Man Invents Cloning & Clones His Daughter To Radically change His Wife

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A genetics professor clones his wife untilhe gets the exact version that he fell in love with. Professor Adam Slope explains to his wife,Dawn, that she’s a clone of someone who died in a fire. Dawn refuses to believe this, and she slowlybacks away, which leads to her falling from the attic’s entrance. Before this unfortunate event, Adam hesitatedin proposing to Dawn, who was still his girlfriend at the time. He tried shutting the ring’s box near herear to wake her up, but Dawn remained asleep.

Because of this, he resorted to cooking breakfastbut kept throwing the burnt pancakes until he made perfect ones. After this, he surprises her with breakfastin bed. However, before he could pop the question,Dawn excused herself to the bathroom, leaving Adam uneasy. He then asked if he could come inside to tellher something, and Dawn replied it was alright if the situation couldn’t wait. With this, Adam went inside and asked thebig question. Dawn thought it was sweet and cute, but shechuckled, saying that no other woman would.

Say yes to him in that situation. Adam smiled, saying he was thankful that hewas asking her. Later that day, Dawn went to work in her glass-blowingstudio. Her friend, Camille, asked how Adam proposed,and Dawn admitted that it wasn’t in a bouncy house like her dream proposal, but it wasintimate, sweet, and spontaneous. Meanwhile, Adam conducted his lectures ata local university, and one student named Emma seemed fond of him. After class, she asked if he needed a labassistant, but Adam politely said no. Soon, Adam and Dawn got married.

After this, they settled the papers regardingtheir insurance in case anything bad happened to either of them. One day, as Dawn worked in the studio, Adamcalled her and said he was cooking dinner. While they were talking, Camille went out. However, Dawn never got home, as the studiocaught fire after a piece of ember flew from the furnace to a pile of newspapers. The door was jammed, preventing her from escaping,which ultimately led to her death. Soon, the police delivered the awful newsto Adam. Days later, Dawn’s funeral took place, andAdam recalled how he first met Dawn at an.

Art museum. She was hidden behind a row of vases, andhe saw her between the little spaces, admiring her beautiful smile. He couldn’t get her out of his head forweeks, so he returned to the museum and bought the vase that blocked his view of her. This was when Dawn first laid eyes on him. Adam would soon use that vase to contain herashes. After the mass, Adam’s friends consoledhim, wanting to make him feel better. However, when he got home, he sulked in hisgrief and repeatedly called Dawn’s phone.

To hear her voice in the voicemail. He then watched their wedding tape. For the following days, Adam couldn’t fillout Dawn’s proof of death form because signing it would mean that he was accepting her passing. One day, just as he was about to sign it,his lab experiment notified him that his cloning project was complete and successful. He then paused his current task to take outthe cloned mouse, but as he placed the rodent in a cage, he suddenly got an idea. When he got home later that day, he foundhair stuck in Dawn’s brush.

He then took it and drove to his lab, butjust as he was about to start cloning his late wife, he stopped it. The following day, he rambled about the growthrate being a problem in cloning since they can’t even grow a single organ in months. Hearing this, Emma suggested infecting thetissue with Werner syndrome, which speeds up the aging process. Because of this, he asked her if she stillwanted to be his lab assistant, to which she said yes. Adam immediately dismissed the class, muchto Emma’s surprise.

They immediately went to his lab, but beforehe let her in, he told her that their experiment would be ethically ambiguous. Still, Emma replied that she was all aboutthe pursuit of progress. When Adam started with cloning, Emma realizedthat he was about to do it to an actual human. She immediately warned him that it was illegaland that he could lose his job. Realizing that Emma was against him, he toldher to leave, which only made her feel guilty. In the end, she helped him out. However, she noticed that Dawn was growingtoo fast, but Adam dismissed it. Minutes later, Dawn’s clone was complete,and he immediately took her to the car.

On their way, Emma warned Adam that he’dhave to teach Dawn how to function from scratch, but he didn’t want to think of that yet. Just then, Adam noticed that Dawn had agedquickly. It turned out that he didn’t normalize hergrowth, which Emma warned him about. Dawn soon died of old age, and Emma helpedAdam dispose of the body through a furnace in his basement. Days later, they tried the experiment again,but this time, they first tested it with mice. Adam then allowed Emma to clone a mouse usinga slower process. However, she took a sample from a clone, whichresulted in the mouse exploding on her face.

Adam then told her that she couldn’t makea clone out of a clone. For the following days, they repeatedly triedcloning but failed over and over. They then realized that they could potentiallycheat Dawn’s growth for three months, so they started cloning her as an infant. Unbeknownst to Adam, Trout, the insuranceagent, is doubtful about Dawn’s death, given that she died weeks after Adam purchased amillion-dollar insurance. Because of this, he decided to observe Adamand witnessed him carry a baby into his house, which happened to be Dawn’s clone. Days later, Dawn grew up as a young girl andlearned how to act.

