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(This film is an adaptation of the 15th episode) (of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, which aired in 1979.) Ensign, above you! Watch out! -It's over. -Doan won. -Of course he did. -He's the strongest! Quiet, now. It's time for bed. This is an important mission. We must eliminate anything that could become an obstacle before our assault on Gibraltar!.

Very soon, Fleet Admiral Gopp will pass throughLas Palmas, aboard the La Grandpa. And before he does, we must take care of the situation on Alegranza! You're saying there are “remnant operatives” on this island? Precisely! Even the other day, two of our GMs were destroyed by enemies hiding on this island. These are no mere stragglers, but operatives left on the island for a special mission!.

I see. So far, your career has followed a glorious course. You've even had a two-rank special promotion. Quite remarkable. You're a hard man to replace, but the situation is changing by the day. Simply put, the prototype mobile suit Gundam you delivered to us is just one more machine now the GM is in mass production. Then assign this mission to another unit.

A military is all about unit formations! An independent fighting force like this ship is suited to dealing with individual objectives. These are the General Staff's orders! You are to mop up the remaining enemies on Alegranza with all the fighting strength at your disposal! Our mission is to wipe out the remnant operatives on Alegranza. This is an important mission. The island is the northernmost point in the Canary Islands.

It's tiny. It's about 5 kilometers in length. Oh, it has a lighthouse? It's ancient. Its facilities are damaged and have been unused for years. Give me a break. Mopping up on an uninhabited island? They couldn't have given us a lousier job. Cut the chit-chat!.

Where's Lieutenant Sleggar? He's out drinking in the city with members of his team. Dot Eyes is in an especially bad mood today. Petty Officer Kai Shiden, sortie in the Guncannon. -And Warrant Officer Amuro. -Huh? Take the Gundam. Chief Petty Officer Job, pilot the Gunperry. Sir! -Petty Officer Hayato, you're the gunner. -Sir!.

Dismissed! Well… What is it? I'm going too? Of course! Did you think it would be a prototype forever? Don't expect special treatment. Amuro, good luck. Thanks. Wait!.

Be careful. I have a bad feeling about this. I'll be fine, Ms. Sayla. Geez, was that guy always like this? Lieutenant Commander, huh? He's getting too full of himself. Go easy on him. It's tough for him as well. I'm not so sure. Hey, by the way, what exactly did he mean by “remnant operatives?”.

They're agents intentionally left behind by a withdrawing force for the purpose of sabotage and espionage. Sounds like a crappy job. Chief, I see some dark clouds ahead. Could it be a squall? The clouds are too big for that. It's rare to see such clouds this time of year. Come in. Would you like some coffee?.

What? Yeah. Was I too harsh? I'd say you were. He's a sensitive boy. You have to be gentler with him. Sorry. According to the coordinates, we're right above the island. But the visibility… Lower altitude!.

Ready the ground radar. Okay. What? There it is! We're right above the island. Oh, wow! Incoming transmission from the Gunperry. We're getting video as well. Good. Put it through on the main monitor.

What a small island. That must be the lighthouse. It's tiny! It's ancient, just like the data said. We've found a Gunperry! We don't see any GMs, but the ground is scorched like it's seen combat. Touch down for recon in force! Roger that.

I don't feel good about this. Open hatches 90 degrees. Unlock belt buckles. -Got it. -Roger. There's no enemy in sight, but be careful. Yes, Mr. Job. Why don't we split up and search the island? You explore the west side. Roger that.

And I'll scout out the east.Something's fishy about that lighthouse. Who are we fighting this time? In a place like this… Something's definitely off about that lighthouse. Be that as it may, I doubt anyone's hiding mobile suits in there… What's this? It's a plowed field, all right. -Petty Officer Kai, come in. -Sir!.

Report your status. Yes, sir. At the moment, I… What? Take that! What the… Petty Officer Kai! Go away! Children? So it wasn't uninhabited, after all!.

-Get off our island! -Go away! -Leave! -Take that! -I hate soldiers! -Get out! -Go away! -Murderer! We hate you! -You jerk! -Go away! You'll get hurt! Get out of the way! -I'm scared! -Go away! I hate you!.

