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We have a seriously long list Needs to catch up on But the thing is every year the newest Siri's just seem to get even better than the neck The latest animes just Keep getting better and better bringing Fresh characters in Revolutionary new ideas to the We're finally getting to see See some of their greatest mangas and light novels adapted into anime format.

But do not fear Marker words 2021 is going to be the greatest year for anime so far With the global lockdown pushing some of the hottest Series back we are just as excited as all of you Thank you for joining us today at enemy ology as we run down the greatest upcoming animes of 2021 Number 10 To your eternity This is one of the most wished.

Fully beautiful fantasy series that we've ever come across A majorly popular series in Japan this series really rock the Western Mongo world Pure eternity was inspired after the passing of the creators grandmother You are in for a seriously heavy right The series has a heavy focus on Survival as well as the emotional development of a person Think of the sort of bluntness you You feel afterwards Experiencing heavy loss Bassinet slow-but-steady return to normalcy.

To your eternity really takes It's time in fleshes out this Extremely serious and somber We follow the story of a mysterious and Mortal being that is new to planet Earth No emotion No identity just a Two plain slab able to emulate intake on the shapes To those that leave us Strong effect.

We see the strange alien absorbing mutate From Rock to Wolf Meeting a young boy in the story really picks up from there We're not going to reveal any more but the sort of wonderment and maturity that dear eternity deals with as well as the exceptionally Interesting an inch Cricket concept Exit covers We've honestly never come across any work quite like this anime or otherwise Number nine.

The way of the house We need to take a break after You're starting off that strong the way of the house husband is a pretty new and exciting Act Action comedy slice-of-life that is coming to Yeah surprisingly enough Netflix has been make I'm pretty quality decisions with anime these days They probably so The enemy ology The way of the house husband is inherently funny.

Everything from the situation The settings in the characters are all funny on paper Is there an anime form We follow an ex yoku's a boss that is retired from a life And now lives as a house husband Long gone are the days of the infamous in University field Yakuza boss The Immortal dragon is he retires into Supports his wife.

Each episode is a really fun little scenario in which we see the thuggish in Menifee Deal with day-to-day chores Occasionally seeing his old Jacuzzi buddies are really brilliant light-hearted and fantastic Hoping it'll spend multiple series honestly the last What time we saw something this ingenious was great Teacher onizuka Number 8 Sk8 the Infiniti.

Funnily enough skate Actually starts off as an anime series and then only became a manga A fun and interesting look at the Modern skateboarding Skates has a real sense of modernity that many animes Is just don't seem to have Shore even the latest RPG Izakaya animes tend to feel a little outdated Does fresh has become set in Okinawa we follow a group of So seriously hardcore skaters that engage an ultra underground in seriously dangerous Skating competition.

Highly illegal Racers down insanely dangerous roads Through abandoned mines and Rusty Warehouse We follow Ricky a well-known and highly skilled hardcore skater as he adopts a fresh new transfer student into his hectic Menacing world of underground skateboarding Skate plays more like a Crymor mafia-type anime Considering the sort of vicious Just rivalries an enemies that exists between the Escape games.

Animation wise this series really stands out alongside the interesting and fresh View on middle-class Japanese And the sort of messy Behavior they get up to The visual design of the animes Is truly in a league of its own Number 7 Eden's zero This is one of those anime adaptations that we've been waiting for a really long time to arrive Heavily pushed back.

Due to the virus turns out that eating zero is set to get a game made as well Blending fantasy and science Fanfiction with an Aussie Some sense of adventure We can't wait The universe of Eden's zero is one that has a hook From the very first issue Spacefaring civilization filled With humans aliens.

An even sentient robots All the separate planets Solar systems are the perfect reason to integrate so Fantasy elements This heavy space sci-fi back Crazy be such a cybernetic dragons in Then chronophage devouring And rewinding time creating alternative history Honestly how awesome does all of that sound.

Oh yeah and they even rip off modern social media there is a BBQ video camera that allows Content creators or be cubers to upload a pretty clear YouTube reference The base Sickly all this technology runs on this magical power called ether This magical power can also have the effect of supernatural abilities on human It's around this concept Did the core story revolves Number 6 Tokyo Revenge.

