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With the help of the old manslaughter law, Nhan Ha Do and Thanh Minh stayed in Linh Son to cultivate. Those who could come here to practice before the propaganda congress opened were either the famous Vong Toc sect or different from ordinary people. What's your background? Show the ancient state-owned princess system we are Thai Quynh Mon Thai Quynh Mon have never heard of if you want to be welcomed in Thien Xa After this, give me a call Big Senior Sister Grand Senior Sister is only equal to you, but I also want to call myself Big Senior Sister, so I'm not a big senior brother, showing the prince system Chu Quoc My Hoa, I spit on you based on what makes you so big brother What are you relying on to make others call you big senior sister two of you Probably mean to say that you're just based on you being Mehua, the prince of Chu Quoc, just relying on being the old king of the kingdom, Princess of the Nation, and she wants to. In order for her father to attack the.

National Office, the two bamboo poles heard Ha Do's words, then as they said, Ha Do could only see the area. The attributes of the two people, but it was sooner or later that Qin approved 6 countries, why didn't we find out that there was also a little sister next to me So pretty, Nhu Quynh Mon is a very powerful hidden sect. then we still have eyes and still hope, Brother, don't blame the two of you. In short, in the future, we will be here to practice together and consider it as friends. Every day we teach cultivation before it's morning. Ha Do Do you want to practice together Little Master Mui also come along when it's not yet morning. Eat lunch for less than a day, three meals at the usual time, so we won't get up Sure enough, brother must have a secret. So determined to cultivate something Little Master Mui Phi Pham They really have a good point. After all, we have to make sure we get.

Enough sleep and eat meals on time. I'm just like the head of the sect, brother Ha, brother, I must be joking. Yes, he will definitely practice stealthily in a dark place, we'll wait and see, but when the other people got up early to practice, Ha Tu yawned. Yawning out of bed and then sitting down to eat rice like a pig, making it impossible for others to concentrate on cultivation Ha Tu brother, you really don't come here to practice with us Why are you so lazy there must be a day he will be much worse than us when he hears this fish criticizing himself Ha Do immediately lifts his hand and then fires a move. This move goes through and through the crowd showing the power of Controlling the Spirit of Mac Binh and then shoots straight up. a small mountain floating in the air makes it explode, people who smell such a powerful attack are afraid of the delicious taste, give another bowl of this power. After all, what kind of magic is that, who dares.

Doing sabotage in Linh Son died, then the monk who managed Linh Son came and then the ancient businessman told him that Ha Do was being lazy, but when he came back, he still had the right belt, and Ha Do's legs had never been cultivated. How can you have such a great destructive force, he is not doubting us, but at night Me Hoa crept to his place. Ha Tu, the hateful Ha Do, but he harmed me, being punished by the management monk, he must be in the middle of the night using some shady cultivation method to be so powerful, waiting for me to find out his weakness. I'm going to go and tell the monk Me Hoa when looking in from the window, only Thanh Minh is practicing and Ha Do is lying around the head of the monk's leg outside, there is a fly, do you need me to chase it? I'll have a place to use This fly god bro is there anything you can learn today since the day you came to Linh Son.

Every night I teach you so much magic your attitude towards me is not good a little more , who said that all over the world, only I can hear you and I talk to you, so I know enough to walk in front of Ha Do, there are many kinds of magic, fire magic, flying magic Water Dragon Blood Ha map touched the fire magic god with his hand, it turned into light and entered his head, just grasping a kind of magic is enough. I don't need you to teach me it's because people who are different from normal people leave I'm too lazy to tell you come here today, it's selfish of heaven to lie down and then I wake up and work a little bit ha do hold hands The new god of Peace, who has just learned the art of peace, flies out of the window and rushes straight to the place where the fire and flowers burn and saves his life, it seems that the god of fire is also quite good, the master of the brother, but he learned the new magic, he is not a big master.

My brother Thanh Minh nose has his own room no need to be here every night, the head of the class, the senior brother is calling me annoying, why is the nose just wanting to stay next to the school ? she doesn't cling to me so later when she grows up, she will say it again after time goes by like a dog running in the field for a moment, it's been 5 years Stay out of the way In front of the inner door is a girl who is slowly opening the door, not only men but women are also made speechless by this beauty, this is the clarity of 5 years later this year, she is a 17-year-old girl but Your chest is still flat, have you seen it just now, Thanh Minh has seen me, and Thanh Minh is looking at Me Hoa, big brother, Little Master, on this beautiful day, I want to invite you to join me for a drink, but in my eyes Thanh Minh.

These guys are no different from flies. Big brother is the most powerful among us Thanh Minh can do. To see them, it's her blessing, this is very well said, people like Thanh Minh are reluctant to deserve me, now that the Tien Duyen congress is about to start, you dare to be more lazy here before the congress. Tien Duyen opens we will have an important match to prove that she fascinates people before the match deserves to be blamed. Come closer and look at Thanh Minh, it's really beautiful to die, why is she even mesmerized? Then Thanh Minh pushed away Qin Tian Gu's hand, what did she want to do to clarify that Little Master Muoi was going to accept my invitation Why are you blocking my way to find the senior brother and then hearing Thanh Minh's words? The whole school immediately became silent as if it was true. Do senior brother calm down. Their relationship is so good, it is likely.

That they are brothers and sisters. Anyway, in the past 5 years, Ha Do has followed everywhere. There, I heard that the old man's murder law invited Thanh Minh to retreat to clarify because Ha Do still gave up such a good opportunity. Moreover, it usually comes to Tha's meal time. Minh Minh will all receive rice instead of Ha, very caring for him, Thanh Minh has never talked to others, only listened to instructions from Ha Do, even if it is my biological brother and sister, I am getting more and more angry even if I do, Do back Thanh Minh also can't seduce the hearts of Thanh Minh people if you don't change I will go to Linh Son's priest and tell her to charm the hearts of Thanh Minh people, as long as you agree to my invitation, I will have a way to stop my name. ancient If not, I will testify to the ancient king until then you can't bear the guilt of affecting people to practice. Thanh ignored the words of the two people and happily ran in front of the sect leader, Brother Muoi.

. I was trying to find you, Thanh Minh just now I seem to have heard someone trying to tell me something, Master of the class, you don't need to pay attention, it's just the sound of flies. Even if it's a fly, don't bully it. Do you see Do Raise your hand to Qin Thien Co and My Hoa then cornered Ha Do's neck, it's not like Dinh has opened it yet. He's not planning to use firebending on me, is he brother We're just joking, we're not trying to bully Thanh Minh Yes It's a very good misunderstanding, I just want to stretch my shoulders, Brother Tu, just raise your hand The force was so amazing , we had to find him to cooperate. We were looking for Ha Do, brother and sister, looking for the head of the subject. If there's something wrong, say it here before the Tien Duyen congress opens, a total of 5 wins. The bet is that you can add points to the Tien Duyen congress Although everyone in the previous four ring competitions did not.

Participate, but I want to invite everyone to participate in the final contest, no matter how dark it is, you should still go back. The final contest has to do with the galactic tower, the exit map You just mentioned the Celestial Tower That's right. Although the topic of the final contest has not been announced yet, we know where the contest will be. In that year, the master of the tower was sent by Thien Nhan. a and Thanh Minh decided to take part in the competition the next morning at the foot of the tower. The students gathered to prepare to climb the tower. Now the rules of the sky tower competition are announced. 10 people per team enter the tower . The celestial team that reaches the top floor of the Tiantian tower first is considered the winner, but in the Tiantian tower there are countless formations and traps If a little careless.