I didn't sign up for this! Hey, Amuro! Zaku footprints! That's strange. Where did it go? Amuro! Listen, a bunch of brats just- – isn't there a cliff ahead? A cliff, just as I thought. What was it doing here?.

He's fast! Geez, I hate thunderstorms! What? Yikes! The island was inhabited, all right, with snot-nosed brats! Petty Officer Kai, I've lost contact with Amuro. Same here. I can't reach him either. You lost contact with Warrant Officer Amuro?.

Yes, a little while ago. I can't reach him either. I wonder what happened. What's up? Sorry, I've been bar-hopping. Hey, Captain. Fine day, isn't it? -What? -Amuro… What? Amuro?.

Amuro, come in! Amuro, do you read me? Amuro! Warrant Officer Amuro! Come in, Amuro! Chief Petty Officer Job, what was that noise? Thunder, sir! We're having quite the storm here. Mr. Job! Can't we touch down already? Pull out! What was that, sir?.

Pull out now! -What? -What? Pull out, sir? But what about Amuro? We'll continue the search later. Just get out of there. Step on it! I haven't seen him since we split up. It's weird. Mr. Kai, hurry! Sorry, Amuro. -Get on board! -We'll come back for you, I promise!.

We've collected Petty Officer Kai's Guncannon and taken off. Lieutenant… go look for him, please. You shot at people! How could you aim a gun at people and shoot? But Mom, we're at war now! Is that what your father taught you? You were such a gentle child.

But now, I'm ashamed to call you my son! Fight, Amuro! Pilot the Gundam your father made! Isn't my Gundam wonderful?! That's right. Go on. Get in it! The Gundam must go before the evacuees! Move it out, quickly! Dad! What?.

You don't care about me or Mom! This is your end, Gundam! Your end! Wait! Don't leave me! Ms. Mirai! Fraw! Ms. Sayla! It's so hot! Where am I?.

Cara, where should I carry this? Hold on! I'll be there in a moment. Amado, Jose, let's move on to the next spot. Ready, Jose? Mateo, Blanca's waiting for you. What? Pick a smaller rock, Julian. I can carry this! Wh-What the…

Blanca! It's milking time! Lope, hold her steady, okay? Okay. Doan, he's up! You should stay in bed. You attacked me, didn't you? The Gundam… What have you done with my mobile suit?.

Why are we helping a soldier? We should've left him to rot. I hope you die! What? I hate soldiers! Where are you going? To look for my mobile suit! Doan, shouldn't we… Let him be.

But it'll be dark soon… -Let's eat! -Let's eat! I'm famished! -Hey, that's the one I wanted! -Here. Thanks. Open up. -I've got Mateo's glasses, too!-Today's fish is delicious! -That's the fish I caught!-I want ice cream. Stop that.

-We don't have ice cream.-I hate carrots. -Don't be picky.-I want ice cream too! Dario, stop spacing out and eat your food. Don't we have more of Blanca's milk? That's all we have today. She kicked over the bucket again, didn't she? So that's what happened. That's because Lope didn't hold her steady. Don't cry.

You made him cry! -Are you worried? -Hey! What? About that boy. Forget him. But… Go to him. Open up. Be careful.

Right! Ines, look after the kids, okay? What? Okay. What? Looking for me? I was asked to check on you. How far did you go? To the edge of the big crater… All the way there?.

We have enough dinner for you. Don't mind me. What's the matter? Is the light broken? Yeah. Apparently, the generator is damaged. It would be nice if it was fixed, but Doan's so busy, you know. Is Doan that man? Yeah, that's him. Cucuruz Doan.

Doan, it's Julian's birthday the day after tomorrow. Aha. How old will you be? Seven! We'll have to celebrate, then. All right! A party! A party! Happy birthday! You know what? I'll catch you a fish this big! You? Yeah, right.

In your dreams. That's right. The other day,you let a fish this small get away. Totally! Shut up! I'm a better fisher than any of you! It's done! I drew you a yummy cake! I want cake I can really eat. What do you want for your birthday, Julian? The lighthouse!.

