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In the previous episode we saw the battle between Lands and World, their fight was very fierce but Watch is cornered because Lens has found out about his magic tricks . double since birth I have the capacity Sir far beyond Ordinary people my parents work for the magic bureau and I got special education in magic I go to the best private school I'm always at the top of my class I've been in iston since middle school joining me in magea Lupus it's not it's okay there i got special education for the best it's obvious that i'm strong.

After all it's impossible for me to be weak back to the current incident lens said based on your logic it seems like my environment is stronger then while holding the word potion said to grade 1 students how come it turns out to be arrogant too You think you have beaten me this is a thick essential taken from other students One of the advantages of being a Lupus magya is getting this then What drank the potion and suddenly his magic power jumped dramatically lens also realized that the guard's magic power suddenly- suddenly soared then confidently World said now I will prove to you which one of us is right after that What issued mudhorosekan magic or mudoro devilis appeared a very large demonic magic which seemed to guard the body Word Word explained that all cashiers either personal basis or.

More conditional magic complicated has a higher level than can be used by single line even among double lines only a few can cast second spells only the worthy ones can use it then we are shown World struggle to reach at present point in his heart he says initial achievement which shows your worth and in this world magic is everything your magic is your value those with compatibility sir have value and those who don't have it are trash you are wrong i am more than my match i fought hard to get here i am here yes then with a serious look to say to lens people like you who lowered themselves for the sake of being with useless trash can never reach this level of magic while sighing lens said you really believe.

That they are useless trash then that means box understands he reminded me of one important thing so the only one who can mocking them, it's just me, then Lens takes out his gravil second magic called Tutor Ball, several pillars appear like large swords surrounding the World and the devil, Word , is very surprised to see the devil who can't move. had your devil's gravitational pull stuck in the middle of it he was pulled in all four different directions simultaneously until he was split into four even though he was very surprised to see his devil who could be destroyed so easily He couldn't believe that his strongest spell could be defeated the defeat also made his mind go crazy He thought Why does he keep.

Failing and then he remembers what his parents said I told you not to join that group they are useless and your job is to be someone don't you ever feel comfortable you have to take the elite path follow your brother and me into the top bureaus in your house you should be at the top of the academy Don't think that just getting into the blue will make you worthy You haven't even started to prove yourself to me when are you finally going to show that you're worthy to even think that he can't because he's useless then suddenly tutor throws the book towards him lens found the book fallen on the floor he thinks the book is very old and World must have read it often lens then asked what do you think gives value to a person my parents measure the value of position and social standing you and I.

May have been raised in the same way for a moment Lands also remembered the words of his sister and then he continued his words in that kind of environment people force to judge you from the fit and position but I don't agree with that I don't like the way you speak and act but I respect the effort you have put in then the tutor left the board hearing what lens said just now made word touched He also thought that what lens said was true because he it doesn't matter whether he is valuable to those people then because word has a high ego as an upperclassman He also said you stupid 1st graders just because you are tougher than me doesn't mean I need your respect elsewhere look Mas who has let go of his variety and preparing to face the.

Masked wizard with his fast movements he was in front of the masked wizard and immediately kicked him until he was knocked away but even though Mas was able to throw him away the masked announcer was still able to hold it then the masked magician prepared to counter attack using his sword when they stared at each other unexpectedly the masked magician had bolted and behind the gold It made the master injured because he was hit by the sword belonging to the masked wizard while pointing arrows at all directions the masked magician said You can't win or not if you fight me I'm finished Razer the second fang of Magel Lupus it turns out that here Razer can use his magic which he used esseleris magic then he climbed on the arrow and his movement became very fast. This made the slashing master unable to avoid it, then when.

Mas turned around, it turned out that blood was immediately spurting in several parts of his body. Mas was seen cornered with blood pouring all over his body. said You understand now that we are not comparable You can continue to challenge me even though you know that Razer hasn't had time to finish what he said Mas immediately turned on everything it doesn't matter none of it Hearing that Razer thought that Mas would say live in peace with his family but for Razer it is very sickening then Razer said To think that you can be in a situation like me and still think like that You must be very blessed Alright Show your skills then Razer shows the magic tool which has a lemon tied inside Razer explains that the tool can absorb magic power then in 30 minutes all of.

Lemon's magic power will be used up lemon will lose his magic line and his ability to use magic forever then Razer asks How do you think your friend will become like you Doesn't it make you happy to hear that Mas also says You must not be serious because if you do then the mask will I smashed it to pieces hearing Mas say like that. Razer also thought that Mas was really stubborn and then he returned to using his arrow magic while riding one of his arrows . But suddenly Razer moved quickly and managed to stab his sword into Mas's body and even the sword penetrated Mas's body until gold oozed blood from his mouth then with confidence Razer said Anyone can.

