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Do you remember the feeling it was to see the Colossal Titan on the other side of the wall? All that feeling of fear for seeing a gigantic humanoid being, bigger than the walls themselves, watching you from up there? Well, if that already sounded scary, how would you react if you saw other things scarier than a human-looking giant on the other side of the walls? Something like a giant moth or a three-headed dragon? For those who are fans, you must have understood that we are talking about some of the monsters from MONSTROVERSO. And that's exactly what we're going to do here today: Gather some of the monsterverse's most well-known giants and compare them to Attack on Titan's wall.

In the last videos where we gathered giants from other animes and compared them with the walls, we noticed that you suggested, in the comments, several monsters that belonged to the monstroverse. So, to meet your requests, we decided to change this series of videos a little. And with that, we dedicate an entire video to talking only about the monsters created by Legendary Pictures, the company responsible for the monstroverse. Everything else will continue as usual: We talk specifically about the monster, compare its size to the wall, and imagine what it would be like if Paradis were invaded by this monster. So, before we start, you can already leave your “F” in the comments for the Eldian people, because, unfortunately, these monsters are so strong that it is practically certain that all the.

People of the walls would be decimated by them, since the Eldians there is no technology like that of the Monarch company to contain this type of threat. Probably, the only chance they would have to protect themselves from these monsters would be if Levi was much stronger than he already is… And there's only one way to do that, which is to strengthen Ackerman with the strength of his ultralike and your subscription here on the channel. So, let's everyone leave the ultra like and already activate the notification bell, for the Eldians to have at least one chance of victory! Oh, and depending on how you guys react to this video, we.

Might even bring more monsterverse videos here on the channel, huh? That said, let's see these monsters. MOTHRA Mothra, known as the Queen of Monsters, is basically a giant moth. She has shown to be very docile and doesn't usually hurt anyone unless provoked. It is even said that Motrha was responsible for defending the planet earth in the remote past and was revered as a goddess by ancient human civilizations. The moth monster has been shown to have different powers in each of its incarnations. Having psychic abilities to communicate, ability to shoot lightning from its antennae,.

And also has pincers on the tip of its paws and a poisonous stinger on its tail, which are its most lethal weapons. But if she doesn't want to fight, she can very well contain an enemy's movements by shooting a kind of silk from her tail, or she can simply generate a reflective shield capable of reflecting attacks fired at her. As for its size, the moth is quite small compared to other monsters: In the movie “Godzilla II: King of the Monsters”, it was only 16 meters tall. But when she spreads her wings, then things change. If they are fully extended, the wings reach 245 meters in length – which is already much longer than most monsters in the monsterverse!.

And of course, she can fly. Therefore, she would be much higher than 16 meters, and would be seen by all of Paradis when she was flying over the island. As she is possibly the most peaceful monster in the monstroverse, she wouldn't attack the people of the walls like that, out of the blue. But she could very well adopt more hostile behavior if she was attacked first and felt threatened. With its huge and powerful wings, the Motrha could easily generate devastating gales, with enough force to blow titan shifters far away or even destroy entire houses with the force of the wind.

And since the people of Eldia would not have the technology to deal with such a flying threat, unless there is the flyswatter titan, Mothra would be a big problem for the walls. RODAN Also known as “The Fire Demon”, Rodan is a winged titan resembling a pterosaur. He has very hard and resistant skin, capable of even withstanding Godzilla's atomic blast and the bombardment of military fighters. Additionally, Rodan has an internal combustion system of magma flowing throughout his body, which gives him extreme tolerance to things like fire or lava. Just like its fire abilities, the monster is pretty hot-tempered in terms of its personality.

With the exception of the alpha monster, Rodan attacks anything that comes close to him without discrimination. Its gigantic size, combined with its high body temperature, makes it capable of destroying entire cities with just the winds and shock waves produced when it flies by. And if something is not destroyed by the strong wind, it will definitely be burned because of the high temperature of the generated gales. Volcanoes erupt, just his being near them. Rodan can also fly at supersonic speeds and is still extremely agile in flight. With that, in addition to being able to overcome the speed of fighters, he can perform complex maneuvers in the air to destroy aircraft.

Now, as for his height, he is 47 meters. It is still a little smaller than the wall, which is 50 meters. But when he spreads his wings, Rodan can reach a wingspan of 265 meters! You can't even measure the damage that this monster would cause in Paradis, right? Just by flying over the island, perhaps an entire district would be wiped off the map in a matter of seconds. After several raids on the island, there would hardly be anyone left to tell the story. And if there were any titan shifters left alive, he could end the fight easily using his claws and beaks, which are his main forms of attack. QUEEN MUTO.