What? Fix the lighthouse, Doan. Make it work again! Great idea. Electricity, huh? -Not this again. -Why not? -It would be nice to have lights.-I bet it's pretty. Then we'll be able to use the fridge too! Right? Maybe we can even make ice cream with Blanca's milk. I want ice cream!.

That's all you talk about. Doan, pretty please? It won't be easy. -What? -What? -Why not? -Ice cream… -Cara. -Please, Doan. Welcome back, Cara. -Welcome back!-Welcome back! Thanks.

Come in. How far did you go? He went all the way to the Big Suribachi. Well, that's a long way to go. Take a seat. It's no use looking for anything there. -Amado! -I can't help it. Go back to your own seat! No way!.

-What? -Cara! How could you? He doesn't deserve it! If you don't work, you don't get to eat! Don't worry. Starting tomorrow, you can work for your food. Thanks. What's your name, kid? It's Amuro. Amuro Ray. Amuro, huh? I'm Doan.

It'll be difficult to move around in that outfit. Marcos, lend him a pair of trousers. What? Why me? Who else can I ask? Fine. Okay, everyone. It's time to brush your teeth and go to bed. But first, let's all say our promises to Doan. -Okay! -Okay!.

We promise to be nice to each other. We'll help each other and do our chores. We won't be picky eaters and we'll eat all our food. -We'll use water carefully.-We'll use water carefully. We'll take care of the younger ones. We won't be selfish. We'll keep our rooms tidy. We won't cry even when we're lonely. -Thank you, Cucuruz Doan! -Thank you, Cucuruz Doan!.

Look, Elran. It's Moltke, the second Big Tray warship. Well, that's quite impressive. The great thing is that it's an amphibious hovercraft. It'll launch from Belfast,cross Great Britain and the North Sea, and come ashore at Danzig. Then, we'll move south acrossthe Polish Plain and capture Odessa! I intend to send the White Base there. The White Base, sir?.

The “Trojan Horse.” It's currently under Admiral Gopp's command, but I want it close by at my disposal. We're transferred to the Northern Army? Why? This is an order from the top. Your ship is to make for Belfast immediately. What about the mopping-up mission on Alegranza? We'll give it to someone else. As I recall, you said you couldn't send any other units.

True, but this is from the top. Do you realize this mission may already have resulted in a casualty? You hit me, Mr. Bright! You hit me again! Not even my father ever hit me! If only… he had simply deserted. We're heading for Belfast. What? I thought we were going to look for Warrant Officer Amuro.

We're going to leave Amuro behind? This is an order from the top. We can't just…! Then we'd better make an objection. Maybe we could plead directly with Admiral Gopp and… Anyway, we're on standby until further notice. Dismissed! -Hey, kid. -What? Ever wanted to face a court-martial? Sounds cool!.

It's been a while, General M'Quve. I must say, I wasn't expecting youto request a meeting with me. So, what is it you want to discuss? I'll get straight to the point. I want you to halt your assault on Gibraltar. May I interpret this as an offer of surrender? We've prepared something depending on your response. Oh my. If you refuse, Washington, New York, London, Paris,.

And many other cities will be annihilated. Have you forgotten the Antarctic Treaty? Treaties are treaties. So it's “Is Paris burning?” Like Hitler in the previous era. You know your history. But Paris wasn't burned. That's because one of his commanders disobeyed his orders. However,.

I have no such traitors under my command! Not even one! For my part, I do not wish for further destruction of civilization. I trust you'll make a wise decision. Enemy confirmed ahead! All units, open fire! -Yes, sir!-Yes, sir! Roger that! Y-You came for us! The Brown Southern Cross!.

You're late, Waldo! Only by 0.2 seconds, Lieutenant. Hey, hey! C'mon! Next target! Eleven o'clock! Roger that! Is this all you've got? You're no fun to play with. Who are these guys?! The Brown Southern Cross…

It's like they're holding this front on their own. Come on, Lieutenant Waldo. Don't steal my kill! Steal it? I just thought I'd help since you seemed to be struggling. Geez, that stings! Thanks, I guess. Don't mention it. That's some skill there. You didn't volunteer for nothing, it seems.