If you can't get 10 people together to the highest level, even if only one person is missing, the whole team will be counted as being eliminated from the army . many types of formations will surely bring everyone to victory now I declare the competition to begin. Invite everyone to enter the Tower of Heaven and hope to enter the tower first, compete to win, everyone rush to work. I went up first, but when I got to the door, it stopped strangely why the door wouldn't open, it's just a barrier formation that didn't make it difficult for me Me Hoa was very arrogant and then knocked a few times on the wall, the bricks were broken. It's a shame that the great senior brother Me Hoa seems to have a senior brother here, we are sure of the victory and then being the prince of Chu Quoc this little bit doesn't count as justifying the Little Master I broke the battle. The entrance method will immediately open.

, but when Me Hoa comes back, the bricks are still running, the door is still closed, Me Hoa is now even the door is dry. So it's just an accident we will reopen the entrance right now here and now a loud noise makes everyone look over and it turns out that Ha Tu used his fist to directly break the wall and open it. The entrance is dim, just go from the door See the pro here, the entrance that Ha Do found is not sure if it's real, hado brother and Thanh Minh go inside and everyone hurry up and wait Wait for me and everyone to go inside then start The first to climb the stairs here is the same after every floor so Me Hoa suddenly slipped and grabbed the brocade bag of the ancient business, causing the brocade bag to fall down the stairs See that the pants are not just a bag of perfume how can i pay you this time i'm in a hurry i don't calculate with you brother why stop this stairs something is wrong this.

Is my perfume just now it fell downstairs why is it in front of me then this scented sachet can't move on its own like this isn't the devil's doing but we would have been in a maze if we didn't break the battle just keep going up the stairs g will only revolve around the place where we are going to go into the maze, not the entrance has a problem, but knowing this soon, we would have told Me Hoa Quan to lead the way Although the foot of Ha map led the wrong way but we can break the battle Bring everyone to find the true path or look at me while Me Hoa is drawing the Fa battle on the ground, Ha Map is rummaging through a picture on the wall I am adept at breaking the formation We draw but Phu Van Phat Maze will solve it. Sure enough, we still have to rely on My Hoa Quan to complete the formation, but at the foot of the ancient barracks, a French battle activates and then creates a hole.

Black sucks her inside damn the Matrix not only can't break it but also activates the big trap agency Just at this moment a black shadow flashed past Ha map why jumped down like that, now it's over and our team loses I'm sure everyone should look at Hado to save the ancient joint and thank him for saving the life of Ha Do, how should we repay Huynh? The senior brother helped people without paying back. Ha's last hand was so agile, it was so powerful, it wasn't just pulling a person up or why, he didn't have to break your battle before I saved you. The maze man has been solved by me. Moreover, I also found the elevator to go straight to the top floor. Ha Do's group of 10 people enter the elevator to go up. We've arrived. This is the top floor of the atrium tower . Why is there a big closed door in front of everyone, maybe behind that door there is still a staircase.

Waiting for me to get promoted to find out if Me Hoa just stepped on it, she immediately fell into the trap below, which is a sharp-looking hole that saves lives. I was about to die, hurry up and save me now there was a hand that grabbed My Hoa's shirt and then pulled him up to threaten me to death, then the priest of Linh Son once said the agency would hurt us but didn't say it would be possible to die. The official people here are dangerous like this, which proves that behind that door hides something very important. Ha Do, one-legged, used the space-flight, the hole in the wall, and then fired a series of arrows. hado avoided all the traps and this is too good. This door also has an agency but it breaks the solution it's not difficult hado put his hand on the door to push it open but in front of him appeared a giant hand.

Showing the right hand system of the giant gynecology department in this class, but holding the character's right hand In myth, I thought the law of killing came and it turned out to be a young kid. He knew the law of killing old people. Could it be that he was imprisoned here by Thien Nhan? Is it an official now it's about time for the millennium to change the new term and dare to ask seniors So have you ever heard of Thien Trong true human? dare to break into the Forbidden Land these two people carry weapons that seem to be the guardians of this place, who are you who broke into the Forbidden Zone voluntarily, what are the intentions of the agency and the barrier in this place can be seen through I really didn't know this place was a forbidden palace Yes, if you don't want to let us in, don't make the Boundary agency.

So simple. We've reached the top floor and you're saying that we stormed in on our own, you didn't mean to let us win are you a participant in the Tower of Heaven contest, the contest has begun It's not even half a day since you've reached this place. The law of killing old people also entered them. They actually came to participate in the contest. They won. So it's your turn to take them out of the valley. Yes. I can't see Taishan two of you stay and follow me the law to kill the old man here What is the end First of all, don't ask you to see it, senior The old man wants to ask you for a magic pill If you deliver the medicine for the old man after becoming an old man The old man will tell you where the left hand can be moved by the right hand and then the index finger and thumb of the lady Van fuse together a black medicinal pill.

Made from compound words. In the hands of the gynecology department, this is what is called a miracle drug, so we will definitely not be able to eat the magic potion that has a natural source in the future. The origin is unknown Yes, brother, this magic potion comes from the right hand of the father, not the unknown origin Ha Tu This magic potion is the old man, please give it to someone to eat it, you want the juniors to eat this. help you break through the realm of qi refining to improve this forest god's cultivation But there are other uses, so it turns out so juniors Thank you seniors Wait when you need to use this, you will eat this medicine again and eat it now now go because it's only effective in the day I have to watch you eat it all so you can rest assured that you can soon break through the realm in favor of raising and winning in the predestined conference he is serious. If that's the case, then I can eat it, but the head of the class, the senior brother, but he swallowed it all at the.

Upcoming Tien Duyen congress, still asking to disturb the seniors At this time, the arm of the gynecology department is tightly clenched. back right hand to sub Seems to be pulling something That's right, the right hand of the sub-specialty is open Tianmen Let the world's Linh Son descend on the huge Linh Son and begin to move From the sky to the ground, the god Chau Linh Son descends to the god Chau Tien Duyen congress to start the spirit mountain on the square of the celestial palace. Everywhere you see all the masters, even the true people of the five spirits of the sword sect have come, and you really have not seen the fact that people come to participate in the meeting of the immortals, it is so crowded, so lively, so clear, Little Master. Wait a minute This is the pill that the Five Lotus Sword Sect just asked someone to give me, which is useful for the contest, I can share with Tieu Master Mui a little bit, which is Me Hoa Quan, but I have a.

Good relationship with the five so I can earn it. Of course, even the armor from the true people of the five spirits of the sword sect is also my friend, everyone looks forward to seeing the other side of the naked Truong Sword, the madness and the death of the emperor, despite the fierce fighting spirit, Nguyet Ngoa Van Doan The little human in the world except for the demon guard Daoist in the world, the only person from the sword fairy, he seems to be the armor of death We haven't seen each other for 5 years, but I just came to Linh Son to find Me Hoa Quan, it seems that they are really good friends just now, it's just that I made up armor from the real man. It's because my father's technology department is especially interested in me, why is Tieu Lao Di armoring a real person, but Armored wine went through My Hoa again and went to Ha Du's place. Hurry up and try the wine we just brewed. Armor from the forebears, You must not have recognized the wrong person, but I am the prince touching Quoc, a prince who has never.

Heard of it. What's wrong with bothering me and Ha drinking and drinking, it turns out that the armor from the real man and Me Hoa Quan don't know anyone at all, see if no one traps Hoa Quan, why is his face so painful that he hasn't seen him in years? Even my gourd has changed, and my gourd is like a magic treasure, only people can distinguish your eye-green color. I don't know how to fix it, but what is it? all 5 contests the first contest was to test the law of killing old people and the old men standing on the stage with stairs told all the participants in the contest present here the contest At the first event of the Tien Duyen congress, the contestant must cross Thien Thuy to reach the other side and be considered as the winner . It seems that just touching the bottom of the river will be fine. It has nothing to do with concentration, but.