The MUTO are ancient parasites that hail from the same Era and ecosystem as Godzilla. And just like the lizard, they also feed on radiation. However, unlike Godzilla, which adapted to live on the ocean floor and feed on the planet's natural radiation, MUTO are actively driven to man-made sources of radiation, such as nuclear warheads and nuclear power plants. They vary in size and appearance depending on the gender of the monster, where females are larger and slightly different compared to males. Being prehistoric parasites, their only goals are to consume radiation and reproduce. Using a nuclear bomb against these parasites is the worst decision anyone can make in life,.

As in addition to causing almost nothing to harm them, it will also fortify them. In addition to radiation manipulation, the MUTO's main weapons are the generation of electromagnetic pulses and its claws and jaw, which are tough enough to easily destroy ships or buildings. A MUTO nicknamed the MUTO Queen appeared in the movie “Godzilla II: King of the Monsters”. It had huge bulges protruding from its back – which is its trademark, in addition to being approximately 91 meters high, which is almost twice the size of the walls. Imagine for the Eldians witnessing such a thing watching from the other side of the walls? They would quickly overcome the trauma left by the colossal titan!.

Being a more animalistic and ferocious monster than the others, the MUTO Queen would not hesitate if it was necessary to destroy all of Paradis. And it wouldn't be a problem for her to go over the Walls or even destroy them if necessary! Not even the colossals within them would be spared! And unless the monster was drawn to another location by a large concentration of radiation or by some Original Titan, Paradis would be in serious trouble. METHUSELAH This is supposedly the oldest monster that exists in the monsterverse. He is a gigantic animal, plant, and rock hybrid creature.

That has a pair of horns and a mouth with large, sharp teeth. He has the ability to hibernate for MILLENNIA, and in doing so, his body molds itself with its surroundings. Mountains and entire forests can rise above him, and once he awakens, he practically carries an entire biome on his back. Being a monster that spends most of its life hibernating, he is naturally a harmless being, and would not harm anyone under normal circumstances. In addition to being able to camouflage itself in the environment as if it were a mountain, Methuselah has an extremely durable body due to its body structure. So, if he receives enemy attacks, his body would have a good resistance to withstand.

The impacts, since he also has a natural protective layer of thousands of years! Since he doesn't possess any kind of special power, he makes up for it with his overwhelming strength and powerful horns to inflict a great deal of damage and destruction. Its height to the shoulders reaches about 98 meters, but that is its size not counting all the various layers of mountains and forests on its back. With them, the monster can get even bigger! As he is a naturally tame monster, Methuselah would pose no threat to the walls, and would hardly turn against the Eldian people. However, like all other monsters, it can be influenced by an alpha to be malicious and destructive.

And if by chance that happened and the Walls were in his way… to get past that obstacle, I imagine he would charge like an angry bull in a bullfight. He would fix his target, take a distance, and run at full speed towards the walls… The result would be only one: a hole dozens of times bigger than the one caused by the Colossus Titan, dismembered wall titans on the ground and a trail of unparalleled destruction throughout the path the monster took on the island. KONG (2021) Let's now talk about the most famous monkey in cinemas, King Kong. He doesn't have.

Much of a secret, we can say that he is basically a gigantic gorilla. Kong is possibly the smartest monster in the monsterverse, thanks to his primate brain. Its people once had skills in building structures, such as housing and other things and even social organization of customs, traditions and so on. He is able to understand some human speech, determine his opponents' attack patterns and even use weapons during combat, such as the ax he used in his fight against Godzilla. Kong can also be considered one of the most agile and efficient monsters in hand-to-hand combat, as his physical size allows him to dodge blows easily,.

And also manage to hit more accurate attacks on his enemies. And despite his gigantic height, he is incredibly agile and can hang on to buildings without any problem, which further helps with his mobility. In addition, Kong has already shown to have enough resistance and durability to withstand impacts from missiles and still fight and withstand attacks from several other monsters. In his most recent film, the giant ape reached an incredible 103 meters in height, the largest gorilla in theaters until then. If Zeke's Bestial was already a huge problem for the walls, imagine facing a monkey 6 times bigger!.

