Many More Mysteries are Going to be Revealed!!! One Piece Chapter 1073

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One piece chapter 1073 is finally out now the latest chapter kicks off with the German mini Arc where we see wake up on creating peaceful inventions like tanks that shoot out flowers while Cesar judge and queen look at him disgusted the chapter starts where the last one ended with Lucy attacking Stussy but he misses because he's attacking an.

Illusion however Stussy uses a variation of the Kami a paper art technique called remaining body while she distracts Lucy with the illusion Stussy uses a lipstick with kairoseki inside to weaken Lucy she uses it to touch Lucy like smoker uses his Jitter after which the sea bites Lucy and he falls asleep like Kaku not long after she took care of them for the.

Time being we then discovered that the mysterious person with whom wake up unspoke a couple of chapters ago was does he although it wasn't vegapunk's intention that she became a cp0 member unfortunately Stussy can't override Lucy's order to stop the seraphim because she's at the same level as Lucy In The Authority hierarchy at the same.

Time we see Lilith and and come out of the labo however as Hawk attacks Lilith before she can give the order to stop but Zoro stops IT Zoro fights against s-hop during some panels and S H Hawk is in shock when facing zoro's strength at the same time as shark attacks Edison as he is giving the order to stop but Sanji saves him however Edison managed to give.

The order and all seraphim stopped we then see Luffy and Chopper who are running around the labo in an attempt to find the real Vega Punk and Bonnie who are currently missing meanwhile at White Bear's birthplace Sphinx Island which is also around the same time as in chapter 1059 it's revealed that the Marines came to Sphinx Island while Marco was away in.

Wanu the next page of the chapter reveals it in a flashback and it looks like the Marines they were no different from how ryokobiu acted in wanu but luckily we will arrived and protected the village before all hope was lost and with the help of his strength and determination the self-proclaimed son of Whitebeard was able to scare the Marines.

That attacked them unfortunately however Weeble ended up captured by ryokuyu as we return to the present Marco then meets Miss back in and asks him to help save her son and to give her white Beard's inheritance Marco's response to her is that I appreciate you for saving the village but while back in replied that you doubt about my son's lineage.

Then just ask Vega punk in the next page at one of the Navy ships that are heading to Egghead kisru brings some snacks and drinks to an old man on the ship before he could the Marines tested the food to find if it was poisoned kisru talks with the man and says have you ever met Vega Punk the old man then said yes just once in the past we soon.

Discover that the old man is one member of the five Elders specifically he is the one with the scar on the left side of his face and the great dreadlocks and we discover his name is Saint jagasia Saturn at the final panels Saturn's last words were I regret that it has come to this and the chapter concluded with the break next week however as I look.

Forward to seeing how some of the straw hats may handle each of the seraphim I now wonder if it will be a good demonstration of how they would face their respective donors to be specific Zoro facing s hog would test whether or not he could be ready to face the real mihawk for the title of the world's strongest swordsman while Sanji facing.

As shark may be a good opportunity to prove that he is still better in comparison to the real jinbei plus maybe Luffy facing a snake would be a good scenario for how he would have handled the real Hancock if she was still an enemy apart from this in the last few chapters I have often stated that it would be foolish if the straw hats.

Underestimates his rule even if their rematch will be different from their last encounter but now that one of the five Elders is entering the battlefield I like to ask you if the straw hats will act arrogant or take the Elder very seriously since he may be nothing like Charles and his family also assuming Luffy bums into the Elder by any chance.

Would this be a good opportunity for Luffy and his crew to learn about Chang's ties to them if or when Lupi's hat is mentioned by him who knows maybe this could be the perfect time to reveal who the certain pirate was that Shanks wanted to talk to them about and how it may affect the story to come well I don't know about you guys but what do.

You think of this chapter if you have any opinions about this topic then please tell me in the comment section below and that's it for today I hope you all enjoyed this video and I also asked you to subscribe to help us it will also help us to grow more and if you like please subscribe

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