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– Hello, Hi! This is Shaurya. I hope you are all doing well. We all grew up watching cartoons. We outgrow some of those cartoons. But, few cartoons engulf us with our childhoodmemories on hearing its name or song.

Amongst such evergreen cartoons,one of my favorite cartoons is Doraemon. Doraemon is the most requested video on my channel. I've received 100s of messagesrequesting the same. That's not all, one of the subscribers even donated $3 and requested me to make a video on Doraemon Museum.

After that, I realized the craze for Doraemon. Finally, I am now at the Doraemon Museum. This video is dedicated to allDoraemon fans across the globe. If you're a Doraemon fan,comment below 'I love Doraemon'. Also comment, what you like about Doraemon.

This Doraemon video is the thirdanime-related video on the channel. The first was Shinchan, the second wasPokémon and now it's Doraemon. And do comment if you wantvideos on any other animes. Not just anime, you can comment aboutanything particular you want to know about Japan. For those who aren't aware of Doraemon, I've already uploaded a video on it.

For those who aren't aware of Doraemon,I've already uploaded a video on it. It covers what is Doraemon all about,why has it gained such popularity, what lessons you can learn from Doraemonand the lesser known facts about Doraemon. You can check it out before this one. Hello!.

And finally, we're going into Doraemon Museum. Doraemon is not just a cartoon,it is an emotion! I've come to the DoraemonMuseum as you all requested. After trying for 5 months,I was able to get the tickets now. That is the craze for Doraemon's Museum.

We'll cover every nook and corner in the museum. I'll show it all. So without further ado, let's go into the museum. I'm now at Noborito Station.

And up here you can see'Direct Bus to Fujiko. F. Fujio Museum'. It is nothing but Doraemon Museum. The bus stop is on the left, let's go. The various images of Doraemon and Nobita fromthe Manga are displayed here at the railway station. On this side as well.

This whole station has a Doraemon theme to it. Doraemon paintings on all sides. Basically, this station isall about Doraemon in a way. It is a paradise for fans of Doraemon. Finally, we arrived at the bus stop at Noboritowhich will take us to Doraemon Museum.

This is the stop for the museum buses. Here it says, 'Direct Bus to Fujiko. F. Fujio Museum'. This is the stop. There are direct buses to DoraemonMuseum from Noborito Station.

This is the station area. The weather is lovely today. Finally, the special bus toDoraemon Museum has arrived. [Doraemon Intro Plays] He is my friend, Hemant.

Hemant and I are roommatesand classmates at IIT. We used to dream and discuss about gettingjobs in Japan when we were in the hostel. And now, we are like living our dream… …of living and working in Japan.

And Hemant is a big-time anime lover. You'll get to see him inall the videos I make on anime. You've already seen him in the Shinchanvideo and also in Ramen Museum. And this time for Doraemon! How are you feeling? – Very excited to visit the museum.

– Very excited? So let's go!- Let's go! – So finally, these are the 2 ticketsfor Doraemon Museum. We're at the entry gate, so let's go.

Thank you. Hello. Please stand in line. You can see Gian over there. We're in the play area right now.

Go ahead, play. It is free to play. This is the play area. We can win these Doraemonballs by playing the game. We can play and win these toys.

If we deposit 400 yen and spin,we'll win something. This is the game corner andthis is in Doraemon shape. Here are Doraemon and Korosuke. Comment below what thesetwo characters are called. Here you can see Nobita and Doraemon's toys.

We get toys in pieces which are to beassembled to make the character. You can see the kidsassembling the toy. The kids are enjoying here. Doraemon, Gian, Nobita.

The extracts from DoraemonManga are displayed here. Take a look at it. This is what original DoraemonManga looks like. These are the sample images from the Manga of Nobita sleeping,.

and many other episodes. There are 4 toys here. What we win out of the 4 ispurely dependent luck. What do I do now?- Rotate. – 400 yen.

– Did you win? Oh man, you are fortunate enough. – What next? That's it? – Yes. Tear and open it. – This is based on our luck.

There are Nobita, Gian and Doraemon toys. But luckily, I got the Doraemon. Should we assemble these? – Yes, we can do that over there. Now, attach the head.

– Is it done? – Yes, put it down. – So… Doraemon! This is the money exchange machine.

All the machines accepting only coins here. We deposited 1000 yen andgot 100 yen coins. – 10 coins, isn't it?- 100 yen coins. They're refilling the coins. We've 3 attempts.

In each attempt, we need to aim atthe ball and shoot using the joystick. When we release, it should hold on to a ball. If we miss, we won't win the ball. That's about the game. Okay.

Finally, it is the last attempt. Hemant Hooyayy! Finally, we won the ball on the last attempt.

Open it. What is this? This is some kind of a badge. This is the model house of Nobita.

It is very realistic. These are all the books from Nobita's room. There's also a baseball kit. This is the table, books and the bag. This is the table, books and the bad.Look at all the minute detailsthey've considered in making this.

This is the washroom. This is the front view ofNobita's house in Doraemon. This is the hall view. Every minute detail is consideredin making this model house. This is the view from the outside.

At last, this is the room wherethey all eat watching the TV. Take a look. Entire house is perfectly designed. Memorization Bread.

– Ha. – Is the frame good?- Yeah. – We've covered this area. And now we're going to the museum'smerchandise store downstairs.

Basically, it's a museum gift shop. This museum was started 11 years ago. So it is the 11th anniversary of the museum. This is the 11th-anniversary badge. This is 660 yen.