Kong is obviously one of the monsters that wouldn't go around attacking Paradis for no reason, as he is a peaceful creature by nature. However, he becomes extremely aggressive when provoked in any way. So, if he was attacked by the Survey Corps, a rage-stricken Kong wouldn't think twice to cause a beautiful dais on the other side of the walls! For starters, as the gorilla is so agile, he wouldn't even need to destroy the walls to enter the district, with a single jump he would already be on the other side! Not to mention, that he could do just like Zeke, and throw rocks and debris inside the Walls, but the attacks would be even more devastating than the Bestial.

But most likely, he would hesitate once he realized that there were many innocent people there, and after eliminating some Titan Shifters and a few Corps soldiers, he would abandon the battle and go back to the forest. MUTO PRIME Do you think the MUTO Queen was dangerous? Well, in the monsterverse, things can always get worse. When a Muto manages to live long enough, feeding on radiation and surviving battles, he can also reach the final evolutionary state of his species, called MUTO Prime. The scales on its back are even larger and more striking than the queen's,.

But its biggest feature is its front paws. They are incredibly muscular, and are covered in a yellow layer of exoskeleton. These paws are strong enough to generate earthquakes just by hitting them on the ground, not to mention that their claws, in addition to being sharp, are superheated because of their blood, which is composed of lava. Its scream can also be considered a weapon, as the parasite can scream at such a high frequency that it can shatter human bones or even the plates on Godzilla's back! Otherwise, Muto Prime does everything a Muto is normally capable of doing: It feeds on radiation and lays its eggs in radioactive monsters.

Its height is an incredible 104 meters, which already leaves the Queen in the dust. The plates that make up his body are so resistant that they would leave Reiner's titan dying of envy, and probably no titan or human weaponry could pierce that armor. Thunder spears, titan hardening, anti-titan cannons… If even Godzilla has trouble piercing that armor, what chance do the Eldians have against it? And as its paws can generate earthquakes just by hitting the ground, it is likely that many houses and even part of the walls would fall just because of these earthquakes. So it is. The Eldians would just have to accept defeat against this giant beetle. SCYLLA.

Scylla is a species of giant cephalopod, having huge spider-like legs, a body that looks like a snail's shell, and a head full of tentacles, reminiscent of Cthulhu. Even though Scylla didn't have much prominence in the movies, she had a lot more presence in the comic “Godzilla Dominion”, where she even faced Godzilla. Among this monster's abilities, we found that the pointed parts of its paws are sharp and strong enough to tear through buildings and even pierce through Godzilla's body with ease. The tentacles on its head can also extend and are mainly used to immobilize enemy movements. Godzilla himself struggled to get rid of this tactic.

And due to the armor that covers its body and legs, Scylla is durable enough to withstand missiles and attacks from other monsters with almost no damage. After feeding on the flesh of some monster, Scylla can also generate extremely deadly bacteria, which she can use to transmit them through water. At its maximum height, Scylla also reaches 104 meters. With its huge and powerful paws, the monster would be able to pass through the walls playing… Not to mention that its attacks would be strong enough to tear the walls as if they were made of paper! But perhaps the people of the walls would suffer much more from the bacteria generated by.

The monster than from the destruction it would wreak with its paws. Scylla could generate the necessary bacteria after eating a few pure titans, which would give her plenty of “ammo” to use her deadly weapon. And with all the water on the island now contaminated, many Eldians would die just from coming into contact with the bacteria! And the remnants would be forced to venture beyond the walls and meet their end with the titans! BEHEMOTH This monster is very loved by Brazilian fans of the monstroverse,.

Since the Behemoth is a Brazilian monster! He woke up in Rio de Janeiro, and looks more like a huge sloth, with tusks that resemble a mammoth. He is also quite docile and considered a protector, only attacking when he feels threatened. Its main weapons are its huge tusks and the sharp claws on its front limbs. With this, it can lash out with its claws as if it were a bear, or it can charge with its tusks as if it were an elephant. Although its body is covered with fur, it has enormous resistance to fire, and even if it suffers a missile attack, its body is almost unaffected by high temperatures.

But the Brazilian monster prefers to just live his life peacefully. Monarch has already described him as one of the most peaceful and resistant monsters, so he's not the type to want to get into a fight. He is also a true reforester, as thanks to the beneficial radiation of his body and even his own feces, entire forests can be created just because of the Behemoth's presence. The mammoth can reach a height of 108 meters, and despite being large, it is likely that it did not pose any threat to the walls either. But if threatened, it could very well do Methuselah equivalent damage with its fangs.

