath to save the true man. Shame he became angry at the rotten kid who dared to move. My Kim Dan stopped and retreated, master taught you how to treat guests like that, why should all the disciples.

Immediately revere the ceremony? It seems that the armor from this true person is also not biased towards the other in the past. The time of the foreign treasure congress did not respect the guests, it was shameful to go up to the sword sect. This matter I will return to the master. Yes, the teacher teaches it is true that the foster master treats you like a treasure, but I don't care. Hurry up and leave. The secret scene of Linh Lung is about to open and there is still time to come here to cause trouble. It's really a bunch of bad guys who are armed with real people to free them without being polite, I just don't like the way they behave and the arrogance of their name. hey, you're the enemy of the head of my sect, of course, you have a little favor for the little brother who wants to go to heaven's youth, so have an extra meal more better he he five Lien sword sect youth Feng where the armor from the true man feng shui does not need to say delicious meat delicious enough little brothers don't be.

Polite Just eat and drink naturally Just now listen to the true man Speak What is the shimmering secret scene in the end ? It's one of the secret treasures of the Five Lotus Sword Sects, and it's also the highlight of this Congress, has the Little Brother heard about the void before, Master said it was open? create another reality space that can be brought with the viewer as a moving warehouse, what you say is the virtual realm of Linh Lung's body, which is also a virtual scene but cannot bring the entrance, is the fixed space inside. The inside is also very spacious, so it turns out that he let me eat a piece of it, but the shimmering secret scene is the false scene created by the ancestor using a large amount of effort to open it, in which there is another universe that is not real, but very real. wonderful people say that is the highlight of the conference, maybe there is a mark of a treasure of course, but not of the five Lotus Sword Sects Every time we have a meeting of the Five Lotus Sword Sects, we will take.

Out a key and hide it in it. Each great Immortal Sect will send disciples Kim Dan Ky to bring the genius of the Earth Treasures there to find the keys of the Kim Dan monks. In that period, when entering Linh Lung secret realm, you can choose to kill and fight for treasures. If you want to bring the treasure out, you must first find the key to kill at will, so isn't there a dead person in the shimmering secret scene? The rules and the secret rules are set by the Five Lotus Sect. We definitely won't have such problems after entering the Kim Dan monk will be placed together with almost no ability to kill each other. Injured will be taken out immediately. More people are limited in each sect. There are 5 items of genius and treasure, if you can enter the highest treasure, you can get 5 people if you can enter the secret realm of Linh Lung. Looking for something a little bigger than hundreds of years of practice, don't think about what it means.

If you want to go there, there are two conditions, one is only the monk Kim Dan To enter the second period, there must be a genius of the two, you both don't have it, don't say it directly, but the Five Lotus Sect Bao Lien Phong is in the room of the real Liu, what kind of trick did that bastard use in the end The spiritual energy he transferred into his body was directly attacking Jin Dan, who kept swallowing his dan needle, even if he wanted to stop it, it had no effect on the damaged heart, and immediately spewed out 3 liters of blood . This pain of Kim Dan constantly being swallowed can't be described with words at all, what's going on with senior brother, it's okay, I'm practicing without worrying about everything, then Protect Jin Dan first saved it on the kernel and took it out. a yellow pill can be swallowed and then it is effective. The spiritual energy that swallows Kim Dan has been suppressed and my second grade kindan is broken into a third grade,.

A strange new gas refining trash with the ability like So why is there that old man with death armor when Tu Nhien Ha raped me and still wants to report it to the head of the class huh Do you think I'm afraid of him? My plan is successful. I will kill all of you. I will kill you all on the winter solstice, which is also the day the foreign treasure conference takes place at the Wulian sword grandmaster, that is the entrance of the mysterious Linh Lung on the global stage. It's a famous fairy in Shenzhou, so don't be rude, Thuc Son Tieu Dieu is the head of the shop Dragging the real man to lead the disciples to Lac Thuy Huyen Ky Mon Truong Tam for people to Hoang Son Xuan Tieu Palace 1994, the real man coming to Bach Tung Head of the Sect has come enough to declare the congress has begun, yes, that's right, Bach Tung Chief The Star sect hasn't announced the start of the congress yet, so maybe there are still people who haven't come yet, why can't all the famous Daoists have already arrived, but don't be in a hurry, there's still one.

Immortal Gate that hasn't arrived yet. Everyone has already come, but who has such a big face so that the head of the class and everyone else can wait for Thong Son Thai Quynh, the head of the class, Cam Minh, to come to the head of the class, now there are people who are still paying attention to you, why don't you talk about the drama? Go talk to the real Thai Poor Mon Tran Tinh Minh, who is it that I still think is a big character, it's just a junior with no reputation. So, I still make the real man wait for him to lose face. We invite you to bring the genius of the earth out into the shimmering secret realm, if the genius of the earth is real, monk Kim Dan Ky will be able to enter it. Detailed introduction Linh Lung secret scene is a wonder of the five Lotus Sword sects, taking Qiankun as a force to open a small world that evaluates the rank of holy objects, the cleaners of the secret realm can take the treasures at will. But first must find the key then can leave the secret scene with the treasures on the.

Treasure is also a form of spoils of the five masters of the five swordsmen, and at the same time make a seal to mobilize spiritual energy and then shout sesame Oi Open up the energy transmitted into Tai Chi, a space door appears in the magic formation from within the array, shimmering and mysterious, then we won't be polite anymore, Duong Hien told me that this master is Quynh Tuong Ngoc Lo The first product Linh Bao is not shy is Thuc Son Tieu Dieu palace just got out and took the first product out, it is true that the good stuff is all good stuff, it's too bad it's the Spirit medicine Tieu ieu Cung, isn't it Thuc Son Tieu Dieu Duong Chan's womb , chained to Ha, the man who armors his feet, Binh Dinh, the man who understands the truth, let's go and pretend to be Thuc Son Anyone who obeys the orders of Tieu Dieu's 5-person master, turns into a southern island of light, and immediately flies through the door to the secret realm, one day Brother will take me there. We can also open our.

