Marriage first, cherish later Chapter 23 (English Sub)

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Today is still half at least a long line hasbeen laid this is four o'clock it's still so early I really don't want to go back and faceher attention half full of the face of this go to bar and have a look maybe you can find a newMission why are you here so early it's not open yet and you see I'm coming to your boss are youlooking for the bus because of Jason's business chicken wings yes do you know how to contact him try it this piece is to chicken wings it'sreally authentic where did you learn it unique secret recipe not to be passed on but ourboss is a businessman and saying him will depend on chains what fit he is per owner Ching funI am Ching Fung the owner of this bar are you looking for me hello Boston I am Sun Yoon Chi ifit is a company please take a moment to speak I.

Just say it straight there used to be a buttonthat named Jason in your bar do you still have his Pawn number he have a little smile Mason'squestion is a bit thank you for the burst of changed so quickly how can I remember everyoneso you are supposed to have employer records too right yes but it is the privacy of employers whyshould I tell you this is very important to me Mr Chin can I have anything you need you ask mesomething to tell his information unexpectedly persistent all right we have a bar California weekwe need an advertising spoken person preferably a proper female star I wonder if Mission can helphere he is really a profiter and he will not get pet for nothing no problem at all this is mycontact information ple ase let both cheat in for me as soon as he has any news the corporationis going well and this is my card name .

Want to live there really interesting call someoneMason came to investigate what happened back then you are going to be in trouble one day I thinkI found your job as a spoken person for the one sober Carnival it is convenient for you totake it well of course it is convenient that's fine but suddenly what's wrong with you whydid my stomach suddenly hurt cultivated that I am also allergic to Chile if you like my videodon't forget to like comment and subscribe thank you happy watching you and Chi hang up the pondbecause she lost Consciousness how are you my sister-in-law God I killed Gaston touristsafter eating spicy food I said she's so in love intense things and stomach are alreadydelicate you still pay more attention to it my relationship with her is not as simple asyou think what it suddenly Dawns on me also.

Know that my sister-in-law is sick it's time tosell off your manhood seriously it is best to fit her and what's up for her at night and youknow he's enough well take your tanks otherwise I Street it's over I won't say it anymore I'm kindenough to treat this I don't kill liver and lungs just running after a while yunchi Korean tea justlook at her I really can't do anything about you but Yoon she is still asleep see us awaywater ah Yoon Chi want to drink drink slowly and you feed her we sudden havecome this far it would be great if time could be suspense in this momentthanks for watching see you next video bye

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