Well, I was just interestedin Lieutenant Cucuruz Doan, that's all. Hey, Danan! I've heard the rumors, but I just wanted to see how strong he really is up close. And find out whether he's better than the Red Comet. Lieutenant! Listen carefully. He betrayed Zeon… betrayed us! Never mention his name again!.

I command the Southern Cross team now! Me, Egba Atler! It's okay, Lope. Don't be scared. Lope, calm down. I'm right here. I'm scared. I don't like the dark! It's going to be okay. I can't sleep… This happens every night.

I wish he'd sleep already. We're going fishingearly tomorrow, remember? It's so dark! I'm scared! Thanks, Gisela. See? Gisela brought a lamp. Let's go to sleep now. Lieutenant, what's the matter? We must advance! Lieutenant!.

Is that you, Cara? Come in. Has Lope fallen asleep? Yeah. He's scared of the dark, you know. I saw you had the lantern on,so I guessed you were still working. I'm sorry… for putting you through so much. Don't be. I'm just trying to repay you for everything you've done for us.

Just hold on a little longer. Once the war is over,you'll be able to live more comfortably. Until then, I'll do whatever it takes to protect you all. Doan, please don't die! If you die, I'll… We'll all… Hey, the dishes are still dirty. But…

It's cold! Marco is splashing water on me! Marco, stop that. Julian, what are you doing? Check it out! Cool snake, huh? Cut it out, Julian! Stop it. Jose, hold it steady. It's full already.

All right. Cart it away. Don't fool around. We mustn't waste water. Look who's finally awake. Sleepyhead. Thank you. Did you sleep well last night? What?.

Yeah. No way. Lope was so loud. Well? Care to give this a try? Me? Come on! Put your back into it! The soil is dark underneath. You have a keen eye. Volcanic ash becomes dark soil.

And brings forth sprouts. The power of Mother Natureis quite something. Blanca, stop! Somebody catch her! I'll get her! Got you now! -Did she knock it over again? -Cut it out! It's Lope's fault. Keep her steady, okay?.

Okay. Stay still, Blanca. Don't cry! Blanca's too strong for Lope. She seems fond of him, though. I guess he'll be on goat duty after all. I want to be on goat duty too. Maybe I can take Mateo's place. I want to try too!.

No! Taking care of Blanca is my job! Gosh! Now it's Mateo's turn to cry. Maybe you're not milking her properly. Watch carefully. You hold the teat like this and gently close your fingers one at a time, you see? Try it. That's right. Now close your fingers one at a time. Good. Use your third finger too. She bleats, “It's sweet.”.

Good for you, Mateo. Doan can do anything! -Yeah! -I want to try too! -Doan, check out our catch! -Doan! Doan! Check it out! -Wow. -What is it? -It looks scary. Will it eat me? -It's huge. It's a dolphinfish.

A dolphinfish? This is one of the smaller ones. It can actually grow this big! I'll catch a big one someday! Does it taste good? Of course. Deep-fried or grilled. I like meunière! We can have it for Julian's birthday party. Yes!.

Are you going to look for your mobile suit again? Yeah. You'll get heatstroke if you go bareheaded. Here. Take this. What? But… And this. Take this too. What? If you can't find it, turn back quickly before it gets dark.

You won't find it that easily! Th-Thank you. Katz, Letz, Kikka! Open the door, you naughty children! -Come out! -Haro, Haro. It's mean to leave Amuro behind! We won't come outuntil you promise to go find him! We won't come out! We won't eat anything either!.

They have a point. It's callous to abandon a comradejust because some higher-up ordered it. Hey. The kids are still at it, are they? They say they won't eat anything either. Well, that's a shame. Because I just got some honey ice cream,a specialty of the Canary Islands. But I guess it's just going to melt. What? Ice cream? Ice cream!.