Let me see the other side that person is a disciple who lowers his concentration, the lower the concentration, the lower Thien Thuy will stick people. The heavier the body, the more difficult it is to step forward, so the samadhi force is completely unstable, how can you display the one-point stabilization system when the person steps down, he falls face down If the samadhi force is extremely low and hits the water, it will be heavy Finally, the infinite masonry did not pass Thien Thuy and fell into the high wall of thousands of overlapping kalpas, but Nguyen's concentration power is certainly not as bad, Ha Map pale face does not display our one-point fixed force system similar to The person who passed the exam just now has eliminated a lot of people, there are also many people who have crossed the river Thanh Cong Ha Do Little Lao brother, when do you plan to rush here, don't wait for me to adjust my mood. Can you improve your concentration, son because that girl is so beautiful. She.

's a member of the famous sect So, she is the fairy of the extreme heaven and the devil, creating the Outer Dao sect. We really haven't seen the demon woman Nguyen for a long time to disturb my mood, what is the intention that Tien Nhi can disturb? Come to the heart of a really talkative son, want to hear more people talk, Thanh Minh stands in front of Ha Do with unwholesome eyes looking at Tien Nhi Thanh Minh sitting rest assured my concentration is very good, Tien Nhi Go to Thien Thuy on the other side first, wait for you, but she only got a little water on her shoes, and there are people with this level of concentration, you also quickly come and see Tien Nhi just pretending to be Cau Led Ha Thanh Minh was so angry that he blew smoke on the head of the sect master, brother and sister, looking at Thanh Minh's younger sister, also stepped into the water to compare with fairy Thien Thuy. But it was like a lotus flower was born at Thanh Minh's feet and didn't even stick.

To Thanh Minh's feet. At all, Thanh Minh walking on water is more gentle than walking on Thien Thuy's ground. But he took the initiative to lift Thanh Minh to go back to p. After so many years, it's still the first time I see someone with such a high concentration of concentration, it's not surprising that my house is stronger than love, it's all because of that Tien Nhi, it messes up my mood for a moment. You won't be able to raise your concentration power even a little, you can only think of another way, then there is a way, Ha Do Wait. This is the transmission of the divine consciousness of the law of killing old people, Ha Do, you are planning to use Ngu Khong to fly close to the surface of the water. originally used it to pretend that you had just charged to cheat, but if you did that, the supervisors would find out that you cheated, I know your concentration is not good . So now I teach you a way you can both use the airship and lightly touch the water.

And use spiritual power to wrap the wet part, so you can continue to move forward so you won't be detected. but your spiritual power will hurt the participants beside you So you must be the last to cross the river with fish. The law of killing the old man teaches that even if his concentration is lower, he is not afraid of the water, so it is very good. Just like that, he went to the other side, but at this time, the natural water overflowed, tied him up, and then pulled him into the water. The item was originally being charged with water, but it felt strangely wrong, Thien Thuy went up and dried up, and then Thien Thuy after dragging me under the sudden star However, he became so calm, the head of the senior brother said that he did not successfully cross the river, why did he come down here, so I want to help the senior brother quickly cross the river, but this is not what everyone is saying. look at it, if the mosquito is only violated that rule Why is it that.

The law on killing old people doesn't prevent them from saying that they have never heard of it, they can still rely on other people's forces at this time. come and hug Ha Do's hand, what is Thanh Minh's nose doing Mummy still should hurry up and go ashore Ha Do shove Thanh Minh's hand away but Thanh Minh's face starts to turn red and his hand also starts to touch Ha Do's body The teacher's brother did not want to explain why Thanh Minh's clothes also began to fall to reveal an oversized chest. Ha Do immediately blushed and pushed Thanh Minh out, sister quickly put on proper clothes. It is true that Master Mui is because he took care of himself, taught him how to grow up, and can't dress up like this, plus the law of killing old people. When they didn't move, this made Ha Tu even more sure that everything in front of him including Thanh Minh was fake and used it to disturb his imagination.

. it's too late, Thien Thuy, you look down on me so much, I have to calm down and can't let Thien Thuy disturb my heart, I've started to calm down and change my son who is not needed anymore, why should he die? the picture of fairy why is it also appearing in this situation, soft left soft right soft Bao Minh how to calm down here on the edge of the border a bit worried this hado didn't take a few steps but stopped and died Isn't this saying that this Ha map has incomparable concentration power This sentence is not said after you drink fake wine and then say it, but anyone with eyesight will not consider this expression of his as an incomparable concentration power. Ha Ha has only walked 3 steps, her feet are all wet, and now she can't walk at all anymore to wear Thien Thuy. wet on his body, his concentration power is too bad and he doesn't know what illusion he finally saw.

In the celestial water, the illusion caused by the celestial water, Illusion turns out to be sinking Ha Tu's head under the water in no hurry This is an illusion When he wakes up, he has to wake up at this time, the water has flooded to the extent of Ha map's suffering, shouting loudly to remind the kid to concentrate a little. Thien Thuy becomes deeper and turns out that people with bad concentration will be used by the natural waters. Feeling disturbed by the mood then being used by Thien Thuy Loi to fall into a deep abyss of ten thousand feet for Ha Do, it is better to be pushed into the water than to be harassed by the illusion just now and agree with Ha Do's feet. Thien Thuy has swallowed it Not true People see hado without failure, on the contrary, they are swimming in Thien Thuy this story After all, it is still the first time I see Thien Thuy create such big waves Thien Thuy is like determined to let Ha Do's legs fail so the wave engulfed Ha Do into the river Then.

Began to calm down Ha Do's feet b o Thien Thuy pushed him into the river and now he's dead for sure it's impossible that Ha Do won't die so easily, the surface of the water is now agitated, from a true man who happily said it was indeed so ha ha he not only didn't I died but still overcame the harassment of Thien Thuy Ha, but I won against Thien Thuy. It really makes people open their eyes to this calm water, just or suitable for me to swim, and the water surface starts moving again. Viewers of Ha Do's feet have changed their swimming positions. Why are these strange swimming positions of his actually magic to deal with natural disasters, the truth is that Ha is tired of swimming and then changes to free swimming? It's okay , but the waves are too big. Swimming like this is not good haha ​​Lien covered his nose and then dived into the water with his feet, Do you clearly have won a game at this time, why don't you directly protest to be hit by Thien Thuy?.

In the country, your previous sentence still provoked me to believe that Ha Do now Why are you rushing to change Ha's replacement, Do Go Don't lose Thien Thuy is not ashamed to be Ha Tu, but he turned the competition place into a personal competition performance. A big wave of Thien Thuy hit Ha Do's feet and fell into the riverbed, then quiet again, now he is really dead. Why is that not true everyone, look closely into the water, Ha Do is diving. Although this is convenient to move forward, there is no way If you want to catch your breath, you should still change another way, than Ha Do comes up again to get air, he starts swimming on the water and is not afraid of the water again harassing him, why is it not right everyone look at his swimming posture Picture As if he was dedicated to carving the water even more, his swimming speed is very fast. Even faster than Thanh Minh has just turned out, this force test is not much different from the.

