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In 2036, the existence of a fourth-dimensionalaxis was proven. Just like the “X,” “Y,” and “Z” dimensions named after a single letter, it cameto be called “DImension W.” Interdimensional electromagnetic devices called “coils” weredeveloped to exploit the infinite energy source within this new dimension. At present, gianttowers in 60 countries stabilize the energy harnessed from Dimension W and supply power to theentire world. With the cooperation of the global community, New Tesla Energy founded this intricateWorld System, changing life on Earth forever. Though humanity has finally gotten its hands onunlimited energy, some people just can't let go of the relics of the past, like ex-soldierKyouma Mabuchi. This man absolutely despises modern coil-based technology, reflected in hishobby of restoring old gasoline-powered cars..

While tuning up his Toyota 2000GT, Kyouma receivesa call instructing him to pay a visit tonight. The caller makes herself clear: 9PM; and be on time.Kyouma arrives at a brightly-lit club. While he ascends the stairs, two robots duke it out on atelevision screen in the lobby. Upon reaching the upper floor, Kyouma is immediately briefed abouthis new targets by the owner of the establishment, Mary. Mary contracts with Kyouma to collectillegal coils for the New Tesla Energy bounty. In exchange, Kyouma nonchalantly asks to be paidhalf in cash and half in gasoline. Sensing her business partner's brash behavior, Mary remindsKyouma that she's the only reason a coil-cynic like him can survive in this modernized world.Once he's out of earshot, Kyouma cusses Mary before driving off toward his target.At his gang's hideout, Jony Won shows.

Off all the illegal coils he procured,slotting one into his water pistol. One blast is enough to make their water dispenserexplode. Hidden above the building's rafters, Kyouma watches the scene unfold while grippingone of his large throwing spikes. Seconds later, Every Won enters the room carrying a girl. Yup,that's his name. Are they also related to an Obi? Before Every can touch her, Kyouma hurls aquill near the bulky man's hand, revealing his hiding spot. Kyouma makes it clear that he's notthere for the girl. He introduces himself as a Recovery Man and warns them to give up the illegalcoils if they value their lives. But of course, they don't. The Won brothers' goonssurround Kyouma after the Recovery Man pierces a spike straight through Jony'swrist. Proving to be quite the capable fighter,.

Kyouma swiftly defeats all the gang members.In a desperate attempt to save his own hide, Jony grabs the girl and points his water pistol ather eye. But Kyouma has already mentioned that he doesn't care about her, so it's pointless to takeher hostage. With this, Kyouma challenges Jony to pull the trigger, but the sweating gangsterjust curses out of intense fear and hesitation. The girl takes this chance to throw Jony acrossthe room, making Kyouma and the gangster realize she's not human. With tears in her eyes, the girlapproaches Kyouma and gives him a good, hard slap, cracking his neck. The girl who just struckKyouma unconscious is Mira Yurizaki [Me-ra], a gynoid who calls Professor Shido Yurizaki her”father.” Before getting entangled in this mess, she took care of the professor in whatappeared to be an abandoned building..

Professor Yurizaki is the inventor of thecoil and the former CEO of New Tesla Energy, who supposedly went missing two years ago.After some time, Kyouma is awoken by Albert Schumann. Albert is an old friend of Kyoumawho works for New Tesla Energy's Dimensional Administration Bureau, or DAB, as the ChiefInvestigator of Qi. Kyouma wonders why big shots like him are getting involved in aminor incident like this. But Albert simply teases Kyouma in response, saying he'll spill thebeans if the man agrees to work for him. No dice, though, as Kyouma soon departs from the scene ofhis unsuccessful coil retrieval. Moments later, he gets an earful from Mary after telling her whathappened. Just like Kyouma, Mary wonders why a job this small is on DAB's radar. Before hangingup, Kyouma asks whether robots can cry nowadays,.

Much to Mary's confusion. But Kyouma instantlydismisses his question after raising it, thinking he must've just imagined things.While driving home, Kyouma remembers the girl took a whole case of illegal coils withher, making him immediately change course. Meanwhile, Mira stealthily makes her way home,hoping to get the illegal coils to her father. But her path is blocked when the Recovery Manshows up and throws spikes in her way. Kyouma speculates that a Recovery agent like him controlsthe robot to acquire illegal coils. Mira denies this, but Kyoma won't listen to her. Droppingdown to face the android, Kyouma commends her quote-unquote plan from earlier. He claims itwas a good strategy to pretend to be unconscious and then make off with the illegal coils… eventhough Mira didn't do that on purpose. But anyway,.

