MAX Stage Doesn’t Adequate, So He Thrusted For 2000 Years Then Became An Wakened God – Manhwa Recap

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Chung Hill asks whether it is really okay for to not be present on the three Summit meeting of the Fortress view entrusts kaiman that he can take care of it as he assumes that kaiman now is probably stronger than the old man which makes Chung ho angry saying that Brad is still 100 Years too young to be able to defeat the Divine physician that's when.

Chung Hao reveals that he awakened through the wrong keyword to the third stage and jiwan obviously knew already saying that one starts Awakening with another keyword the direction would be different that surprised the old man so jiwin starts explaining it he knew that from the way he saw chung-ho's unique world was different than g1's the origin.

Story from the old man everyone in the raptures including him all awakened via the same keyword the second stage of Awakening was a symbol and the final in the third stage was self-surrender The Awakening Chung Hao knew wasn't that profound it was simply achieved by cutting down his foes on the battlefield over and over again his first keyword.

Was dismantle which didn't have questions assemble didn't have anguish and he was able to awaken without any question and anguish however G1 is different do you unquestioned the reason for his existence and understood the reason for the world's existence and anguish over it because of that there was endless questioning and anguish its.

Path where even after obtaining the unique world one would need to endlessly think about the legitimacy of that world it's a path of thorns then Chung Hill asks how old jiwan now because as far as he knows giwin trains on the third floor which denser than the first and second floor fion Smiles as he reveals that he trains for one thousand years in the.

Tower which Chung Hill unable to bring himself to believe jiwan then starts messing with the old man saying that it's true and he is now older than Chung Hill not the 60 years old kid anymore before long they start their Journey again they previously stop in the Oasis to rest while going on foot toward Manticore the headquarter of the.

Forbidden Heaven clan on the way there Chung ho asks whether D1 really going to the resurrection Palace after which jiwin says that he is though Chung Hill explains that the resurrection Palace is a formidable foe saying that it's not too late to attack it after Gorgon has more awakened that's when Juan questioning whether the monarchs will.

Wait for them which they won't remembering how the low ranking Monarch has come to Gorgon to face kaiman for now the monarchs probably waiting for Gorgon to gather awakened before making a move that's why they need to Ambush them when they are not expecting it Dion's priority is to steal the fruit and along with it he wants The Treasure.

Of the mares that turns the living Into the Dead an artifact called the narrow gate that allows someone alive to enter chaos so if do you instill the fruit and destroy the narrow gate the monarchs probably can't cross over to chaos anymore unless they are willing to die and in order to do that jiwon must cross this place as he arrive at the Gate of.

Manticore Fortress the place where it has an alley that leads to the resurrection Palace jiuin speeds up towards the gate and currently Manticore Fortress Is occupied by The Forbidden Heaven Clan so G1 only needs to beat them up he activates his spirit power while Gathering it into the tip of his sword then he thrusts again doing what.

He has always done though even that it's too late now Chung Hyo tries to talk to jiwan suggesting to just sneak around without anyone knowing instead of fighting the whole Fortress with just the two of them the people start swarming towards the duo and that has become the point where they can't go back anymore zewan prepares his stance.

Like he usually does performs his slight thrust repeatedly to the cannon fodder from The Forbidden Heaven clan members meanwhile in the Fortress jinhan now knows that the rumors weren't exaggerated while looking at G when decimating his members from the destruction of the North Branch of the Forbidden Heaven Clan to the path of.

Waves they are all done by jiwan if only jinhan had seen how jiwin killed the 99th boss he would have noticed that jiwin is the product that the monarch of pitch darkness wants him to find suddenly a pink-haired girl appears commenting how jinhan looks deep in thought while feeling all excited looking at jiwin and no wonder that.

Pitch darkness wants him she is siren a mayor that appears on a product video that went viral though jinhan mad at her telling her to wear those vulgar clothes at her own residence and not in chaos she simply tells him back to look at his brown straw mat that he is wearing before he comments about her clothes as she sits down saying that martial.

Artists always think that they Place they've acquired is also murum she then brushes him away taking the window system to herself to watch how jiwin fights against the mobs of the Forbidden Heaven clan that makes him agitated asking whether she comes only to annoy him so she explains that there is something interesting that happened.

Siren reveals to jinhan that Jade mask golden Monarch has appeared in chaos but he knows it already as all of his forces sent to Garuda right before they were about to take over are all dead after looking into it it was done by the Jade mask golden Monarch then he knows that he won over Garuda and dryad in return for helping them the treaty where the.

Supreme monarchs won't interfere with chaos seems broken and now chaos become a proxy war of the monarchs of Almighty land but then she reveal feels what he doesn't know it was the news where the Jade mask golden Monarch got beaten to death by one of the 10 Clan leaders the Southern Sea clan leader kaiman that surprises jinhan because he can't.

Believe that even if kaiman had hidden his power so far he is sure that there's no way Caiman would do something that's stupid the Jade mask golden Monarch is one of the monarchs under the iron steel Monarch one of the 12 Supreme monarchs that rules over the almighty land any monarchs that's Brigadier General and above are all important people since the.

Almighty land is in the midst of a power struggle that aside siren asks what would jinhan do with the product because of his negligence do you and become a fortress master and that would enrage pitch Darkness if he know his product was poking things around like that though jinhan says that it's okay because he already sent out the dead.

Demon Warriors the monster that siren made that can use the power of the Dead outside Dewan finishes dealing with the cannon fodder and chung-ho notices that something is off because there's no way the Forbidden Heaven Clan fought the whole of Chaos us with just that level of troops though G1 realizes that there's more of elite members from the.

Clan as they show themselves that shocks the old man wondering how they can possess such evil energy as if he is looking at the dead someone from above the building calling out to jiwan asking whether he is the famous Pathfinder whose name has been going around he feels that it's an honor to meet the protagonist of the viral rumors as he.

Jumps down from the roof with his men it turns out that the man also knows Chung Hill but the old man fails to recognize the man as he asks who he is with a red spear in hand he reveals that he is the man who gathered the horns for the clinic and transported patients as well that's when Chung Hill remembers that he is Heinz the righteousness Warrior so.

The old man asks what is guard of Gorgon like Heinz doing in the Forbidden Heaven clan that angered him reminding chung-ho with what he had experienced in Gorgon it was 100 years ago Gorgon was in a war with a clan known as the Crimson Marshall Clan which no longer exists in Gorgon as Chung hail comebacks to Gorgon the Crim Crimson Clan come in his.

Absence a total of 50 guards including the southern inspection gate Captain had ceased to exist eternally because of the Crimson Marshall Clan's Ambush one that survived the day's only Heinz right is he recovering he begged the Divine physician to help him becoming stronger but Chung Hill gave him a cold shoulder explaining that he fully understand the.

Sadness and despair that the weak feel but as he brushed him away he claims to have seen countless such people during the 1000 years he has lived in chaos Chung Hyo left as he apologizing that he cannot Grant heinz's requests the old man literally leave a lost soul and dares to ask what he was doing in the enemy Fortress not only that Heinz take.

Off the cloth that covers one side of his face reigning horror to Chung heo's face Heinz screams he worked hard to protect the Justice he has protected his whole life and worked hard to break that belief jiwin is silent this whole time while the old man having a nice chat with some random guard that's when Heinz reveals that the weak righteous Warrior.

Who was a second stage adapter died 100 years ago he becomes the vice clan leader of the Forbidden Heaven Clan he wields a red spear enveloped in his Crimson spirit Power challenging jiwin to a battle of thrust Heinz summons all of his power performing his technique called Balkans 8 fangs and with it appears red wolf with their mouth open.

That thirsty for blood she when activates his spirit Power using his soul eye he thrusts the mobs of spirit of the Dead with that slight thrust alone Gwen already able to hold the power from the vice clan leader who for the past whole chapter boasting his power challenging jiwin like he is the sky himself he got pushed back asking.

How the hell did she win able to do that so the other dead Squad come joining in that instant the rest of the Forbidden Heaven Clan comes swarming into surround the duo but jiwin is not phased with what happened he stay focused and ready to welcome anyone that come at him meanwhile inside the Fortress jinhan is so shocked he can't believe that the.

Dead demon Warriors are being cut down so easily even if himself who's about to reach the level of the Monarch attacks duen with the rest of the Dead demon Warriors then he believed they could defeat jewen however he can't even begin to imagine how many loses they would incur if they fought head-on with him so if jinhan lose all of them all of his.

Plans they have made would be ruined so he calls out to siren implicates asking her to deal with jilen but she refuses asking him not to trouble her more with that she already did everything for his request the research for the spirit stone is complete and she already made the black cloud and created dead demon Warriors but jinhan insists on it so.