Say big dreams but in the end it's all just words only and you won't be able to save anyone suddenly Razer was confused because he couldn't draw his sword then casually mas said because you Razer was very surprised He thought how could mas hold his sword by squeezing his stomach muscles then lifting Razer Mas collar said that his stomach was very well trained after that he immediately hit his head right on the Razer mask the gold attack just now made Razer's mask shatter into pieces . if Razer's eyes are irritated then Razer asks if you don't know the meaning of those eyes Mas also answers that he doesn't.

Know and he apologizes then Razer explains that his eyes are called demon eyes cursed eyes which temporarily erase everyone's magic that he sees magic is everything in this world that's why I'm a pariah people whose existence is not recognized and I'm the target of humiliation Hearing that Mas also felt sorry that Razer couldn't use those eyes on him freezer immediately laughed at that and he said it's okay I'm a natural enemy to all magic user I've been feared and hated All my Life by everyone even by my parents Even so someone who feels very blessed like you probably won't be able to understand what it's like to wish you'd never been born then Razer uses a second namely the Force file Sir the arrow immediately envelops the.

Circle area where they fought, Mas was also very surprised to see the arrows stuck to his body, then suddenly Razer was in front of him and immediately slashed him, it wasn't enough until there, Razer's movement, which was very fast, could slash Mas continuously, then when Mas tried to hit him, he was very surprised because His movement slowed down then Razer said are you surprised by your slowing down This field reduces the speed of whoever is in it and gave me that speed after that Razer attacked Mas very quickly Razer also said If mas won't hit him the second time and this is the end for gold, Mas also tried to withstand all the fast attacks, then he changed his body gestures. It seemed that this time, Mas intended to do.

Something . he was surprised because even though he had been slowed down, Mas could still issue that much power. But according to Razer, an attack like that couldn't stop him, but unexpectedly a golden punch managed to land on his face. Razer also realized that Mas' goal of splitting the floor was to limit his movement. He also thought he had to step back and try to run. but unfortunately his feet were stepped on by gold which made him unable to run Then Mas used his full muscle, hurigen Rush, Mas' punch landed on Razer's stomach so strong that it made Razer crash and destroy the barrier wall. Razer didn't even expect that the second spell could be destroyed only with force golden muscle soon Mas again.

Slashed the blazer with his kick the attack also knocked Razer and destroyed the protective wall on the other side with a mouth that was bleeding Razer thought that they were on a much different level but if he lost that fight then his reason to live would be gone then because he didn't want to lose, Razer returned to attack Mas using magic and also his sword, but Mas could easily block the sword. This made Razer very surprised, he didn't expect that Mas could hold his sword so easily , then suddenly Mas attacked with his forearm until making Razer Blown away very fast, bro, already behind Razer and attacking Razer with a powerful moment, research is not enough until there, bro, attacking again with spectro and ideopsis moves, all of.

The attacks that scream gold are the names of muscles, Mas, still attacking Razer blindly, all attacks it made the freezer powerless and he was battered but Mas still continued his attack with the Spine erector stance the attack made Razer crash to the floor and even destroyed the floor there Then Mas approached Razer who was already lying in that state Razer said I can only imagine What if i was born normal i was a child when my eyes were found of course my parents were shocked i was an insult to the magic given by God i.e. Samata the devil is just like a child without a line they exterminated my existence is an awkwardness for this world my family locked me in a prison underground and pretending i don't exist sometimes food.

Will appear in front of me it is my life then one day my parents tried to kill me they must have couldn't stand having a child like me these days i started to understand them but the truth is i already knew i should never have been born but Mr. Abel needs me even though all he needs is a tool I can't even Be a useful tool once again I'm back unwanted by anyone Hearing that Mas responded he said you might be right about me being blessed I can't even imagine myself in your position but we can become friends with that Razer laughed then he said you're a very accepting person I wish I could be like you but you don't have to try it's not as easy as you think.

I've seen too many people change their attitude towards me because of eyes this as long as I have it your attitude towards me will also change one day but it's for your own good then I 'll give you a suggestion don't proceed any further you won't be able to defeat Lord Abel when you face him first it's nothing even if you still have stamina after this Razer didn't have time to finish what he was saying, suddenly Mas turned on . Hearing that, Razer was touched, then Mas continued to say that, that's what my father taught me, who can't use.

Magic while walking away . Strange

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