Martial Master Episode 293 Multi Sub

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Master As long as the disciple breaks through the Seven Immortals Jiewu King is qualified to find you The disciple reached You once said As long as the disciple breaks through to the seventh-rank Martial King You will be able to return to the Dan Pavilion in the Northern Tianyu disciple did it .

Old ancestors I Dawei will no longer be supported by you alone Congratulations on your breakthrough Thanks a lot You don't have to thank me Since we are on the same front Mutual support time to discuss How to deal with Lengjia.

There are four major martial kings in the Leng Family Alliance Among them, Yan Wuji is the highest Yue Lengchan and Leng Pogong followed Even the weakest Wu Chengfeng Is also a veteran martial artist want to deal with them  I’m afraid it’s still extremely difficult to use One Majesty.

Your Majesty Border Express One million troops from the Great Zhou Dynasty invaded the border of our dynasty How did Da Zhou suddenly play Could it be the 7^mouthhog of day and man Is it the Leng family? Leng Jia Your Majesty Inside must be settled first.

As long as the cold family alliance is resolved There is nothing to worry about when you are older The overall situation has been dispatched Old ancestors Today, the dust suddenly left the imperial city secretly Going in the direction of Liuxianzong How could this son leave suddenly Fraud in Britain and Africa Who is around him.

Fu Xingcheng is secretly protecting No wonder this son is confident Fu Xingcheng is fearless It is still necessary to guard against the alliance between the Mo family and the royal family Old ancestors Ancestor Mo Tianming pays homage outside what is he doing invite him in If he still does not agree to join forces this time.

I'll wait Mo Patriarch Rare customer I don’t know why I came here this time The old man came here this time to join the cold Conspiracy Why do you all have to hide come out together ’I don’t know why Patriarch Mo suddenly figured it out again.

My Mo family spies learned Liu Tai this person He was seriously injured more than 20 years ago The old man was just skeptical before But a few days ago theGreat Zhou Invasion I Liu Tai did not take any action So the old man concludes that this news is Naturally want to join you Ancestor Mo, please wait a moment in the guest hall.

I need to discuss Check out Liu Tai immediately Check it out  Liu's old man Has not appeared in the palace since more than 20 years ago I also inquired here and found out The shadow guard of the royal family for two decades I have been searching around for pills and high-level alchemists.

It seems that what Qi Tianming said is true Then as originally planned Behead Su Chen first By the way, kill Fu Xingcheng together  Doesn’t Ying Tianming want to join us? Just let him kill Nachen Does it kill two birds with one stone?

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