Eyes and rob some treasures. A poor sect who doesn't have any treasures dares to open his mouth to say that, why is this brother Tieu Dieu Cung not having a chance to enter it, why is it the same, why do we come from Tieu Dieu palace sooner or later? Everything has the opposite opportunity to be a person who, even though he is the head of the sect, only puts the Qi refining process to look at your qualifications. Surely there will be no breakthrough in this life and still wants to enter the secret realm, why is it so shameless? Tiger is a famous political faction Everyone is talking or pretending that Linh Lung secret scene has been satisfactorily arranged in the secret scene by one hand, the head of the subject Look at the stone stele with the words Thai Quynh Mon Chan Cam Minh then shoots out a beam of light from there, pulling Ha Tu to fly into the secret realm. Why is that? When did they let the treasure out? what's wrong with this, a Qi-refining monk also entered the competition with the monk.

Kim Dan, why is it so absurd? The four Wind Lords are still amazed, the truth is not good, and he hastily flew over to pull Ha Tu again almost caught Ha Tu's leg but unfortunately still one step behind this time another arm grabbed Ha Tu's leg, the senior brother wearing a hat and the idiot sister followed me What are you doing? is a stream of light that pulls Ha Do and Thanh Minh into the secret scene in front of everyone's surprised eyes. The stone stele shows up the name Thai Quynh Mon, Cam Minh Thanh Minh of the Five Lien Sword sects turns pale. The secret scene is broken, why is the master of that brat only just reaching the Qi refining period and that will probably lose half his life, Mr. Mau Think of a way, I can't save them once I step in, I have to follow the rules and act. if they're lucky they only get injured and get teleported out, but this.

Time it's not like every other time. E has a variable inside g Linh Lung is the master of the class, Brother Wait, I'm tired of walking, why do you feel something is wrong This fog is full of Spiritual energy seems to want to push you away don't worry I'm here let me carry you this fog For Ha Do, it doesn't help at all, but for Thanh Minh, it adds up to 100 points of that much value. equivalent to 10 years of cultivation, that's really not bad, Senior Brother, the time in this illusion is so chaotic I don't know how long we will be at the company, I can't eat or drink like that, I ca n't stand it. the thick fog is very unpleasant But it is full of spiritual energy equivalent to food and my spirits are very good master brother brother the thick fog ahead has cleared Good good let's get out of here the two of you are I ran fast and suddenly slipped and fell below,.

I didn't expect it to be an abyss Oh my god I'm lucky I didn't fall just now it's too dangerous to fall from here and get hurt a little bit we can't get out of here forever why are we injured It's okay Not just finding the key is going to get out That way as long as the head teacher is by my side, everything will be fine, the two of you are about to sell dog food when a burst of red energy is already there. shot to Ha Do hastily embraced Thanh Minh, but the ledge where they were sitting was blown up, which also made the crowd The dead man Duong Chan Pay attention to that is the disciple of Thai Quynh Mon, come quickly to see who his mother is who has ambushed us So hug Thanh Minh while falling, Ha Do saw a black shadow running away. Damn it, if I catch you, I'll tear the two of you straight down, create a huge explosion and be one step late, this little girl is a.

Rare cultivation talent to encounter such a disaster, it's so pitiful for us hurry and get there, maybe they're still alive right now in a pile of rocks making noises then Ha Do and Thanh Minh come out and they're not dead yet it's a miracle ISO everyone is here this is why two stars come here, we can only see so far away, we still can't believe it's really two people, my name and junior sister, who suddenly appeared on the gate of the mysterious Linh Lung, we don't know what happened then got dragged in here First of all let's make it clear We don't have any Earthly Geniuses Don't make a move, we have two This is considered a predestined person, so you don't have to hit them whenever they fall from above like that. They weren't injured at all, probably because of Thai Quynh's body protection method. Must be very strong If hit defeating them in this situation,.

The magic treasure might be ours, but the way those two came here is so weird, it's probably a lie, how did you guys get to us so quickly? Seeing the Black Man attack us did not hide anything. We were also chasing a group of mysterious people all the way through by chance, we met two people this time inside the mysterious Linh Lung, a lot of strange things happened. strange We suspect that there is a connection with the mysterious person here, it is not safe for the two of you to come with us, so we did not expect that the true person would have such kindness and concern for our life and death, so the two of you are the chief's enemy. Sword sect We naturally have to take good care of it. This is just a weird conference why are you watching it? It's a life-and-death battlefield so don't worry if anyone is injured, they will be taken out immediately, isn't it different this time.

Linh Lung mysterious scene announced that someone died and Ha Tu changed his color so dangerously? It is true that this is not the first time Linh Lung secret realm has been opened, but this is the first time in the secret realm that someone is attacked to death, fortunately, Duong Chan Nhan dies as soon as something is discovered . ok they immediately Gather all the factions to minimize casualties why does such a thing happen in the secret realm of the Spirit of God, there are people secretly flying formations to change the rules we have found 5 battle eyes each participating sect will be divided into 5 groups to break it down there are Jindan monks here there will be nothing to worry about fighting we apologize and wait for that mysterious person still lurking in the dark the two of you go separately, I'm afraid it's dangerous to join us. Thank you for your kindness, but my sister doesn't like to make friends with other people. Stranger Before, I wanted to take.