Very good swimming competition seen recently. It's over, but at this moment, a big vortex occurs, pulling the map towards it. This is crazy, Mercury is crazy, but a phenomenon appears. This is a difficult thing for a thousand years. meeting this natural water does not necessarily have to treat me like that, but just a little bit more, just clinging to the end point and then it's too dangerous. I almost gave up my life into the hand of the angel and the vision disappeared and then it turned out Thien Thuy appeared to be cheering for Ha Tu to move up to Ha Tu's feet, it is indeed an incomparable concentration, Ha Tu, you really ate. My miracle drug, why is the law to kill the old man so late at night, but especially come to ask me about this, I'm lucky to have put that medicine in or else this morning, my junior has already lost her life at the hands of the god . The second contest tomorrow also hope you try it. It's Thien Chau. The.

Second contest is by Thien Chau to test understanding. Those who pass the Thien Thuy contest must stand in front of Thien Chau to transport spiritual energy towards Thien Chau. People with good understanding will sense Thien Chau having Thien Chau's spiritual energy to respond, people with low enlightenment will be like a rock sinking into the great sea No reaction can only be answered by those who are answered by Thien Chau is to pass the first official exam, like shaking two grapefruits to compete for the first test showing the stupid 9-point calculation system of Tien Nhi's true highness, the master of the subject is not the same. I'm looking at Tien Nhi, but I don't know how Thien Chau will react with spiritual energy from Thien Nhi's hands When Xuan entered Thien Chau, there was a violent reaction from Thien Chau's spiritual energy, but so fiercely, not only did she withdraw Tien Nhi to increase her cultivation, but also improve her stat,.

Showing a 10 point calculation system. I didn't expect that there is still a good point like this Thien Chau is so powerful, the senior brother, but he praises that love girl, Thanh Minh's jealous blood has surfaced again, next brother, look at me spiritual power from the hands of Thanh Minh Truyen. entering Thien Chau makes Thien Chau bright, then spiritual energy is reflected in streams of Thanh Minh's enlightenment, but it is so high that it causes a phenomenon like this. It seems that we are not ashamed to be the brother and sister who specialize in causing phenomena, it seems that checking this Thien Chau is not difficult, we can also avoid it . Don't go Queuing is the final contest to avoid causing a horrible phenomenon to harm others like this is not really the value of my enlightenment.

Is the same as the person competing in front of this showing the 4-point corn system, no matter how much he moves the Spiritual Qi towards Thien Chau Chau doesn't have a little reaction, maybe there's no way to pass the next Thien Chau contest, so I have to rely on Thanh Minh Nguoi and then Ha Do is the last person in the competition, does he have any great skills to look forward to? What kind of expression will he have had hado and everyone else infused spiritual energy into the celestial pearl, why didn't this Tianzhou react immediately, he knew that he would lose, but the spirit power of He Tu was transferred to the celestial pearl and made it made a crackling sound, looked closely, but found that Thien Chau had cracked again . Could it be that my enlightenment is so low that even Thien Chau can't stand it and cracked Ha fell old brother , can you finally do it? I took two bottles of good wine Bet with someone you will definitely pass.

Through it and bet yourself on it. c and then even because of the armor from the true man, i have to try it again This time, the spiritual energy of Ha Tu is more than the last time, but there is not a single point of reaction, why is it still not reacting? So could it be that the real Ha Do's enlightenment really didn't pass the test I've tried my best It looks like 2 bottles of good wine from armor From the true man, he must have lost, then Ha Tu turned around and was about to go down, but there was a sound behind Thien Chau's back cracking more than that, emitting yellow lights for so many years, Thien Chau had never appeared in a situation like this. hey please pause the hado, you go back first and wait, the light in this Thien Chau looks a bit familiar, it seems a bit like the heavenly tribulation that you have suffered after going through 999 times of the heavenly tribulation in Ha Do's body, mostly aura Heavenly Tribulation just now, the Spiritual Qi brought.

Into Thien Chau is also the Spirit of Heaven Tribulation, maybe Thien Chau came out not because my enlightenment is low, but because I can't stand my Heavenly Tribulation Spirit, Thien Chau When it was about to explode, everyone quickly got out of the way and ran to the smoke, only Ha Di was still standing there and worriedly calling Ha Do Mau to leave the next line the buffalo exploded. Ha Do rushed to cover Thanh Minh every time. it's okay the mosquitoes are fine but they somehow saved lives with this What the hell is this y is the spirit of heaven that is released after the heavens explode, once caught in, they will surely explode and die, we will hold on to the spirit of heaven, everyone, take the opportunity to run away, this is the spirit If you look closely, there are two streams of Heavenly Tribulation Spirit inside that I just put in. It turns out that it is not good.

, then suddenly, even we can't control it, Master. brother, let's quickly run towards this place and don't run because I told him to go there and die and Ha Tu's leg was swallowed by Thien Chau's spirit and everyone look at it. What's the point of attacking Ha Do, on the contrary, it looks like a garden around Ha Do in the end, because Thien Chau's Spirit is lured by his own Heavenly Tribulation Spirit, as long as he collects the Spirit of Heaven's Tribulation into the body . Thien Chau Spirit's body will follow the Heavenly Tribulation's Spirit to actively be sucked into the body, so the Thien Chau weapon changes. The two water cannons were sucked by Ha Do and hado sucked up all of Thien Chau's aura. Why is Ha Do's meaning too high so Thien Chau wanted to give it all to him, so Thien Chau took the initiative to explode. The episode of Spiritual Qi turned into a colorful storm, giving everything.

To Ha Do, did not expect Ha Do to trigger the celestial phenomenon to get all the rewards of Thien Chau Chan Ha, this map twice triggered the phenomenon. Like the appearance of hado and Thanh Minh, their expressions are not the same as those of ordinary people, but their master is a true human being who was taken to the heavens, maybe they are just more natural. people or anything that is proving that they can't get away is related to mortal sinners, I think first of all, we should arrest them and bring them back to the nature of the world and then decide after the law of killing old people what do you think is better If he did the third contest earlier, if the past Ha Map was normal , it would prove that he was just an incomparable concentration force that meant to surpass Well, let's just do that, the third contest is about to start and invite everyone to go to Thua Thien Palace. The third contest is to test the potential of.

This competition, it's too expensive. If the thing placed there is not It's not a screen but a dragon chair. I thought I was going to see the emperor behind Binh Phong, could it be a fairy who presided over the contest? Hero of the gods, the skill of seeing through the world of gas refining, and the mood that doesn't want to work but is a divine beast, why is there a panda here, this Thien Hung beast will be in charge of checking the potential of all potentials Divide from 1 to 10 numbers, the larger the number, the greater the potential, if the potential is below 5, this kind of beast will test its potential, why not fight with it ? Can fight against Tien Nhi and move forward again, showing Tien Nhi's 10 point enlightenment system But being so high, she will definitely win. Actually, the beast below is.

The fairy child of the extreme heaven, still hoping Thien Hung declares to teach not to start the beast intends to take action, then why does Thien Hung stick his claws towards Tien Nhi and not have time to fight? reigned first, but when the angel's eyebrows and claws dipped into the ink tray, the beast was Tien Nhi's writing potential is 10 points, surpassing this fairy doctor's test, which is too powerful, but Dat absolute turns out that this panda can also see the previous attribute table of the senior brother and sister. Showing the system implies 11 Thanh Minh's enlightenment score is higher than Tien Nhi's through the fact that it is natural that the beast has written 11 points of Thanh Minh's potential but broke through the highest point Although his potential is only 3 points, but based on the experience of the two previous matches, I may have the possibility to cause something unexpected, if something like a celestial water.

