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What is a necessary eviland why do we even need it also, should the public havecomplete freedom of information? and how does the media play into everything? those are very loaded topics that are presentin many different stories and TV shows so today we will explore them in 2 different animeChainsaw man, and attack on titan and by the end of the video, I will also give youmy stupid prediction about Makima's true identity so yeah, let’s talk about it hello everyone and welcome back to my channel fora special attack on titan and chainsaw man video today I wanted to explore theIdea of the necessary evil.

Because it is present literally everywhere!… sometimes we don’t even look at it as evil, and like attack on titan teachesus…it’s all about perspective now, I only watched the first season of chainsaw man so I will be addressing only theinformation we got from the anime so manga readers, please forgive meif I say something extremely stupid so the idea of necessary evil wasfirst mentioned by Katana dude he addressed his grandpa as such but what is a necessary evil exactly?.

It’s basically a person ora group in charge of doing some task regular people are not capable of doing in most cases, those groups aregiven more power and they usually operate above the law and from behind the shadows and they usually answer tothe top guys in the government of course, the idea of necessary evil is not connected only to governments and Iwill give some examples of that too but in most cases when speaking about those kindsof people we see that Makima had the right Idea… the necessary evil is alwayscontrolled by the government.

Katana dude thinks his grandpawas the necessary evil. he did kill a small number of women and children,but by that, he kept the peace in the streets so we see here a situationof a few people that suffer so that the majority of people could live in peace now I am not saying one is better than the other, but that is something similar to almostevery government or organization in our world they will do everything they canto protect the vast majority of the population…even if that means a fewwill suffer or lose their basic rights one of the best examples I cangive you is the movie men in black.

Now, everyone loves Men in Black, but in theircore essence, they are the necessary evil they are a top-secret organization and they aredoing stuff normal people would never want to do like giving up on youridentity and fighting aliens instead, they are keepingthis a secret from the public, and they are doing that forthe safety of that same public but what happens when a citizen gets exposed?he gets zapped by this eraser thingy who knows how much brain damagethat causes, but beyond that, this is a clear violation of their human right but are the men in black necessary?I would say yes.

Imagine everyone in the world is awareof aliens walking among us…can you imagine the chaos and violence in the streets? there are some things the public should not know, simply because not all of us canhandle certain degrees of information like there is a tiktoker I followand she interviews retired spies and asks them the questions we all want to know and all of them seem to believe the general population is not ready forthis kind of information and yes, I know you think youdo, but believe me…you don’t!.

Most people won’t be able to processthat information in a healthy way But does that justify takingthe public right to know, or wiping their memories like in Men in black? what is better? total chaos or theloss of rights for a small group? of course, that is a loaded question, sothink about it while you keep watching, and let me know what you think very similar to men in blackwe also have Karl Fritz, the first king inside the walls in attack on titan he also prevented the freedom of information by.

Wiping away the memories ofthe people inside the walls did he do it because he was evil? Absolutely not! he did it to maintain a peacefulenvironment inside the walls we can absolutly criticize his actions,especially when leaving so many people behind… but his intentions were always to achieve peace,and in his time he was the necessary evil… that job later went to the interior police. they didn’t have the same knowledge the king had,but they were still controlled by the government they kept the fake king away fromthe public and it didn’t stop there they killed a few, like Erwin's dad and Armin's.

Parents in order to keep themsilenced and not create chaos and by the way, they were not evil either.they really believed they are doing good, and we will see in soon with Sanes now in chainsaw man, somethingslightly different happened for anyone who doesn’t know, in chainsaw man the fears that people havemanifest into devils with the same name the bigger the fear, thestronger the devil it produces anyway, at one point in the story there was a timewhen gun incidents were happening all the time that made the public extremely afraid of guns,.

And also created a very strongdevil called the Gun devil in order to fight this the government made sureto remove all guns from the general population they also made the medianot report on gun incidents their goal was to keep the publiccalm and unaware of gun incidents that will lower the fear of gunsand also weaken the gun devil that was a way to controlthe public for its own good, but also taking away their freedom of information In attack on titan, the media played abig role in controlling the public as well it played a part in the propaganda against ParadisIsland that kept the Island devil hated worldwide.