My magic treasure, but now I'm redirected to my sister, the head of the sect, isn't she already in love with you, why is it normal but you don't like older women? The police are so shallow. Here's this little loli. Hurry up and take him somewhere inside the mysterious Linh Lung the scene is in a cave that sends out cursing sounds, I still can't kill him with my own hands But that's okay, sooner or later all of you will die in this mysterious Ling Lung no one has can't escape hahaha master Brother wants to find the key as many people as possible easy to find right this is still to be considered carefully she rest assured I'm rejecting the Kim monks not completely Because the nose doesn't like it So why is it that for some Kim Dan monks, in Linh Lung, the secret scene of fighting for treasure is the most important, so they will want to.

Break the eye first so that the game can continue and then find the key. also last time due to the battle I transferred some amount of energy into my body, but just now I didn't feel it at all, I felt that this shinobi is someone else, it's not strange, in short, we should still avoid it. Just stay away from them for a while Ok Ok let them handle it on their own. What we need to do is find the key safely. quickly get out of here somewhere a bunch of people are surrounding a rock it's covered with a lot of spells with a completely different aura Dark aura This is another battle of eyes Quick to deal with it slowly let us A little investigation from Duong Chan Nhan was too cautious, then we are the needle dan monks to solve the root quickly and quickly to continue the congress, the people immediately took action to execute all kinds of techniques to attack the battle. The battle eye didn't explode, but.

Injured the crowd, what's wrong with chain Ha stammering, it's not a guardian beast, a big wild boar appears as a monster with Tu Vi Kim Dan strange master That brother and son Huyen Sinh Beast was full of grass, armor and spear, and it was difficult to enter my formation, and it was difficult to hurt me now, so why not panic, everyone gathered with me and ended the battle from the highest Duong Chan Nhan Cultivation and immediately standing on the side. First I will try to lower its defenses and Disperse its attention. Mosquitoes lead people to find its weak points quickly. kill Yes brother Pay attention to avoid the blow don't get bitten now shimmering mysterious scene can be deadly Everyone attacks like a shower of rain covering the pig's forehead, a blood spot appears to find its weak point then chained Ha yelled at Huyen Sinh Beast, let's die, Chain Ha's sword stretched out and pierced through the weak point on Xuan Sinh Beast's head, causing it to immediately.

Lose its life, everyone praised or chained Ha for a good fight. Immortal descending Pham is not ashamed to be the next Tieu Dieu palace who is strong enough to be able to break the formation and then under the attack of many people the French battle is blown up in the blink of an eye and then I don't know how the situation of the other battles will be. Going to see Yang Zhen Ren turned his head and felt that everyone was silent Realizing something was wrong, it was too late when a sword of the Ha Tien Tu chain pierced his stomach and then drew his sword to add more words. Duong Chan Nhan quickly stopped Chain Ha and then yelled at everyone to stop, but they didn't win everywhere, they took action fighting each other is not good slow is a trap and the main battle is to release magic to control our spiritual cultivation to the highest in a short period of time without being affected, we must leave here quickly to be saved. why.

Was he not affected at all, so Liu Zhenman sneered and died, his right hand condensed energy for a long time, suddenly attacked the death of Yang Zhen . After all, why are you doing this? On the other side, Ha Do and Thanh Minh are sitting next to the waterfall, senior brother Linh Lung, such a big secret scene, where do we go to find the key? don't worry there's a clue that I said just now that the true qi in the person's body disappeared, actually he is hiding somewhere in this mysterious realm, you are a shameless traitor You are seriously injured If that's the case, then what can we do with the three products of the Dharma? It's just that the first-class Kim Dan is also defeated at my hands haha ​​damn the star magic doesn't let good things go.

Good So what if you weren't in my position how would you understand a person with an opinion before? mediocre quality like me Who cares but even the brothers and sisters in the class bully me to make me better I don't know how many times I went to the field, even the heavens didn't dare to admit that by chance I was pointed out by a highly enlightened person who stepped on the needle, everyone's face changed completely, the master respected me . afraid of me even death Duong Nguyen As soon as he saw me, he secretly admired me I don't care if it's a pagan evil or not Just being the strongest is definitely a good thing Just being the strongest then I have everything I want to hate the most is that suddenly a little guy who refines my magic appears to destroy my Tu Vi Kim Dan if I catch him, if I can save the true person who is talking about it, then Ha Tu appeared in the back of Hello, it turns out that the person is here,.

How does he know that your substitute can fool those people of Kim Dan Ky but can't fool me, don't forget my aura You're still on your body, you fucking bitch, you're going to die. The burning heat that the master gave me to prepare for the breakthrough was also wasted because of Nguyen. Why is that so, no matter if it's a formation in the Secret Realm or a substitute, you can't have that kind of strength, there is definitely someone behind to help the rotten person who dared to look down on me to back up my feet. The man smirks in disdain to kill people, just using the magic of the Sword of the Sword Sect is enough to clone the body, the magic of the body, the magic of three attacks, directly hitting the Ha Map, blowing up a large area of ​​​​retaining true people. laughing proudly, hado flew to his back since when did you slow down to taste my chidogi go to lightning in the.