Launched an attack on me or a skin like a celestial pearl. It's a strange phenomenon that is very bad, the head of the subject only you haven't taken the exam yet, I have become the last contestant, Ha Do old man, let's fight, I'll wait and see your performance Ha Do Are you locked up or not You don't have to look at your expression to see it, the raccoon then plays with his face like a beast but stops eating bamboo It's still the first time I've seen a divine beast do this, isn't it the beast But he jumped on the table and threw all the papers away, is it really going to attack me or is it really out of control? this animal Why is it stupid to not write anymore Is it possible that the potential of the foot Ha Do is too low, the beast does not want to hold his pen, the three points are not wrong, this panda probably also sees it. It's obvious that just writing a number three is done.

And then why is it staring at me like that maybe it wants to attack me it's not good, it must be that Ha map's power is too low to make the beast angry Ha Do the Mau come down here no need to take the exam, it's just as good as it is to avoid causing any strange phenomenon. Hado turned around, the panda also jumped to the ground, the panda waved his hand to Ha Do you want me to stand in front of the table? panda nodded and then reached for a brush with his hand, I thought you could only write with your claws, turns out you can hold a pen haha ​​you're not ah, because I heard the praise, I was embarrassed, but the panda is really cute, when the panda heard Ha Do's compliment, he immediately narrowed his eyes and smiled at the beast. I finally picked up the pen but why did it take so long to write? It must be that the strength of the head of the subject is too high, the number of words to write is quite a lot, I feel like the beast is like.

Writing the word quail, the beast has finally finished writing it, what did the divine beast write in the end After all , how many points are there, why is this word that everyone looks like a ghost but it's the word “Father Tang Tang is a divine beast” and yet he accepts Ha Tu as his father right here as a divine beast of Linh Son, yet he accepted a Qi-refining monk as a father, what can he do with Thien Hung Daren. Must be sick and quickly help Thien Hung Daen to rest. Yes, the two Guardians immediately went up and pulled the baby bear to compete . At the end, I still hope that Thien Hung Daren will quickly rest and see the panda protesting fiercely . Oh, no boy as big as you would have been rejected, raccoon sniffed and cried, then hugged Ha Do's leg and cried, but because he couldn't accept his father but cried, this is also said to be the elder bear child. Thai Quynh Mon we just often lacked.

A divine beast, it would be better if we brought it back. Oh, this panda heard Thanh Minh say that, and immediately happily hugged Ha Do's legs Linh Son's divine beast. Can you arbitrarily join another sect, you must understand the rules of the Law of Murder. The old man said it right this time, man, I still have a lot of work to do next time I will definitely take you away. Then calm down a bit, then what did Ha Do say to the beast, why did the beast suddenly become quiet, then everyone see what the beast is writing again and starting today, I changed my name to panda, my father said that bear What is a cute panda, panda, the father that the god beast said is not Ha Tu, It turns out that Ha Tu's search power is so high that it can make the god confess to make my father think the beast may be tired of working and then looking at it wrong, actually my search power is really low, the head of the subject you don't need to explain.

Anymore you are still so humble, I will be angry at it Ha dump the old brother turns out you Not only does it mean incomparable force, it implies superiority, but the potential is limitless, or else I'm just constantly confused Ha Map, after drinking the magic potion, still triggered the phenomenon many times, it seems that I alone can't control Van Linh, I need the help of the old man to kill the old man to break a piece of jade and also send the news of Tinh. The young man of the palace, the young man of the palace, was having a meeting with the elders recently. The performance of the Thai Quynh Mon in the real competition Phi Pham, how do you see the elders, I heard that the true man has passed his life early. It seems that this rumor is very believable because only the eyesight of the living sage can detect a genius like the true head of the sect. Bach Lien Fairy's words are very true. then we still.

Mistakenly think that the true master is just an ordinary qigong. Now it seems that Thai Quynh Mon is very likely to win the Tien Duyen congress, having the original version of the celestial path we heard about. Five to the sword sect and the nine immortals had a relationship with Thai Quynh, they left a good impression on Thai Quynh Mon was one step ahead and then Lien Thien Tu Nguyen quickly gave this item to the head of the sect. We were forced to take advantage of the news before other sects Yes, with President Lien when we took out this valuable book for sure. can get the respect of the true sect master but other sects are as fast as the sect master This is a precious book of our sect, we still hope you will accept what the person who gave a gift to the master of the sect does So many true masters, this is the secret medicine of our sect, specially gifted to Thai Quynh,.

This is a magic treasure carefully selected by our whole sect, specially used for monks of Kim Dan period and below . I don't mean to accept the ceremony, so please calm down first, don't jostle everything, so that I can meet the real head of the sect first, I am Bach Lien, the fairy of Tinh Lien, and pay homage to the true head of the sect. It turns out that having lunch this afternoon can attract the attention of the real boss If I knew it soon, I would have used it Yes, who can't fly , Bach Lien fairy from landing in front of Ha Do also deliberately created a standing posture in Ben Tre, this is really the end of the sauce, this is the mind of Tinh Lien palace. especially given to the master of the subject, still hoping that the master of the subject can control the card showing the system of properties of the mind, the method of the five elements and the water, which is rare, but it is a water attribute, isn't it beneficial to travel Under the water.

, senior brother, brother, still haven't chased them away, Thanh Minh Daoyou, we still hope to invite you. Later, come to Tinh Lien to practice together, thank you for the invitation of Bach Lien Fairy next time we will surely I'm sure I'll go to Thanh Minh, I don't want to go, I will withdraw and respond to the head of the sect but accept the ceremony and agree that next time I will definitely go to Tinh Lien Palace to die, now I can't help but accept everyone 's ceremony There is a way and then next, bothering Bach Lien Fairy to accept the ceremony on my behalf and at the same time write my name in the master's foot book, but still entrust Don't you really respect Tinh Lien Cung ? had an unexpected good fortune and still associated with Tinh Lien palace, now, it is not difficult for the Duke to want to go to Dong Hai,.

Unlike I still have to spend a lot of effort . The Lien Palace located in Dong Chau has a close relationship with Dong Hai, knows how to enter the East Sea to meet the dragon king Dong Hai Dragon King Holds the secret magic and understands the heavens and the heavens What is not known news Thien Trong True man is my father and I also know from the dragon king I also know that my father is very likely to have been taken to heaven and then heard this news, Ha Do has known for a long time, she specifically told me this news for the purpose. What is yours because Tien Nhi is just a girl, I think the prince must not be heartless looking at Tien Nhi alone. h going to confront the fairy world in other words wants to take advantage of me, i don't believe you are my master's daughter let alone you messed up my mind five times seven times i already wanted to eat the wall clean How can you help the.

Young master who really knows how to talk, I mean crushed to ashes, showing the system hesitating Tien Nhi is too confident, son, let's just pretend that I didn't say anything just now, I apologize to the head of the class, Do you follow or not? Ha Do carrying Thanh Minh flew after Tien Nhi after Tien Nhi came to this place Tien Nhi But she broke into the Tower of Heaven in the middle of the night what did she want to do The bottom floor of the Thien Nhi tower is the place that Tien Nhi is aiming for only need to open this door, you will be able to meet the right hand of the gynecology department and the organ above this door is too complicated we need more time to open it now there is a big hand from behind Attacking Tien Nhi But just taking action, who wants my life, Van Linh layman, But knowing the name when I was still in the human world, but it is useless to know more because.

