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Welcome back to enemy ology and today we're going to take a look at 10 new anime with an overpowered main character all the Animes on this list are some that have come out in recent years and all feature an overpowered main character this comes in many Forms from being a master of the element to being a civilization strongest fighter before we begin be sure to Drop a like & subscribe down below for more anime toptenz and without further Ado let's get right into the video Number 10 Last Crusade or the rise of a new world this anime is set in a world where long ago in ancient energy called Star Spirits were discovered these Spirits have the unique attributes of granting compatible hose magical ability Those who are compatible with then develop a bright birthmark somewhere on their body because of this people who are not Compatible with star Spirits began to fear being discriminated against an oppressed through a series of events this lay.

Later sparked a war between normal people and compatible hosts later called witches as time progressed to Nation Oceans were formed the mechanical Utopia in the paradise for witches The protagonist of the story follows isca a young swordsman who is the mechanical Utopia strongest fighter in the The ice witch who is considered the strongest of all the witches for one side to lose either one of these two would result in An almost instant victory Number 9 the 8th son Are you kidding me this show follows the story of each anoma genieco a typical twenty-five-year-old office worker Who wakens in the body of wendelin the H son of an impoverished Noble family like most you sekai anime The main character overtime develops overpowered abilities but in this anime these abilities and Noble title.

He'll actually wind up interfering with the life you work so hard for Well this show isn't anything revolutionary and its theme it's a good watch if you can turn off your brain Number 8 the misfit of Demon King Academy after two thousand years of war and violence The Demon King Announce to Boulder gourd made a deal with a human hero named kanaan to sacrifice his own life to ensure that peace could flourish However this deal had a second part to it which allowed announce to be reincarnated 2000 years later However what awaited him was a world filled with weak descendants and many types of magic being lost or deteriorated Due to everyone being custom two-piece after attending the school that gathers and educate students in search of the Animated Demon Lord it was revealed that all traces of analysis Kingdom ship were erased from the minds of everyone His compatibility to his old role was even regarded as a nap.

Number 7 re faretta from commonplace to world's strongest The Loner Hajime was transported to To another world with his classmates and is immediately ridiculed for having the weakest stats and abilities After all his ability to transmute objects as not only a week 1 but also very common after being bit Trade during the dungeon rate Hajime fell to what everyone believed was his death However he survived the fall and is forced to learn how to survive in this strange and dangerous environment using his week of Ability and constant anger He defeated an eighth of monsters in a dungeon slowly acclimating to his new lifestyle he began to painfully man Manifest the abilities of the monsters he ate.

Number 6 plunderer the sand may send a post-apocalyptic world that's dominated by counts Number is Brandon on the bodies of every human that determines their worth this number is any number related to an important aspect Back to that individual's life for Hina Her account corresponds to how many hundreds of kilometers she has what When an individual's count drops 20 they're dragged into the abyss which results in them suffering a fate even worse than that After he and his mother was dragged into the abyss Hina sets out on a journey to locate the legendary Ace Her life is forever changed when she encounters like Baka mysterious man with a negative count Number 5 didn't I say to make my abilities average in the next life this anime follows the story of miso Shadow kurohara a genius girl who struggle to make friends because of her exceptional abilities.

After she dies after saving a little girl from a car accident she's given the option to be reincarnated into a Fanta Due to her life experiences misato wish to be reincarnated with average ability so that she can live a normal life. Said she's always wanted sadly for her this new world takes into account the power of all magical beings from the Absolute strongest to the absolute weakest Resulting in her physical and magical abilities being 6800 times stronger than that of a typical human Number for cautious hero this anime bears are severe resemblance to konosuba ristarte Is a novice goddess who is tasked with saving an S rank World from a Demon Lord to her amazed She stumbled across a hero candidate named Seiya ryujin who stats were significantly higher than every other As you probably already assumed the gimmick of the show is having an overly cautious main character.

Upon being summoned by restart aesir revealed his overly cautious nature He was conscious of everything including rosate he even refused to enter this new world safest location until he Play train to a comfortable level Number three fire force from the same author as sole leader brings us the next entry on this list Spontaneous human combustion is a real and major problem in Tokyo City Fire force follows the exports of Shinra kusakabe a third-generation pyrokinetic Who attained the nickname The Devil's footprint from an incident that occurred in his childhood Shin rejoins fire force Company 8th and works together with them to figure out the reason behind random humans bursting into flames Shinra Has the ability to shoot Flames from his feet giving him extreme maneuverability when it comes to fighting or simply flying around.

Later on he learns to better control his Flames increasing its speed and power and even later on Shinra awakens. The ability to let him move the light speeds Number to Darwin's game following the passing of one of his best friends high school student Konami Sudoku receives an invitation to play Darwin's game a mobile game that he's never heard of Unbeknownst to him this mobile game turned out to be an all-out Battle Royale turning to Namese life into a day least Struggle for survival The players of this game all receive a unique ability called a seagull in our protagonist case he received the seagull called The fire God's Hammer which allows him to recreate weapons and other objects that he's touched before Despite being trapped in a game of Relentless murder in Conquest.

Konami is determined to clear the game and take out the Creator once and for all Number one Tower of God Tog follows the story of 25th bam a boy spent his entire life beneath a vast and mysterious Tower with His close friend Rachel When Rachel leaves to enter the tower band decides to go after and search for her He faces challenges that each floor of the Towering to find his closest companion As someone who's read the webtoon I can adamantly say tower.of.god is packed with mouth dropping plot twists and well drink Characters

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