-The ice cream's going to melt. -Kikka, no! -Where's the ice cream? -Got you! -Haro. -Oh, Kikka… -So where's the honey ice cream? -This way. -Keep going. -Tell me. -Well then… -Let's go. -Where is it? -This way. Are you ready to risk being court-martialed? We'll take three mobile suits.

Kai and Hayato, you pilot them. And you, Mr. Lieutenant? I'm piloting a GM, of course. The problem is… The Gunperry's payload is only two mobile suits. Indeed! -Oh, my! -Gosh! Why don't we use the Core Booster? Can I fly a Core Booster?.

Sure I can. Well then, I have a favor to ask you. I'd really like to… ride your back. We can't delay going to Belfast any longer. We'll carry it out tomorrow at 15:00. Load the two Cannonsonto the Gunperry before then. And I'll ride the Core Booster. I had to pay a high price for it, though. Gundam footprints!.

I've seen this view before. It's here. This is where I… This is the place. This is where that Doan guy's Zaku attacked me and… A squall is coming. Yes, it's raining! -Yeah! -Finally! Yes!.

We collected so much water! Water! Don't spill it, stupid! Awesome! The tank is almost full. Marcos. There's no water coming from the well. What? You're right. That's weird.

What? -Doan, help! -What? The water isn't coming out. Is the water pump broken? Are we out of water? But it's Julian's birthday tomorrow… I want my birthday party! No time for that now! I want my party!.

Don't worry, Julian. We can't drink water anymore? What's the matter? We don't have water anymore. You can't drink rainwater. You'll upset your tummy! I see. We probably have a broken pipe. Let's go repair it. Marcos.

I'll go too. All right. Tag along, then. It's no good. I can hear the motor running, but the hole gets too narrow for me to reach it. You may be small enough to get through, though. What's the problem, Marcos? Quickly now! I'll go.

What? -You? -Well then, strap up. Be careful. I will. I found where the pipe is broken. The water pump is still working. I'll start repairing the pipe. -Yes! -Wow! The water's running again!.

All right! We have water! Look! It's Doan! Doan, thank you! Thank you! You're amazing, Doan! You're our hero! Thank you, Doan. Amuro fixed the pipe.

What? Thank you, Amuro. Hey, Marcos. -Thank you. -Shut up! Off to work again? Yeah. I've been wondering… You were up late last night too. Is it a very difficult job?.

It's no big deal. I'm almost done, so don't worry about it. Oh! Doan, take care! Don't forget, tonight's my birthday party! I know. I'll come home early. Where are you going, Marcos? You're going too? What's the rope for? Hey!.

Take care! Be safe! All I needed was rope. Now I can get down. Doan! What are you doing here?I told you not to come. Give me the white one! What? I want to pilot a mobile suit,.

So I can protect everyone too! I want to fight like you, Doan! Fighting isn't the only way to be strong. But… Go home! And never come here again. Doan, please… Leave! The Gundam is here, isn't it?.

It's mine. Give it back. You've been piloting it the whole time? I have, ever since Side 7. I couldn't believe it. The white one of the Federation… To think that countless Zeon warriors were slain by that thing. Stop it, Marcos! Enough! See, Doan?.

I'm stronger than him. So let me pilot the white- – I said enough. Go home! I have an important job to do. Both of you, leave! Now! Point C.A. is not responding. Explain.

We believe it's due to accumulated Minovsky particles. I doubt that. It's more probable that someone is jamming our communications. But that's unthinkable! The operative we left behind has repulsedmany Federation search missions and is defending Point C.A. at all costs! And how can you be sure this person isn't the saboteur? I-Impossible. Send out a search party immediately!.

We don't have time! We've lost contact with Point C.A. We believe we have a saboteur. Your mission is to eliminate them, restore the system swiftly, and perform a manual launch. Dismissed! I don't like it. This mission stinks! I'm not so sure, Petty Officer Danan. What if this saboteur is actually… What if?.

Who do you have in mind, Lieutenant Waldo? Cucuruz Doan, sir. You think it's Doan? Impossible! But wait a minute… We can't rule it out. All right! Doan's there, is he? That's awesome! You idiot!.