You are going to die in the world. Here Van Linh layman wanted a palm strike to kill the fairy like a brick. He stopped his hand and used magic to block my attack, but it was just luck . n Layman's Spirit attacked again This time, a hand stopped his hand. This person is Ha Do, one palm has restrained my actions. Who is the master who still wants Van Linh layman? pardoning this woman's life is not right, now we have to call him the ten thousand spirit fairy, then Ha Do is the star that displays the world's immortal realm system, although she is a bit hostile. with us, but we also don't want her to lose her life, we still hope that the ten thousand fairies respect me to forgive her, of course I will forgive her because I can't fight people but I want to know why you want to break into the Tower of Heaven, I want to hear the news.

Of the True Master Thien Trong from the right hand of the flower father, but the Thien Trong left, you followed me before before asking the right hand of the faculty about the news of the master. it was broken, now I finally have a chance to know who he is, a fairy that I've met so many stars can't remember a single That's how the little true man is before, I also asked the right hand of the gynecologist before, but unfortunately, he didn't remember anything. So don't be so stubborn about Thien Trong's affairs, leave and wait for me to meet heaven. then you will know the reason why I heard the law say that you have faced nature until now, you still haven't given up this thought unless you can save your master . you are the person that the old man's murder law invites to stop us, it's not like that, because i presided over the fourth match of the predestined conference, i came to the.

World, but about you and nature, i find myself unable to stop it. Moreover, I can promise you if you have, Even though I will defend Thai Quy Gate, protect Thanh Minh, grow up and succeed in inheriting the position of head of the sect, He thinks that I will definitely lose because nature is the one who A living sage like me thousands of times cannot match if I go to fight with him, as long as he lasts for a while, all the cultivation levels are high. even my body won't be able to keep up with the day and nature and sage but even his palm can't stop you why do you want to stop me so you're tricking me Isn't it because every time you are a living fairy in Shenzhou, you have to suffer the Heavenly Tribulation once every 15 years. Moreover, the next Thien Kiep will be stronger than the last time, and that nature has managed Linh Son for more than a hundred years. he just went through.

About 10 times in a row That's right, do you know if I've gone through 999 times of the Heavenly Tribulation or not, if the ten thousand spirits hear Ha Do's words, their eyes will be o' and their mouth' will be A's You don't have to If you want to fall in love, don't cheat again. After 1999, Thien Kiep, you're joking too much. I'm serious. You don't listen to me. Counseling is stubborn and wants revenge, so don't blame me for a great move . Spirit fairy Go to Linh Son and there are people early in the morning who saw ten thousand fairy spirits coming to Ha Do's courtyard and heard that Ha Do's feet once broke the situation that the ten thousand spirits of the immortals displayed in the human world, it may be that the ten thousand spirits of the immortals took revenge and then heard that one side was given many words by the other side, even the opportunity to turn over did not have the foot of Ha map again So why not go to the theater soon or maybe you can still have love with the ten thousand spirits who are not the head of Tinh's school?.

It seems that the direction they came from was also in Ha Do's yard. Didn't expect the Great Sects to come too. Didn't expect the real people to come and find out why we were late. Ha Do was possessed by ten thousand spirits. They're still playing chess, I heard that as long as the head of the sect wins a game Van Linh, the fairy will give the head of the sect a magical gift, so how do you win or lose From this morning until now? If you win any game, why do you think Ten Thousand Spirit Immortals are also proficient at the Gate of Dao Chan Ha, if you lose, you also count as losing face? Unparalleled concentration forces find infinite power, five attributes, super groups, but the chess skill is still sublime, it seems that there is no way to make friends with the ten thousand spirits who can make friends with the true master is also good everyone see Van Linh fairy loses and still have fun.

With it, it's shameful that the true master really wants to know what they're talking about in the Boundary no matter what. He used the name of playing chess to teach you magic, you didn't even give in to me before, Van Linh layman wanted to make a great move because he wanted to teach Ha Do his magic to help him win against nature. This can show you the entire process of jutsu once, I didn't expect you to watch it so many times and still can't learn, so I can't help but continue to play chess with the audience. This magical technique called Wan Kiem Quy Nguyen can turn the Spirit Tool into countless spirit swords which is very suitable for the requirement of magic that is both strong and cool, but no matter how you say it, you have finally learned it . The box feels 7 8 parts and then the team plays a few more games. Maybe it's possible to learn haha.

​​my implication is really low but other than that, others still don't believe you can rest assured waiting for me to learn. I intend to play a game for many days so that he can have a bit of face, two people who fight from morning to night and finally win m One game, thank you, Ten Thousand Spirits, for teaching me Van Kiem Quy Nguyen is so good, and Ten Thousand Spirits have won in the end, they are all watching comic books for a hard-working teenager, the male lead plays poorly at chess. The fairy finally flipped the table and won the next one, now we can finally go to the host of the contest with peace of mind, then the fourth contest of the Tien Duyen congress won't start tomorrow. why is it not wrong, so today is the pre-test for the fourth contest, we temporarily added that if there is no way to pass the station entrance exam, you will lose your eligibility to continue participating in the.

Festival the reason is that he intentionally wants to eliminate more people, just don't know what method he will use, we will sprinkle the Beans into the army As long as everyone catches one Peanut today, Return to this place, it will be considered a Victory. How can I defeat the soldiers that the ten thousand spirits of the immortals have made, it seems that they can win the entrance exam for this station. some hado people look at these soldiers and they don't see the correct display of the elite leveling system of the army, the characteristics of the weak spirit are not good at fighting but good at hiding, this pin is not used for fighting, you guys, don't worry fighting with the peacocks because they are all very weak and easy to be bullied. But the premise is that people can find them or not. Lingshan is so vast, the hiding speed of these soldiers is extremely fast. It would be difficult to find if the ten thousand spirits of the elves who didn't want.

Anyone to pass this contest hado looked at a man whose entire body was emitting a flicker of spiritual energy just by feeling his spiritual energy. You can easily find them, but you can't feel the spiritual power of the beans at all because the spiritual power of those beans is extremely weak, which is difficult to feel. I suddenly have a way to thank the head of the class, except for the participants, the others are not allowed to leave this place. Hey, how do I play the ten thousand immortals crushed the jade to create a barrier before the contest ended, still you are here waiting for the participants to return, unexpectedly, the ten thousand immortals also gave a way to prevent fraud . It seems like it's hard to win, but it's for other people. It's not that difficult for lol At any rate, Ha Tou grabbed a Dau Binh and it turned into a Bean in his hand.

Isn't it very difficult to find, why did we just go ? luckily, we can find another one and we can go back to rest and ha Do arbitrarily choose a direction. After a few steps, I looked at the grass and was surprised, but I met another guy, but two people were looking for it. got two beans in less than a moment, turns out to be so easy to find ha Do brother so we continue to look for bing beans this is probably not an easy bean to find just because of my Destiny It's 99, we'll just go back and report it but it's not that easy. We're on the road and we're parked on a random day. Looking up at the sky, we can see this kid even though my Predestination is 99 degrees. Soldiers also don't need to give so much directly, but our senior brother will pay for this for thousands of reasons, why don't you pay so much, I'm afraid.

I'll make thousands. The spirit of the fairy was afraid to keep it, but it wasn't enough to build the bean water so that we could think of the ancient garrison groping in the dust. Then, I saw in Thanh Minh's hand a handful of peas, so I immediately pretended to be Thao Mai, I was about to flip Linh. Even after painting it, you can't find it, but you two can find so many, Brother, you have so many, it's useless. It's better to exchange one for two with a magic treasure. This is really a good way to win. to deal with these ordinary beans, a young man hurriedly ran back to report to the head of his class, there was also this matter that must have been nailed, too many people took Linh Dan or something so he took it lightly So We have to spend a lot of money to get a line of people lined up at Ha's doorstep in these precious books that are both basic and useful, suitable for improving Thai Quynh's subject well. These.