Siren size as she agrees to help though before that she offers him a deal meanwhile outside Heinz is terrified with the fact that jiwin is really as strong as the rumors says jiwin is the new Gorgon Fortress Master the legend of the path of waves and the Pathfinder of an impossible path he obtained all those nicknames in just a single month and.

None of them are righteous though Heinz releases dead power as he can't believe someone who hasn't even been in chaos that long could become a fortress Master even for a warrior like Heinz who has been around for 200 years couldn't he releases all of his power combining with the dead within him saying that he won't accept that and readily to go against.

The Gorgon Fortress Master he dashes forward screaming how he will show jiwan his true power the thrusts come like a lightning that fortunately jiwin is able to evade by jumping to the side the blast is so powerful that it manages to create such a huge explosion on the ground that's attack is not only directed to G1 but the other forbidden.

Heaven clan members also get hurt as well Eva even some gets incinerated by it Heinz then points his spear to G1 again saying that is the power that he has obtained by giving up and trampling on his beliefs thrusting his spear with rage adding that is the power he has gained from working hard but Gwen is Not Afraid instead he wants to put an end to.

It that instant a blue light appears right in front of Heinz it's so wide and quick that he has no chance to dodge it Dion's normal thrust he performs it to the vice leader of the Forbidden Heaven Clan Heinz get pushed back a bit as the dead cell spreading further into his body while Gwen asks whether chaos only have Petty people like him the other.

Members shocked witnessing how jiwin destroyed half of the vice Clan Leader's body who's close to being a ninth stage adapter they then start swarming to jiwin again intending to buy time for heians to recover while Chung Hill hold off the members that he could jiwin is angry for everyone's keep talking about putting in hard work while all they did.

Are talking about their own efforts so he gathers more of his spirit Power into the tip of his sword than he thought trusts it the strong thrust that he rarely used to deal with small fries like them to deal with the numbers instead of strong opponent a blue light shines from the explosion while in the face of such power hein's body get.

Incinerated so he slowly let go of his spear but then the moment he let go he moves into a different dimension a place where he knows nothing about it was the Crimson eyes that jiwins possesses a tree that towering the world that makes hayen's wonders whether it is the unique world of an awakened that he has only heard about he completely turned to dead.

As his body slowly returning to dust becoming nutrients for the illusion tree with the last Consciousness he has now he knows that is how the world looked like to someone who doesn't submit to the world the eye that sees everything in the world makes Rule and monitors it in the end Heinz can only expresses how G1 is truly amazing such an amazing.

Crazy bastard as he thoughts how if he doesn't give up the path of being the righteous Warrior back then would he able to chase the same dream of jeon's path so Manticore with its millennia of History were split into two just like that with a single thrust that G1 uses which doesn't even consume his spirit Power then they start walking towards.

The Fortress while ignoring the rest of the members that survived the thrust now everything that jiwin's thrust touched was split in half was died in his unique world and jiwan claims that he is simply thrusted with all he has thanks to that their plan will progress smoother as they can't feel the spiritual pressure of a lieutenant general rank at all but.

Then suddenly a pink light appears from above the sky as a woman expresses how she ended up too late entering the battle using a space manipulation technique a Transcendent ranks-based teleportation skill warp siren appears joyfully saying that she can't believe who the dead demon Warriors are afraid of Gian though there is only one race.

That can use its skill that jiwins obviously doesn't know the flustered siren asks whether G1 watched this week's hot 10 or Tower of tower show at all she was the host on the show which jiwin also doesn't know Chung Hill blushes with her appearance as she explained that she is a mayor and all the men in chaos know her so she.

Introduces herself to jiwan a mayor known as siren armeld but jiwin still doesn't care about her asking her to step aside as he thoughts that he is running out of time but siren refuses saying that she received a request to stop jiwin the product that everyone in Almighty land is looking for recognizes her as an enemy G1 doesn't wait any.

Longer and starts preparing his stance to thrust that flusters siren further asking do you want to wait a minute then asking him to become her product as she reveals that the person who asks her to stop jiwan jinhan is now on the verge of death after taking jiwin's thrust earlier but jiwan doesn't listen and perform his thrust that siren playfully.

Dodge repeatedly asking Juan to become her product though Dewan feels that her spiritual pressure is definitely stronger than what he has felt Outside The Fortress so far and he assumes that siren might even be on the major general level that he has heard of she says that pitch darkness is after jiwan while claiming that she will able to hide him.

If he become her possession then she will make it so that no one in the 12 regions will be able to touch him but no thanks do you unanswered that left her no choice but to start fighting back she uses her Authority magic as a mayor and summons quite a numbers of sans serpents from thin air the serpents start attacking Dewan as she says that jiwin.

Is welcome to change his mind and how she doesn't like to waste unnecessary strength flying up above siren watches from her display window pop-up while her summons get thrusted by jiwin it basically turns into games for her when he commands the serpents to wear and how to attack that makes Chung Hill mad saying that there will be no end to it.

So jiwan thrusts his sword on the ground blasting the sand around and hides behind the sand dust that instant he jumps around between the sand serpents towards siren high up on the sky though she laughs while revealing that she can see everything he is doing from her screen suddenly a massive serpent appears manages to chase him with a wide.

Open mouth siren says how he is more naive than she thoughts while the Sans serpents follow him whole she tells him to cool his head in there and to think carefully then explaining that she is the one that losing out on her proposal siren the bewitching flame that easily gets number one on the popularity vote in little brother but then the serpent.

Explodes and from behind the dust you and jumps up towards siren again surprising her whether he already materializes his visualization jiwan then chokes her while she smiles joyfully as he asks her whether she wants to keep going or not though he also thoughts that she Bears no hostility toward him then if he spares.

Her life and bring her along she might be of help on the way to the abyss then maybe Juan could even find out information about the first mare that's said to be at the top of the illusion tree siren tells him not to joke around with her as she control the sand to send them flying up to the sky that makes you and lost the grip on her neck she.

Expresses how it's a Pity that she almost got her hands on him as he uses her rap skill again that makes jiwan thinks she is running away but then she appears behind you and hugging him passionately asking whether she surprises suddenly there's a strange energy that flows around his body to jiwan's eye siren uses her skill the.

Real eight Gates of Hell trapping you into its test while siren also joining him saying how he doesn't look surprised about it where he then explains that it's a technique he has experienced before siren is ecstatic saying that her technique is different from that fake eight gates of hell he knows of because that skill is originally made by a mayor.

Back then do you and easily defeat the third gate so now he also easily defeats the gate one by one at the fourth gate black chain of Hell appears going to bind him but jiwin easily destroy it with his non-stop thrust on the sixth gate the frost hell the frost Dragon appears again but this time duen is so much more powerful than he is back then.

When he defeat the dragon so with a single thrust he slays it that surprises siren asking whether G1 really is a human then G1 asks her back whether she has another trick to show that makes siren so dumbfounded while smiling she tells Yuen that the next gate will be tough suddenly a purple light appears by behind you and it was a huge gate the.

Hands that on the gate moved to open the door slowly a weird liquid flow through the door and once the door fully opened the water simply bursting filling the room chill runs down from his spine as the water flows through reaching his foot along with it the memories of his death comrades that fought with him at the tower appear do you and fall silent.

As siren says that even G1 would struggle because ever since the skill eight Gates of Hell created no one has ever gotten past the seventh gate not only that appears a thousand man from behind the door with a sword in hand they ask who jiwin is they are jiwan's past self from when he is still newly came into the summoning ground from the.

Moment of the fight with the frost Dragon also from the moment where he manages to fight against B strain the seventh gate also called self-help as they ask again who jiwin is from further down the line his past live as a student a kid and even from when he has to join the army they are from different times yet they are all jiuan so he grits his.

Teeth preparing what's about to come and not only they are all himself they are also have the same technique that makes him feels how interesting it is for his past self to band together to point their sword at G1 in the end he dashes forward as they also come together with their own weapon the only thing Juan thinks of is that he must make the first.

Move and engage in a battle of technique to take them down as they trade blows Dewan realizes that except for a few the rest only know how to thrust which makes him realize is how offensive that is to be thrusted by himself so do you and swing his sword towards the closest copy of him from the body part comes out smokes that seems to be not a normal.

Smoke while at the same time they come together again to strike suddenly from behind appears another G one that fortunately he manages to react and strike his abdomen instantly killing the copy as the upper part falls down with horror on his face he asks duen to stop then the copy turns to smoke enough to envelop d-1 bets takes him to his.

