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Okay, guys, so we are going to watch episodefive of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 3 2 1. Go. One year later. OK Domain expansion and teleportation Oh, my God, look at Geto face. He feels lonely. Premature death.

What's the meaning of premature death? So, this is different from episode one, twoand three. That hidden inventory. Yeah, just like that. He said before, in the previous episode when playing basketball that the strong must protect the weak We sorcerers have to protect non sorcerers, Right? But, when he looked at non sorcerers like people in the Star Religion like clapping for someone death Is this the people that I should protect?.

Oh my God. He began to hesitate oh my God. is that the clap? oh my God this is the guy with Nanami, right? oh Haibara I love his energy his voice, his energy reminds me of Yuji.

Oh my God look at Geto face He's really thinking about that all day. Oh, my God Maybe Gojo likes something that tastes sweet, so maybe the sweet one. He's thinking so much about Gojo. Oh my God Maybe the answer doesn't satisfy Geto. Who is this?.

Hello. Who are you? Yeah, who are you? So the special grade is Yuta Gojo Geto and Yuki sukumo just treating symptoms.

Want to do something to treat the cause. Really? But how? Oh, my god, look Geto. He's really surprised too. Toji That's crazy. Oh, my God. Don't say that.

Oh, my god. you hear that clap? that suddenly rain But this is the same as when he took a shower earlier, There was also sound of clap along with the flow of water. And he going to choose the wrong path. Oh, my God. They already have new. Oh, my God. Did they just forget about Riko? I mean I know but,.

It's like her efforts are meaningless, her sacrifice. Is that nan ami? Oh my God Oh my God They just keep doing that, until they realize in every way they find that their companion is dead Is he gonna kill them? Where is this? He killed them.

Wait, what is that? Yeah. I'm surprised too. He killed his parents. Shoko is just like oh, the criminal. Oh, my god. He already wears the same one as he wore in the first season. what this clap sonoda?.

You really said about that to a child? Megumi just like What this man talking about? Is he crazy? yeah, don't go to zenin He's really mentioned to get stronger. I miss them so much. So, he slept and dreamed about those past memories. I'm so sorry but megumi hair getting shorter or something.

Did he cry? Ok guys, so that's the reaction of episode five of jujutsu kaisen So, the opening for this episode opens with Gojo who has already started tryingto master his new techniques On the other hand, we can see, How Geto He mentioned earlier that Gojo is getting stronger.

Then he was increasingly assigned by many missions So, he felt alone. I feel here that he is lonely. Have a lot of thoughts. and he couldn't express it So, he just said fine no problem that's kinda sad.

Okay and for this scene For the scene when Geto is taking a shower He really thought about it What the hell am I doing? What is my purpose now? Because he has an ideology or belief that We must protect the weak We must protect the non-sorcerers. then when he saw.

Is this the people that we should protect? That was the point where Geto questions whether it's right to protect people like that? You can hear the sound of the water and also, the clap of those people oh my God. When I see his condition It's true that he still has a lot of thoughts. And he didn't know what to do about that thoughts He felt alone.

Maybe because in that time it seems like a lotmissions that must be done by Gojo He felt alone with that thoughts Then yuki came She said that in this jujutsu their principle is that Like dealing with the symptoms not trying to cope from the source. and.

That was the turning point of Geto he felt Oh, is this a bright spot or answers to all my questions? maybe, that the first choice makes the most sense in his logic the first choice If you want to really eliminate the curse spirit to the root because the second choice is a bit a bit difficult maybe? and accompanied by.

The sound of clap and suddenly there was rain Just like the sound of water flowing when he showered Where he was asked by Yuki Do you hate non-sorcerers? on one side He despised or looking down the non-sorcerers One side is not or denies it So, he has to choose which path it is.

Finally, he chose the path to destroy the source. The first choice to create a world without curse spirits with trying to kill people who are non-sorcerers He symbolizes the sorcerers do like a marathon race. they keep doing something that will never end.

They are stuck in an endless circle and finally He took the first step by killed the people from that village in that case And this is his first step to exterminate all non-sorcerers Even Gojo.

Couldn't believe if it was true that his best friend did that and here WOW If I were you, would this be possible? Because you are the strongest and he tried to kill him And of course, Gojo couldn't bear to do it He even questioned himself.

Am I strong? What's the point of being strong if I can only save people who are ready to be saved by another. At the end we can see here he keeps the request or promise to save and keep Megumi from being sold to the Zenin clan.

And then we go back to the present i miss them so much that's episode for today guys I'm really excited to watch the next episode episode six I'm really curious about what happen nextso I hope you like this video.

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