Likewise, there are Doraemonsnacks, biscuits, and keychains. This is Doraemon's key holder. And… this is Bamboo Copter in 3 different colors. Each Bamboo Copter is 1100 yen.

It is almost INR 600. So 3 Bamboo Copters. These are Doraemon Gloves. We've here a bigger size Doraemon.

It is one of the biggest toys here. And over here, we have the ultradetailed figure of Doraemon. – I think these characters come from the future. So finally, So finally, Nobita scores 100/100after eating the Memorization Bread.

Doraemon sweets and… Doraemon-shaped cookies. ComicsSo finally, I'm buying this figure ofDoraemon coming out of the table drawer. This is the same figure.

This item is 1650 yenwhich is almost INR 1000. But, it'll be a good souvenirfor this museum trip. I'm buying this. This Doraemon movie is going torelease on the 23rd of March, 2023.

The trailer of it is being played here. We can create Manga with ourcharacter and storyline over here. My friend is trying it out. These are the available characters. Kiteretsu, Doraemon,Dorami, and Perman.

Some story is going on here. So if you are interested,you can compose a scene here. Good time pass, I'd say. This is the Manga corner. And Doraemon and everything is decoratedhere on the occasion of Christmas.

This is Doraemon and his favorite food, Dorayaki. Beautifully decorated in blue andDoraemon is wearing Santa's hat. This is the real Doraemon Manga.

These are all the originalMangas of Doraemon. Let's take a look at them. This is like the original Manga of Doraemon. This is how it looks. We can read these in this Manga Corner.

We can read these in this Manga Corner. Thank you! A special Doraemon movie is premiering now. It's a special 10 minutes movie. This is the theatre.

No cameras allowed. A Doraemon movie with all the characterscreated by Fujiko just played in this mini theatre. And this is the play areaoutside the theatre. He is the creator of Doraemon.

Besides Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio is the creatorof Perman, Kiteretsu and many popular Mangas. This is his museum. He is shaking hands with Doraemonand the other characters he created. Perman's character is alsocreated by the same creator, which is why Perman isalso made part of the museum.

This is Perman and that isthe café over there. The play area starts from here. Nobita and Doraemon are ridingon the Dinosaur's back. This is the Nobita Dinosaurmovie released in 2006.

This is a small statue… a huge statue of a still from the movie. We've here the mostpopular Anywhere Door. We can teleport from anywhereto anywhere using this door. We'll also walk through the Anywhere Door.

Everyone's waiting for their turn. Look at the atmosphere here. It resembles a dense forest andlook at this thin stream of water. These are the popular pipesfrom the park in Doraemon. The gang gathers herein the park and chat.

These are the pipes and kids are playing here. In this café, we've Dorayaki which isDoraemon's favourite snack.

And Coconut Sable,Memorization Bread (Secret Gadget). Memorization Bread is calledAnki-Pan in Japanese. This is also being sold here. These are all math tables. And they also have Doraemon Shaped Pasta,.

Copter, and other sweet items likecrackers and Doraemon cookies. There are also Doraemon Rice Crackers. So Rice Crackers… and special Doraemon sweet.

This is the entrance to the café here. Everyone has lined up to go into the café. This is the view inside the café. Everybody is having their lunch.

On the menu, we haveDoraemon Ramen Noodles, Secret Gadget aka Memorization Bread,Doraemon Soy Meat, and Doraemon's Monjyaya. Full-Length… Apparently, this is Gian's meal. And this is Hamburger, Korosuke's Plate.

Here we have Secret Gadget Bread and Doraemon's Vanilla, and Dorayaki, Doraemon Blue.

And… Dorami Yellow. So these are the drinks on the menu. We ordered Doraemon Blueand Dorami Yellow… and…

Gian's Cutlet andDoraemon's Ramen Noodles. That's what we've ordered. This is the menu. So Doraemon Ramen.

This is the Doraemon Ramen. We've chopsticks and a china spoon. Oh wow! Okay, here we have Doramiand Doraemon shakes. – Coasters.

– Thank you! Oh, man! Wah! We've here Doraemon Cutletwith Rice and Omelette, Egg.

And also, the soup. And over here, we have Doraemon special drink. Doraemon drink is huge. This is Dorami drink.

So we've here 2 drinks. This is our order. That is Dorami over there. Kids are taking pictures with it.

Take a look at the Kawasaki City from here. It's sunset time now. It's a beautiful view. You'll remember Nobita and Doraemon becausethe houses in their city resemble these houses. This is the view of the Kawasaki Cityfrom the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum.

So finally, that's all about Doraemon Museum. Many of you have requested to makea video on Doraemon Museum many times. I covered everything that isto be covered for you guys. After entering the museum,there was this exhibition room.

In the exhibition room, they exhibited original manuscript of Fujiko F. Fujio,his papers, pencils, crayons, and library. Unfortunately, videography was not allowed. They exhibited the works ofthe creator in the exhibition room. After the exhibition room, we covered the playarea where you saw Nobita's model house.

Later that, we were giventickets to a special show. Videography is prohibitedin the theatre as well. The 10-minute show had all the characters created bythe creator and interaction between those characters. After the show, we coveredthe Play area, café and Park area where everyone isspending time having fun.

We come to an end ofFujiko F. Fujio Museum vlog. Many viewers have requested to make this video. So my friend and I spent a whole day here. I explored every nookand corner of the museum. Also got to know the greatness ofthe Manga creator by coming to the museum.

And finally… we spent almost 4-5 hours. We just ate. This was Doraemon Museum vlog. Do comment below, if you want video onany other anime other than Doraemon.

I'll surely make a video about it. I hope you liked watching this video. Will meet you guys again in my next video.

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