Memories where his fellow Soldier bathes in blood apologizing to him the memory he had right before he entered the tower the man is jiwin's successor and also counselor all the unreasonable harassment that was done to him caused him to shoot all his predecessors and Executives to death in the middle of the night jihuan was the only one in the.

Unit who survived all the leaders the platoon commanders and even the Battalion Commander were replaced jiwon was acquitted of any suspicions because it was proved in the diary he wrote that jihuan wasn't on of the people who harassed him but jiuan still got thrown into prison for 15 days where he repeatedly blaming himself that he could.

Have saved him that when Juan started to hate the system way before he came into the world of skills or status though that didn't stop him he swing his sword again this time the memories shown him to when he is still a student while wondering whether he might already be living in a world of the system he had lived in a world where a huge system.

Suppresses individuals he slay another copy of himself this time it reminds him of his mother that he forgot for hundreds of years of thrusting another to right that the moment when he is about to die and another where all of his comrades happily walks by his side to climb the tower it's not merely copy of g1s and all of them have the same.

Thing they are calling out to jiwin asking him to stop killing them and also to save them one of his copy lay down in the ground as he is going to turns to smoke asks who jiwin is again that shocks HIM Tears appears on his eye and with only sanity he has left you and thrust his copy again again and again though all of that becomes clear that at.

This moment jiwin is forgetting himself as siren speaks asking how does the eight Gates of Hell feels she adds awakens say that self-surrender is becoming a new existence and forgetting their original Self awakened like G1 that has experienced self-surrender are even more vulnerable to the eight gates of hell even a mare would experience.

Committing suicide to take their own life because they can't handle their ego that has gotten so large let alone a mere human-like jiwin whether he can deal with all of that egos of himself though outside of jiwin's Consciousness Chun Hill sweep around us trying to wake him up it's not as both of G1 and siren is trapped inside the illusion of the.

Eight Gates of Hell those are memories that he had thrown into self-surrender and this place the world where he has to kill himself in order to move forward exactly as its name says it's hell at one point before jiwan losing himself he sees kaiman talking with Chung hail from where they were teaching kaiman he asks what exactly is Awakening where the old.

Man explained that Awakening is learning to see Awakening is the ability to see the truth of the world Chung Hao explains further that awakened would see the value which are the truth of world and see the particles that make up the world that's also the stage of self-surrender that's mentioned in Awakenings and an awakened needs to be.

Careful of neglect being able to see so many things would make one blind that much quicker that's when jiwon realizes that is the neglect that the old man mentioned those who see the much would become blind quickly one would become desensitized quickly if they hear too much but jiwin questions himself whether all of it really matter Dion did his.

Best to come this far from the moment where he was in the Army through the hardship when he was in school and no one was able to come this far while all he wants now is to say that he is having a hard time he wants to hear someone say that it's okay not to be okay to him then he sees the wide sky in The Lonesome world he has the foreign path.

He walks where the sky filled with so many Bright Stars each star is the memory he made along his journey his connection with his comrades that makes him realize is that he is not alone all of that time but then the question of who he is remains where do you and still doesn't know who he is but what he knows for sure is that he is here from the.

Countless memories that he has forgotten as he trained in thrusts for two thousand years and the connections of all those countless memories that is jihuen suddenly the copies of G1 simultaneously turning to dust and at the same time siren is throwing up she can't believe that it's rebound from the technique as G when slowly opening his.

Eyes he opens his eyes sending shockwave through the plane shocking siren as she know knows that in her 2000 years life not even once the seventh gate was broken but jiwin did it the gates crumbles as he wonders what is beyond self-surrender but for him now he plans to go out of that place first facing the eighth Gate of Hell though if he just.

Talked to siren she would probably let him go but jiwin decides to open the eighth Gate of Hell the gates slowly open welcoming jiwin into it inside he finds a flat plane filled with water that seemingly extend infinitely roofed by A Sky Full of star slowly the Stars moves forming words that jiwin can understand now Diva knows that the.

Eighth gate is not a trial but a reward as the message tells him that he would like to tell jiwin who has passed all the gates of hell while all Jew and thoughts that it must be a records left behind by the one who created the eight Gates of Hell the story continues shocking to you when as he tells him that he still remembers the day the.

Abyss Expedition departed one that left the record is muellar carmelt and that is a record of his failure while at the Manticore Fortress Chung Hyo is trying so hard to wake you in up as he wonders why isn't he waking up after all of that the old man also brought along the mayor who used the technique on jiwan but it seems that he won't be waking up anytime.

Soon even though he should be wake up once the mayor become unconscious and the illusion should have been dispelled on top of that there are a lot of people from the resurrection Palace had arrived at Manticore leaving them as the highest adapter we have seen so far 11 stage adapter hidden sent Monarch samyang garam that makes Chung hail panics to.

Think one of the main fighting force of the nine regions would make his move at chaos but as the old man hiding the other low members from the resurrection Palace fails to find him but not Guerra he summons his spirit Power Coating his hand with Crimson colored flame telling Chung Hyo how he has done a great job running that whole time then he punches.

Toward the place where Chung heo hides calling out to them as rats that instant siren wakes up and snaps her fingers and when the fire burns the place where they previously hide garam finds nothing assuming that they get away from Manticore he then commands his men to reclaim Manticore and to search for The Forbidden Heaven clan leader while siren.

Lands with Chung Hyo and unconscious jiwin in tow at some random area in the desert that was a close call even for her as she thoughts on how many times she almost died just today alone for now she decides to go to Gorgon Fortress with them that makes Chung Hyo thoughts that she might be surrendering but that's not the case as she just have.

Business with jiwan though maybe she want more thrust from him at that point Chung Hill already sent a message to gorgon and about now additional Warriors who were awakened must have departed it is kaiman announcing that jiwin sent a message to tell them that the Manticore Fortress has fallen leading the Army Corp team The Liberation Army of Gorgon.

Will depart pass by Manticore facing and strike the resurrection palace with a wave of his hand kaiman commands the Army to charge meeting the Army from the resurrection Palace under garam mujuk dashes on the Forefront leading the charge and starts performing his technique to slay the enemy of chaos right behind him is the Lightning God.

And the Fire King with their resolve to liberate chaos jiggle is ecstatic with how it is truly incredible with an army of 300 awakened he thoughts that they might win this time around at the back of the opposing Army garum sits down expressing how that doesn't make sense it is good that they would just stayed still and adapted to chaos instead of.

Revolting against the almighty land then he stands up with his spirit Power Coating his hand he clenched his fists and perform the decimating attack a single blow sent waves of energy cutting several people simultaneously along its path as he tells them that they are being overly ambitious jiggle is shocked with what on Earth is coming to his way.

Though he doesn't have enough time to react and got hit by the attack severely injuring him Yan Yang that barely got hit witness how his comrade jiegel Falls right in front of him that shocks him falling silent to the fact that high adapter got striked down by a single attack with garam fully powered up telling them to just go back quietly.

Releasing energy to notify every single person in carp diem Army Yan Yang is enraged telling the others to attack garam first so together they are coming at him but garam is strong he doesn't Flinch facing such an army so he clenches his fist again calling out to them as fools then strike his attack again the shock wave from his attack.

Sent another countless wave that cut everything in its path that fortunately Yan Yang manages to closely evade from the attack now gorgon's Liberation Army carp diem pushed all the way to the entrance of Manticore meeting the army of the Resurrection Palace but with the appearance of the Hidden scent Monarch the tide of War turned completely.

Against them and ten days later at Gorgon chiver carried out a meeting talking about how that is a critical blow because they lost five third stage awaken that were a part of their main Force Aisha is afraid in telling the others to consider the resurrection Palace offer where kaiman tells her to not forget and not to trust her skills.

Too blindly adding that they just need to pave the way though at this rate they have no chance of winning then she offers to ask for help from the other monarchs she is talking about hyoyo the monarch of Steel because currently all of the monarchs that had been dispatched by the resurrection Palace all belong to the ninth region pitch darkness and most.

People know that there is a long time Grudge between strong steel and Pitch Darkness but after Caiman killed Jade mask golden Monarch along with Emissary of strong steel as well making them have no other option so kaiman speaks again telling them that they must not get help from the other monarchs because chaos must be the ones to liberate chaos.

Somewhere else in the Fortress siren and Chung Hyo is looking over jiwin who's still unconscious he attained the fourth stage of Awakening on the seventh Gate of Hell but yet to know the keyword to see the power of it suddenly Chung Hyo is mad towards siren asking her to wake him up after putting him into that state with her skill which she simply says to.