In one instance, she pointed to the vase thatheld the real Dawn’s ashes, so Adam took it to the attic to feel less guilty aboutwhat he was doing. Days passed, and Dawn continued growing, andTrout secretly observed them. However, as she reached adulthood, her teethstarted to deform. Adam also felt like he was raising a daughterrather than having his wife back because Dawn acted a little rowdy. That night, Dawn’s parents, Rebecca andHarold, decided to visit Adam. Meanwhile, Dawn’s clone noticed that shewasn’t normal because her teeth fell out, and she grew faster than Adam.

Because of this, Adam decided to tell herthe truth, and he led her to the attic where Dawn’s ashes were. Meanwhile, Dawn’s parents arrived, and Rebeccawent around the house after Adam didn’t respond. However, she caught a glimpse of Dawn fromthe attic, and she got so horrified that she demanded that Harold take her home. In the attic, Adam told Dawn about how shedied, but it was hard for her to process the truth. She backed away as Adam explained further,but she ended up falling to her death.

After this, Adam solemnly disposes of thebody in the furnace, then he sadly rewatches his wedding tape. Days later, he goes to a therapist and tellsher that he dreamt about cloning his wife, but she wasn’t the same. The therapist reminds him that genetics isjust a small portion of who we are, and the only way for Dawn to remain the same evenwhen she’s cloned is for her to be raised by her own parents. With this, Adam visits Dawn’s parents andtells Harold that he can bring their daughter back if he clones her.

However, this only earns him a slap in theface. The following day, Adam asks Emma to raisethe clone, but she refuses. He then lashes out, admitting that he’sbeing too much. This earns Emma’s sympathy, so she givesin. As Emma raises the clone the way Dawn’sparents did, Adam starts hanging out with his friends again. Months later, Emma brings a fully grown Dawnto Adam’s house, but she’s angsty and rebellious. As they live together, the clone has difficultyadjusting, and Adam slowly realizes that she’s.

Far from who his wife was. Still, he tries to propose to her, but Dawnrejects him. Later that day, he pleads with Emma to takeDawn back, but she detests the idea. Unbeknownst to them, Dawn is listening totheir conversation, and she gets so confused with her purpose that she ends her own life. With no choice, they dispose of the body. After this, Adam puts the clone’s ashesin a separate vase, then Emma consoles him. However, he still plans to clone Dawn again,but this time, someone else will raise her. Days later, he brings the baby clone to Camilleand asks her to raise Dawn for four months.

She gets weirded out by his request, but shecompromises. Adam then gives her a list of what the cloneneeds to accomplish so that it’d have Dawn’s personality. However, Camille asks him to propose to Dawnin a bouncy house this time, saying it’s what she actually wanted. She also insists on letting Dawn experienceprom because it was a milestone for her. Unfortunately, when they let her, she goeshome with her date, Wyatt, and she becomes so in love with him that she refuses to gowith Adam. The following day, Adam expresses his frustrationto Emma.

She tries making some sense of the situation,but he disregards everything she says. He then attempts to clone Dawn again, butEmma stops him because the other one is still alive. Days later, Adam conducts an exam in class,but he gets so consumed by his failed experiment that he ends up yelling at a student. After this, Emma gets upset at him, sayingthat he needs to control himself. Adam argues that she doesn’t understandwhat it’s like to lose someone she loves, but Emma says that she does. That night, Adam tries reconciling with her,and he encourages her to share her story.

Emma explains that her father died after hefailed to get a heart transplant. She then says that losing someone they lovechanges them. Later, Adam goes to Wyatt’s house, but thelatter threatens to call the police. Adam isn’t scared because he knows they’lljust take Dawn away. He then offers to help Dawn, knowing thatWyatt is also witnessing her rapid growth, which he can suppress with medicine. Adam then tells Dawn that she has Werner syndromeand that she’ll die if he doesn’t help her. However, this would mean leaving Wyatt, soDawn kisses him in front of Adam, saying that.

She’d rather spend her last minutes withhim. On the other hand, Wyatt is desperate to saveher, so he asks Adam for help. Enraged by what he just witnessed, Adam pretendsto help them but injects Dawn with Euthanese, which kills her. He then fakes his sympathies and returns tothe lab. However, when Emma hears of what he did, shegets frustrated at Adam. She screams at his face, asserting that he’llnever bring Dawn back because she’s gone forever. Adam doesn’t even flinch, making Emma realizethat he’ll never stop.

