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An average man discovers a way to be anyone,only to find that walking in someone else's shoes might bring more danger than he can handle.At a cobbler's shop, a group of men discuss how Gergerman is driving them out of businessby raising rent prices and threatening their families. Because of this, they seekthe help of the cobbler, Pinchas. However, the man notes that Gergerman isn't hiscustomer, so he can't do anything about it. This prompts one of the men to reveal thatthey've stolen the greedy man's boots. With this, Pinchas uses a peculiar stitchingmachine on the shoes. While he's working, his son, Herschel, approaches and asksabout the machine. Pinchas shares that it was gifted to his father by an angel, soit must only be used on special occasions..

He recounts how long ago, during winter,a vagrant came to their cobbler shop, so his father sheltered him, fed him, and mendedhis shoes. The following morning, the beggar was gone but left the stitching machine behind.Decades later, Pinchas' great-grandson, Max, opens the cobbler shop he inherited. While takinga break, he sees the gorgeous Taryn exiting the apartment nearby, leaving him stunned. However,her boyfriend, Emiliano, joins the woman. Seeing him looking at them, Jimmy, the owner ofthe barbershop next door, wonders if there's any romance in Max's life. When the man says no,Jimmy comments that he's better than Emiliano, though the cobbler argues that the younger manis rich, given that he has his own driver. He then shares that he should figure out whathe wants to do, but Jimmy thinks he's meant to.

Be a cobbler since his family has been onefor generations. Uninterested in discussing this further, Max retreats into his shop.Later, Carmen approaches Max to discuss her organization's duty to preserve the Lower EastSide. Her group wants to prevent real estate developers from forcing middle-class residents outto build luxury areas. They do this by buying the current tenants out or raising their rent.Hearing this, Max wonders how much he'll get for selling the shop. Carmen, however,insists that people like him should stay, but he argues that he doesn't want to.To convince him, Carmen takes him outside and shows how his shop is part of the city,asserting that their land isn't just a playground for the rich. With that, she asks him to signher petition and invites him to a rally tonight.

To support Mr. Solomon, an elderly man who'sbeing evicted from his home. She gives him a flier about the protest before leaving. That evening, however, Max heads home to his ailing mother, Sarah,instead of attending the rally. The following day, a thug named Leon hasMax clean his shoes while boasting that his watch collection is worth more than theestablishment. He then drops off another pair of shoes, ordering the man to fix them bytonight. Max argues that they close at six, but Leon insists on getting his shoes later.While working on it, however, Max's stitching machine breaks, so the cobbler heads to thebasement to find a spare machine. Instead, he finds Pinchas' machine.As he works on the shoe,.

Jimmy checks on him again. Seeing the clutteredbasement, he recalls advising Max's father to get rid of the junk there, but he couldn'tthrow things away. Bitterly, Max adds that his father threw his family away instead.Late that night, Max waits for Leon to pick up his shoes. Out of boredom, he tries onhis customer's shoes, and to his surprise, he sees that he's turned into the thug. Panicked, he quickly removes the shoes, confused as to what happened. Max closes theshop to avoid any witnesses before trying the shoes on again and transforming into Leon.He then collects another pair of shoes to see if it'll happen again, but it doesn't.Confused, he compares the shoes and realizes that the stitcher is the cause of histransformation. He tests this out by.

Using the machine on other shoes and confirmsit when he transforms into his customers. Max gleefully experiments on this until he turnsinto a corpse since the shoes' owner passed away. The following morning, Max feelsmore excited about going to work. Later, a strange man visits Jimmy'sshop but only lingers without asking for a haircut. The man then heads straightinto the cobbler shop and removes the shoes, turning back into Max. This experiment confirmsthat he can fool anyone with his disguises. As the day passes, more customers drop off theirshoes for repairs. Max uses one man's shoes to walk into Chinatown in disguise and realizes thathe can also mimic the person's voice and accent. Next, he dines at a restaurant assomeone else, then reverts to his normal.

Appearance in the bathroom to avoid paying. While walking, he notices a rich man taking his luxury car into valet parking. With an ideain mind, Max transforms into Leon and robs the rich man's shoes. This allows him to borrow theman's car and happily cruise the highway in it. After the fun-filled day, Max returnsto his mother, sharing that he had the best day. He then wonders if she ever wishesshe could be someone else, but Sarah says no since she's happy to be his mother. Instead,her only wish is to see his father again. With this in mind, Max takes his father'sold shoes to the shop the next day. Before he can work on it, however, Taryn drops off herboyfriend's shoes. This changes Max's plans for the night as he pretends to be Emiliano instead.He goes to a club where he catches the attention.