What are you so excited about, huh? Run, Danan! What's so great about him, huh? He's a bloody traitor! I'll make mincemeat out of him! Doan is there? Don't look down! Hang on. You're almost at the top. I can't believe you climbed down this cliff!.

That doesn't look good. Let's hurry back. We've fastened all the buckles! Explosive bolt safeties checked! Activating engines. Could you take over comms for me? Sure. What? Where are you off to? Gunperry, taking off.

Haro Haro Haro Haro Haro Haro Haro Haro… Captain! We have a transmission from HQ. Put it through. Captain Bright, depart immediately! General Revil is waiting in Belfast! General Revil? That's right! I see. That explains all the fuss.

Did you say something, Captain? Oh, nothing. We'll set out immediately. The Core Booster is ready to launch too! Where's the pilot? Isn't he here yet? Here I am. Ms. Sayla? I thought Lieutenant Sleggar was riding. That's right. I'm riding her…

In this. Don't make it sound so weird. What's taking you so long, Captain?! Get moving! What is it? What did you say? Ensign Ritsma! What? Sir? The gyro is malfunctioning. Couldn't you tell? Well…

What? Run a check now! We don't have time! CIC, we're calibrating the engines. Takeoff will be delayed. Engine room, is the gyro fixed yet? You idiot! Stop wasting time! What? The synchro-motor is broken too? Well, Mirai? Captain!.

So that's where we're at. Unfortunately, we're unable to depart any time soon. But- – What is it? Nothing. Captain! There's a large aircraft approachingfrom the direction of Morocco! What? It's a Fat Uncle.

There are others too! Where are they headed? The Canary Islands. They may be making for Alegranza. I'm scared! Over there! Watch your step. My birthday is ruined! I'm scared! I don't like it when it's dark! I'm scared!.

There, there! It'll be okay. Light the candles! And the lamps! Quickly now! Bring out the candles! I'm scared! It's too dark! Well… What now? Where's the electric generator? The generator? It's on the roof… Amado, show him.

This way. See? Where's the battery? The battery? Where's the warehouse? At the bottom of the staircase. But you're not allowed to enter without permission. There it is! -I'm scared! -There, there.

The power turned on! He fixed the battery! You fixed it? I wouldn't put it that way… I think you can turn on the lighthouse now too. -Really? -Cool! Okay, let's see… It worked! No…

Hurray! We have power! We can use the fridge now! We can even make ice cream! Check it out! We turned the lighthouse on too! Really? -Wow! -Awesome! -Cool! -It's so pretty! Wow! Amazing.

-Beautiful. -It's really working. -Thank you. -It's so beautiful. Look, it's Doan! Doan's back! Doan! Doan, Amuro fixed the lights! He fixed the lighthouse too! Amuro's really amazing, isn't he? You shouldn't have done that.

What? What's that? It's a Gunperry! -Wow! -Hey, what's that? -It's a lighthouse. -Haro… -It's so pretty. -Haro, Haro. Mr. Kai, look! This time it's lit up. We're touching down.

Stand by in your mobile suits. It's the same one as before! Doan! Bring it down! It came back for you. What beautiful camaraderie. But… I'll destroy it. The Southern Cross…

You can't run from your past, can you? I have to settle this once and for all. Marcos! Come with me. -Yes, sir. -Doan! Cara, take care of the children. Lope, don't be afraid. Mateo. Take good care of Blanca, will you?.

Yeah. It's all right. I'll be back. I'll come with you. Can you fight for these children? Even against your own comrades? Mr. Kai, it's Zeon! Dammit! This is getting stupidly dangerous! The Federation Forces, huh?.

I'll take care of them. Waldo and Sangho, carry out the special mission. -Roger! -Roger! The Core Booster? Lieutenant, over there! What? Lugguns? Shoot them down! Sure thing!.

Aim true, Lieutenant! Yeah. Sangho, we're jumping off. What? The water isn't deep. We can walk to the shore. Just lovely. Hey! What? You can swim, right?.