Tokyo Revengers brings a grim and gritty Criminal story with an n Interesting in Captivating main character And then out of nowhere time travel 12 years back to the past that's right Tokyo revengers Does an absolute genre Bender Taking what it likes From the best anime tropes.

In creating a very exciting We followed talk to me A below-average nobody working a part-time job getting hassled and bullied by neighborhood troublemakers And he's just not really enjoying life in general Things take a turn for the worst one day went Takamichi learns that a girl he used Was murdered in a gang-related killing Later that day pushed into the way of a train he wakes up 12 years into the past With no idea what exactly he needs.

Tokyo Revengers has a lot of interesting things going for it From the story The setting the dialogue but the real reason we hold this one out Is one of the greats of 2021 The character study of takamichi This make is one of the most delightfully complex you will ever come across Cartoony child cracker The writer puts him in very serious Situations With very gray morel.

The right answer isn't always that clear to see And we were Hooch Trying to find out what exactly talking Michi would be doing next Number 5 Yasuke Another brilliant Series that Netflix has snapped up And for good reason. Concept alone.

Coosa is not going to be forgotten for a very long time this Series has been hyped around the world And takes a very fresh and revolutionary look at what we consider anime An awesome action fantasy Detail with the seriously underrated Samurai twist We take a look at the historical figure that was your Kusa Of course the Creator's take some Freedom with what actually happened But the series follows the app African warrior that act.

Actually serve drinks 18th century Japan Set in an in Interesting alternative reality in which Feudal Japan branded both magic in advance Technology We followed the African Samurai Yakuza We followed the app Freaking Samurai Yakuza.

Epictale in the service of the Japanese lord Witnessing epic battles Dealing with some very heavy theme The story is actually said many years after all these events with Yakuza trying to put his black samurai legendary status behind him So quiet and peace But of course You throwing a sick girl with mysterious magical power a mythical doctor in a far corner of the country as well as a root Bliss mercenary hunting.

The innocent girl. Well Doesn't look like your Coosa has much choice But to return to the life He tried to leave behind Number for 86 86 takes us back Back to the dying Mecca and Military science.

Seriously we adore this in really don't appreciate what What's been happening here as of late Finally our quality series that has been Making Waves across the manga scene is getting its anime adaptation And honestly we can hardly wait Thrown into the middle of a 9-year long War We followed the Juggernaut Mecca unit It's in their human controllers Handler The story of 86 Takes us into a very heavy political and social commentary.

Something that is more relevant Open today than it's ever been jump headfirst Listen to a story of corrupt Kingdoms B Crazy awesome McAfee This is one series you do not want to mess Number three Uzumaki Now this is an anime based on the manga that you.

You probably had very little experience in Too seriously underrated genre but one that is done so well You always see the harems the fantasy and the The Shonen but what about true bone-chilling horror Talking about scary looking Shinigami But actually chilling and terrifying horror Who's ugami is a series we were waiting for throughout 20 Pushback it's finally time In order to preserve the artist.

The anime is said to be produced in Entirely in black and white We follow the other currency These of this small town And this spiral curse Delusional and paranoid This isn't Some scary After shouting boo.

But rather is slow burn in depth Then look into the human psyche And what truly makes someone insane Number two Shaman King Some of you older viewers might need us to repeat ourselves You heard a Shaman King is getting an anime series Seriously this is Huge news like iconic.

Stuff a series that started off in 90 T98 Is finally getting a series made And honestly we can't wait Shaman King was actually way ahead of it It's time in many ways Readers really responded well to the supernatural Adventures of your loss As a shaman yo operates Between the world of the living and the world of the day.

Join him as he departs on a journey To finally become the Shaman King In order to become the shaman He needs to win the shaman fight an epic battle that happens once every 500 years Join you as he Trains and prepares himself for this once-in-a-lifetime chance And number one Platinum end I'm actually jumping around that time excited I am for the release of.

To platinum in Brought to you from the same people that worked on death This series is going to be so great A Dark Fantasy T Supernatural Thriller Keyword hear Thriller Death Note is one of the greatest anime series ever We are certain that Platinum ends To set to be even greater The story of a young student that attempts to commit suicide.

But is rescued by a guardian angel this Guardian grants RMC the ability to act Actually be God seriously God is set to retire in 999 days Clearly

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