Before leaving him for good, she expressesher disappointment with him and that she felt used. She then hugs him and goes on her way. Despite being abandoned, Adam clones Dawnagain, and this time, he asks his friend, Huan, to raise her. However, she doesn’t fulfill Adam’s fantasies,so he creates another clone, which also becomes a failed experiment. Unbeknownst to him, Emma sneaked into hislab and created a clone, which she left in an orphanage.

Months later, she pretends to adopt, and itis revealed that she cloned Adam, who’s now a grown man but has the mind of a child. The nun gets confused about why she choosesAdam, but she lets him go anyway. As Emma takes Adam’s clone home, they passby the insurance company. This catches Trout’s attention, so he callshim, wanting to discuss something. However, the clone doesn’t recognize him,which Trout finds suspicious. Meanwhile, Adam holds the last strand of Dawn’shair and prays that this clone finally works out. However, this one turns out to be an alcoholic,so he sadly puts her Euthanese in her drink.

Soon after, he places her ashes into a vase,which he then puts in the attic along with the other failed clones. The following day, Trout blends into one ofAdam’s lectures and tries talking to him after he dismisses the class. Thinking that it’s about the insurance money,Adam bluntly tells him that he’s not after it. Trout then realizes that this Adam knows him,so he grows more suspicious. Later that day, Adam becomes more desperateto bring Dawn back. Because of this, he uses a sample from a clone,but as predicted, it only explodes.

Meanwhile, Trout informs Dawn’s parentsabout Adam’s million-dollar life insurance purchase and how he bought it just beforetheir daughter died. Harold doesn’t get what he’s implying,but Rebecca reckons that her daughter’s spirit has been trapped since she saw herin Adam’s attic. The following day, the parents confront Adam,and he finally admits that he cloned her. Although he explains that it was all pointless,Rebecca pleads with him to try again, desperate to have her daughter back. Because of this, they team up to look fora sample until they discover a strand of Dawn’s hair.

As Adam starts cloning, Trout sneaks intohis home and discovers remnants of human teeth in the furnace. Meanwhile, Adam brings the baby clone to Rebeccaand Harold, who are beyond happy to hold their daughter again. However, when he gets home, he’s greetedby Trout, who thinks that he faked his wife’s death to claim the insurance money. He theorizes that Adam fell in love with hislab assistant, and when Dawn found out, he killed her. Adam tries explaining his side, but Troutrefuses to listen.

Just then, Trout tells Adam to give him adrink, and he points to the bottle that was infused with Euthanese. Adam realizes that he’s already in trouble,so he decides to pour him a drink. Trout says he’ll approve the claim and keepsilent if Adam gives him the money. Adam then pretends to agree, knowing thatthis threat will soon die. True enough, Trout dies, and he burns himin the furnace. Before doing so, Adam keeps samples of hisDNA and uses them to create a clone to prevent anyone from figuring out that he killed theactual Trout. He then calls the police and turns the cloneover.

Months later, Rebecca and Harold bring Dawnto Adam, and she’s exactly like the real one. Because she grew up with her parents, shegained some of Dawn’s traits and hobbies. However, when Adam says he loves her, shefrowns and replies that she doesn’t love him back. Adam argues that she does, and he’s surebecause he knows her better than herself. He explains further by bringing Dawn to theattic, where he tells her the truth about her existence. This is all too much for her, so she backsaway.

Before she falls again, Adam stops her, butshe ends up smashing the vase where the real Dawn’s ashes were. While cleaning up, she notices Adam and Dawn’swedding photo, pointing out that he’s different there. She then demands to go home. The following day, Adam visits his therapist,and she makes him realize that he can never move on if he doesn’t let Dawn go. This snaps him back to reality, so he goeshome and unties the clone. He then sends her back to her parents andburies the real Dawn’s ashes in the cemetery.

When he gets home, he receives a million dollarsfrom the insurance money. One day, Emma is making out with Adam’sclone when she suddenly receives a call from the real one. He tells her that he succeeded in making aclone that’s exactly like Dawn, but even with her not loving him back, he’s okaywith it. He now wants to do actual work with Emma,but she refuses and says she’s working on her thesis. Because of this, Adam runs to the librarybut catches his clone making out with Emma. He then punches him, only to realize who itis.

After this, Emma explains to Adam that shecreated the clone because she’s in love with him. As they mend their friendship, they wonderwhat to do with the close. Adam then introduces his clone to Dawn’sclone, and the two instantly click. He also gives the insurance money to Rebeccaand Harold so they can move where no one knows the clones. Before leaving, Adam says goodbye to Dawn,then he hands the wedding ring to his clone. Months later, Emma graduates and gets to knowAdam better. That night, he cooks dinner for her as theirrelationship is slowly brewing.

Elsewhere, Adam’s clone proposes to Dawnin a bouncy house, which the real Adam taught him. Dawn accepts, and the two clones continueliving happily together.

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