Do something himself if he is that upset about it that's when she explains that jiwin is able to break free from the eight Gates of Hell an unprecedented feat even for the strongest monarchs there is she adds that it is a skill that weren't made for humans to use and the true power of it can only be Unleashed when a mayor uses it she also.

Hoped that anyone can use its skill and so she thought it to the Savant Clan since no one has ever been able to break the eight gates of hell she has seen it being broken a few times though she can understand why those times it was used by Human After All and what was broken was the mind of the user not the skill itself however G1 is different not only.

Did he break her mind but he broke the skill completely he broke the seventh gate which no one had been able to break and arrived at the last and final eighth gate she explained that the eighth gate is the Gate of reward those who get past the seventh gate would be given a tremendous reward Chung heo asks what is in the eighth gate where siren reveals.

That inside lies the Legacy that her Godfather Left Behind mullark suddenly G1 wakes up and he immediately asking how's the attack to the resurrection Place went after knowing that the attack had failed he immediately preparing himself to to go to the meeting room Chung Hill runs frantically telling him not to go in there explaining that there.

Are people that are suggesting that they hand over G1 to the resurrection Palace but G1 doesn't care as siren laughs at how pity Chung hail becomes that's when the door to the meeting room open as the trio comes inside kanguin and kaiman looks happy with how jiwan finally had woken up while Aisha and chiver feel ashamed to see him but then the first.

Thing Juan says is that he will go to the resurrection Palace shocking everyone in the room including kaiman so he tells Yuen not to do that while Yan Yang is only can be silent with the defeat he experienced that making him lost one of his arm but then he shouts asking whether jiwin knows that they lost a lot of comrades while jiwin is.

Lying in bed adding that they wouldn't have died if they hadn't come to know of freedom and hope there wasn't even time to hold the soul farewell procession while jiwin can only apologizes Yan Yang continues and he hates jiwan to the core of his soul forgiving chaos Life Giving Them freedom and also giving them hope he's starts crying saying that despite.

That they needs viewing asking him not to go to the resurrection Palace he would rather they all fight and die together that shocks Chung heo as he thinks that jiwan has given them something unbelievable that he shouldn't have now in order for them to protect what they have received they will give up their lives for it but then jiwon.

Explains that it seems that all of them are mistaken about something Dewan tells them that he is not going to the resurrection Palace to surrender himself shocking yanyan while Chung Hill knows what about to happen Dewan says that he will go to the resurrection Palace to send them all flying away that shocking news chiver chunghio including Aisha.

Thoughts that jiwan is not right in the head while Yan Yang asks him whether he is out of his mind while jiwan claims that he is always sane tyman asks whether jiwan did just say that and kangwin asks when is he planning to do that sojuan says that he is going right now making the mare siren thinks that jiwin is a strange man as she also.

Thoughts that it seems like the world reality doesn't exist in his dictionary but humans will always end up kneeling and front of reality and she thoughts that no one will follow him but the people of chaos is now different one by one kaiman kangwin Carlton to the others are so determined to follow jiwin to their death that shock siren thinking.

That they all now are insane wondering how they are standing up to the almighty land now so far they have been living with no problems as souls and why would they suddenly care about Freedom a real life and being liberated so her sight pointing to jiwin wondering whether that's all because of him a moment later he set up the Strike Team to the.

Resurrection Palace and only need four people including him the first person he wants to go with his Chung Hao the Divine physician kaiman the Southern Sea God clan leader who seems to be so excited to go and lastly is siren the mayor that about two weeks ago was so Ben hell to stop tiwin so that confuses her while jiwin smiles and it was the.

Smile that they once to see all this time G1 now is the man who never cease fight however great the enemy is the one who made Miracles with his own two hands the the others tries to join in but G1 explained to them that they will have their own task as well and asks them not to be too disappointed while siren is insisting to not go they are questioning.

Whether it would really be the end once they destroy the resurrection Palace but Asia Now understand that after doing so chaos will truly be United meanwhile siren is bullying chung-hyo saying all kind of stuff while jiwin explains that even though they managed to destroy the narrow gate the monarchs will still be able to go to chaos through dying so.

They need to prepare for that situation that they can foresee while siren keep nagging him that she is not going but then Gwen asks her whether she wants to know what's in the eighth Gate of Hell or not if so she needs to come with him a moment later they go to siren's personal Workshop where Chung heo and kaiman are looking and touching around.

Her stuff where she yells at them not to touch anything and claiming that stuff was made by her Godfather for her she looks around on her system while thinking that she can't believe she allowed others to come into her personal Workshop but she doesn't have a choice because as jiwin needs the warp drive which allows long distance warps.

Meanwhile Chung Hyo is stumbled upon a tower that she made and he makes fun of it it was a cringy tower called one who regressed 10 billion times siren is so embarrassed with it claiming that was the tower that she made when she was 120 years old while kaiman is silently judging her with how weird her stuff is even jiwin also gets his hand on some.

Weird tower that she made question her creation and all that makes her so embarrassed thinking that she would just dancing naked rather than she has to go through that though she realizes that they were people that were stuck in the space that the mayor created and they were all once product then siren is wondering what would the workshop of a.

Mayor that creates Towers mean to them suddenly jiwin calls out to her asking what is the name of the tower in front of him siren tells him that's called the world after the fall though she claims that the tower is still incomplete she then reveals that the tower is the one she designed after she first met jiwin that makes her wondering as she doesn't.

Know how jiwan would feel after seeing men Tower and another where she thoughts of the Tower from a product's point of view it's strange but she now knows that something is wrong as she tells the others that the warp gate is ready she went at the Forefront to warp to the resurrection Palace while siren keeps wondering whether something that she.

Feels is what make mullark her Godfather left the abyss Expedition beyond the alley at the castle of the Resurrection Palace a monarch is overseeing the people that wants to go back to the almighty land the current Monarch who has to bear that is the fog Monarch hitchmeyer two-man calling out to him saying that he is already on his third.

Year having to deal with overseeing the palace though that makes him mad because they remind him of it and with his power he take out the air that they need to breathe choking them while asking them whether they want to cease to exist for eternity so they can only kneel while apologizing to the Monarch now it is explained that the monarchs that came to.

Chaos after dying in their previous lives have a duty to perform they will become the palace Master until the next Monarch dies and comes to chaos then he thinks about some strange rumors after the Jade Monarch came to chaos where he was defeated by an awakened of gorgon and now he knows that those guys were forming an abyss Expedition while also.

Going to attack the resurrection Palace that makes him think how foolish they are thinking that here's no way they would come to the resurrection Palace while the people are queuing to enter the narrow gate something happens at the gate behind them suddenly it explodes wide open the being behind the gate starts attacking the people who were in.

Line to be revived and they immediately died the energy from the attacks also blasting towards hitchmeyer where he instantly knows something strong is coming towards him and starts counter-attacking with his spirit Power the strikes meet in the middle equally that makes hitchmeyer thinks that they are at least on the same level so he.

Summons his weapon to dash toward the attacker once reaches the attacker he vertically strikes him with all of he got asking whether he is the Gorgon Fortress master or not but it's not one that deflects the incoming attack wields a blue sword with water spirit Aura it was kaiman strikes hitchmeyer back saying that of course he he is not the.

Fortress Master Timon greets him saying how it has been a long time implicating that he knows the fog Monarch adding that he came to get his payback from 900 years ago with Chung Hyo and jiwan follow suit behind on the next round kaiman thrusts his sword four times simultaneously yet hitchmeyer manages to dodge all of them to counter it.

Hitchmeyer shoots his fog that blow up filling the castle and pairing with kaiman sets he is frustrated with the fact that he can't detect hitchmeyer's presence despite having trained so much though as he questioning himself he remembers how Jew and Trust in kaiman telling him that he can do it so he closes his eyes to believe in himself.

And in his senses that instant hitchmeyer appears right on top of him readily strike kaiman down with his soul eye kaiman sees it with his sense so he evades the attack and counter it with his thrust hitchmeyer steps away as he is unable to believe that kaiman manages to sense his presence and manages to strike him then hitchmeyer can only.

Thoughts on how arrogant kaiman is where he gain his beliefs on himself with the determination on his face hewan then says that he will go inside the resurrection palace with siren adding that kaiman will able to handle the fog Monarch while Chung heo says that he will try to reduce the number of monarchs heading to to the pleasure.

Palace as much as possible with kaiman he faces of what the Dual Firewheel Monarch and seven fear Monarch where Chung Hyo dashes toward them attacking both at the same time they both are strong with the power of a monarch but Chung heo also determines to not back down from a fight like kaiman as they both reveals that there are a dozen of.

