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Welcome to Darttoons, I am Polaris and today I bring you the most outstanding news from the world of animation we will find premieres, new series, trailers, movies and much more. Before continuing, officially we have a new Facebook page follow us to find out more news participate in dynamics, see fan arts, comics, videos and.

Much more. You can find it as DartToons but you have the direct link in the description. In our first news, We have many rumors saying that possibly the animated series The Ghost and Molly Maggie has been canceled as of the interpretation of a publication by a member of the staff, but don't.

Be fooled at the moment there is no official confirmation that the series has been canceled, the truth is that after its second season Disney Channel has not yet ruled on how much if there will be a renewal for a third and due to the strike of actors and writers we will probably have to wait a little longer to find out as.

Always before any news I will be informing you continuing with the news we have that Warner Bros Animation brings us a new Scooby Doo movie But this time, together with crypto the super dog, within its synopsis we have that the members of the Justice League have mysteriously disappeared and a terrifying ghost.

Has settled in the hall of justice, so mystery to order together with crypto must Solve this mystery This Adventure will be available for digital purchase on September 26, among other news, Netflix recently released the new and fifth season of The Dragon Prince in advance, although the.

Fifth season was expected to arrive on Netflix within a week, surprisingly the season was Officially released on Saturday, July 22, as announced at San Diego Comic-Con, in this new season we continue with the Mystery of Aaravos arc focused on The Search for the mysterious elf who promises to resurrect Viron permanently if.

He is released, as I mentioned you can already see the episodes in the streaming giant, and speaking of premieres, we have recently revealed a first official preview of what the anime will be Rick and morty, it debuted at the San Diego comic-con 2023 this new adaptation will be a 10- episode adventure for adult swim and Max At the.

Moment we do not have an official release date but in case of any news I will be informing you, continuing with the news hbo Max recently released a first preview of what will be the fourth season of the animated series for adults Harley Quinn after a year of waiting Harley tries to make her way in the legion of evil this before an.

Identity crisis sends her in search of her true place in gotham, the fourth season premiered its first three episodes on Thursday, July 27 on hbo Max and we will have a new episode weekly until September 14, among other news we have that as of August 1 the iconic Cartoon Network Studio building will be.

Closed but don't worry, contrary to the rumors This is not the end of the animation channel but it will be a transfer of personnel since everything will be moved to an animation unit in the main building of Warner Bros Animation so do not be alarmed Cartoon Network and their projects will continue to exist but if you want me to use this information in.

A complete video let me know in the comments. Continuing with the news we have the return of Adventure Time with its new series spin off: Fiona and Cake, a few days ago was presented at the San Diego comic-con the first trailer for this upcoming animated series in which we see Fiona in a human world having a.

Normal life but inside she yearns for a much more Magical destination and Adventures on her journey they will meet new friends and embark on a multiversal journey of self-discovery Fiona and Cake is aimed at a more adult audience and will premiere on August 31 on Max, going to the world of indie animation we have to due to the great success.

Of the Lackadaisy pilot. Soon we will have the premiere of its first season And it is that on July 25 the official teaser of this first season premiered in the same they announce that they have started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the upcoming episodes there set a goal of 125 thousand dollars and at the time.

Of writing this script It has been representing more than 800,000 successes including on Twitter the creator of hazbin hotel Vivziepop has expressed her support and even contributed to the project This year is dominated by independent animations thanks to the union of artists and creators!! Continuing with.

Indie animation we finally have a new episode of metal family being this the fifth episode of its second season alert this news contains spoilers of the episode continue at your own risk in this episode we pick up the end of the Third episode of the second season where chess had managed to get an audition.

For both him and Glam after being kicked out of their Original band by this time the events already occurred from the pilot episode where Glam meets Victoria and is determined to find her even though this means ruining his stardom with Ches, now separated while Glam goes looking for Victoria, Ches.

Makes a deal with an executive to start a new band and a new look despite successfully starting the Ches looks depressed and continues with his excessive consumption of substances that will take him to the brink of death if you want to see this episode in full with Spanish subtitles you can find the link in the video description.

Finally, we recently have that Vivziepop, the creator of Helluva boss, confirmed via Twitter that two more episodes are expected to premiere this year, but that is something she signs on her part Since in general this has not been a good year for her and no Hope it gets better, but she's sure that next year.

2024 will be a great year for both her and the HELLAVERSE each other for now We just have to wait for more updates waiting for a next episode and hopefully it won't be too much despite the current strike of writers and actors, and well this has been all for today Leave me in the comments what is the premiere you are.

Most looking forward to I remind you that you can follow me on my social networks as PolarisM76 both on Instagram where we are more in contact and On my Twitter where I share advances and more news I will leave you the links in the description without more than Add I am Polaris and This was Dart Toons.

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