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Welcome to film tastic and today I'mgoing to be doing something different, I'm going to be doing my top five songs fromthe Miraculous ladybug and Cat Noir the movie, my top five favorite ones and yeah hope youguys enjoy it. So number five is 'My lady' I love this song The Melody is beautiful andthe visuals are just a perfect pun intended. I'm leaving all the pain far behindit's so strong I can't ignore it and as I'm stepping forward we'll see be there. Number fouris ''Chaos will reign today' this gives me classic Disney Villian song vibes I love love this songit's so good and with the mile bring her back to life it's impossible I will find and I will take Iwill bend and I will break whatever must be broken till she's woken up. Number 3 is 'You are ladybug'this song is very simple but I love how it's The.

Melody of the ladybug theme song and the visualsare so so pretty. but why me I'm nothing special today just trust me when I say you are ladybug. Number two 'Courage in me' this issuch a great song I love it it's an empowerment song and it's just veryvery catchy I absolutely love it. .Number one is 'Stronger together' beautifulsong so pretty, so addicting , so catchy and it obviously is the whole like main themeof the film as well day and night thank you all for watchinghope you guys enjoyed the film tell me what you thought of it inthe comments down below bye everybody.

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