Brigadier generals that are protecting the fruits where jiwin is heading Chung Hyo doesn't care about it he tells them to just bring it on instead of talking rubbish inside the palace the Dozen Monarch that they talked about is partying with all kind of woman the lowest rank Monarch among them timid Monarch called Reika informs them that.

There are a situation at the main gate the second dragon Monarch tells him to ignore it adding that hitchmeyer will deal with it while the Fourth Dragon Monarch expresses how the ladies in chaos are the the best while the other Monarch also expressed their mind as well the first dragon Monarch can only wonders with what the people of chaos.

Has to come knocking on the palace door he then throws his glass towards Reika telling him to go away and stop being so noisy Reika is shivering wanting to strike them with all of his power but they are totally different breed asking whether he wants to have a fight which of course he backed down and will take a look for himself while going away.

Raymond swears that he will definitely get his revenge one day but the first dragon Monarch uses his Spirit power to shock Raymond making him terrified to even think of anything as he expresses how he hates noise the most commending how that Reika is a foolish rat bastard but then there's a warp coming and of course the first dragon Monarch is the.

Only person that notices from above it was jiwin with a sword in hand and siren coming falling down making an entrance only then the other monarchs realize what is going on shocked and asking who that is the first dragon Monarch shouts telling them to go away as jiwan strikes his thrust down right in the middle of their party there again jiwin stands.

Nonchalantly surrounded by a half of dozen monarchs that wants to rip his head open from behind the veil the first dragon Monarch knows that he is jiwin the Gorgon Fortress Master where he asks whether jiwan come there himself assuming that he is out of his mind she when opened the veil staring him in the eyes saying that he is not adding that.

He came to kill all of them he comments on how a lowly Souls of chaos dares to say such a thing while summoning his Spirit Aura manifested in a form of a Crimson Dragon it shocks duen with the surprise attack as siren shouts at jiwan telling him to be careful with it while the Crimson Dragon strikes at G1 dragging him through the room that ended.

Up blasting him into the wall D1 used the wall to step but is he going to propel himself to counter-attack two of the Dragon Monarch appear in front of him in that instant shouting how dare he ambushed them the resurrection Palace of all places fortunately he propels himself to avoid the combined attack from them and only able to stop quite.

Far away as duen manages to hold his ground readying himself to whatever will come again the first dragon Monarch comes out saying that he will make Jew and pay dearly for disrupting his entertainment the five monarchs with their Mighty strength are all ready to strike jiwin anytime with his golden eyes jiwin is ready to welcome anything.

They have to give while with his Crimson eyes the first dragon Monarch commands the other monarchs to strike in that instant together they start jumping around to strike him though G1 doesn't just simply sit still and starts to perform his thrust towards them though both of the monarchs dodged them while saying how foolish giwin is because his.

Powerful attacks are futile if they don't hit anything in the end jiwan got pushed around and he is having a hard time dealing with all of their consecutive attack without rests a monarch shouts how he will have fun killing Dewan where he keeps dodging then kick him in the face while already having a hard time dealing with the two.

Of them the two other monarchs also dashed toward them joining the battle in an instant both of them come at G1 at the same time both using dagger and manages to hurt his shoulder and the side of his stomach one of them says that no matter how strong giwin is he can't win against them by himself while the other claims that even a major.

General can't block their combined attack alone she when responds to their provocation saying that it is true that it's a little tough to deal with all of them individually so he gathers all of his energy into the tip of his sword again saying how annoying it is that he has to deal with Annoying pests like them it is a poor choice to let them.

Gang up on him resulting in how he got beaten up but anyhow he is furious telling them that he will just send all of them flying away together then he strikes it his strong thrust massive enough that they don't have space to evade the attack meanwhile from outside Chung Hyo notices that loud boom from the inner Palace implicating that the.

Kids started to fight as well while simultaneously dealing with the low rank monarchs from earlier but a shock of horror appeared on g1's face as the first dragon Monarch expresses how unfortunate it is as he manages to block the thrust for all of the monarchs present siren is shocked wondering whether the people that protecting the.

Resurrection Palace is really that strong the first dragon wields a dragon sword expresses how he is unable to believe that jiwin is ambushing the resurrection palace with only just trickery so he asks whether jiwin is making a mockery out of them he thrusts his sword towards the ground claiming that he will show you in the difference.

Between their strength and finally releasing his Spirit Aura calling out to jiwin as the Vermin of chaos hewan is looking at the first dragon Monarch's power manifesting into a fully formed dragon with his crimson red eyes gruso massive readily to launch at jiwin as the first dragon claims that the technique is too valuable to be used on.

Someone like Gian he then tells Yuen to fight with all he has from now on if he doesn't want to die the dragon came with a lightning speed as his Roar filling the room with his mouth wide open fortunately jiwon manages to evade by jumping in the air with the little opening he has he performs his strong thrusts toward the dragon but his sword.

Fails to even fully penetrate the barrier that protecting the Dragon as the first dragon Monarch screams how jiwin will not even be able to leave a scratch on him and throws jiwin away right after jiwin lands on the ground the dragon already has his mouth wide open summoning a crimson orb going to perform his dragon breath but G1 doesn't.

Even Flinch with his sword he meets the dragon's breath head on and for a moment he manages to hold it reaching an equilibrium between the two but the first dragon Monarch feels that he had enough out of it so he puts more power into his breath and finally the strike is able to reach demon blasting him away into the wall Smoke Rise Up filling the.

Room the massive Dragon feels satisfied after being able to land a strike to jiwin as he waits around for the Arrogant human to come out from the dust saying what a Pity that is if jiwan would stayed hidden he would have been able to live a longer life and claiming that his arrogance has cut short his life but jiwin doesn't care he let the.

First dragon Monarch to finish his sentence and right after he dashes instantly appears right on top of the dragon's head the dragon cannot believe with what just happened but with his golden eyes jiwin tells the dragon that it's his turn now so the dragon summons more of his Spirit power to strengthen his barrier while saying that jiwan.

Wouldn't be able to pierce through his scale then Juan gathers all of his energy into the tip of his sword attacking the barrier into a single point while saying that they will only know after he tries attacking it the first dragon Monarch is panicking realizing that jiwin is concentrating his attack on one spot so he rampaging.

Around in the air fuming in Rage while saying that he won't let Juwan does whatever he wants in attempts to shrug jiwin away from his head the dragon slams his head into the ground but as he tries to look for jiwan expecting that he would be stamped in the ground he finds nothing hewan then appears behind the dragon scolds him for talking way.

Too much and performs his strike strong thrust pointing into a single point towards the massive Crimson Dragon piercing his barrier and slams him right into the ground again even though jiwan strike his thrust downwards it shines through Towards the Sky like the saint had descended to chaos time in which is that light assuming that it seems the.

Fortress Master he served did it while he already defeated hitchmeyer himself including Chung Hill who defeats the Monarch Duo nagging how simply just following jiwan around is tiring him out so badly she when just standing there nonchalantly as the spirit energy that making of the body of the Dragon dissipating from quiet at the back of.

The palace siren thoughts that jiwin was just acting rashly when he said only four people will be attacking the resurrection Palace but how wrong she is the first dragon Monarch appears from the spirit energy that left and he is angry so angry that he swear on his life that he will make you and regret it claiming that he won't forget that.

Humiliation and will definitely return to chaos to rip stewen apart but G1 understand that they are coming to chaos through the narrow gate that surprised the Monarch with how can he knows it in the end the Monarch is boasting on it their souls are connected to the main body in the almighty land via their brain by killing them will only.

Returning them to their real bodies in the almighty land jiwin does an answer instead he swings his sword then the monarchs can hear ripping sound from above their head shocking the first dragon Monarch even though he doesn't feel any pain the Monarch knows that now his connection is severed as he screams on how G1 actually manages to cut the.

Link off he stumbles as jiwin stands like a Reaper in front of him while asking how does it feel to face a true death reality fell down through his spine as the first Monarch is unable to believe that the brain link is gone then he frantically screaming asking what jiwins wants and he will give it to him the other monarchs are in their last.

Breath as the first Monarch tells duen that he will talk to the monarch of pitch darkness and he is sure that he will agree to any of his requests as he keeps begging tajuwin to spare him and promise to not lay a single finger on the souls of chaos while siren watching with pity on her face but jiwin doesn't care as he splits open his head with the.

Last of what the first dragon Monarch see in his last moment is the cold Death Stare jiuan gives his head flocks down like a Rags of doll while Reika who is watching from the hall is so shocked with the fall of the five Dragon monarchs he is originally wants to check on the commotion outside the palace but to find that someone is able to severe.

