Man In the end Discovers His Soul Mate But Its His Sister

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A man finally meets the love of his life,only to discover that she's his long-lost sister. In Indiana, Gilly Noble drives up to a chickenfarm, where he sets down a cage with a cat inside and opens one of its doors. Soon enough, the stray cat from the farm approachesthe other cat and gets trapped in the cage. After this, he heads back to the animal shelterwhere he works. There, he discovers that the stray cat hasa name tag identifying him as Ringo. Later, his boss, Larry, asks him to join hisfamily for dinner to appease his wife, who's angry at him since he missed her birthdaydinner last night.

Gilly suggests giving his wife a puppy, butthe man insists on bringing him. With no choice, Gilly joins his boss' familyfor dinner, but things get awkward quickly as the couple and their kids argue. The next day, Larry and Gilly head to thediner as the former complains about his family. Concerned, Gilly advises his boss to see atherapist, but the man doesn't take this seriously. Just then, their friend, Stewart, shows offhis odd haircut, claiming that it was done by the most beautiful woman on Earth. Curious, Gilly later peeks into the hair salonand spots the new stylist, Jo. He immediately falls in love with her, sohe joins the long line of men waiting to get.

Their haircut from her. While getting his haircut, he tries to getto know her, so Jo shares how she's originally from this town but moved to Oregon. She returned to help out her father, who'snow paralyzed after a stroke. He soon finds that Jo is clumsy when she nearlyrips part of his hair and stabs his cheek with a pair of scissors. Still, as he looks into her eyes, he's stunned. Noticing her photo with her pet on the table,he asks about her cat, but Jo shares that he ran away two weeks ago.

When she mentions that her cat's name is Ringo,he recalls the stray cat he captured yesterday. Upon realizing that he found her cat, Jo accidentallycuts part of his ear, sending Gilly to the hospital later on. To make up for hurting him, Jo invites himto dinner at her house so he can also bring in her cat. While she cooks dinner later, Jo's mother,Valdine, discourages her from entertaining an animal catcher when she can get back togetherwith her rich ex-boyfriend, Jack. Soon, Gilly arrives with Ringo, so Jo introduceshim to her father, Walter, who's immobile and uses a voc-a-lator machine to speak.

During dinner, Valdine makes passive commentsabout Gilly's awful job. He clarifies that he's working at the animalshelter since he's aiming to be a veterinarian. Valdine remains unimpressed, but Jo is clearlyinterested. The next day, Gilly meets with Detective Vic,whom he hired to find his birth mother. However, when the man presents him with apicture of his supposed mother, he doubts him, given their difference in ethnicity. That evening, Gilly has dinner with Jo atthe shelter's rooftop and shares that he's trying to find his biological family. The woman encourages him about his search,though the man notices that she's distracted.

Jo admits that being there reminds her oftheir family dog, who had to be put down. She still mourns for the dog, and Gilly sympathizeswith this, explaining that he wished he could take care of the animals that were put tosleep there. He even wrote a poem to read to the dog andcats before they're put to sleep and gives them a one-gun salute with an empty pistol. Hearing his poem, Jo falls for him, and thetwo kiss. For six months, the couple happily spend theirdays together. Their happiness convinces Gilly to settledown with his beloved, but Jo starts talking about how she's comfortable not taking theirrelationship too seriously.

Realizing that she's not ready, Gilly distractsher with a kiss as the plane he rented with his proposal banner passes by them. However, Jo reveals that the plane he rentedis her uncle's, so she already knows about his plans and tells him that she wants tomarry him. As the two celebrate their engagement in bedlater, Vic calls Gilly, announcing that he found his mother, and it's Valdine. This immediately puts a strain on the couple'srelationship. They confront Valdine about this the nextday, so she confesses that she got pregnant right after Jo was born.

Since they were struggling financially, sheand her husband decided to put the new baby up for adoption. As the idea that they've been intimate withtheir sibling sinks in, Jo becomes nauseated while Gilly is frozen in shock. Sixteen months later, the news about theirrelationship got Gilly fired, leading him to a depressed state and working with Stewart. One day, he rereads the letter Jo left forhim before she moved back to Oregon. She mourned how things were going well forthem, but all came crashing in an instant. Because of this, she couldn't face him anymore.

Heartbroken, the man discards the letter. He soon heads to his parent's home as he hadbeen living with them. Valdine treats him lovingly to make up forlost time though Walter is still abrasive towards him. Just then, Jo calls and announces that she'sgetting married to Jack. This excites her mother while breaking Gilly'sheart further. When the wedding invitations arrive, Valdineencourages Gilly to be happy for Jo since she's marrying a millionaire and running herown parlor. The doorbell rings, and a man named Leon introduceshimself to Valdine as her long-lost son.

