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Welcome to another movie plot Spoilers ahead Creeping up on a vacationing girl by a lakeside is just a drone being controlledby the douche-bag Caleb. Teresa annoyed by Caleb's apparent lackof care for his girlfriend's sickness, goes back to the cabin to check on her cousin. With Jessica still under the weather, Teresadecides to sit with her to keep her company, when suddenly Jessica begins blindlychanting the words from Teresa's book. Her body drops to the floor and begins convulsing,.

Then grabs the attending Teresa'shair and rips her scalp off. The injured girl makes it to Caleb but isfollowed by the clearly possessed Jessica, who uses her boyfriend's droneto mutilate her vessel's body. Caleb dives into the lake to try save her butis instantly pulled underwater and decapitated. As his demonic girlfriend rises up andlevitates above the lake we get a title card! One day earlier, an upset guitar techniciannamed Beth just learnt she is pregnant, with this news she takes her car and visitssomeone with experience on the matter. She goes to a condemned Los Angelesapartment building to see her sister, single mother Ellie,.

A tattoo artists dealing with herangsty teenage daughter Bridget. As well as her teenage DJ son Danny andtheir doll slaying little sister Kassie. Bridget gets called on by her neighbourJake to watch the Elm Street films, but she rejects his advances. Kassie turns a dolls head into aspear which she calls Staffanie, and jabs her sister with it, so with the help of Dan she is helddown by Bridget and tickled to death. When Beth reaches their apartment she surprisesher sister and is smacked in the face, then invited in.

At dinner Kassie tells the story of a man who hanged himself in a vault whenthe building was once a bank, and says that Staffanie isto scare his ghost away. “First” Ellie calls her sister a groupie in front ofKassie leaving her sister to explain the word, and things grow awkward whenBeth mentions the children's dad, so Ellie sends them to pick up food. Explaining to her sisterthat the kid's dad left them, and she spent the last two months tryingto contact Beth in the wake of the breakup,.

Which Beth only just now listens to the messages. The children arrive back to theapartment with tonight's dinner, and are in its basement parking-lot while Bethis trying to tell her sister about the pregnancy, when the building begins violentlyshaking by an earthquake. Everyone remains safe except for the dinner, and Danny discovers that it uncovered aconcealed chamber housing the old bank-vault. Danny investigates it to findthat all the lockboxes are emptied, and it’s housing nothing more thansome phonograph records from 1923, and a photo of priests holding a book.

He is soon startled by a statue of Jesus and finds a corner of the vaultcovered in religious artefacts. Inside a sarcophagus in the centre of it, he finds a book bound in cured human flesh. Ellie can’t get through toher kids on the phone and enlists the help of neighbourGabe to help search for them. While their Neighbour Mr. Fonda searchesfor his missing cat in the building ducts. “Kitty kitty” The kids get back just in time to keepthis entire thing set in the one building,.

And get a yelling at from mom forusing the elevator after a quake. Danny takes the book to his room believing that he could possibly sell it and usethe money to help the family. Unable to get inside, he accidentally cuts his finger on its teeth causingit to open like a password. Seeing it’s horrific images inked in blood, Bridget slams it closed and demandsthat Danny return it in the morning, which he agrees. Beth runs a bath for Kassie who is terrifiedof water having been stung by a jellyfish,.

And checks that it’s safe from stingerswhen she begins to get pulled in. Having just been messing with her andprobably scarring her even worse than she was, Beth begins to have karma cramps. So Kassie comforts her with a huggiving her a serious case of baby fever. In his room Danny listensto records from the vault, with the initial detailing a rejected effortby a priest in 1923 to research the book. He believed it to be one of threefabled volumes of the Naturom Demonto, AKA the book of the dead.

The priests request to study it wasthrown out under the ruling of heresy, despite him wanting to studyit for the good of mankind. The second record reveals that thepriest continued his research in secret, and recites an incantation that he believedwould allow contact with the other side. At the same time Ellie isignoring her own words of wisdom to her children and takingthe elevator after an earthquake. Danny tries to stop the recording fromsaying the words but it prevents him, Reciting the words, Klaatu.

Barada Nikto Summoning a Kandarian demon thatattacks Ellie in the elevator. Not being able to see the demonit begins slapping her around, before stringing her up inthe elevator with metal vines. As the power goes out thedemon possesses Ellie with an undead parasitic lesser demon called a Deadite. She staggers back to the apartment in a trance and walks straight past thefamily to begin making breakfast,.

Trying to speak to them but struggling with words. Ellie menacingly threatens to kill them, but snaps out of it for a moment andtells them that something is in her. Dropping to the floor she begins crawlingtowards them until finally throwing up. She pleads with Beth to protect her children, then dies. Not being able to take her to a hospitaldue to the elevator now being damaged, and also the stairwell collapsing, they get the neighbours to helplay her to rest in her bedroom.

As the tenants try to gain access to afire-escape through a reinforced door, Beth sits with her sister and mourns. When suddenly Ellie begins speaking throughBeth's phone asking her sister for help. With Ellie's eyes once again open,a fly lands on one and she blinks, alarming Beth before sitting up in bed. “She's alive?” Noticing her sister's skin burning up, thefamily take Ellie and put her in a cold bath, causing her to freak out and leap to the ceiling. She begins to wail like a banshee alertingthe entire building and boiling the bathwater,.

