MN Evaluate | Staunch As a consequence of He Stole The Lunch, The Massive Angered The Students At Titan Center College

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One morning, Mikasa wakes Eren upbecause today is their first day at school. Two people are rushing to schoolbecause they are afraid of being late. Eren accidentally bumped into a girl and dropped her breakfast. Then there was a girl burning with murderous intent,thinking that he dared to bully her fiancée. After Eren apologized, he quickly ran to the school. This time, the two hit another person and dropped the watermelon. After apologizing, the two quickly ran to school. This time it hit a guy and it knocked him unconscious. The two encounter this situation whichreminds Mikasa that there was a time when Eren fell,.

She was always the one who spread her armsand promised not to let Eren fall again. So she ran a lap first to see if there was an obstacle. In front of her, she saw a bald guy chirping,afraid that Eren would bump her, so she kicked this guy, he suspected that he had mistaken Eren. Finally After many hardships, Eren went to school. This is the school where the giant lives. The whole group ran in, not knowing which way to go, so they walked in a cluttered manner, where Who would haveguessed that it was the entrance to the school for giants. Here they all see the huge house,even the chair with the big trash can.

Then Eren saw it as his own. So the whole group went inbecause they were afraid of being late for school. He saw a Titan, then the group was attacked. The janitor appeared and said the area was a school for giants. Then they all went to their class. At this time, the class has a transfer student, her name is Christa,next to it is Ymir, the two are in love. This girl's name is Annie, the one in the back is named Braun,then the bald guy is named Conny. Eren said that he was here to kill all the giants. People didn't believe itbecause it was impossible for humans to kill giants.

Then someone laughed at him and went to provoke Eren. Eren is still confident that he will prove it to everyone. The two were about to fight when Mikasa stopped them,and both were punched in the head by the teacher. Shortly after the opening ceremony of the school also took place. When the headmaster appeared, making everyone stand still,it turned out that the principal was a Titan. After that, a giant human came, causing everyone to panic. One guy was caught, thinking he would be eatenbut he threw this guy away and only took the bento, so these giants are vegetarians, not cannibals. At this time, we all know that in classthere is a student who rarely comes to class,.

She is Armin, the reason is that she hates the cold. Eren suggested going to Armin's house after school,but the teacher showed up and said they hadn't joined any clubs yet. The teacher said that Eren has to get Armin's applicationto join tomorrow or else the teacher will choose for them all. While ringing the bell, a Titan appeared, it stole his gift. Then a person appeared who defeated the Titan, this person also hadthe badge of the wings of freedom, so he was the senpai in the school. Eren said that he would join the same club as him to defeat the Titans. Eren asked what club senpai was at but senpai didn't say. The two then reach Armin's room. Armin said he felt very cold and covered himself with a blanket.

At this moment, senpai appeared and stole Armin's blanket,Eren gave chase but couldn't keep up. Seeing Armin's despair,he lent his shirt and promised to get the blanket back. Mikasa picks up senpai's badge,the two decide to go to school to see which club senpai is at. Eren held out the badge and asked everyone if they knew it. One guy said that in this schoolthere is a free wing club and it is completely secret. After searching, they also found that club. There was a senpai who opened the door and chased everyone out. Eren refused to return, but deliberately opened the door. Eren also said that he came here looking for a person with this badge,and three people appeared,.

The atmosphere became more and more tense. It turned out that the person who took Armin's blanket was named Levi. After a while, Levi appeared. So senpai took the blanket to sew up the torn spot. After the stitches were finished Armin put it on and felt very comfortable,and she was happy to have everyone's help. Eren begs Levi to let him into the club. Levi said that this is a secret club, if found out,they will be expelled from school. Despite being expelled, Eren insisted on entering. From Now everyone will be a member of the club.

The next day, all of them were bitterbecause the teacher allowed them to join the club to clean the walls. Everyone was disappointed when a senpai came over,she was the owner of the wall cleaning club named Rico. Rico Gave the bunch of buckets of wall cleaning tools. She said that all the members left because they didn't want to clean the Wall,so now she was the only one left. Everyone's first job is to clean the windows. Today is test day. When it was her turn, Sasha was extremely disappointedbecause she failed the subject. After school, Armin stayed to teach Sasha. Today, the three of them ran to the secret club to practice.