He proves this with the documents he'd found,including hospital records and blood tests. Because of this, Valdine and Walter immediatelythrow Gilly out of the house, calling him a liar. Despite this, Gilly finds new hope and getscleaned up before leaving Indiana. He drives to Oregon for days, hoping he hasn'tlost his chance to be with Jo. One night, however, he accidentally runs overa man standing in the middle of the road. The man, Dig, commands him to fetch his prostheticlegs, which got damaged during the accident. Gilly is then forced to give the man a ride,who apparently stood in the road to get his attention.

He reveals that he's a pilot whose plane ranout of fuel, forcing him to land in a nearby clearing. The two arrive in Oregon in the morning, whereDig tells the man that he owes him for taking him there. He also warns Gilly to get out of the townquickly since people with money control things there. Unbeknownst to them, Valdine calls the town'spolice station and claims that Gilly is a dangerous criminal. Officer Gina answers her call, so Valdineasks the woman to be discreet to avoid alarming.

Jo, who's busy with her big wedding. Despite this, Gina soon sets up wanted postersaround town with Gilly's face. Jo sees this, so she calls her mother, complainingabout letting her supposed brother go there. Since she wants her daughter to continue herwedding with Jack, Valdine lies that Gilly went mad and told everyone that someone namedLeon is her brother, not him. The woman asserts that this is all imaginary. Elsewhere, Jo's fiance, Jack, approaches ahomeless man to offer him a hotel room and a job. He claims that it's his way to give back tothe people after he inherited most of his.

Money from his father. Afterward, Gina approaches Jack and inviteshim to have coffee with her, adding that she wants to talk about his fiance. When Jack arrives home later, he orders hisbrother, Jimmy, and the man's friends, Freddy and Streak, to make Gilly disappear. Because of this, the trio knock the man outjust before he goes to Jo's parlor. Soon, Gilly wakes up and finds himself ona plane to Mexico. Two days later, Valdine and Walter drop Leonoff at a motel outside of town, explaining that he can't be seen until after Jo's wedding.

In the meantime, the mother orders him tofind Gilly and keep him away from his sister. At Jack's house, Jo finds her fiance in thehot tub. He invites her to join him, but she plansto run errands for their wedding. Once she leaves, Gina surfaces from underthe water, revealing that the man is cheating. In the afternoon, Jack welcomes his futurein-laws to his home while Gilly finally returns to town. Knowing that people are out to get him, hekeeps his head low and tries to sneak into Jo's parlor from the back. However, another worker recognizes him fromthe wanted posters, so Gilly leaves.

Using discarded hair from the parlor's garbagebin, he disguises himself before heading to a pub. There, he finds Dig and asks him for helpin finding his truck, which he left behind when he got abducted. However, the pilot reveals that his truckwas destroyed during a charity event that Jack held. Giving up on his vehicle, Gilly then asksDig to help him stop Jo from marrying Jack, but the man and the other patrons defend thatthe rich guy is a good person. He even insists that Jo is lucky to be marryinghim, so Gilly should let her go.

The next day, Jo's co-worker calls her toinform her that Gilly was there. Because of this, the woman searches for him. She finds him heading out of town, so shepicks him up. Jo quickly tells him that they can't be together,and when Gilly recalls Dig's words to him, he accepts that he has to let her go. The woman soon drops him off at the bus station,and the heartbroken man tells her he loves her before exiting the vehicle. Regretfully, she utters that she loves himtoo, then drives away in tears. While Gilly waits to get on a bus, a youngman snatches his ticket, forcing him to chase.

After him. The kid leads him to a secluded garage, whereDig meets with the heartbroken man. With no one to eavesdrop on them this time,the pilot finally reveals that Jack is evil. He takes the man to his house, where Dig explainsthat Jack inherited millions from his father and has been making more money by growingillegal plants. Jack ensures that the police will never investigatetheir town by keeping the residents here happy, hence his charitable facade. Most people are also under his payroll, whilethe rest are scared to go against him. With that in mind, Gilly insists on savingJo from him.

Before they can plan something, Jimmy andhis friends arrive. The thugs take Gilly into the woods to beathim up, but Jimmy accidentally hits Streak instead. This allows their captive to escape into theriver. The next day, Gilly and Dig prepare a bannerto tell Jo that the former is not her brother. They then set off using Dig's plane, unawarethat a branch rips the word “not” from the banner. Because of this, when they fly the bannerover Jo's house, the woman is convinced that the man is troubled.