Hands of Ha Map to make the Lu Zhenman kiss the ground I have learned the speed of Hunting birds since childhood Even if I catch animals , I won't lose to you young masters, Ha Do when I'm cheating, Black Clouds pull me to death I'm so excited that I temporarily forget to control my own strength, but my mind is calm Hop takes a deep breath and breathes Phu Ha Map's Qi refining points gradually returned to zero, the dark clouds dispersed and the sky was clear blue Ha Do wipes sweat Cold looking at saving the true man I'm trying to get up, fuck me, Tang Tang is Golden Dan Three Grade you are just a refiner Kim Dan Three Grade ah I remember the other day you were Second Grade Jin Dan, but when you mention the pain, you get even more angry You bastard I will kill you the disciple of the sword sect without using a sword, this is the turtle fist that the master taught you, shut your mouth, I will kill you an ignorant trash like you, what better to understand You really are a man who.

Is blindly attached to saving the true person Condensing the dark red spirit into a sword and then frantically slashing Ha Do, seeing that the opponent has a weapon, he has to use his spiritual energy to condense out a shield to catch the light of the true human. eyes showing madness hehe I will cut you into two pieces back to the happenings where the death of Yang Zhen and Yang I admit that you have endured until now is indeed very strong but the winner in the end It's me from Duong looking at the sweet and juicy sister like that, it's a pity that I haven't tasted it. Is it possible that I still have a zin? Hai died like that, how did it end, then I want to cut you into a hundred pieces, save the real man with a sword, and kill Ha Do Thanh Minh is now Ha Do's words that make Lu Chan man startled, he just turned his head when Thanh Minh has taken action and waited for you for half a day, what is this, that is the Han position Van Thuong Thien is Phap Bao Tran.

Son of Thai Quynh sect We are Yes, the sect's low-level sect's treasure in my eyes is just like a case I only need to use force to break you know what is called Miss Thunder without thunder without waiting to save the true person begging for his life hado used the field of thunder a purple lightning from the sky, straight down to the top of the head Save the true man screams, then his body disintegrates in an instant, leaving only a bunch of damn scum from the teacher's mind, since when is it so powerful, the master of the senior brother is not the one who intends to hurt him. And then Cho asked where the key was, why did I never expect to bring my heart back so strong. Beat the city for good and then I can't blame you. Only blame him for weakening this guy is dead, the clue to the key is also broken. We have to start over from the top of the senior brother in the pile of invisible as if there was something Thanh Minh brushed off the dust, so it was a car. the shining key.

Don't resist anymore the influence of the Fa battle is getting stronger and you're not an opponent Where's my guard, the great disciple of the great Immortal Sect later on is me going to die, Zi Yang for the man has closed his eyes to endure the battle. But when the sword touched his skin, the body of Liu Zhenman became soft. becomes illusory and then disappears leaving only a burning talisman. It is indeed a substitute charm. Now there is a call from behind Tu Duong, it turns out that Chain Ha has woken up, brother, what happened ? If you ask me, I know who to ask what happened and I don't know what happened outside the mysterious Linh Lung scene where the people are talking and whispering The spirit at the entrance is getting thinner and thinner, then what happens inside Even the Qi refiner was dragged into the mysterious mysterious scene, something went wrong and our disciple Kim Dan was in it, if something went wrong, what should be done,.

The real man should do it? The idea of ​​going noisy at first is that you want to come in now, if something happens, you can only ask each other to speak a little less, the sect master has a way to make the boundary of the secret realm can only open from the inside or wait for the full 10 days or rely on someone to find the key now the situation inside is unknown can't wait to find a way to open the secret scene at this time, the secret door emitting a bright light, everyone was surprised that the Ling Lung secret scene opened again and then the Dai Mon scene opened and someone came out and came out It seems that the key is the real thing Good job kid Do Nhi master you're so good, my true disciple, this is a long story. If it weren't for you, we would find the key, we wouldn't be able to get out in a bit, then let's make it short, let's hurry. It's not easy to let him breathe and get.

Out safely in the secret realm What happened in the end so you went through the soul training and also found the key to the mysterious Linh Lung, why do we find it? getting the key is just a coincidence if it weren't for the spiritual master brother who said it was the chain bridge, that's right, we can only walk a few steps Huynh carried me through Thanh Minh's words, surprising the white part of the real man, the key was because the daughter Chuc Co was able to find the right Master, but that child looked at it and knew that there was a high-class fairy, the story of failure in Linh. Talk about it later, now the task is to find a way for it to join us. Master can't be in the secret realm. A strange thing happened to me slowly, but before exiting, I saw it with my own eyes. From the color of the thunder and lightning formation like the one in Thuong Son that day, Nguyen's idea was that the high-ranking master of Thai Quynh bought must be secretly.

Protecting them and forcing Thanh Minh to enter the sect as if he was confronting the enemy. the fairy asked the master to think again, when he heard the words of the master, he also had to sweat and then sighed, you are right, it seems that this woman has no relationship with us, then Thuy Huyen Ky Mon came to Thank You Thanh Minh The fairy who saved the life of Hoang Son Tien Cung came to Bai Ta and there was also a similarity of Trach at the top of Tien Cung Da Ta Thanh Minh, the fairy found the key to Ta Mo's life. If you have a true treasure or a high-class fairy medicine, you can also give it as a gift to the leader of this period of gas refining, it's too bad, why don't you come here, just ignore it, it's the natural high-class Qi Tai will join our army, I heard that girl passing through soul training is Ky Tai Thousand Years difficult to find Ky Tai it's from the sect We're right so it's shameless It's ours, fake immortals You are all lies,.

