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In the previous episode, we were shown dot's battle against the Thorny Rose, even though at first dot was continuously attacked, in the end he managed to win the battle, and in this episode, at the office of the Bureau of Magic, you can see a high-ranking officer calling Principal Wilberg because he was summoned suddenly. the principal thinks there must be a problem that is important the higher-ups tell that there are 6 most dangerous death row convicts have escaped from the hackers the guards have been killed and the one who helped them escape is none other than Innocence Back to the scene of the previous dot fight after winning the fight with confidence dot challenges the next fighter suddenly from a cloud of smoke.

The person who previously defeated dot sits in a dot pose thinking that person can still fast cool even after being defeated he still looks handsome until the end and according to dot he is a real man he respects when they think that the fight when finished suddenly the floor in that place turned into quicksand and the mud sucked the four of them in before being sucked in by gold instead asking for help to save his eclairs while lans said that this meant the enemy didn't intend to let us go Meanwhile dot and Vin were sucked in a hole the same dot was surprised if he was a normal man They were sucked in with different reactions Mas looked relaxed by eating Lens's eclairs with normal faces while Finn and dot screamed hysterically then lens was seen landing in a room.

With a similar floor with a chess board He thought that Mage Lupus wanted to separate them suddenly from behind lens a huge magic power appeared which seemed to want to pounce on it lens turned to confirm it then a bespectacled man appeared saying a new kid double line I actually hoped that mushroom head when he saw the person lens thought that his ranking in Middle Lupus must be high while the bespectacled person felt disappointed because he hoped he would meet the mushroom head but instead they gave him the double line. He also asked for lens so that he could better cure his disappointment elsewhere. magya Lupus love and the fourth fang whose name we don't know yet. Fin was also very scared because he was approached by two girls doubles but dot sipped.

Not to give up before starting the fight and show us what our true abilities are with confidence dot said to magya Lupus members you should be side characters be careful now you are fighting the main character in another place mas landed in an alley he felt confused looking for his friends suddenly someone asked if Mas had lost his friends He immediately turned to that person it turned out he was a wizard in a wizard's mask The masked man was happy because they could meet again. He was very impressed with Mas' ability at that time, so he confirmed that Gold could not use magic, haltingly, Mas answered that he could use magic, but the masked wizard knew that Mas was not telling the truth because Mas looked nervous. Mas asked why the wizard Berto could know.

The wizard with the mask answered you don't have to be afraid we are both very unique we are both hated in this world You must have your reasons for being here but I also have my own reasons then while preparing to fight Mas said you sound thinking that alone is enough to beat me I will beat you until your doll's contents fall apart with all my might Mas and the others get ready to fight against their respective enemies on the other hand the principal tells a student to go to the basement at this time he has was in front of the basement door he was annoyed because the principal likes to order other people then Sin moved to the place where the lens was fighting. The magia Lupus member introduced himself.

. received the consequences suddenly Lens immediately used his gavial magic. That thing causing word to be pulled to the ground casually lens said then I won't waste your time I'll leave immediately the floor where word fell turned into mud Lands was also very surprised when he saw that because lens used gravity magic word felt that this might be interesting suddenly from behind lens appeared several clones of word clones tried to attack lens lens even tried to overcome it by using magic but it was useless because they could turn into mud and attack lens back lens realized that they were mud dolls so he couldn't He did anything to find his real body but he thought that it was very easy and he would attack the whole.

Place then he attacked the whole room with his Gavial magic suddenly World appeared from behind and surprised Lens and immediately used his magic but Lens felt confused because nothing happened soon Lens's feet were trapped in mud and she couldn't move then a ball of mud was aiming at her Lands also felt confused . crown is famous for its gravity magic you were born in good lineage but why are you in addler your talent is wasted there why just join magya lupus your skills are not that bad i'm sure you are suitable to be my minion it's a shame you're stuck inside addler a wizard with talent.

Like you should be in an environment that can help you develop your development depends on your surroundings if you are surrounded by trash then of course you will also become trash Hearing that lens became annoyed he asked what word meant by saying that World answered what should I explain it's on you edlers those are scum you will rot along with them if you stay with them one should be surrounded by equals If you befriend those scum then you will fall to their rank of being a magea Lupus is amazing we have great talent We have Poison education and our environment tools are designed to bring out the best of the best magicians Hearing that lans was bored then he said you said your environment makes you strong if you are driven by.

Real faith like me then environment doesn't matter word was very surprised to hear Lens said that then because Lens felt that the world was too difficult to understand, so she explained which part was only 2nd place. Hearing that immediately, everything according to Lens did not know who she was fighting at this time. Suddenly Lens released her gravial magic, but this time it was different. her gravity to throw World into the wall but the result is still the same because World can turn the wall into mud in her heart World said it won't make a difference I will absorb all the impact by creating a mud area behind the wall her gravity magic requires impact with hard objects I will be invulnerable as long as he didn't know this trick, soon a piece of rock was thrown at Word, the rock.

Hit him. He didn't expect that Lens would throw a piece of rock into the mud , then Word tried to get out of the mud . you said the better the environment the stronger the wizard based on your logic it seems like my Neighborhood is stronger

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