Before dropping back into the tub. The now Deadite Ellie starts to chaseafter Beth with a piece of mirror, albeit very slow. When Bridget intervenes, she is called a titty-sucking parasiteby her mother before getting jumped. Before it can do anything but ascratch with Ellie’s tattoo gun, Danny saves his sister with asteel chair from the sideline. Ellie begins playing innieminnie with the families lives, until Gabe returns to the apartment havinghad no luck getting into the neighbours place.

Ellie leaps on him and bites his eyeball out, then spits it down Jake'sthroat causing him to choke. All of this gives Beth the chance she needsto lock the Deadite outside of the apartment. She watches on and sees her sister's body being used to pursue and massacreall of the remaining neighbours. Mr Fonda gets a good lick in with hisshotgun, but is also dragged away and killed. With the rain strong and no one onthe street able to hear their screams, Bridget begins accusing Dannyof causing all of this..

So he confesses to Beth about recoveringthe Naturom Demonto and playing the tapes, Bridget goes to the kitchen to check onthe scratch she sustained from Ellie, Leaving Kassie alone by the front door. The cut begins to spread across Bridget's face and she begins leaking blackliquid from every oraphus, while Kassie is tricked intoopening the door for her mother. The premature Deadite is foiled by the chain lock, so Beth and Danny are able to get Kassie free from it’s grip before she getskilled by her own mother.

Returning to the kitchen Beth finds Bridgetcompletely taken over by another Deadite, eating glass and talking smack like all demons. She takes a cheese grater to her aunties leg, before getting battered upside thehead with some kitchen utensils. When Danny checks on the commotion hisdeadite sister begins to go for him, until Kassie saves them by puttingStaffanie through Bridgets head, then tying her body up just to be sure. Beth tells Kassie that she isn’tgoing to let anyone hurt her, to which Kassie replies thatshe will make a good mother,.

Since she knows how to lie to kids. Without any other option, Beth herself listens to the third recordto understand how to exercise the Deadites, but learns that the priest failed, all his fellow priests were possessed one by one, and he made the final recording with thembanging at the door about to rip him to shreds. While Ellie is still banging away at her own, Bridget revives wrapped up ina blanket and attacks Kassie, but Danny intervenes and becomesthe deadites target of attention.

No doubt already being possessedby the amount of blood he intakes, Danny is fatally stabbed witha chefs knife while setting his sister ablaze with the stove and some aerosol. The two siblings die togetherwhile Beth sits not 10 feet away, still listening to the recording for an answer. Ellie finds a way to sneak intothe apartment through the cat vent, and crawls in behind Beth as shesits there muted to her surroundings. With the window ruining the surprise, the Deadite acts as a gramophone toplay the last few words of the priest,.

Before throwing her out of the roomto reveal Bridget's destruction. Realizing Beth is pregnant, Ellie attempts to claim both souls, but Kassie slides her some scissorswhich she sticks in the Deadite's head. Leaving the room assuming she is dead, Beth continues to try to get intothe apartment with the fire escape. When she tries to use Mr. Fonda'sdouble barrel the deadite shows back up, so she uses a round to cripple the demon. Ellie tries but fails toemotionally manipulate Kassie,.

Who has accepted that her mother is already gone.But before Beth can finish her Mr. Fonda rises, causing Beth to miss the shotand only cripple Ellie more. All of the bodies of the dead come backat once and begin chanting Dead by Dawn, leading Beth and Kassie to takeshelter in the damaged elevator. Kassie manages to get the doors to closebut the elevator begins to fill with blood, as Ellie and her two children start to mergeinto a human-rat-king known as the Marauder, as per the manual. It climbs atop the elevator to attack thepair as the machine reaches maximum load.

The combined weight causes the elevator toplummet to the ground floor for a Shining moment, allowing Beth and Kassie to finally escape theapartment building and reach the parkinglot. Trying to escape in a car, Beth reverses into a ditchas the Marauder approaches. The two survivors manage to evade it for a while, before trying to slip underthe closing entrance gate. The Marauder captures Kassie and attempts tobehead her in the back of a truck with a chainsaw, but Beth breaks back into thecarpark and distracts it with the shotgun long enough for Kassie to escape.

But it throws the chainsaw at Beth, knocking her off the back of awood-chipper and disorientating her. The amalgamation starts topull Beth into the chipper but Kassie turns it off intime to save her auntie. Kassie turns it back on and Bethforces the Marauder into the chompers, leaving only Ellie'sdecapitated head to taunt Beth, saying that she will be a failure as a mother and getting Sparta kicked into the chipperwith the rest of the Deadites remains. Beth and Kassie embrace and walkout of the car-park together,.

Stealing some guys chainsaw on the way out. The next morning we see that they weren'tthe only ones who live in the building. Jessica goes to the parking lot toleave for her vacation with Teresa when she notices her bloody surroundings, attempting to call the police she issuddenly jumped by an unseen Kandarian demon. And the movie ends. Thank you for watching Subscribe for more

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