In fact, you want to rob my junior sister. Why are you closing the door so the senior brother is still calling out to the sect leader so we can meet Thanh Minh Tien Tu and then have to thank him in person? Thanh Minh packed up his luggage and this place couldn't live anymore, they all wanted to rob the younger sister more than that, the Five Lotus Sword Sects were still questioning the death of True Ren Liu, they couldn't tell the truth, but if they stayed, it would be better to go back. Thuong Son, even if it's ruined, it's still our home. Leave the boundary of Van Mong Thanh. Let's find someone to hitchhike back to Thuong Son. The two monks intend to go back later. Bach Bach Tuong Master Uncle was discovered by him and left the hustle and bustle Luu Lac Giang Ho that was also a good practice. Uncle Uncle didn't keep it. Why would we want to keep it, but if you want to go, I won't keep it. But first of all, Bach The true master flicked a shot on the forehead of Thanh Minh Master Uncle, what are you doing, Master Mui is okay, I have passed it on.

The great divination technique gives it the divine circulation for 3 days, consider how much you can learn, then see yourself, then the great divination art is the magic of Chan Sect of the Five Lotus Sect . The horse is also ready and the head of the sect is on his way, and others also know that the two of you will come and cause trouble, so we will go here later and have the opportunity to repay the uncle and the lords. Then again, I can predict next May, Master. You will appear far away from Thuong Son district. It's very good. Thank you, Bach Tung, uncle, great virtue. I will repay you later, I will see you all again. Isn't the fortune teller far away from the district next year will appear in Tan Tien cave, why is it possible that Thien Trong true man is also because of that, but unfortunately, he can't keep that girl to stay, or keep the east side, they are safe and unharmed. From.

The secret realm of Linh Lung, there must be someone secretly protecting it, then I guess the true man of heaven has not shown up yet, please head your sect. Investigate the inside of Linh Lung's secret realm. What happened, have you been able to find that brat's name, already dead and dead, there is a strange magic formation in the secret realm. The situation is like the death of Duong Chan. by Tieu Dieu Cung said that my temperature is really the mastermind to change the rules inside the fictional scene by relying only on one person, it is not enough to be sure that someone is hiding behind pulling the strings, but his power maybe even more than us at the foot of the mountain of Thuong Son sa district. Haven't come back here so far from the district, why are you so busy, brother, now is the time when Bach Tung Master Uncle has a fortune-telling if his father really appears here? Great fortune-telling is very magical, I believe him, if we take a few walks away from the district, we will definitely be able to find a master,.

But is it really someone from the magic path that appeared, why has the news of Tan Tien cave spread already? there will be nothing unexpected But anyway, the devil is also the leading demon, don't be wary of this jerk, Sa district has th user. Why don't you talk to the master, brother, Why is it okay, let's take you to eat noodles We have money to sell carriages, we will have some money, don't worry, the boss gives two large bowls of noodles to eat something character information Monk a Niu sect Van Loc fairy settler outer disciple realm of gas refining Why is the information of the owner of the noodle shop also a cultivator, why does the owner not want to do business Wait a minute The boss brought out a bowl of Dark Xin noodles please use it slowly, thank you, I'm so hungry, even the mosquitoes don't eat this, there's something wrong with this, but the one who pushed the breakfast seller was an outer disciple of Tieu Dieu palace and the rice seller I'm a disciple of the Five.

Lotus Sect, the owner of the shop with this horrible cook, is an outer disciple of Van Loc Son, the head of the sect, how do you know all this This doesn't matter What's important is that we need to clarify them What are you here for? Master may be about to appear before that, we need to make sure this place is safe, do we need to remind Thai Quynh Mon not to let them be on the alert? you must be the Ha Tien chain since they should be here, according to the feeling, they are upstairs. They have the protection of the real people, they won't be in danger. Tan Tien Dong is here before Ma Gathering far away from the district is now Long Tranh Tiger Dou, we can protect ourselves. Yes, brother, let's go a few rounds to see the mosquito situation here and wait for the brothers and sisters to take care of Thanh Minh minus 100 chain Ha is real. I'm happy with Thanh Minh, but they talk about Tien Dong Palace, what is it after all? Yes,.

I can do that, still I'm not sure that Thai Quynh Phong's great battle for Son is no longer there and only relies on one sect master. Basic Qi refining can't protect Thanh Minh if she has a great accident , it's a pity that chain Ha, why did you come here to transmit the divine consciousness, why don't you know which fairy school Chi Ha accidentally offended? I can't feel the source of the Spirit at all, maybe it's the fairy that I met, she wants to go to Thai Quynh to buy the right team of the immortals who are about to appear . I want to remind the master of the sect and Thanh Minh Dao Huu who is about to go down the mountain lest they bring the picture of Linh Phap Cao Cuong protecting Thai Quynh Mon Surely it is the true nature of the people, then what is Tan Tien Dong Phu? The cave of the immortals who ascended to the sky left heard that there are many treasures inside It's rare to see a fairy. Why don't you know this?.

Did you try to try yourself on purpose Ok Ta I know bye bye go to the senior school of Tan Tien cave A coward chi sa district gathers so many mixed things, what is the point of having a frown on your face, Heard from far away Huyen has Tan The current fairyland, the devil or the religion are all here, we have to find the master quickly, father will be in danger why does the master of the human character have a natural general It's okay But then don't look for him. Those mosquitoes, but being far away from the district is now very dangerous like the last time the conference of aliens. Who knows, maybe someone will want to harm you, rest assured that people like that person's feet are not common But there are a lot of people who come far from the district. It's a bit difficult to find a father based on our people , but we have a way, brother, why are you so dumbfounded, brother so quickly, you have returned and I want to check the news, but I met the immortals The friends heard the bad news or paid.