Those coils are his, and he intends to get themback. Also, Kyouma's looking a bit like Wolverine, don't you think? Mira apologizes for slapping him,but she can't let the man have the devices. She jumps away to escape, holding the coils close toher chest. Kyouma lets the spikes fly, expertly making them change direction to capture the robot.Looking out his window, Professor Yurizaki is frustrated that the DAB has already discoveredhis hiding place. From below, Albert confirms the location with his subordinates. He remindsthem that their objective is to take the professor and his research without harmingeither. A moment later, Professor Yurizaki walks out onto the balcony. Albert announcesthey're there to settle things peacefully, but the professor refuses to believe him. Afterall, the DAB broke into his house and killed his.

Wife and daughter two years ago. All that just toget their hands on his research. Albert tries to convince the professor that it was an unfortunateaccident. But the damage has already been done, and all Professor Yurizaki has to offer ishis anger. Clutching his glowing chest with one hand and lifting up a luminous device withanother, the professor asks Albert to give his regards to the council. Suddenly, a green pillarof light bursts from the device. This causes the DAB agents' coils to burn out as well as the onepowering Mira. The machine blows up in a flash, taking Professor Yurizaki along with it.With Mira deactivated, Kyouma instantly secures the illegal coils. After giving it somethought, Kyouma decides to take Mira with him, as he's sure the gynoid will fetch a prettypenny. Back at the shady club, Cricket, one.

Of Mary's employees, thoroughly analyzes Mira. Hebelieves only Professor Yurizaki could've created such a highly advanced android bearing no issuescommon to mass-produced robots. To determine if the professor really is Mira's creator, Cricketturns her on—literally, not figuratively. Mira smacks Kyouma hard after seeing herself devoidof clothes. She frustratedly demands that Kyouma stop calling her a robot as she's still a girl.Her lifelike gestures cause Mary to remark how incredible Mira is; the club owner could easilybelieve that a human was inside her. She then asks Mira about the professor, but the gynoid doesn'tanswer. Instead, Mira begs them to allow her to work as a Recovery agent.Episode 2 Left with no choice, Kyouma carries out hisnext task alongside Mira. The two arrive at.

A highly publicized event about the mysteriouscelebrity art thief, Loser. Through the newspaper Kyouma gives her, Mira learns that Loserbroadcasts his grandiose heists through the large-scale hijacking of communicationdevices. However, as his name suggests, Loser has never succeeded in stealing anything.Some theorize that his thefts are publicity stunts set up by his victims as advertisements.After reading through the paper, Mira is confused about their job. Kyouma explains thatLoser's communication hijacking is unlawful, and it's only possible through illegal coils.Their job is to recover those coils—even by force if needed. On that note, Kyouma handsMira a bag of clothes that Mary prepared. As Mira leaves to change, Kyouma thinks back tohow he got stuck with her in the first place..

Back at Mary's club, Mira pleaded withthe club owner for her consent to become a Recovery Agent. This she did with the hopesof fulfilling her father's words: When I die, follow the illegal coils. The gynoid then saidshe was sure Professor Yurizaki was dead as he once told her, “When you see a pillar of light,then I will have left this world for good.” Kyouma then asked about the professor's wife,Dr. Seira. With sadness evident in her eyes, Mira told them that the professor's wife wasmurdered, along with their daughter, two years ago. It was the same day that Mira was born. Shethen activated a hologram of one of her memories by taking over the room's system. Thankfully,Mary stopped Mira before the android could show the exact moment Dr. Seira and her daughterwere killed. Mary then forbade her from showing.

Off the footage to the world, and she instructedCricket to delete the logs. As Cricket did this, Kyouma noted the killers in the video were fromNew Tesla, making things more complicated than they already were. Mary then decided toaccept Mira as a Recovery Agent, knowing the gynoid would go after illegal coils with orwithout them. And much to Kyouma's irritation, Mary assigned him to be in charge of Mira. Cricketmockingly noted the irony in the partnership between a man who hated coils and a robot.Going back to the present, Mira reappears wearing new clothes. She asks Kyouma if shelooks cute—she's also pretty self-conscious about her tail showing. But the RecoveryMan promptly ignores her. For the record, I think you're adorable, Mira! As the screensoutside the venue display the Loser's next target,.

