Mahiro and the “Boys” Moments [Onimai] | Ep6~11

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Gotta go! I didn't see anything! Ah! Sorry about earlier! Oyama is cool, huh? Look! Wait, hold on… I didn't see anything! Hey, boys!.

Here some gift. I think we will take it, then… It's not like we want them. They're so cute! They're all trying to be mature. Pretend I didn't saw anything… Ah, you guys! Oyama! Um…

…about what happened yesterday… I get it, i get it. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell everyone. If you would like… …how about I treat you two to something nice next time? You two got it wrong! Oyama! Here some chocolate! It's White Day, that's why…

It really is. But I said I don't need any… Um… …is there anything else? We will do better next time!

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