Homage to Chach Ha, the fellow believers were still safe, but there were friends who went far away to meet the ambush of the competition. There are many people outside the city who are seriously injured, and the leader of the demon sect is the leader of the sect, why did the master guard kill the knife and the forebears of the five Lotus Sword Sects have not yet reached the urgent matter of connecting with each other? destroy the demon, can't let them fight for benefits in any government, let's pass the turn for a moment, why did you come here, the first Daoist Thanh Minh didn't come with you, why don't you like many people being outside waiting for me to come, there are many deaths. Yang Zhen Ren, this is the leader of the second period of gas refining, he does not want to participate in sharing a bowl of soup, but just rely on him, don't joke about it. treat this person very respectfully ,.

Really have a generous heart Sphinx, my master, he's still looking for the true man of Heaven, so the person who transmitted the divine consciousness to me just now Roo Who is it, we are in contact with the sects to arrange defense forces in the desert district to prevent magic If Thien Trong true people appear around, they will definitely notify the head of the sect. So thank you, Mau surround the tea shop to catch a batch of these Cuong Dao and then catch them, what's the big deal to dare to yell at us we're not Cuong Dao who got the wrong person right? think later, calm down, don't be in a hurry, the soldiers take your turn and take me to your Commander to clear up any misunderstandings, you are the ones I want to arrest, it turned out that the district command came personally without causing any welcome from you. It's really rude.

Of us all to be businessmen, not Cuong Dao, pretending to be with me, the official received the news that you rotten Daoists gathered in SA district to gather people to plot against us . are actually people in the sect but gathered here is not to cause trouble if you can generously overlook where I have A little springtime elixir that prolongs life can show a little mind in spring, this is also good so quickly, it's too boring to use immortal sect tricks, big brother of Thuc Son is just like that. That's all, the information that the 18-year-old Tien Nhi character of the inner sect, the innermost disciple, is extremely talented in the bamboo realm, but the 18-year-old Taoist has wished for this girl's previous fortune to be equivalent to Thanh Minh just now. I know it's not a good thing to ask the lady in which sect the teacher is, why not in the sect, very leisurely,.

Just looking at the fairy, you all collude with each other, it's boring This girl is a member of the extreme heaven demon palace appearing here, surely something must happen, we must quickly find a way to bring her to a safe place Wow, someone is trying to run away . The political sect is not only mediocre but also cowardly, afraid of death, running away, she is saying that I am an unidentified flying object. Chili through Ha Do Da Can Khon original materials fossilized excrement and urine of ancient apes, powerful magic treasures 30 realms of lowest use, wish mercenary grade, high quality Qiankun stone flying straight to the face of the fairy huh name The waste that doesn't know good or bad, Tien Nhi can't be helped, a lead-type magic treasure that doesn't know where to come from. Take the stone Qian Kun from Yang told everyone to be careful there is a strong enemy after the explosion was so strong that it blew away the.

Mortals. Then a black shadow rushed to the place of Tien Nhi, the monk, the monk Chuc Ky, had spiritual power again. This black shadow turns out to be Tien Nhi's master, this is an old woman but very old on her face with many age spots but her health is still very good, seeing Thanh Minh beat her disciples, the old woman smiled evilly. That's very good, you have the qualifications to make me kill people with my own hands, Ha Tu saw the killing intent of the old woman, and worriedly ran to the clearing, a superior gem ended up in the wrong master, it's a pity but you should still die Damn this old woman is a miracle of the old man who snapped her thumb and lost her life hado ran in front of her and then used both hands to take the old woman's lead magic treasure, ate this extremely powerful one-lead food and was beaten When the plane collided, it blew up a whole row of houses. When Yang saw this, he joined forces to attack the old woman. But she only used one hand and was able to block.

M's attack. people do not know their own strength, the old woman still has free hands to control the magic treasure to attack the people that the fairy spirit wants to kill, whoever can save is about to collide with Thanh Minh, the lead- type magic treasure will be destroyed. A gourd to stop the crippled fairy who is so old and shameless, the little magical treasure Ho Loan has fallen into the hands of the armor from the magical anthropomorphic foot, to take action against the Little Bamboo Girl It's really lost Thanh Minh's face saw that someone had come to save him, he immediately ran to find Ha Do Gia Tuu. Long time no see me, I thought you drowned in the wine jar, but the four wind masters have all come, why are they all out here I'm lazy I have to kill them one by one, deal with that rotten woman like a person alone, I'm enough Huu lied without knowing if he was embarrassed or not when he died, you'll know our brothers have to go and help, don't become a god. When the decisive battle.

Gets close, there will be danger of life, absolutely do not interfere, but the old man's heart is the elder of the extreme heaven and the devil appears. There's definitely a reason for us to be wary of the witches involved in the Tan Xian Mansion, not being able to arbitrarily participate in the battle before the thunder tribulation kills you first at my hands is also considered good luck. your cultivation level can be half of that of your dry lips talent, you would have long since lost your current form Right at this moment, the sky shot down a bright yellow light brother Hurry Look at the sky there is a phenomenon strangely, Tan Tien Dong Phu appeared and then Gia Tu continued to fight again . come on you think there's no one but me Why will this lady be here to spend with you but the old man's heart is right, there are.

Still talented disciples We have to quickly disperse the fairy gate to help them have Maybe we'll go too, then the armor from the real man keeps the old man 's heart, it will be easier for us to behave. interfere with Tan Tien, go down and chain Ha, see Tien Nhi dressed in offensive clothes, beat her, sister, don't waste time with her, hurry to Tan Tien cave Yes, brother, look at Duong's people. The fairy lying on the ground smiled again, then she turned her head and left in the other direction, while looking for Ha Tu, she saw that Tien Nhi was a demonic demon, why didn't she go with everyone? Tan Tien moves to cover the slut First solve you then find the head of the class, brother Thanh Minh has not had time to act, a black shadow has covered her mouth, so it is Ha Do, he is still perfect. No scratches. For the time being, don't take action,.