Are The most basic thing to shoulder a sect, and Thai Quynh Mon has only one book of Thien Quyet, the learning ladder is too high. then we receive thanks to the head of the subject who will be the next to be the head of the subject. This is a freelance writer who personally belongs to Thuc Son, the head of the subject, we are a mixed class leader. We say that being able to build Thai Quynh Mon is the blessing of the sect. We hope to be able to make friends with the leader of the subject, Thuc Son, from the fence, promising to create the Son Sword battle for Thai Quynh mon. I will give you a few more beans in the hope that Tran Hung Thai Quynh will buy it, then the master of the class is really generous . We also have the Nine Immortals, we are in charge of building the monk's room, we are in charge of.

Building the electric exercise room, the Master's kitchen, etc., are you all friends of our Thai Quynh Mon? I doubt that participating in a contest will also solve the construction of the sect. Look who gets the question u holding a bunch of Dau Binh, the ten thousand spirits of the immortals also had to sweat, didn't expect everyone to pass the front-end exam, thank you very much, no need to thank This is the result of your own efforts. force no We are thanking the head of the mechanical class No Thank you is just a 99th chance only the fourth contest of the Tien Duyen congress is a test to test the spiritual power of the ten thousand spirits that use fairy power to shoot up In the air, the ten thousand spirits of the immortals are not displaying the Great Array of Five Elements, but now in this entire barrier, they are full of Spiritual Energy, which includes the power of the Five Elements, yes, Spirit of the South is the attribute of Kim Moc Thuy Hoa Tho in.

This battle has been reconciled, then the spiritual power of the Monk Each has its own attribute, if the spiritual energy absorbed in this battle has an attribute that is incompatible with the light self, it will cause heavy damage to the body , then we will lose our life. If someone can't stand it, they will promptly get that person out of the barrier, this person will also be eliminated besides the participants. Everyone else who wants to stay in the battle can feel the spiritual energy. The contest officially begins in this match. The battle is full of elves. The feeling is only a little bit. True, the sects all stay and see the spiritual energy in the battle. This battle has a lot of benefits, I also try to see if this photosynthetic effect is only slightly meatless, just need to distinguish it The ability to prevent spiritual energy from being absorbed into the body is considered to be a very simple test, the head of the sect, the senior brother, is very right when every precaution against the opposite spiritual energy entering the body has also.

Absorbed the similar spiritual energy. I can't help but feel that my cultivation is increasing little by little, it's no wonder that my planet has the maximum spiritual power, I also feel a little more careful, senior brother, why is your whole head covered in sweat? Just now, I didn't carefully absorb the opposite spiritual energy, it was a bit annoying, now I'm fine, Ha Tu continues to absorb and display the low spiritual energy system 2 points like that, remove the stone, I'm not Will it also be eliminated? Can't I think of a way to defend through displaying the 2-point spiritual energy system for a while, then Ha Do hangs his head Although Ha Tu looks like a weak spiritual energy from the outside, I think he might have more luck. Hai now we'll get him out of the legless barrier. He's asleep haha ua Don't you get enough sleep Wait, the ten thousand immortals were terrified when Ha Tu was sleeping, but he.

Had spiritual energy surrounding him, not only did he fall asleep, he also sucked the spiritual energy of five attributes into it. The body doesn't blame me just now, I feel that the spiritual energy in this battle is getting less and less in the match now it is almost running out and it turns out that the spiritual power is all absorbed by the python and your feet are still there. Being able to sleep while sucking up all the spiritual energy of the living immortals that are compared with the great array of the five elements of the living sage doesn't count for him, he is indeed more powerful than the living sages, you have all run over here. The contest is over, why do you give away spiritual energy while you sleep so that the ten thousand spirit immortals hug their faces to suck up the spiritual energy and then compete with each other, Ha Tu, don't you leave the old man a little bit of body? How come the fourth contest ended when the ten thousand spirits came to Ha's brother and sister's place to drink tea, Nhi's hand made tea, and.

Thanh Minh's tea was so special this tea flavor seems to have no expression, the expressionless face says it's just boiled water, brothers and sisters, the two of you are so similar, it doesn't leave us any face In fact, I didn't expect it to cause a phenomenon when The contest made everyone pass the whole time saying that the genius of the original god is innate now I finally believe it and then the fifth contest is chaired by God this time he brought the original Heavenly Dao To Linh Son, the leader of the contest , will get the original Thien Dao Original Thien Dao can improve his cultivation a lot Once I get it, I will most likely Ascend Thien Thanh Tien right there, Ha Do you are a person. have the most ability to get the original, but nature is extremely powerful, I will help you make a battle against nature the next morning all the competitors will gather at the square of the law to kill the.

Old man to announce The fifth contest of the Tien Duyen congress is about to begin now. Please invite the head of the Linh mountain on the top floor The clouds shone down on thousands of bright golden lights. A man wearing a blindfold pierced the clouds and slowly lowered the contestants. Kneel down to Thanh Minh Why did n't Ha fall? Thanh Minh remembered Ha's words. Last night, the head of the class, brother and sister, brought the beans. Okay, then, you go to participate in the fifth contest, I and the ten thousand spirits and immortals come to the Tower of Heaven, and the array is so fast. After setting up the formation, this formation is only used for tying up my Thien Nhan. At that time, the competition will end, nature must definitely go to the Tower of Heaven until then, as long as he gets close to us, we will start the battle . His method will have no place to hide then you use the Wan Jian Quy Nguyen move and harm.

You is a good way to deal with nature, it's not bad . By myself, the strength of this formation is still not enough. So I still need your help. You just need to stand in front of the battlefield. Then, when I arrived, she transferred spiritual power into the battle eye and had hado step in and stand in the eye of the battle of the ten thousand spirits outside, then mumbled the mantra Um ba la caught the chicken in the right hand of the sub-department immediately Grab Ha map Ha map this is all for the good of the people of the ten thousand spirits, you don't say clearly what happened, this is not reasonable, is it me? Go up the hill another way to call Thien Nhan He said try Ha Do How do you know our true identity The first time I met the right hand of the gynecology department, I knew it was about to be time for nature to change the term. the person to Linh Son at this time is only you. In other words, he.

Is a divine person for the next term to ensure that the change of term is smooth. New day five times seven times prevent me from dealing with nature. I am correct, but you guessed part of us is right next term, but all I do is not for myself, but to realize Thien Trong's wishes when You see the clues in Tan Tien Dong Phu that only lead to the Nine Immortals Gate are arranged by Thien Trong, besides, Thien Trong also have many True Immortals to keep you in the Nine Immortals, but unexpectedly you have found the connection between Thien Trong and Linh Son refused to stay at the Nine Immortals Gate even though you came to Linh Son, but we think you guys won't make it through the competition of the Fairy Tail tournament Unexpectedly you guys not only passed easily but also caused the phenomenon many times that's why we.

Have to use this ultimate so you can't participating in the fifth contest to meet the gods this was also Thien Trong's wish so all of this was really arranged by master but this also shows that master is in danger right now i Even if you tell the truth , we can't do anything anymore, in fact, it's like this, Nguyen's master that year went to Linh Son for the purpose of finding a way to solve it, but he was useless. love knowing the secret of the fairy world because this secret is very important, so he was taken away by the people of the fairy world and punished to the point of killing the soul, but just for such a reason, why did he kill people? again I won't let you leave here until the heavens return to Linh Son now that I know the truth about my master I have no reason to continue. Keep staying here, Ha Do, you can't get out,.