Of the ladies. Soon, a woman takes an interestin him, and the two get into a cab to head to his home for some privacy. However, when Max admitsthat he lives with his mother, she dumps him. The man then heads back to the shop but runs intoEmiliano. Thankfully, he removes one shoe in time, preventing the man from seeing his duplicate.As Emiliano leaves his apartment, Max comes up with another idea.Disguised as Emiliano again, he goes to his apartment and finds Taryn in theshower. She invites him in, and he's stunned by the woman's beauty. When the woman urgeshim to join her, Max hurriedly undresses but realizes that he'll transform back if heremoves his shoes. With that, he hurries away. At home, he finds Sarah watching thenews, where Carmen talks about their.

Protest. As she speaks about the familiesliving there, Max admires her passion. The following day, Max bumps into Carmen asshe takes groceries to an elderly resident. She takes this chance to ask if he can get hisfather to sign their petition, but he admits that his dad left years ago. Sympathizingwith him, Carmen reveals that hers left too, but she just focuses on moving on. Before leaving, she encourages Max to visit her committee's office and getinvolved in protecting their community. Drawn to the woman, Max uses hismagic shoes to watch her. However, he can't bring himself to speak to her.That night, Max musters up his courage before putting on his father's shoes, transforminginto Abraham. After confirming that it works,.

He prepares a lovely dinner for hismother and encourages her to dress up. Soon, he returns home as Abraham, bringing joyto Sarah's eyes as she embraces her husband. The two enjoy dinner and dance together asMax fulfills his mother's wish. Afterward, he tucks his mother to bed and says goodbyeto his father before removing the shoes. The following morning, Max checks on his motherbut finds that Sarah has died in her sleep. Days after, Jimmy approaches Max during Sarah'swake. He assures him that his mother would've appreciated what he did for her, but Max is angrythat he was the only one she had, and he can't even afford to get her a nice headstone. Jimmy offers to chip in for it, but Max questions why he would when he doesn't owehim anything. The barber then promises that.

It'll be better soon, so he shouldn'tdo things he might regret. Max, however, thinks it's too late for that advice and leaves.When the shop reopens, Leon finally returns to pick up his shoes. He complains thatthe shop has been closed all week, so Max passively mentions that his mother passedaway. The customer makes shallow remarks about this before demanding for his shoes. However,he doesn't have the claim ticket, so Leon threatens Max to return his shoes by tomorrow.Angered, Max follows Leon around in disguise and witnesses the thug's awful acts. He usesseveral disguises to study him and takes interest when the thug enters a black vehicle.With the man gone, Max disguises himself as Leon and goes into his apartment, finding thatthe man's girlfriend, Macy, is leaving him for.

Hitting her. Once she's away, Max searches forLeon's watch collection but discovers his stash of firearms instead. He then accidentally stunshimself with a stun gun, which knocks him out. Once he awakens, he hurries away, only to findLeon at the doorstep. The thug immediately chokes his duplicate, but Max still has the stungun and uses it on him, making him collapse. When Leon awakens, he finds himself bound andfacing Max, who's disguised as a young man. He demands to have his collection, and when theman refuses, he disguises himself in another form that scares Leon. Because of this,the thug gives him the watches' location. Before Max can leave, however, Leon's associatesarrive, and the thug explains that they're about to pick up a large sum of money for a job.Blinded by greed, Max pretends to be Leon and.

Joins the man's associates. However, the thugstake him to a warehouse first, where Leon's gang beats up Patrick, a man who stole from them.Freaked out, Max stops them from killing the man and excuses himself to the bathroom.Panicked, Max desperately comes up with a plan and soon returns, ordering Leon's gang torelease Patrick, much to the men's surprise. The thugs then take him to the mansion ofElaine Greenawalt, who gives him money to get rid of tenants from the community. Shocked,Max returns to Leon's apartment, plotting to keep the money, then release the thug. However, Leon has escaped and beats him up, so Max desperately removes the stilettoshe's wearing, effectively scaring the man as he transforms. Still, Leon tries to grabhim, and in the struggle, Max accidentally.

Stabs him with the stiletto, killing him.Horrified, he flees without taking his things. The following day, the cobbler thinks overlast night's events and ultimately decides to turn himself in. He takes the officersto Leon's place, but when they get there, the place is clean. Even the bag and moneyhe left behind are missing. Thinking that he was imagining things, the officers leave.To his surprise, Max finds his bag in his shop, along with Leon's money and watches. Scaredthat something beyond his control is happening, Max heads out, intending to surrenderthe items. However, Jimmy stops him, commenting how the man has been acting mad sincehis mother died. He adds that Max's father was the same, which surprises the young man.Jimmy reveals that Abraham got into trouble.

