Miglior movie a The total lot In every single quandary All at As soon as – ninety fifth Academy Awards Oscars 2023

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Brought movie theaters around the world back to theaters whether providing a few hours of welcome Escape for the opportunity to connect emotionally with different cultures or inspiring reflection encouraging empathy.

Movies can transform Our Lives the movies we honor tonight have real power once again here are the nominees for Best Picture All Quiet on the Western Front Avatar the way of water the Banshees of in the Sharon Elvis.

Everything everywhere all at once the Fable ones top gun Maverick triangle of sadness when I'm talking and the Oscar goes to everything everywhere nominated for 11 Academy Awards.

Everything everywhere all at once won seven Oscars tonight for after in a supporting role actress in a supporting role original screenplay film editing directing actress in a leading role and best picture thank you.

this feels incredible there is no movie without our brilliant and big-hearted cast and crew but not just these beautiful souls here also up there and in Little Tokyo we see you so this award is ours I really it is it's intimidating speaking up here let me just tell you.

That I never thought I would get to say this so I say it with one voice with all these people thank you to the academy a24 thank you so much you saw our weirdness and supported us for a year theatrically that's incredible thank you to my brilliant and beautiful wife Ani.

If all this shiny stuff and tuxedos goes away I would just love to do laundry and taxes with you for the rest of my life but this is for my dad who like so many immigrant parents died young and he is so proud of me not because of this but because we made this movie.

With what he taught me to do which is no person is more important than Prophets and no one is more important than anyone else and these weirdos right here supported me in doing that memory eternal Daniels I don't know what to say I love you guys you just won best picture hey.

Um we've said enough tonight I just want to say that thank you so much to everyone here you have all inspired me I think one of the things that I realized growing up is that one of the best things we can do for each other is shelter each other from the chaos of this crazy world we live in thank you to the storytellers here who did that for.

Me um the world is changing rapidly and I fear that our stories are not keeping at PACE and I I um sometimes it's a little scary knowing that movies move at the the rate of years in the world on the Internet is moving at the rate of milliseconds um but I have great faith in our stories.

Story these stories have changed my life and they've done that for generations and I know that we'll get through this um have a great night guys thank you so much thank you everyone have a good night thank you for watching

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  1. Thank you so considerable Hollywood for dictating how we might well well also honest nonetheless deem. We're too dreary, now we should have the pampered nicely off out-of-contact folks of Hollywood propagate jamming wokeness down our throats attributable to we're unimaginative dumbs. Thank you for pandering. Thank you to your carrier🫡🫡 doing essentially the most severe important job on this planet…. ACTING

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