The brain link is beyond what he knows of as he is going to go back to the almighty land to inform the major generals of it Chung heo appears behind him asking on why he is peeking like a rat with obnoxious face he has he asks Reika to whom he is going to report to a moment later both kaiman and Chung Hyo walks into the palace they also brought.

The three outer Monarch and Reika along they bring them to jiwan as chung-ho asks him on why they need to capture them instead of just simply killing them with a cold stair Dewan has he explains that's because he needs to make sure they are dead for sure with his black sword he swings around his hand cutting off the brain link one by one shocking.

Reika who witness it thinking that the horror he sees is a nightmare and it is explained that after the resurrection Palace appeared the monarchs obtain immortality Mortals need to count the days they have left until they die since they have a limited lifespan but the monarchs who gained infinite life because of the fruit don't need to.

That's how immortality helped them to forget about death for the past 900 years but Reika will soon die by jiwin's hands and as of now he is really scared of death which he had forgotten all this time in the end he kneels in front of jiwan begging for his life as he explains that he had no intention of fighting from the start so Dewan decides.

To let him be because he needs a witness for something and asks where the monarchs keep the fruits without skipping a beat raker reveals that the fruits are being stored in the vault right in the middle of the palace ceiling explaining that it's called reverse a vault made by a mayor of renowned Artisan level it generates.

Passwords infinitely and it would be hard to unlock it without the help of the Resurrection Palace master that just died he adds that things might be different if there's a renowned Artisan level mayor who has exceptional skills as siren is jumping around implicating that she is one but G1 doesn't acknowledge her saying that it won't be.

Easy but the only possible solution is to pierce through it with his thrust Chung Hill also thinks the same asking him to control his strength well including kaiman that wishes they could have a mayor at the renowned Artisan level that makes siren screams an embarrassment telling them that she is right there though a moment later siren.

Is able to unlock it easily and the fault starts to open up as the fruit lights start covering the room jiwin thoughts how weak the security of the Vault are while siren is claiming that because she just is too awesome but for kaiman is different he feels that it's a surreal feeling that he waited for a long time because the abyss Expedition.

Departed 900 years ago in order to obtain the things right in front of him joyous tears falls down from his eyes as he remembers how jiwan appears bringing hope to chaos one that helps him attain his current Awakening power and after such a long time they have finally gotten it the fruits falls down toward the four people of chaos with their.

Newly acquired hope Hyman The Southern Sea God clan leader where he is only a kid 900 years ago now gets his hand of one of the most priced things in chaos but after that Matic memories there are only a handful of fruits that are left since the monarchs have used it for 900 years and they almost run out themselves and now they don't even have enough to.

Share among the people in Gorgon not to mention the whole of chaos Dion sees how kyman got captivated by the fruit so he offers it to the sea god saying that it's okay for him to have it if he wants it Dewan Smiles adding that kaiman is more than qualified to get back his life benjiwin extends his hand asking kaiman to make a choice while kaiman is still.

Overwhelmed with all of that the fruit is on his hands and he can get revived to the almighty land as a living being anytime it's been a long for the people of chaos to finally obtain the fruits it has been a long fight and he went through really tough times for many Souls have been sacrificed in order to obtain the fruits and in dignity has.

Been suffered the fruits itself is a reward for all of those times but instead of using it kaiman destroy the fruit that's on his hand shockingly all of the people present doesn't expect that and seemingly include so he asks kaiman to tell him why he destroyed the fruit that's when he explained that because there are only 10 of them left.

The moment he held the fruit he realized that those 10 fruits will become the seed of conflict adding that they will fight each other for the hope that at least 10 people will be able to get their lives back and if that happens chaos will never be able to be saved again demon then smiles and he knows that was definitely a tough decision.

It's not something that anyone can do however it needs to be done by someone of chaos so then kaiman asks did you want to let him destroy the rest and jiwan allows him to and that's the only reason for G1 to bring kaiman along the righteous leader that knows what to do in that situation while Chung Hyo expresses how the rest would be in shock.

If they saw that though d-1 also believes that kaiman would do that from the start because kaiman would chose to spare on his own and long for True salvation among that Despair and of course kaiman Smiles wide open as he claims that he will not regret it for even a fair bit where suddenly there's a movement from the ceiling of the palace.

Notices it screaming at kaiman to get away a massive blast opened from the rap Magic on the ceiling right towards where Caiman is standing while jiwin can only witness the attack Rains Down on the sea god Chung Hyo screams frantically as the mayor siren is able to drag the old man away from the Blasted area telling him to get away jiwan is shocked looking at.

Kaiman who for the past 200 years managed to attain the strength of the third stage Awakening unconscious after a single hit another shocking fact arrives as a major general storm Monarch Canal a 10th stage adapter appears he is angry by the fact that they Ambush the resurrection Palace calling out to them as Vermin he has a pair of white Wings.

Getting angrier by the fact that kaiman dared to destroy the fruits left in the vault shungghyo shouts so shocked while telling kaiman to wake up but suddenly there's a hand grabs him swinging him around and throws him to the wall blasting him pretty badly he was another Major General silence Monarch majido also a 10th stage adapter from the all.

Almighty land he blasts the old man pretty badly as Juan shouts at him worried for his well-being after that another person appears saying that jiwan crossed the line in the end and the trio generals from the almighty land appeared all are angry at the party of four that break the fruits as the last person is garam saying that it has now become a.

Matter that can't be resolved with just their life she even knows that the three of them are strong especially samyangara even Reika is trembling with garam's presence alone he is a monster who's one of the five strongest major generals of the almighty land finally revealing himself to jiwin a moment later he calls out to the two major generals canal and.

Majido where they immediately knows what he wants together they Dash toward jiwan as kaniel claims that jiwin's head is his while majido tells him to just not to get in his way meanwhile readily welcoming the combined attack from them jiwan tells siren to take Chung heo and kaiman Away with her majido Express how he doesn't think that G1 would have the.

Time to be worried about others now and instantly using his spirit Power summoning a dark shadow hand and rooting G1 with it Channel appears right beside him striking his hand telling jiwan to die fortunately jiwan Bend his body backwards and manages to dodge the attack from the storm Monarch right after that he dashes backwards to get.

Away from the Dark Shadow Hand That Bind him while mejito follows him up also striking his hand telling that he will not going anywhere though Dylan manages to deflect the silence Monarch sword with his own while realizing that majido is indeed as fast in that instant they traded hundreds of blows while jiwin is thinking further that they are in a.

Totally different dimension from those he has fought so far Canal appears again combining the timing with majido saying that they had high expectation of jiwan since people were talking about him being the Gorgon Fortress Master but there's nothing much to see now implicating that he looks down on jiwin using his wings he blasts a powerful.

Attack towards giwin blasting him away into the palace's wall hewan throws up as he has to deal with the damage from the blast when can ale wonders whether he used up all of his strength on just the five monarchs earlier and majido says that no matter how G1 acts he is still just at the level of an insect in their eyes algerum who didn't join the.

Battle yet expresses how disappointing that is a moment later the duo prepare their spirit Power Attack again claiming that they will end that with it in an instant together they dashes toward the rooted G1 on the wall and with his golden eyes jiwin is so furious with how annoying both of the 10th stage adapter he goes against are while it reminds him.

To at the Times where he destroyed the Manticore Fortress with a single thrust Chung Hyo expresses how the Fortress that has a history that spans for thousands of years become ruins in an instant he also says that jiwin shouldn't call it a strong thrust instead it should be called World thrust after that Chung Hyo suggesting that.

Jiwin should try to avoid overusing thrusts as he explains that the awaken can use spirit Power without any restrictions but in exchange they will consume a certain amount of mental power adding if D1 uses such a huge technique recklessly he will be the one to collapse first that's what makes you an angry because those people are at the.

Same level as him when he first came to chaos and he needs to get rid of them now while they are underestimating his strength after that G1 break free from the Dark Shadow Hand That Bind him appears right in front of the duo to welcome their combined attack in that instant he unsheathed his sword with the thoughts that he will end it in an.

Instant without holding back his strength his sword glows red and this is the first time it ever happens using his full spirit and soul power Crimson Aura enveloped jiwin where he summons his unique world to perform his next attack he screams as he thrusts and in that instant he performs five consecutive World thrusts towards the duel in that.

Split Second both kanil and majido are incinerated by the power of the thrusts that jiwins performed Hiram who stays back the whole fight witness how the explosion destroy his men the two major general monarchs in a single attack while siren can only screams getting swayed by the explosion a moment later as the two monarchs turned to Pieces.