But the best example was thejournalists inside the walls they were controlled by theinterior police for years, feeding the public with the fakenews they wanted them to believe in. but attack on titan exploredthis idea even further when they showed that the necessary evilis something that will always be there in the uprising Arc, the scoutsfaced the military police. they finally got the public on their sidewhen they exposed the lies of the government back then Sanes told Hange that what they havebeen doing was necessary to keep the public safe Sanes is not a bad guy, and he truly believedwhat he was doing was the right thing to do.

He warned Hange that now they are in powerthey will finally understand that burden… and he was right soon after the scouts wereon the other side, keeping the truth about the rumblingand Eren from the public… and Hange is fully aware of that,but also understands this way of acting and leaving the public in thedark is the best thing to do right now As I mentioned before, attack ontitan is all about perspective. once you have power and responsibilities on thatscale you tend to look at things differently… and that is exactly theprice of knowing everything,.

The price of complete freedom of information. this is something only a few can handle Hange is breaking down from that pressure, so we can assume regular peoplewould be in even worse condition so here the scouts and the army becamethe necessary evil keeping the public in the dark. but we also know thatthe scouts are not actually evil that was just something that had tobe done to prevent complete chaos in the same way, the Tybur familyacted as the necessary evil on Marley, controlling the country from the shadows.

I mean, can you even imaginewhat would have happened if the people knew Eldians controlled the country and yes, also in this case the Tybur hadto do terrible things to maintain that, like condemning the rest of theEldians to live the worst lives ever before we go back to chainsaw man there is another great example from one of myfavorite graphic novels ever I talked a few times about the watchmenon my channel and it’s an incredible story I won’t spoil too much, but Iwill just say that in the end, the main characters faced the same problem.

To unite the world under fake news or let the public know the truth thatwill eventually lead to a global war is freedom of informationworth more than global peace? let me know what you thinkabout that in the comments back to chainsaw man, we saw a few peoplereferring to themselves as the necessary evil after papa Yakuza, this guy claimedthey unite the crime lords of Japan and that way they protect Japan from strangers… that is something Makima seems to not appreciate, and from her actions, it looks like shewants to break that delicate situation.

For her the Necessary evil isalways controlled by the government but I still don’t know if Makima is talkingabout herself, her team, or the actual government from the first episode, we sawMakima being evasive around people, feeding people with the thingsthey want to hear, especially Denji She’s been controlling the situation from day one, she is never on site, butalways works in the shadows and honestly, I wouldn’t besurprised if she had something to do with controlling the media back then too I really don’t know whatMakima's devil name is yet,.

And it’s probably one of the thingsthat interest me the most lately That’s also why I refuse to read the manga yet.I just want to try and get there on my own by now I came up with a few devil Ideas I thought she might be the devil oforder or chaos, or maybe even both mostly because she seems to have a very specificorder of actions but she creates chaos on her way another idea I had was the devil of deception now, I don’t really knowhow to put that into words, but I guess it’s that fear ofnot wanting someone to trick you like the fear of being scammed ortricked in a way that destroys your life.

I don’t know how common this fearis but I think it's a big one, and Makima sure lied a lot and we’ve seen that another idea I had is pretty out there,and I warn you because it’s kinda stupid but what if Makima is the like thegovernment Devil or something like that like I know a lot of people areafraid of the government. that is the source for almost everyconspiracy theory out there people are known to be afraid thatthe government is killing them, controlling them, lying to them,stealing from them, or whatever… and Makima seems to praise the government,.

She thinks the government needsto control the necessary evil and yes, I know the government devil soundslame but it also fits really well with my idea but I don’t know, chainsaw man is a crazystory so far so maybe I am right, who knows so manga readers don’t laugh at me that much,and please don’t spoil me in the comments I hope I at least got something right, andI really hope the next season will come soon so what do you think about thenecessary evil? is it really necessary or maybe you think the public shouldhave the freedom to know everything all the time, regardless of the consequences would you be able to handle the truth?.

Let me know what you think in the comments also, is Makima the government's Devil? let me know how stupid that sounded to youbecause it sure feels stupid writing it and that is all for thisvideo and I hope you enjoyed let me know if you want me toclash between 2 shows again and I will see you all really soon in my nextvideo, and even sooner in the comments but until then let me just remind you all… to dedicate your hearts, to all of humanity inside and outside…

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