The next day was the school sports day. The first contest is to get sandwiches. Sasha's opponent is senpai. The competition had just started, Sasha ran fastbut when she was close to it, she was defeated by senpai. So she lost. Next is the ball throwing competition. Senpai catches all the balls. Right now the first year's score is only 5 points, it must be admittedthat senpai is too strong, there is no chance to counterattack. Mikasa steps forward and says we still have a chance.

Next game If you win, you will get 1000 points. After hearing Mikasa's words, the group decided not to lose. The next contest is called cavalry battle,just get the captain's hanger to win. Just up Mikasa got a ring. Everyone didn't want to lose to Mikasa and charged up. The senpai team was still proud when Mikasa took the lead. When taking off the coat is a very strong squad. Taking advantage of the time when senpai let her guard down,Eren got ahead and got the necklace, senpai also had to be more vigilant. At this point Mikasa says she will keep the senpai team.

Eren will find Levi to get his ancient room. Armin jumped to stop them so Eren could walk more easily. His teammates trusted him like that,Eren couldn't let everyone's hearts down and decided to get it. At this point Eren sees Levi sweeping the yard and he has to getthe necklace from his head Even though it's very difficult to get it. After thinking for a while, the group decided to rush forward,but Levi defeated them all with one move. Results It was already clear, the senpai also went to givetheir compliments to the first year team after today's competition. Today, the senpai were amazing about yesterday's sports festivalso today the club decided to open a contest, it's a test of courage. The gameplay is very simple, just get out of the school to win. Eren, Jean, Mikasa, Conny and Armin will start on the right stairsand the remaining 5 will start on the left stairs.

Eren's team was scared, but the second team wasn't. They went to the technical room, and when they entered,they saw that the 2nd team had already passed here. Jean and Eren were arguing when they heard a laugh, looked up atthe picture, and suddenly the picture distorted, making everyone scared. The whole group was confidingwhen one day they heard the sound of a piano. Eren ran to a mirror and saw something very strange,as if a ghost was running past. Fortunately, everyone present He was also less afraid. When they arrived at the lab,they realized that Team 2 had never been here before. Suddenly, Eren was pulled back by his shirt and cursed Jean. Jean said no scissors.

They both turned around and saw two disgusting figures. After a while they all left the school. When he entered the football field,he saw the headless ghost hitting the ball. After a series of ghosts appeared, the group ran again. After a while everything was revealed, the headless ghostwas Levi and the ghosts and ghosts were all built. When you realize This is just a set up,the whole group also regains their psyche. There's a school food festival coming up,and everyone can sell their favorites there. Jean asked for a musical and Eren wanted to make a cheeseburger. So the school festival day took place as requested.

Eren opened a small hamburger shop for himself. Next to his shop is senpai's shop, who was the winner last year. Senpai provoked Eren. He wasn't afraid to say that this year he would usurp senpai's throne. Thanks to the cuteness of the Eren team,there were a lot of customers buying and selling just now. Eren's Hamburger shop is still making progressbecause everyone helps him a lot. Suddenly hearing a strange noise, the Titans attacked. All of Eren's cheese has been taken. Eren said that he will go to the area where the Titans get the hamburger.

At this time the school appeared and they were also very angry. Eren entering the Titan area would violate the school's rules,but everyone stood up to Eren's decision. Jean's team will stay at the school and Eren's teamwill head to the Titans to retrieve the hamburger. Going to the free wings club, Levi was still leisurelyAs if nothing had happened, making him extremely disappointed. Levi said that if he went out to fight, the club would bediscovered and all of them kicked out. Seeing that it was of no help, he did this himselfand went directly to the Titan school. But some people were chased, and fortunately entered the tunnel,they saw the janitor and senpai Rico, then gave Eren the kit, the janitor would distract the Titans. After discussing the strategy, Eren soon arrived at the placewhere the Titans kept their hamburgers.

When they got to a high position,they found a key stuck in the ground and an exit gate. They need to get the key to plug into the gate trigger. The Titans were also here. Eren is the key person, everyone will beresponsible for distracting the Titans to buy time for Eren. At this point, the group must be in awe when Eren alone burstswith murderous intent carrying the key with fury. Now everyone needs to protect Erenand not let the Titans physically affect him. With a strong belief Eren did not falter,the whole school also saw Eren's bravery. Rico also joins the battle. Eren finally arrived, he didn't think twice and plugged it in immediately. The door was opened, in front of Eren was a giant Titan,it was the headmaster of this school.

In the end, they all get the cake and Levi also acknowledgesthat Eren is excellent, and is praised by everyone. So I summarize it here. If you find it interesting,press the like button and subscribe to my channel to support me.

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