Garam expresses how he impressive that is for G1 who able to exerts that much power with just physical Force alone the one who's panting gasping for air seeing how garam the top five strongest Major General Monarch sees him with his excitement saying that G1 is worth a fight it is also reminds him of that time 900 years ago there was a mayor.

That looked for the monarchs of The Twelve regions all the monarchs rejected the mayor's request but he never gave up and the very last region he visited was the ninth region it was malark as he meets with garam where he is requesting to meet with the monarch of pitch Darkness while at that he also asks garam to lend him his strength so.

Mullark can climb the illusion tree he explains that this world's value of existence and exaltation of life isn't normal telling him to remember the anger and suffering garam experience when he was one of the weak then tries to persuade that this world can still be changed if they destroy the first nightmare at the top of the illusion.

Tree darum thoughts that Lark's idea is a mere delusion adding how now he knows why pitch Darkness didn't want to meet with mullark with his full spirit Power in play he says that the almighty land is a place that's only for the strong and if he wants to change that then he asks him to show that he is capable of doing it calling out to the mayor.

Mullark they then fought for three days and three nights and on the third day garam acknowledged the strength of the mayor as he is stuck at the boulder in the almighty land defeated by mullark who doesn't even have a scratch on his unconscious on the stone malark expresses how he can't believe a monarch like garam is an adapter which he thinks.

That it is unfortunate though back then garam thoughts that if he is that strong without using magic then he is qualified to talk about the illusion tree and after that malark ran around chaos formed an expedition party that happened 900 years ago he headed for the abyss in order to change the world managed to fight the first nightmare at the top of.

The illusion tree and get the fruits of Resurrection but after the monarchs stole the fruits there was no longer an any news of him and nothing had changed since and right at this moment jiwin tries again with all of his power he gathers it at the tip of his unsheathed sword he thrusts towards the Monarch into a single point darum doesn't Flinch.

Admitting that jiwin is indeed have a powerful attack but as he summons his spirit Power he tells jiwan that power isn't enough the power from the thrusts meets with the barrier that garam makes the barrier is so powerful seemingly become an immovable object as he defends against the thrust he says that while G1 has got the right cards in his hand he.

Doesn't have the class to use it that shocks giwin as he unable to believe that garum manages to block the thrust so easily garum uses his leg to step on the floor dashing him forward and in an instant he appears right in front of jiwan saying that at that level he is no different from a child that's holding a sword that powerful punch enough to send.

Yuen away smashing him into the wall of the palace a moment later garum tells him to get up as he assumes that jiwin is not done yet with the fight and indeed he is not not done angry and determined to slay the major general Monarch in front of him right at this moment garum summons all of his spirit Power manifested into fire coating his.

Body and hand with his stance that looks like a martial artist he provokes duen to show how strong he is for him to dare to speak of the illusion tree with that punch alone do you unable to know that garam is extremely stronger than the two monarchs combined from before garam is not using a special technique even if he tries to read him with question it's.

Just experience that he has stack up that shows up bets makes Steven Wonders on how garam is so strong to figure it out he dashes forward without holding his power down he appears right in front of garam as he wonders how can we experience alone be that strong while thrusting his sword noticing what happens garum provokes further hoping.

That jiwin's Reckless attack isn't all that's left from him so jiwin tries another way of attacking where he disappears and instantly appears behind Guerra using all of his power jiwin perform his world threat thrust again toward the Monarch even with the help of his unique world's power garum doesn't even Flinch but then garum turns around.

Saying that's only a cheap trick and punched you one despite however ready jiwin is the punch coming in strong what's surprising him more is that garam doing a Thrust with only just his fist fortunately G1 manages to dodge that attack but garam jumps forward to jiwan with his powerful fist he appears again right in front of jiwan using his own.

Technique to thrust against the man who literally thrusted for two thousand years that devastating attack lands on jihuen blasting him on the ground as garam lands he explains that spirit Power Attack don't work on him and in the end the spirit Power that jiwin uses is something that the system cannot Supply and garam knows that jiwin is an.

Awakened who are trying to destroy the system's world but because of that all of them awaken don't know that this world is someone's unique World awakened is one that build their own world called unique world and using the power from that world to be manifested into to the spirit Power meanwhile garam who is an adapter has adapted into this unique.

World's power and uses it as his own and jiwin realizes that he knows that garam's power is more natural than spirit Power the world itself is the root of his power that makes garam seems like the system's world but that didn't stop Julian as he uses his Moon eye to summons his unique world yet that doesn't do anything to garam saying how.

Jiwan's still using another non-fundamental technique after all that explanations he slams you and into the ground again as he explained that a unique world without the original creation is no different to poor sorcery not having enough out of it garum slams June again blasting him away through the ground as he lands garam expresses how.

Disappointing he is that the Awakening he knows of is not this week right after that he summons a crimson Fireball and throws it away to jiwin as it lands right in front of jihuan the fire grows and the impact goes full display right the moment jiwon defends against it with his Spirit sword and not only that the fire all also burns his hands severely.

Injuring him in the end he slash away the fire as he feels frustrated that the momentum of his unique world the moon eye is not working at all garum says how he is meeting an enemy but fails to get excited implicating how weak jiwan is then telling him to hurry up and open the beginning of this world asking jiwin to show him the world what in Juan's.

Mind right now is Genesis mentioned at the eighth gate the Gate of rewards of the eighth Gate of Hell in that room mullark left behind the reward called the record of the abyss and the story of the 10 stage of Awakening was recorded following the rules of Awakening the keywords can change but Awakening itself is composed of six stages created in.

Order to destroy the existing world the first stage called doubt second stage called understanding and the third stage called self-surrendering the three stages the first half of a fallen world and after the world has fallen stages are needed to create a new world the three stages of the Genesis the latter half and right now jiwan felt that the.

Next stage of Awakening was happening however he really didn't understand what Genesis meant darum calls him out his pathetic fool for not being able to use his own world properly while claiming that he can't wait until the Genesis starts for G1 using his beads on his hand garum then decides that he will forcibly open it and check for himself.

It turns out that he knows where siren Chung Hill and kaiman hide and going to kill them he knows that for the people of chaos their life is everything to them it's different for them unlike garum who can revive anytime and to them this world is their only world and he strikes to the powerless Trio and now the strength is stronger than ever.

Before when he used to strike at G1 as he is not going to give them up like that jiwan stands right at the incoming attack going at it with everything he has got as siren realizes what's going on she screams how jiwin is such an idiot and the strike resulting in a massive explosion in the palace unfortunately jiwin manages to save them.

All while he seems dealing with a lot of Agony himself having to deal with such a powerful attack but his mind is somewhere else like a lightning struck him he notices what garam is saying and he starts to have a vague understanding now the only world is when growing up with your parents going to school and making friends crying laughing being sad.

And devastated all of those countless memories and all of G1 from back then he never questioned the world he lived in he existed because he didn't question the world and the world system was created through that certainty then that means what's needed to start Genesis is conviction in his world belief is a strong conviction that's forgotten in.

Order for a world to be born it means that it needs overpowering belief but he can't do it alone he needs to bring not only himself from the current dealing but jiwan from his past memories needs to yearn for a new world to believe in his conviction as well garum doesn't just letting him be he punched towards G1 again as the memories of his past old.

Self is saying how the world that he is talking about is fake telling him to stop escaping from reality and keep saying how that's the world he has lived in not the one that they have lived in there's no reason for them to help him jiwin prepares himself to welcome garam's attack as he also thinking if he is unable to convince all of his old.

Self if they are not going to help him he won't even try to convince them and he tells them to just get lost while he doesn't even lost his fighting Spirit Gathering all of his strength into his sword going to strike at the incoming attack in the end he got blasted into the wall again that instant garam appears in front of him again with his.

Unforgiving punches he beat G1 over and over again and for a good measure he gather all of his strength and punches jiwin into Oblivion as garam moves away from him he feels a little disappointed thinking that G1 might be already exhausted and done but inside his head is a hole of fighting is happening right now as his old self-calling out to him.

The one from when he fight the frost Dragon asking whether he is planning on dying in a place like that he adds how if he dies they are all going to die with him one who walk the same path as him is himself as he says that they have come this far but how can he forget that telling him to not make a foolish decision and run away as both all of.

Himself has tasted enough to spare already so then jiwan stands up again as garum expresses what a shame that is because he thoughts that G1 would last a long time but jiwin doesn't give up he just simply doesn't know how to with the help of his sword he stands up looking at his opponents with eyes full of determination while at the same time he.

