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FÉLIXI'm sorry. Do you want me to tell Adrien about the secret code on the painting? Then give me the real peacock Miraculous. I'll give you all the other Miraculous in exchange. GABRIELMy greatest wish will come true! LADYBUGI lost everything! GABRIELEmilie, my love… I could change everything. CHAT NOIRWe'll get them back one by one.

Until the very last… and we'll make sure this never happens again! MONARCHYou know the identities of Ladybug and Chat Noir! GABRIELWhat do you think of the new Miraculous, my dear Kwamis? MARINETTEI'll always be a failure! ADRIENI don't care Marinette! I love you just the way you are! MASTER FUFor every action… there's a reaction.

For every wish… a price to pay in return… GABRIELTikki, Plagg! Reveal yourselves!

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