She is a beloved disciple of the old man of the demon heart, the master struggles with the armor of the real person, she either doesn't help or doesn't run away Tuesday, don't go to the cave. Do you think it's strange that the head of the senior brother's point is that she stayed here has other intentions, first to fascinate the district and divide the money, then the Elder God. period of being embodied by the story If it's just because of the dislike of the profession, I'm afraid I'll have too much free time. So now we have a very scary speculation that everyone is afraid of being active. pretending to be the mages' plot The tiger li mountain dance and the real fairy cave hide it in this teahouse Let's go and see the story There is indeed no trace of it in Tan Tien cave, but why is it sure that it is hidden in this tea shop because the stupid district commander who knew the entrance here.

Did not expect to die? True Man Loveless Take this place as a gathering place for immortals So the new devil sent Tien Nhi to fascinate the district orders to make the officers disrupt, it's very smart that mortals who intervene in the immortals will not raise suspicions of ghosts. The new religion is prone to excess water and turbidity, the problem now is that girl. Where to go and then change the scene of the morning that everyone thought was the place where Tan Tien cave in the Outer world, now turned into a dark color, The Immortal Sects appeared. The present is indeed the current fairy gate, while the magic has not yet come to seal the entrance, don't let them save the treasures of the dead Duong Chan Nhan, who just flew to the place, surprised to find that a lot of people have crawled up from the ground. The people of the demon sect creating the Outer Dao sect dared to intervene in the Tan Tien Cave Palace to chase them away and clean the entrance. a war between the two fairy ghosts broke out quickly to occupy the entrance to the magic palace cave.

That was not our opponent Everyone rushed up the chain Ha Mi led everyone inside before I stopped them clearly brother ship When Ha ran up to it, it didn't feel right when this gloomy anger was heard in everyone's hands. Stopped hands were not touched, but it was still a bit slow, accompanied by a loud explosion, a mushroom cloud rose. From where chained Ha from Duong was fighting , he suddenly looked back at his sister from the heart of the explosion, a figure raised his hand to shield him. It turned out to be a lord of the five Lotus Sword sects who had come here often. cheated and armored from the little thief these years, you only care about brewing Tu Vi's wine It's not good and then it's broken, you still have enough strength to fight big things, what's wrong with Tan Tien Dong Palace is fake a Fa battle arranged by the devil We were all deceived and fought with me, don't worry, you will die a terrible death, some disciples will be killed, no, this is.

Not the case, only lest we die. The real tiger lily of the cave has appeared. Nguyen go find it right away I'm still looking for this rotten old woman who really pissed me off. Even though it's the same miracle, you're inferior to me in cultivation. Hundred Years wants to kill me, dream that I'm younger than a hundred years old, even if I spend all my energy, I will kill you, childish bastard, I won't die The Ha Tu brothers and sisters, after searching the whole house, can't find Tan Tien The cave is only in this basement, I haven't found it yet. Thanh Minh covers his nose. The smell is too bad here. 89 parts are the entrance and how to keep it down below, I don't know how Bao sister is up here, waiting for me with my nose, I still can't hear the master. Where are you, then it's safe, let alone you're not a treasurer The reason why you have to go down E is to suspect that your father will also appear up and down because of the fairyland and go up and down Find him, he's so smart.

Alright Follow us, we'll get there together. This is probably the main door of Tan Tien cave. Master Brother, be careful if there are traps or traps, Tan Tien is back. Why are there so many good things in my house that I can't avoid being seen as a thief's room if I enter from this place, I will have a countermeasure if I don't open the door. There's no way to solve it any further. This stone is very difficult to use to break through the rune of the fairy carved with strong spiritual power and wants to break the door unless it is the miraculous transformation Thanh Minh is still mumbling. then Ha Do punched once on the door, but it turned into a miracle to be able to open and eat Ha Do's punch, but it broke the mosquito, it doesn't matter anymore, the head of the class, brother, It's great. The two brothers and sisters after going in , Immediately my eyes widened, there are many paths ahead so how should I go? Now this Trouble.

And this cave is a labyrinth that uses Magical Magic like divination to deduce every turn and entrance. All of them are independent formations why don't they understand at all. Simply put, we just need to go the wrong way, we will be locked in here, Vinh won't If you can go out then think of a way. Yes, Bach Tung Master Uncle didn't transmit in the dust of divination, why did his nose also try to see if Bach Tung Master Uncle was here, he could definitely find the correct way, but Mui still hasn't. I completely understood all the divination, uno sorry to disappoint the head teacher then it's okay if I'm here, then the Master Brother has a way to get into Tan Tien's trap. Although it's dangerous, he can't count on a character like me, whom Co Duyen has 99 points only. No matter how lucky you are to touch this roof, you must have a pen of good fortune, but.

Hado randomly chose a door in the middle, go to the other side, follow my feelings, Liu Lac relies on fate, Ok master master The brothers who used to live here are really too patient, the house is so crooked, they get lost when they go to the toilet, the room is empty on both sides of the corridor, there is nothing to do with any treasures see a room Two brothers and sisters look in In the cold, it was only a dry skeleton, it seems that the person who used to be in this cave is not everyone who can easily become a fairy, it may just be the monks who entered the wrong Tan Tien cave and were locked up in this cave. in here rest assured we won't end up like this Oh go to the end of the street and see what's in this door hado pushed open the wooden room door didn't feel I hate Tien Nhi's spiritual energy, maybe this place is not her goal or she is still hanging around in this place, but there is a card that our senior brother.