Glares silently at all of his old self telling them that he won't give up now many of his old self stand by him saying how they knew that G1 were a crazy bastard one who that never forgave the only thing he give up until now is to persuade his old self into his world but right after all of Juan from his memories turn into the same world they.

Become a speck of light and come back to him in the next moment jiwin's body is burning in dark flame and beginning to shine the world that jiwin has in his imagination is now turning into reality siren stares in astonishment because she who had lived for two thousand years know what is happening G1 unlocked Genesis the process of a creation stage.

4 of the later half of the Awakening other than siren garam also knows that chill runs down his spine as he also able to witness what is happening that the jiwin's unique World start manifesting massive red eye appears wide open look down upon anything it sees that is the power to turn lies into the truth the power to turn belief into.

Reality the fourth stage of Awakening Theory and from that unique World Dion summons a Dark Sword a symbol of objection to everything of his unique World jihuan holds the new sword in his old Spirit sword in each hand garum says how that is his world as it suits the world end the appearance of the world where everything's corrupted then he.

Adds how that is an unfortunate world a world that was born in order to destroy another world he dashes towards jiuan saying that it won't change a thing just because he manages to fully manifest it and attained his unique World while G1 also dashing towards garam with the dual sword in hand as their strike meat Dewan now manages to hold his ground against.

The powerful attack from the major general Monarch the explosion alone is so massive sending Shockwave around the palace that excites garam so much as he laughs hysterically claiming how that is what one would call a fight in the next second with lightning speed they trade hundreds of blows dashing around the palace while garam keeps saying how fun.

That is he feels like he is fighting against the mayor from a thousand years ago he also thanks duen for letting him has that Feeling Again however he moves faster in his next attack manages to slips past Gwen's defense and land on him as he says that they need to end the fight eventually in the next move garum grabs GI when then throws him away with.

All of his strength into the wall fortunately jiwin manages to land himself on it but garam already appears right in front of him with his bloodlust ready to punch him again but this time using his newly acquired sword G1 meets the punch with his thrust making another catastrophic explosion in the palace while garam enjoys the thrill of.

Fighting against strong opponent Dewan keeps thinking about for what purpose he thrusts and live for without giving a break the Monarch appears to punch G1 again where fortunately he manages to dodge the attack however in his mind just for now he thrusts and thrusts and thrusts and keeps thrusting again as if he was at the time where he didn't know.

The rules of the world just because he enjoyed it innocently and as of now without taking the situation into account both of them are thankful for being able to meet such a worthy opponent do you win with his thrusts and garam with his punches and how they hope that this moment as they trade hundreds of blows.

Hoping would last a little longer hewan then provokes garam back asking whether that is the all the system has to offer which excites garam even more and both passionately putting down their pride as they trade blows again and again in the middle of that hectic battle siren can only screaming in pain covering both kaiman and chung-hyo from the rubble and.

Shattered glass and stone that flew everywhere a moment later garum expresses how that is the first time he had that much fun in a thousand years to think he would meet such an opponent in chaos he is extremely excited and touched by the passion he shares with jiwin for fighting and jiwin replies with how he was able to feel that while.

Fighting like how he has been thrusting for the past Thousand Years garam 2 has been training one skill for a thousand years but it's a shame that someone like him is an adapter repeating the exact same thing as what mullark said back then to Guerra padding how it's really unfortunate that a monarch like garam is an adapter G1 doesn't know the.

Conversation between garam and mullark yet he said the same so garam asks for one thing he asks what jiwan wants to do in chaos where he explains that he is going to head for the abyss repeating the same words as mullarks then garam says how that Hollow words are the same as that mares adding that the abyss is lined up with strong people who surpass.

Garam he is getting fire up burning himself with his full power saying that the great monarchs such as mullark gave up and in the end that mayor failed how dare a mere human liked you and says that he is going to try as the Fire Within garam grow bigger that is his ultimate moves as his dark flame devour everything and radiates into the world.

He summons another being it has the shape of an angel with both of his hand like form of praying its black gatekeeper General with it garum also transform an embodiment of his thousands of years of training that shock siren because as far as she knows garam is at the rank of a Major General but he wasn't because she knows to be able to.

Summons gatekeeper and demagogue conversion power means that garam is already at the lieutenant general rank the black General summons its massive spear while garam asks duen to prove his world with a wave of garam's hand the gatekeeper strikes its spear towards the tiny human that dares to stand in front of it the gatekeeper who protects the.

System's world for someone who loves the system they are able to summon something like that Juan realizes that the moment he meets the gatekeeper he lives in order to destroy that world as he readying his sorts the devastating attack that comes for a demigod the gatekeeper of the system meets with the thrust from a tiny human who lives for.

No longer than 60 years they scream at each other signify that both are not holding back the Crimson dark flame meets the dark energy bursting for a mere thrust a mere thrust that destroys everything that existed siren can barely manages to hang on while holding both kaiman and chung-hyo while garum laughs frantically saying it's good that jiwin.

Is able to block the attack of a gatekeeper that has several hundred lives in it but then the attack breaks meaning that thrust shocking gearum with all what Juwan has as he burst open the gatekeeper head into pieces not only that right after jiwan defeats the gatekeeper he calls out to Guerra and as he turns around jiwin is able to fully.

Manifesting his beliefs into a true sword as massive as 12 stories building Dew and bid is farewell to garam as it turns out that makes him more excited that finally facing his defeats with a wave of jiwin's hand the sword descent like a lightning strike towards the now puny Monarch as he frantically screaming how he enjoyed the fight the strike.

Falls exploding not only the palace they are in but the whole Resurrection Palace at the place where the sword is landed where half of his body is incinerated garam lies down in disbelief to think that he had lost to a mere human but only after he put into that state now he is seeing it clearly the eye that watches and rules over everything in.

This world the peak of the illusion tree in the end of the Abyss the place where the first nightmare is known to be located at is the place where jiwan needs to go as jiwan adds that's an enemy he must bring down lies down flat garum says that g1's world won't be popular in the abyss and that's too cruel of a truth to know in return for.

Losing hope no one would want to live on after seeing that Madness as he can't believe that weird thing is a world that's in the sky but if people who believe in g1's World appear they might be able to find something in them which everyone has lost as price for that they will really have to live in that world forever right after garum asks you and.

To cut his brain link before his body goes back to the almighty land so jiwin asks whether he has any last words or not Karam then speaks if Dewan arrive at the abyss he asks you when to find kindarch to tells him what happened adding to be careful of Malad if he knows that jiwin has unlocked creation of a world he won't leave him be before.

Cutting the link jiwon then asks garam on why he didn't kill jiwin because he should have been able to kill jiwin easily before he awakened inwardly thinking garam thoughts how he wanted to become a support that helped another to climb the illusion tree this world that lacks the value of existence and the nobility of life isn't a normal one this.

World can still be changed only after they destroy the first nightmare that's at the top of the illusion tree bets is the last words of the mayor malark that lingered in garam's mind for a long time in the end he says that he will just take that as paying off his debt to molarch and asks giwan to end it already at this moment exactly 917 years and 244.

Days after molarch's Abyss Expedition had failed chaos has finally been freed of the Resurrection Palace as kaiman with the help of siren walks towards where jiwin is witnessing how he stabs his sword towards the lieutenant general after he cut off the brain link later that day at the Gorgon Fortress Dewan takes it up upon himself and sees how.

Jiggle is doing where he reveals that anyone from jiggle Clan would know a lot about garam because the samyang clan where garam is originally belonged to is the one that pushed jiggle Clan out of the almighty land and took their place as one of the five Great Clans and now since G1 messed with one of of their clan members the samion clan is bound to.

Get involved but G1 assures him to not worry as he reveals that he has obtained the narrow gate and there's a lot lower chance that those bastard will come to chaos ever again as Juan leaves the room he adds that if one ever come they might be worth fighting a few days later at the plaza of Gorgon Fortress there are a lot of people gathered to hold the soul.

Farewell procession Gwen in the middle of the plaza announcing how it thanks to their fallen comrades they are able to protect Gorgon lastly he tells them that the soul farewell procession will be held for three days and right after they will immediately prepare to go to the abyss also in the middle of the plaza he prepares something from the beginning it.

Revealed to be the narrow gate along with it siren escorts Reika a known Monarch from the almighty land for the people of chaos right as he faced you one he prepares to take the sword on his side Reika tries to beg for his life but jiwin tells him to shut up then cut both of his hand he screams hysterically as G1 explained that he will not kill him.

There and wants him to return to the almighty land and to deliver a message to his master he declares if the pitch darkness wants a war come and find him anytime and he will be waiting for him at the top of the illusion tree

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