Martial Grasp Episode 291 Multi Sub

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I am proud of the myth Could it be that Gui Yuanzong framed the old man back then? Framing on purpose is not certain However A cold and annoying energy can be seen according to his direction This is indeed the residence of that cold and annoying Gui Yuanzong I seem to have seen it before somewhere You said let's break through Martial King.

I don't know when it will start There are a large number of Qiyao here It is suitable for arranging a large number of martial arts I don't know Liu Tai's ancestors Why are you so polite You being able to use this Qiyao array is great Liu Tai recovered from a serious illness Need to strengthen.

At that time, let's face each other) to launch a general attack on the family Don't worry about the dust Giving Confession and Self-Introspection master Ancestors recovered well today Thank you very much.

Grandpa Are you all okay? Dust Manage such a world Teacher Thailand This is They.

Are all my relatives Lu Lai is a relative of Master Qin I am King Dawei Everyone has come a long way and worked hard This is His Highness David Damn old man Call just I am Xuanrong What problems did you encounter when traveling to the five countries this time? I encountered some troubles . The ruler of Liuxian arrived ahead of schedule with the strong.

Just about to do it I was rushed to be defeated by my subordinates If later The consequences may inconceivable Lingjia Dare to attack Daqi It's time to deal with Leng Jia shit group I can't even win the big Qi.

I still have the face to come back what happened Can't afford non-subordinates It's just that the kid has already sent the master to Daqi before If you don't escape in time I'm afraid he died in Muqi I won't wait anymore: Industrial shots are afraid that the kid will be annexedThe kid.

Has been living in the palace Sa very hard to kill himAs soon as he left the palace The old man did it himself What if I unite with Dazhou again? United Week I have secretly contacted the main force of Da Zhou He is willing to cooperate.

How Some Mo Fei I still want to be loyal to David But contact Da Zhou We need some great forces to cooperate Don't worry everyone If you get that special recipe Our influence will extend to the land of one hundred dynasties Our influence will extend to the entire land of one hundred dynasty.

How can one family be the only one? good Then solved Mr. Su This is the formation of military officers good/ Two days at home to adjust the wart If the will is not firm, it is very difficult to be confined, and will be retaliated.

Must remember ten million Jie can go Lino You and Qianxue can make it happen together It will be very beneficial to break through Martial King in the future Break then stand like this Break then come back here immediately Break then stand like this A strong place in my life.

It's not just the memories that I have in my previous life and everything in this world

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