Not to mention the person who drank the magic potion that the obstetrician gave me soon saw the effect of that magic potion, the system announced that if you use it, your cultivation will be destroyed. suppressed 40% so I didn't drink the magic potion. Ha used his hand to push the lady's fingers without much difficulty, he was able to separate the fingers that were gripping him, the ten thousand spirits of the immortals were a bit shocked. The power of the sub-flower is so strong that you can pull Linh Son out of the border, but you can get out. Why did Lao Tzu spend 10 years cultivating this brick to smack his face and ignore that natural man? It's not that simple, the fifth contest starts, as long as the contestant can stand in front of Thien Nhan Thien Dao, Thien Nhan will automatically choose the winner this time, Thanh Minh takes the initiative to be the first person to step up to the contest . I'm a man of Thai Quynh Mon U that's right, Thien Trong true man is my father Thien Trong violates.

The law of heaven You will also be punished like him The god of fire magic saw nature use divine arts to attack Thanh Minh Luat and killed the old man, but he could not help but react, a loud explosion resounded where Thanh Minh stood, which was covered by the fire of heaven, but Thanh Minh did not. Where can I see that there is only a bean left of Ha Do's voice in the sky, just as I thought you were aiming for Thanh Minh Thanh Minh and Ha Do did not know when he was sitting on the brick Dharma treasure Ha Do's eyes Stare intently at the heavenly people below nature so that I can give you a present brother and sister Ha Do landed and stood in front of the heavenly man, he forced my master and wanted to kill my sister and I will kill him. Paying this debt Today turns out you are the disciple of that criminal, by the way, I will clean up all of you in one go. Wait a minute, Thien Nhan He is the head of the Linh Son.

Mountain, but did he do this to the juniors? It must be very contradictory why Thien Nhan Thien Trong is guilty and has been punished, please don't get involved with the juniors who ask for it. may they also be guilty of anyone who opposes me I will not forgive nature has gathered all the monks of Linh Son here and these monks are at least in the Golden Dan Realm everyone hurry get out of here , as long as you fight against the gods, the monks of Linh Son won't hunt you down anymore If you are killed, how can you rest assured that Ha Do pulled out a handful of beans from my chest, I had someone to help me, and then magically released Dau into a soldier, a group of soldiers were motivated by spiritual power to rush into a melee with the enemies. The monk that nature calls next is your turn, but the gods despised and took action against Ha Do, he flew to the sky You are just a monk who refines the magic.

To deal with you as long as They There are enough old women who are identical from face to dress, this is a master who has reached miraculous transformation and then there are 3 monstrous old men Ha Do The three of them will form a magic formation that absolutely must not fall. In that formation, Thanh Minh we go to the law to kill the old man, knowing that Ha Tu's strength is very strong, he doesn't want to stay involved. He deals with these three old men, it's difficult, Ha Do's legs are about to die, and the master will hurry us. help him too late Once those three old men attacked Ha Do to death Probably facing 3 miraculous transformations, Cong Ha map pulled out the spirit of a brick left one hit one right hit it again in the middle of a quick fix, but the hado blowing dust on the magical brick is also strong next, the son's hand is really not that bad No that old lady can't be that weak for sure It was their replacement that the three old men's real bodies.

Were creating the Wan Sword Formation Wan Kiem Quy Nguyen tens of thousands of swords formed from the spiritual power of the three old men shot directly at Ha Tu fairy. Ha Do didn't dodge when Seven Thanh cried out and then there was a big explosion of Forest Fire, the brat's spiritual power had disappeared. Looks like he's dead, don't you look what's that? The sword shot down at Ha Do was gathered into a sphere Then began to crack with a loud explosion that sent the power of the sword out like a grenade Ha Do came out from there He was still alive and uninjured Everyone felt the killing intent of He Do, the three magical chemists broke out in a cold sweat, and immediately called the group to gather to deal with him. Then it's my turn. perform the magic of Van Kiem Quy Nguyen Van Kiem Quy Nguyen of Ha Do is bright with an explosion like roasting beans, these swords have the aura of Thien Kiep that has not.

Been hit by the sword, but those who hold weapons with The metal was snatched by the Heavenly Tribulation and knocked it unconscious. The young man really defeated them with this powerful move, could he be a fairy too, your subordinates were all defeated, are you going to do it yourself? Now nature takes off her blindfold and nature's pupils appear yellow what are you I ca n't even see through you then you just come down here and I'll defeat you I'll tell you to dream Wait When I catch them, they will examine your primordial spirit. Nature uses extremely fast speed to approach He Tu, then spit out a word from his mouth to determine what is going on, Ha Tu feels like there is a strong force to suppress the body. His body is strange Why can't we move the heavenly pressure is so strong that even we can't be outside If you can move, then what's wrong with the Master,.

You were determined by me and then obediently died, nature was still pleased when a hand of Ha Do grabbed his wrist and then a punch like heaven hit the left cheek say one more time who died huh nature immediately happened from Ha Do's hands but Ha Do grabbed his collar Then a throw over the shoulder made the angel fall face down turned back to nature, got up, hado added one more punch, causing the ground of Linh Son to crack, the power of Ha Do's punch was terrible, the whole square was shattered, then look at it, there seems to be a magic formation below the square. it is because of Thien Ngan's arrangement that ten thousand spirits of immortals appear out of nowhere with a swollen face that makes the second money startled, what is wrong with him, this is the result of stopping his legs, Do 2 The important thing at this time is that at the feet of Ha Do is Tru Tien great array capable of.

Killing all the monks who entered, let alone by their own hands. The reason behind the arrangement was that it was difficult to escape from the Ha Map this time, then Tru Tien's great battle was not small, we quickly left here, a big explosion attracted the attention of the fairy where Tru Tien was still in the natural battle. being sold by Ha map, you watch the son win then there is basically no way to win once heaven activates Tru Immortal Great Array the entire area under Ha Do's feet is within the range of Tru Tien Great Array in this formation, nature will absorb the aura of Heaven and Earth to supplement the consumed Spiritual Energy In this way he not only heals himself heal wounds but also increase the power of nature now is not the one that Ha Do can defeat Oh You have the ability to heal wounds Thien Nhan again Stretch out your hand and then snap it on Ha Do's face Haha now Now that you know it's too late, hurry up and use the Primordial Realm to see.

How the true master of the sect is seen, the battles of the immortals are rare to see. No need, if you get caught in the heavenly battle of the gods, the true master will surely die. Thanh Minh is not worried about the true leader. Why can't you just look at that and know that it is the real Truong who is doing what the heavens are doing, now the true leader can stop nature and then hado's face Clear photpher said I'm so scared but I'm afraid your stupidity, this trick of the people has already been solved but you still use it again So I'm clearly stronger than before, but what's wrong with one hand, Ha Do grabs Thien Nhan's hand, and the other hand pulls out the brick spirit so I can teach you how to make bricks, then coldly give Thien Nhan eat a brick of heavenly man was blown away and then crawled up like that I will show you the power of this move Thien Nhan seals again and then Casts magic Still wind.

Magic power turns into fire Manh Attack Ha Ha Do uses spiritual energy to form lotus petals to protect himself, but this is just super covering the eyes of heaven, then he turns his ass and runs away, don't try to escape Ha Do immediately chases after him with wide legs, but I can't see nature anymore While Ha Map is searching, a series of Charms have formed a magic formation to surround him. This is especially for that person to send you to hell, people from outside look in the mirror . Only seeing the blazing fire of Thanh Minh this time also had to worry about Ha Do

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