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Foreign Ghibli has a new film coming out in the summerof 2023 and the film is going to be called how do you live um the features of the lane film isset to open in theaters in Japan on July 14th next year dang so we might not get that until later noother details have been announced although Studio Ghibli did release a sketch to accompany thenews and the sketches of a bird-like creature with the title on it as well film is understoodto be based on Ginza burro yoshino's 1937 Young Adult Book of the same name which tells the storyof a 15 year old boy as he goes on a journey to discover spiritual growth poverty and meaning oflife with the help of his uncle Whose advice is communicated to him from a journal Miyazaki hassaid that uh this is one of his favorite books.

In 2017 they announced that they plan to adapt itfor the screen in the 2021 an English version of the book was published for the first time withthe an introduction by Neil Gaiman but what's interesting I know that they do have a deal withHBO for their distribution because I remember when um when everything was going digital and everyonewas announcing their streaming service that was one of the things that they had the StudioGhibli Library available for streaming on there so maybe that will work with this andwe'll get you know uh this streaming on HBO but I'm hoping also we'll get a theatricalrun of it as well you know yeah

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