We're going to dive and swim under these rocks. It won't be easy. We sure got ourselves in a pickle! No choice but to keep fighting! It's too dangerous here. We're getting off. -Come on. Hurry! -Haro! Come on! Pull yourself together! Wake up!.

Come on! Dammit! I'm not getting any hits in! For heaven's sake… Mr. Lieutenant, you're finally here! Get ready to crash-land. What? Seriously? We must've taken a hit in that aerial battle. Ready your shock absorbers! Playtime is over!.

Hayato! Mr. Kai! Kai! Petty Officer Sangho, I'll carry out our mission. You keep watch here. Roger. It can't be… What? Leave!.

What did you say? I don't want to fight you. You lying traitor! I'm glad you're still alive, Doan. Because I always wanted to kill you with my own hands! Doan? Cucuruz Doan? You've got to be kidding me! To think I'd meet you here, of all places! You won't get away!.

Amazing! He can hold his ownagainst a High Mobility Zaku, huh? Danan, you idiot! Would you believe it? I'm actually fighting Doan! The famous Cucuruz Doan himself! All right! He's strong! He really is badass, huh? You really are the greatest, Cucuruz Doan! Restore the system swiftly and perform a manual launch.

Success! Mission accomplished. What's taking him so long? Eh? What's this? It looks like we've got a rat problem here. Wow. What's going on? Doan.

Why? My turn! -I don't like this. -I'm scared! Everyone, to the basement! Hurry! It's going to be okay. Gisela, lead the way. -Hurry!-This way. Come on! -Watch your step!-Here we go.

Come on, Blanca! You're coming too! Blanca ran away! What should I do?I promised Doan I'd take care of her! Lope. Blanca! Wait! Blanca! Wait!.

Mr. Kai! I thought I was dead meat. What? What? Catch her! Oh, thank you! Is everyone here? Nobody's hurt? Looks like we have a few extra. Where are you from?.

I'm from the White Base. We came to look for Amuro! Amuro? You're looking for Amuro? Did you say Amuro? You know him? Come on! Go faster! Isn't this the girl who threw stones at my Cannon? Look! It's Doan!.

Doan! -Go, Doan! -Take him down! You're finished now! You're a pathetic loser, Cucuruz Doan! Prepare to die! The white one of the Federation! Mr. Kai, it's the Gundam! Amuro finally showed up, huh? -It's the Gundam! -Amuro!.

Amuro, late, late. Bring it on! You won't get away! Now! What? The ballistic missiles have been launched. They did it! This is what you asked for, Admiral Gopp. A large missile has been launched.

It's close! Launched from Alegranza! That close? Shoot it down! All vessels, launch missiles! The missile broke into six pieces. They'll reach the Karman line soon. Unable to continue pursuit! What's that? What?.

What could it be? Shooting stars, maybe? Four, five, six. So pretty! -It's so beautiful! -Wow! Doan, this is what you were working so hard on, isn't it? The missiles disappeared. They seem to have exploded outside the atmosphere.

It looks like luck was on our side. Uragang. Is Paris burning? What? I take that as a no. Neither Paris, London nor New York. No, sir… It appears one of my soldiers, too, was devoted to saving culture. I'm sorry, Fraw.

I made you worry about me. Did she do that? Yeah. He was amazing. Thank you. I had no idea you were that strong! -Doan! -I'm glad you're all safe. -Are you hurt, Doan? -Doan! You were awesome!.

Amuro was too! With you and Amuro protecting us,I'm not scared of war anymore! I'm not scared either! That's not right. War is a frightful thing. Cucuruz Doan. It's the smell of war lingering on your body that draws battle to you. Let me get rid of it for you, Doan. Doan! He threw your Zaku into the sea!.

What are you going to do? It's all right. Amuro did the right thing. Really? Julian, don't cry. Take off! We're heading to Belfast! Look! A giant airplane! Wow!.

It's huge! Amuro might be on it. Huh? -What is it? -I'm scared. Amuro's on that thing! He is? Hey, Blanca! Hey! -Bye! -Bye bye. Haro Haro.


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