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The chapter started with someone came tovisit Jin yanshen at his house. previously, the media reported that Jing Qiao's designis exactly the same with Anya's. it's you… judging from his reaction, it looks like someone he knows, who could it be? president Jin, don't get me wrong, if possible, I don't want to have any interaction with you. I came here this time, only because the designerof your company is suspected of plagiarism. so Jin Qiao came to find Jinyanshen to talk about this matter. since Anya is his Jin group's designer.

She preferred to come to his house directly thanto his office, probably it's becauseshe wants to avoid the media. plagiarism? so Jin yanshen still didn't know aboutthe hot news broadcasted in the internet. that's right, regarding this north city project tender, the scheme submitted by Anya isexactly my university project. I have the drawings with me now andthe electronic copy is also backed up inthe mobile cloud storage. President Jincan confirm it on your own. Yanshen who got drugged by Anya last night, ofcourse will choose to believe Jing Qiao.

No need, I believe you, but this is not atrivial matter. I need to find Anya to confirm. okay. I'll call Anya. justcome in and sit for awhile. after five years she has never steppedinto this house again, suddenly getting offered to come in and sit, she feels a bit awkward. it's inconvenient, I think I'll juststand here and wait… moreover, he is someone she doesn't want to get in touch ifshe isn't forced by circumstances. so naturally she would refuse the offer. but General showed up all of a sudden.

Jing Qiao was very close to General back then, she used to play with him whenshe lived at this house. this is the first time theymet after five years had passed. General? so they are so happy to seeeach other again. Jin yanshen is smiling to see Generalcame just in time. all right, I still have somethingto do. so I can't play with you. hey, general, you…?! general, you can't do this next time..

Unexpectedly, there is a day I wouldtake the initiative to find him. Anya's phone couldn't be reached and shedidn't go to the company, I think we need to go toher house directly.

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