The broadcast changes to show the manof the evening. With a literal bang, the masked robber reveals himself. Kyouma runs offto pursue him, but not before instructing Mira to locate the illegal coils. Loser is amazed thatKyouma can keep up with him, and his daughter, Ellie, speculates he's a Recovery agent. Asshe tries to identify him, Ellie finds out Kyouma doesn't have a single coil on his body.Hearing this makes Loser crank it up a notch. As Loser infiltrates the museum, Kyoumaeasily catches up with him despite the countless security measures. They reach a hallwaylined with knights that promptly attack them, and Kyouma fends off the guards at Loser'sback. Outside the museum, the crowd cheers for Loser as he's seen fighting the knights withKyouma. Mira tries to locate the transmitters,.

But she deduces she'll have to head up a towerso Loser's jamming signal won't affect her. Further inside the museum, Kyouma is surprisedthat Loser knows him. Loser believes Kyouma is one of the surviving members of Grendel, agroup of radicals in the last war. In the age of unmanned warfare, Kyouma fought superhumanlyas a specialist against coil-powered weapons. At the end of the war, Grendel membersreportedly went into hiding. But Loser knows the truth about the last mission thatcaused the group to disband. When Kyouma asks how Loser knows all of this, he removes hismask to reveal he lost his face, arms, legs, and precious wife due to New Tesla. Loser's outfor revenge and claims he'll set the truth free. As the police surround them, Loser throwsa smoke grenade to escape. Kyouma would.

Have surrendered if it weren't for the gatesuddenly closing. This is all thanks to the paranoid museum owner, who locked all the doorsin the building. Kyouma decides to follow Loser, wondering what the masked man is really after.Ellie uses drones to identify their true target: key coil 007, one of the Numbers. As she saysthis, the museum owner's gynoids crush the drones, cutting Ellie's communication withher father and stopping the broadcast. Loser points out the illegal coils embedded inthe robots' chests to the ignorant museum owner. At the same time, Kyouma jumps down to join them.The owner directs his gynoids to kill Kyouma, but the Recovery Man deactivates them swiftly. Loserthen promptly takes coil 007 as the police arrive. Panicked about the cops spotting the illegalcoils, the owner tries to pry them off, causing a.

Dimensional rupture. Since he already got what heneeded, Loser bids Kyouma goodbye before escaping. Kyouma tries to save the museum owner, but therupture gains on him, so the Recovery Man nopes out. I mean, who can blame him? That rupture looksnasty AF. The dust settles to reveal a grotesque abomination. DAB arrives to handle the mess,with Albert disappointed he couldn't meet Loser. As Ellie panics about her father, Mira emergescarrying all their transmitters craftily disguised as pigeons. The museum's exterior shatters asLoser arrives to meet up with Ellie. Hearing Mira asking about Kyouma, Loser allays herfears as he knows Kyouma is unlikely to die from a simple incident like this. As Loser andEllie leave, Mira asks if he knows who creates the illegal coils. Unfortunately, this informationis absolutely taboo to those in the underground..

Episode 3The next day, Kyouma and Mira report to Mary. The club owner isastounded by how Mira recovered numerous illegal coils. With a snap of her fingers, Mary summonsFour, her robot butler, to give Mira the reward money of $50,000. This huge sum clearlyreflects that New Tesla was very impressed with Mira's work. Of course, Mary reminds thegynoid not to let it get to her head. Once New Tesla finds out who she is, they're all done for.On their way home, Mira tries to give the money to Kyouma as her payment for rent. She lists downthe things she needs, including a bed. Although Mira's a robot, she still needs sleep for propermaintenance and recovery from damage. Without a word, Kyouma suddenly changes routes. Apparently,he's used Mira's money to get her a trailer.

So she could have a private dwelling. Mira isecstatic! But the place still needs plumbing. So, when Kyouma opens the bathroom, he finds Mirainside, claiming she's there to “cool her body.” Later that day, Mira heads off to a second-handshop to fetch a few things for her room. To distract the kind vendor, Mira screams atsomething in the distance before swiftly carrying everything back home. As the gynoid sets thefurniture down, she detects four children nearby. Kyouma instructs her to get rid of the kids ifshe spots them. The Recovery Man explains that they can't get enough of his 2000GT, as they'veonly probably seen gas-powered cars in museums. To be fair to those kids, that auto is a beauty!The topic of gas-powered cars has Mira asking if Kyouma has anything against coils. On top of this,nothing in Kyouma's home is coil-powered. However,.