And had to disappear to protect hisfamily. Max berates his friend for not telling him sooner, so Jimmy defendsthat his father made him promise not to. Angered, Max pushes him off and leaves.In disguise, Max returns the money to Elaine, claiming that Leon sent him since he can't do thejob for her. However, the woman is pissed since, without Leon's task, she'll lose more money. Withthat, she orders her thugs to knock him out. Max awakens in the backseat of a car asElaine's thugs drive him out of town to make him disappear. As they do, the men discusssetting a place on fire tomorrow night. Thinking quickly, Max takes one of theshoes from his bag and disguises himself as the corpse. This leads the thugsto crash the car, thus releasing him..

A group of kids discovers the crash, but when Maxsteps out, they run, thinking that he's a zombie. Scared of the recent events, Max coversup the stitching machine the next day, deciding never to use it again. He thenapologizes to Jimmy for yesterday. Later, Max accidentally spills his sodaon the flier Carmen gave him. Seeing it, he realizes that Elaine is trying to eliminateMr. Solomon. He hurries to Carmen to warn her that the elderly man's apartment will be set onfire by Elaine's thugs. Hearing the name, Carmen recognizes Elaine as the owner of Mr. Solomon'sapartment building, leading her to believe him. She takes him to the apartment buildingand explains that Mr. Solomon is the only tenant left. Once he's gone, Elaine plans tosell the entire block to make a fortune. .

Carmen introduces Max to Mr. Solomon and warnshim about the threats to his life. Despite this, the man refuses to leave. He's been living in thebuilding for 45 years and raised his family there, so he intends to pass away there. Refusing to let him be killed, Max suddenly asks for his shoe size.Soon, Max disguises himself as Mr. Solomon and meets with Elaine. He claims that he'll leavethe place for one hundred thousand dollars and a bus ticket to Chicago, where his daughter lives.Interested, Elaine offers to have her thugs escort him to Chicago to ensure his departure.The next evening, Elaine's thugs, Brian and Jeffrey, pick up Mr. Solomon,who orders them to leave their shoes outside before letting them in the apartment.When they exit, the thugs' shoes are gone..

Hours later, Jeffrey reports that Mr. Solomonis gone. Unbeknownst to them. Max has taken the men's shoes and disguises himself again.Max returns to Mr. Solomon's apartment as Leon. Jeffrey spots him and follows him inside, only tofind Brian captured. The captive warns him about something behind him, so Jeffrey turns away,only for Max to use Leon's stun gun on him, having disguised himself as Brian.In the morning, Max disguises himself as Jeffrey and confirms that Elaine is on herway there to meet with her client. In reality, he has Jeffrey bound while Brian escortsthe real Mr. Solomon to Chicago. When Elaine arrives, she findsCarmen exiting the building, claiming that she just visited Mr. Solomon there.Just as the woman leaves, Elaine's client arrives,.

So she hurries to get rid of the elderly tenant.During this, Brian escorts Mr. Solomon to the Chicago bus terminal, but the thuggets apprehended by the police while the elderly man leaves with a smile.Elaine hurries to the apartment and finds Max disguised as Mr. Solomon. He claimsthat her thugs lied about escorting him away, angering the woman further. When the manrefuses to leave, Elaine threatens to have the building torched with him inside. She willthen have his daughter assassinated in Chicago. To her surprise, a news reporter andcameraman appear from the living room, having recorded the woman's threats. Soon, Elaine is imprisoned while Carmen visits the cobbler to drop off her boots. She shares that Mr.Solomon wants to thank him for saving his home,.

Then wonders how the man managed to trick Elaine.The man refuses to explain, so Carmen just invites him to dinner, which he gladly accepts.Eventually, Max visits Macy, disguised as a very pale Leon. He gives her thethug's watches, telling her to sell them so she can have the life she deserves.When he leaves, some thugs corner him into a car where Patrick waits, wanting revenge onLeon and his gang. Before they can go, however, another vehicle collides with theirs.Max later wakes up in Jimmy's shop, where the man offers him pickles, notingthat it helps them when they change. This surprises the man, who's confused as tohow he knows about the transformations. Jimmy adds that he was the one who got rid ofLeon's body and the evidence. He then takes off.

His shoes, revealing that he's actually Abraham.Stunned, Max embraces his father but quickly scolds him for not being there for himand his mother. The father argues that he had to disappear to keep them safe.Abraham then decides that his son is ready, so he takes him to the basement, where theman has hidden his collection of shoes that's been passed down through generations. The father notes that walking in another man's shoes is a big responsibility, but hethinks his son has learned that now. With that, he entrusts the collection to Max.Max then breaks down, apologizing for not taking care of his mother. Abraham assureshim that he did well and embraces his son. Adding to the surprise, Abraham also revealsthat he has a hidden luxury car with his own.

Driver. He explains that he rebuilt thebarber shop after he bought out Jimmy, who's actually in the Caribbean. As the father and son enjoy the drive home, Abraham adds that there are more tradesmen withskills like them, so he promises Max to show him everything and begins the tale of how the magicalstitching machine ended up in their family.

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