However, just by walking around outside the walls, Behemoth could create countless trees and dense vegetation. Which would make life easier for the Exploration Troop to use their DMTs outside, without worrying about being out in the open against the titans. And even if he destroyed some parts of the walls, several trees could grow right there, covering those same holes. This could even generate a “natural barrier” that would still hold the titans out. And so would the destruction wrought within the walls! Shiganshina would turn from a German-looking city into a real Amazon rainforest!.

AMHULUK Amhuluk is a four-legged monster with a demonic appearance, which is even difficult to describe. But he basically has a body similar to a western dragon composed mainly of some kind of vegetation, with trees coming out of his back. He is another giant that only appeared in full in one comic, which in this case was “Godzilla Dominion”. He is one of the most aggressive monsters in the Monsterverse, who is willing to kill others to claim territory and resources. However, he fears and respects Godzilla. Amhuluk proved powerful enough to.

Break one of the Behemoth's fangs with a single swipe of its claws. But despite his looks and strength, the scariest thing about Amhuluk is his body: He's nothing more than a head and a backbone. His entire body is made up of plants that he gathers with telekinesis and the nerves in his spine. Therefore, even if someone lands a full blow to the body on the monster, it will not take any damage. The only way to defeat him is to deal damage to his head. Amhuluk can still manipulate plant life and extend his arms to several times their original length through his powerful telekinesis, giving him an increased attack range.

When Amhuluk arose, he gathered enough plants to reach approximately 110 meters in height, but it is likely that he could get even bigger than that if he gathered even more vegetation. Due to its violent and hostile nature, the Amhuluk wouldn't need much to carry out an attack on Paradis. Because he is so aggressive and territorial, it could be that he invaded the Walls just to finish off the Titan Shifters present there and conquer that territory for himself. In fact, he wouldn't even need to enter the Walls for that, he could simply perform ranged movements by stretching his.

Body and performing attacks with his immense claws. However, as he relies heavily on the environment to generate his own body, the Eldians may have a chance against him, if they used all the stock of gunpowder and other explosives they had. Perhaps Armin's Colossal's own heat could burn enough of the monster's body, but could they burn the Amhuluk before it wiped out an entire district? GODZILLA (2021) The most famous monster in the monsterverse, and also considered the strongest of them all,.

Being considered the Alpha Predator. This is the Godzilla of 2021. The monarch defines the lizard as “a savior”, but it seems that he only cares about maintaining the natural balance of the planet and maintaining his post as Alpha. Godzilla has durability and healing factor at such an insane level that it is practically impossible to measure, which gives him one of the greatest resistances in the monsterverse. Even if he is hit by a thermonuclear bomb, he takes no damage. On the contrary, Godzilla gets even stronger, as nuclear energy circulates through his body and is responsible for his most powerful and striking attacks. His best-known attack is his Atomic Blast, in which after he has gathered enough energy,.

Godzilla unleashes his iconic blast from his mouth, and the force of that blast is powerful enough to blast a hole through the Earth's surface and hit the Hollow Earth. Aside from his atomic breath, Godzilla has yet another arsenal of abilities. In addition to having natural weaponry, such as its enormous tail and its sharp claws and teeth, it has been shown to have the ability to symbiosis with Mothra. This allowed him to further evolve his ability to store nuclear energy, which combined with the large amount of energy he absorbed from a bomb, caused his body to generate extreme heat, and he now had control over the generation of pulses. thermonuclear cells in your body.

The heat he emitted was so strong that it even melted the surrounding buildings and structures, just the giant being close… and it was enough to almost completely disintegrate the body of the monster Ghidorah! And lastly, as the King of Monsters, Godzilla has the ability to command all the giants in the world, and they all follow any order of their king, without question. Now, as for your height. The lizard has had several different sizes in its different versions and appearances. But his 2021 version, where he faced King Kong, he was 120 meters tall. Hence, there is no way to think of a way for the Eldian people to defend themselves.

Not even King Kong or planet Earth with all the Monarch's technology managed to hold the King of Monsters! What chances would a people as backward as the Eldians have against the most famous monster in cinema? Only his Atomic Blast could hit even the underground people of the walls, meaning there's no chance of them escaping Godzilla! Crasher's titans might even wear him out, but they would all be melted in seconds with the lizard's attacks. That is, F in the comments by the people of the walls. MECHAGODZILLA Is.