Went to the wrong way. but on the contrary, we go to the right place and then Thien Kiep stops crystallized when the savior fails and before the soul flies and destroys Kim Dan, absorbing the aura of the heavenly tribulation and becoming with a very low rate of deity effect. Anyone with a period or less can borrow this to practice and improve cultivation speed to a great extent. This quality of my 99 charms is really great. This thing really has no effect on the value of qi refining. 8 million of mine, but Thanh Minh can use it to become a miracle, it also has great benefits for the monks to scramble to the land, lest we find the most valuable treasure of this whole cave and then stay here. Outside the door appeared a figure shouting don't touch this place there is a very scary trap if you use the treasure to activate the trap, we will all die. She's about to be robbed and her flight path is gone now she's taking her one-on-two.

And obediently give it up Child scammer If it weren't for her being able to see through her feelings, I would really believe her, then a piece of crap lure the person who initiates a big trap and traps this kind of dark tricks can always deceive greedy fools but the master of ca Brother is a smart person, See Tien Nhi take off the mask plus the Bo go away Hado dipping sauce was also a little bit cold when Thanh Minh saw that, so he used the magic treasure to throw it at Tien Nhi, the shameless demon girl, the master of the sect, regardless of her taking the treasure, the two of you calm down and do nothing. Come on, Ha didn't just pick up the treasure of the heavens and the stars, the ground shook violently and then all three people also fell, damn it was really a trap, the master of the class, Tien Nhi, cursed Ha Do for being a jerk. stupid brothers and sisters have no way to use spiritual power The fool here is a trap for the fairy, there is definitely a.

Spiritual Force array don't panic Ha map below n When I woke up, I got an eye tonic, Kaka saved me, Tien Nhi again tried to use Ha Do as a meat shield, but the slave builder borrowed the power from a stone to jump high above the heavens and then rushed to hug Thanh Minh to see a series of actions by Ha Do Tien Nhi full of questions. Then she was the first one to fall. Thanh Binh then pressed on top of Ha Tu's head, brother and sister, he was fine, but no worries. It's okay if mine fell from the cliff, not to mention you are so brave, why are you still dragging me out as a cushion? Luck doesn't know why Trap Lost Linh otherwise we would soon have been crushed by the formation and then lost the spirit because of him, Ai Ha Tu turned around and saw this back, familiar to the master, teacher, and father Tien Nhi.

Heard. The way they address each other, they startle back, what are you kidding, this person ascended to Heaven a few hundred years ago and then a few hundred years before Ascension it's really strange that it's obviously the master but I can't see any attribute information he is not a living person so when I opened this cave, this place has not been unlocked for hundreds of years This person is definitely the owner of the cave, what you now see is just a little memory that he left behind magic. Although this is rare, it is not counted as Cao Tham's indiscretion to be able to destroy the viewers of the fairy, creating spiritual energy that collides with the human body of the True God, making everyone surprised that it shoots out from there. images That is the image of the true god when he picks up Ha Do is the memory of the master who raised me when I traveled to this world, is the master of the.

Sect brother the father? that he was not wrong at all when master left, the little teacher was still very young and did not remember his master's face anymore why did he have to go Ha Do was suddenly startled to see that his master was sitting like a corpse, his left hand suddenly moved, and then he wrote three words in the air, the Nine Immortals Gate, after writing these three words, the body of Thien Trong, the true man, also dissolved. What is the Nine Immortal Gate , so I don't know if I'm going to take revenge or come to the house to thank me or beg. accept this old man, you can write words, but you can't write clearly, tell me clearly the beginning and end, why does Tien Nhi have any more memories, Ha Do, I went back to tell the fairy to see if she still had her memories, but she was This is how you know my master, my master,.

Is that okay Why not. Don't talk nonsense when you see my master's back, you don't have any emotions but when you see his face he was very scared and told her how did she know he was careful a big stone fell from the top and fell directly between the three of them, there was still a trap and it won't die. life and death turned out to be two people fighting on top of these two people is much scarier than the trap from the little thief, I see you really don't want to live anymore, the rotten old woman is just 300 years older than what It's fine, but he's still in the mountain. Do we need help? Do we need help? Don't teachers often teach us on the way to cultivate. Two words, obeying the heart and praying for peace to be able to live to Thang Tien, it is not impossible to take advantage of the chaos to sneak attack the old man's heart, but if you hit an undead Super, the power.

Can scare most of the Tu Tien fakes. I won't be able to hide it anymore From then on, there will be no peaceful days even if it's because of the Little Master, I absolutely can't be the leader, but the armor from the true man looks like things are not right Thai Nam Thai Nam what do you do why is it taking so long, I'm going to be beaten to death and hurry up to save me, but you send a magical hybrid to wait for me to cut your tail, they will come to Giap Tu to support you for a few more hours, please take it easy, don't be in a hurry the picture is not very urgent, why are you in a hurry, in a few hours you will come and collect my body. Death decided to risk his life to join me in the next immortal sect. Even if you join me for endless magic, you won't be able to get any profit. What's the point of bragging being the righteous path, it's just that the puppets above and.

Below the old man see the disciples hiding on one side, and immediately give up, embrace the angel, then fly out of the cave door from Tieu Tac. The next time we meet is your apocalypse and this old woman's pseudo-priests are so powerful. Are you injured ? The great monk Tien Mon entered the cave , and now that he leaves, he won't be able to lose any treasures, I chased the fairy and accidentally entered, who did not wish to gain any benefits, now his safety is The most important thing, otherwise I have no way to talk to the white juniper uncle sitting in the front, let's get ready to go Huhu little brother, I will definitely make friends with you because the truth is exaggerated. What we should do is to make it clear that we can't help but give Ha Do a like, brother, it's really as dumb as Cuoi.

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