Kyouma merely ignores her and silently leaves.As Mira cleans the trailer's exterior, she finds the kids lurking nearby. But before she can decidehow to handle them, Mary calls with a job for them later tonight. Mira takes this chance to ask Marywhy Kyouma hates coils, but even the club owner has no idea. When the call ends, Mira confrontstwo kids hiding behind the trailer. She introduces herself as Yuri — oops, she means “Mira,” Kyouma'spartner. But Shiora misinterprets this as Mira and Kyouma being romanticpartners. While Mira calmly explains things, Shiora enters the trailer to have fun.Moments later, Shiora exits the vehicle, asking Mira to play again sometime. But beforeMira can clear up the misunderstanding from earlier, she hears a stack of cars about tocollapse. Quickly discarding her headscarf,.

Mira moves swiftly to save the boys from harm.Meanwhile, Kyouma is in town to see one of his informants, Dendendo. On top of getting abattery-powered phone, Kyouma asks about “Numbers.” Though Dendendo wonders why Kyoumadidn't just ask Mary, the old man shares what he knows. Before the construction of thetowers, test coils were sent to researchers worldwide. Back then, these were known as”beta coils” or “microgates,” but nowadays, they're just called “Numbers” because of how theylook. Numbers are considered top-secret recovery targets. Unlike tower-dependent modern coilsthat derive power from Dimension W's surface, Numbers acquire energy from deep within DimensionW's unknown depths. Rumor has it that massive dimensional ruptures being covered up by NewTesla are caused by Numbers. Dendendo finishes.

Explaining and gives Kyouma the phone he needs.Upon arriving home, Kyouma is informed by a policeman that some kids contacted them becausehis junk cars fell and crushed someone. However, they couldn't find anyone else in the heap ofvehicles. The kids were then bandaged up and sent home. As they believe Kyouma is responsiblefor the incident, the police officers take him in for questioning. Later that night, Kyouma isreleased with no charges. He enters Mira's trailer to find the gynoid's head detached, sayinghe'll have Cricket fix her. Mira then shares she's sad about how she scared the childrenearlier while trying to save them. However, she's grateful they didn't snitch about her beinga robot to the cops. Otherwise, New Tesla would have caught her, Kyouma, and Mary. Mira thinks shejust got carried away lately, as she's overjoyed.

That everyone has accepted her so far. Kyoumalistens without giving a response, and he leaves the trailer once Mira has finished talking.On the phone, Kyouma thanks Mary for getting him out of the station. But Mary tells him she'snot the one who vouched for his innocence. It was Claire Skyheart, the Chief Operations Officerof New Tesla Energy Central 47. The next day, Kyouma is summoned by Claire. Shiora, hergranddaughter, told her Kyouma had already warned them multiple times to stay out of the property.Sharing this with the police officers is what gave Kyouma his freedom. On top of this, Claire alsowanted to see one of Grendel's beasts for herself. Upon hearing this comment, Kyouma turns to leave.Shiora stops the man and whispers to him that the other children didn't tell anyone about Mira.She also hopes that the android will get well.

Soon. Moments later, Claire discusses Albert'sreport on the incident with Professor Yurizaki. He confirms that everything around the professor,including his body, disappeared and that the coil in his possession can create a tiny black hole. Asthey're unlikely to determine Professor Yurizaki's intentions with that special coil, Claire leavestheir discussion at that. She then informs Albert she'll take his report to the council.Meanwhile, Mira continues to clean the trailer as she listens to the news. New Tesla claims thatthe pillar of light a few nights ago was caused by improperly disposed of chemicals in anabandoned research facility. All in all, they completely covered up Professor Yurizaki'sdeath. As Mira rinses off her cleaning rag, a paper airplane lands in front of her.The kids wave to the robot, and Kyouma.

Encourages her to go and play with the kids.Although a world stocked with infinite energy should seem like a utopia, dark mysteries shroudthe same invention that makes boundless energy possible. There's still much to know aboutthe elusive Dimension W. Though Kyouma only intended to recover illegal coils for survivalin this new world, his fate has now become tied to uncovering these mysteries and helping Mirafulfill Professor Yurizaki's cryptic final words.

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