The two soon land the plane, but police officersimmediately arrest Gilly and admit him to a psychiatric facility. During his stay, he finds that Streak is alsothere after suffering the head injury from Jimmy. However, the thug thinks that Gilly was theone who hit him. He then tries to sell him the Polaroids thatJimmy took of Jo, but Gilly takes them, appalled that they took pictures of his beloved withouther knowing. This leads Streak to tackle him, and the fightgets Gilly put into isolation. To his surprise, Dig breaks into his paddedroom to rescue him.

As they drive back into town, a car passesthem, and Gilly recognizes the driver as Leon. They follow the man and discover that he'sstaying at the motel. With only three hours before Jo's wedding,Dig orders Gilly to take the woman there to let her meet her real brother and clear thingsup. In the meantime, he'll ensure Leon doesn'tget away. With that, Gilly drives back to town alonebut gets blocked by a herd of cows. While trying to push them out of the way,he gets his hand stuck in one of the cows just as the herd finally moves. Meanwhile, Dig finds Leon leaving his motelroom, so he tries to stop him.

However, the man discovers that he has prostheticlegs, so he removes them and throws them away to prevent the pilot from chasing after him. Elsewhere, the herd walks into town, puttingGilly in another embarrassing situation. Jo sees him, so he uses this chance to revealthat Leon is real and is at the motel. However, the woman begs him to stop, stillconvinced that he's crazy. She asserts that she wants a family with Jackbefore storming off. Soon, the wedding starts. Jo enthuses how her father will get bettermedical care in town, and her mother won't have to overwork anymore.

Hearing this, Walter asks if this is whathis daughter wants. She hesitates before answering that this marriageis a great thing for them. While trying to catch a ride out of town again,Gilly gets cornered by Streak, who escaped the facility using his beaten-up truck. He holds him at gunpoint, demanding for thephotos he stole. Gilly quickly surrenders them, but Streakalso steals his ring before knocking him out. Meanwhile, as the wedding proceeds, Waltersuddenly asks for the ceremony to be stopped, finally accepting that his daughter is stillin love with Gilly. However, before he can say anything further,his wife removes his voc-a-lator to keep him.

Quiet. Elsewhere, Leon spots Gilly's truck headingback into town, not knowing that Streak is the one driving it. He crashes his car against his to stop himfrom interrupting his sister's wedding. This causes the truck's fuel tank to leakand explode. At the wedding reception, Valdine chains herhusband's wheelchair to prevent him from convincing Jo to return to Gilly. Despite this, the man forces himself to getout of the chair. Suddenly, the police arrive to report thatGilly's truck exploded.

The body they found was burned beyond recognition,but they're sure it was Gilly, given the ring they found on the corpse. The sheriff also reveals that they've arrestedLeon, who caused the accident. The man calls Valdine his mother, beggingher for help and claiming that he was just following Gilly like she asked him to. Walter then arrives, finally on his feet,and declares that Leon is Jo's real brother. He explains that they kept it a secret becausehis wife insists on dipping into Jack's fortune. Tearfully, Jo confronts her mother, who stillthinks it was for the best since Gilly was a nobody.

To make matters worse, Walter also revealsthat Jack paid Vic to tell Gilly that they're his biological parents to break the coupleapart. Betrayed, Jo storms off. With her plan ruined, Valdine takes her angerout on her real son, but the strain causes her to have a stroke. The next day, Gilly finally awakens in thewoods and goes to Dig's house, who's surprised to see him alive. He learns that everyone thinks he's dead,but he accepts this, thinking that it'll let Jo finally move on with her life.

With that, Gilly hitches a ride on Dig's planeto head back to Indiana, unaware that Jo is driving there too. When she arrives, she goes to the animal shelter'srooftop and recites Gilly's poem with a pistol in her hand. Coincidentally, Gilly and Larry drive up tothe parking lot, with the latter giving the younger man's job back after learning thetruth. Gilly sees Jo on the roof's ledge, thinkingthat she's about to end her own life. He rushes to stop her, only to hear a gunshotand have ashes dumped on him. Jo finally sees him, and the two reunite witha kiss.

The woman explains that she was giving himthe one-gun salute, thinking that she was carrying his ashes. With everything cleared up, the town celebratesGilly and Jo's wedding months later. Among the guests are a recovered Walter anda now-disabled Valdine. Vic suddenly pulls the newlyweds away, claimingthat he finally found Gilly's biological mother. He insists that he's sure this time sincehe's gotten documents and DNA evidence. With that, he opens a door of a limousinewhere Suzanne Somers, Gilly's celebrity crush, steps out. As the woman hugs him, Gilly realizes thathe used to fantasize about his own mother.

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