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Well at least they tried. Welcome back to animeology Welcome back to animeology and today we're going to take a look at10 magic fantasy anime with a pretty strong male lead. The anime on this list all feature a male main characterthat is typically a cut above the rest in some departments. This can be found in the form of having a unique power endurance youname it regardless of which they definitely aren't your average joe. Before we begin be sure to drop a like and subscribe down below formore anime top 10s and without further ado let's get right into the list. Number 10: Dead man wonderland. Our first anime on this list follows the story of gante garashi, an ordinary student who with his classmates went to aprison amusement car called dead man wonderland. Dead man wonderland is known notoriously for putting convictsthrough dangerous situations for the amusement of spectators.

Ganta's life is forever changed when a mysterious red man,massacres ganta's entire class and then frames the incident on him. Due to a series of unfortunate events,gantu was forced to become a dead man in the amusement park. In this park all the convicts are given a collar that injects a lethal poison into them and can only be stopped by eating a candy-like medicine every three days. This medicine can only be obtained by partaking in the events, this show leads you in with this interesting premise and constantly keeps you at the edge of your seat through plot twists along the way. Number 9: Chain chronicles. Up next you have an anime that's actually based off a mobile game of the same name, jane chronicles follows the events that occur in an alternate reality in which the characters from the original game failed to defeat the black king in the final battle.

As a direct result of this the story takes a much darker turn to show us what would have happened to everyone if yuri and the rest of the volunteer army ended up losing. After some time passes in this new darkened world, yuri befriends aram and the two attempt to revive volunteer army and take on the black king once again. Now as you can see this show doesn't have the typical starting at the bottom setup, yuri burdens the weight of having failed his people and the resulting consequences of his actions. Despite this adaptation being interesting in its own sense, the show doesn't look like it has much for viewers that have never played the game, nevertheless i still recommend you try it out. Number eight: Assassin's pride.

This anime set in a world, where humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction due to lichen tropes, monsters that thrive in the darkness. To counter this humanity was forced to build cities encased in glass domes to survive, among the population aristocrats are responsible for fighting against monsters using their power called mana. Despite already being 13 years of age, melody angela is unable to manifest her magical abilities, as a result of this she's often mistreated at the academy she attends. To find if she ever had any talent to begin with a young man named koofa vampires dispatched to serve as a tudor. But if he discovers that she's completely incompetent he secretly tasked to assassinate her. Number seven: Tales of Vesperia.

The first strike, similarly to chain chronicles tales of espiria is another game adaptation. This enemy is set in a mythical kingdom that utilizes a magical substance known as air to power their weapons and protect humanity from the monsters of the forest. All was well until the air began to act in unusual ways resulting in the woodland beasts to attack more frequently, and in some cases even mutating them into more powerful beings. Flynn are two young men who just enrolled in the ranks of the imperial knights and were tasked with uncovering this abnormality. They were sent down to the town of ciusantania, which is believed to be the starting point of the air's unusual behavior. However what awaits them revealed itself to be far more dangerous of an issue than our main characters could have ever imag ined. Number six: Toilet bound hanako kun.

Up next is one of the most unique anime adaptations that i've seen in a while. This anime set in konomi academy a school infamously known for rumors around seven mysterious entities that haunted. These mysterious entities are known as the seven wonders, and the most popular and powerful of these wonders is hanukkah kun of the toilet. Hanako was known for his ability to grant three wishes in exchange for something of equivalent value. When the first year high school student nene yoshiro decided to approach this mysterious entity for help with getting a romantic partner. Her life is forever changed due to an unforeseen turn of events nene becomes spiritually bound to Hanukkah and his assistant. Together the two work to regulate the other six wonders and maintain balance between humans and apparitions. Number five: The legend of the legendary heroes. Despite this anime's unappealing name, it's actually really good.

The legend of the legendary heroes follows the story of reiner lute, an alpha stigma wielder. In a world filled with magic users the alpha stigma allows wheeler to analyze and copy the magic of any individual. However the alpha stigma is more infamously known for taking over their owners in times of crisis and bringing destruction to all on their paths. After many of reiner's friends ended up dying in war he vowed to make a peaceful nation with his best friend theon. Fast forward a couple of years and his now best friend has somehow become the king. He orders reiner and a girl named fairies to locate relics that'll assist the two in fulfilling their lifelong dream of peace. Number four: Lord marksman and vanadis. This anime is set in a fantasy version of Europe, where there are seven war maidens that receives a powerful weapon from dragons to reign over seven individual territories.

These individuals are called the seven vanitus, armed it's one of these unique weapons ellen launches an attack against their neighboring rival country of bruin. A young archer an earl for brew named tigri had the unfortunate fate of facing off against ellen and his entire army was decimated as a result of this encounter. However, impressed by his skills allen decided to spare tigris life under the condition that he serves. Number three: Chivalry of a failed knight. This anime set in a world where humans called blazers can manifest unique weapons through their souls which are further powered through magic. Despite being born to the kurugane household, iki had an incredibly low affinity for magic. As a result of this he was constantly discriminated.

Against not only by his own family but by multiple dojos and even the school he attended. Regardless of which he never gave up on his dreams thanks to his great grandfather. Due to having an exceptionally low affinity to magic, iki trained his entire body to the point of collapse many times, and through it created and mastered his noble art atoshira. Additionally as a result of being neglected from over the years. Iki also gained the ability to learn the fighting styles of other blazers, even managing to steal advanced techniques through observation. Number two: Bungou Stray Dogs. Due to his orphanage being plagued by a mysterious white tiger, atsushi was plain to blame on and kicked out.

While at the lowest points of his life atsuchi ended up saving a man named osamu dazai from drowning. It was quickly revealed that dazai had actually been searching for the same white tiger and as a result of this he partners up with that sushi. Due to a series of events, it was revealed that the white tiger was actually at sushi himself. Turns out he was gifted with the supernatural ability of transforming into a berserker white tiger under moonlight. Due to this being the case, dazai ended up convincing atsushi into joining a firm of supernatural investigators. Which takes up the cases that the symbol police can't handle. Number one: Magi the adventure of Sinbad. This prequel story to maggie the labyrinth of magic follows the story of Sinbad, the future king of syndra. Born into an impoverished town simbad lives a cheerful life until a chain of events changes it forever,.

You see strange dungeons began to pop up around the world and with them came a lot of money status and the existence of a magical entity that'll grant you powers. Born as a child of destiny sinbad was meant to be overpowered. He is armed with a plethora of jewelry and weapons each being that of a metal vessel. Being the first human to ever attain the power of a gin, and complete a gin equipped with already had an edge over all of his competitors. But being able to easily swap between multiple gins places power in a league of its own.

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