A flesh-and-blood kaiju enough of a problem? Now imagine one of these fully mechanized… This is Mechagodzilla, which appeared in the movie Godzilla Vs Kong! He is a robotic version of Godzzila, built by the Apex Cybernetics corporation as an anti-Titan weapon designed to become the ultimate predator and overcome all monsters, most notably Godzilla! Initially, Mechagodzilla was just a mindless machine that was completely under the control of an Apex member. However, they made the terrible mistake of using the late Gihdorah's telepathic skull as a key component of the robot's remote control system.

This allowed Ghidorah's lingering, evil consciousness to take full control of the Mecha, causing the huge robot to be able to think and move without any connection to a human pilot. At the same time Mechagodzilla started to assume an incredibly violent, destructive and murderous personality, much like the three-headed dragon's behavior. As well as its Godzilla-based appearance, this Mecha's abilities are also inspired by the lizard! Mechagodzilla has mechanical jaws and claws equipped with saws and other functions, which are designed for the sole purpose of tearing apart the flesh of any monster.

Its tail is also a big problem, as it is equipped with a deadly drill, which will pierce through whatever it hits! He also has missile launchers equipped on his body and jet packs, which mainly serve to propel his attacks. The Mecha is even capable of carrying plasma in its hands and feet, which allows it to deliver even more devastating blows to its enemies. His most powerful attack is arguably his Proton Scream, in which he releases a beam of red energy from his mouth, similar to Godzilla's iconic attack. This move is capable of instantly blowing up.

Entire buildings and even slamming Godzilla's atomic breath head-on! Also, because it is made of metal, it is able to withstand several blows from other monsters with almost no damage. And just like the monster that inspired it, it stands approximately 120 meters tall! And if he was the one to come across the Walls of Paradis, things would get really bad for the Eldians! He could invade and attack the walls in as many ways as possible: He could perform ranged attacks with his missiles, fly over them with his thrusters and make a destructive landing,.

Fire his Proton attack from a long distance, and so on. … Oh! He could also combine several of these attacks into combos with a destructive capability never seen before! Or he could simply walk around the island, as if he didn't want anything, and even then the damage would be one of the biggest! All of this gets even worse when the monster is a robot that doesn't feel pain and has a violent and murderous mentality. And if even Godzilla and Kong fighting together had work, I don't think even Estrondo could do anything against the big robot!.

What's more, it was built to be the monster above all others! SHINOMURA Shinomura are huge winged monsters, resembling a fusion of a dragon and a scorpion. It has multiple eyes, huge wings, and a tail with a stinger at the end. Like the Mutos, Shimomuras are a parasitic species, but the big difference is that the bodies of the Shimomuras are formed by the fusion of millions of living organisms, which are actually gigantic cells that give rise to a single entity. When these smaller organisms unite, they acquire a collective mind and generate a flying creature, whose power of flight is so powerful that it was even able to lift Godzilla above the ground.

Shimomuras also feed on radiation, and if they eat enough, their body changes, getting bigger and much stronger. Even if that monster takes damage, it doesn't mean much since as long as there is radiation, a single cell can regenerate into a full Shinomura. And due to its composite structure, it can also shape its combined form however it wants, allowing it to form extra appendages like sharp tendrils and even take on smaller forms. As the size of this monster can vary greatly, it doesn't have a specific height or exact wingspan, but if it were to estimate, the greatest extent its body reached was around 150 meters. And its wingspan around 140 meters!.

And of course, he can fly… and since his body is already several times the height of Mothra or Rodan, this flying monster would be a real danger to the walls. The damage caused by his assaults on the island would be even more devastating. The winds generated by its wings and the attacks caused by its tail would be of gigantic proportions and would be enough to decimate countless cities without much effort. And since Shinomura can undo and redo his body freely, that would be just one more problem, since no type of attack could even harm him. That single monster could even spawn a swarm of small monsters that would attack different locations at the same time!.

I think that even the flyswatter titan would not be very useful against this monster, huh? KING GHIDORAH Also known as “Monster Zero,” King Ghidorah was Godzilla's most formidable foe on film to date. He is practically an evil three-headed dragon, and his behavior is the most aggressive of all monsters in the monsterverse. However, he has one big difference compared to all other monsters: Ghidorah is an alien! Once he was thawed out by the eco-terrorists, Ghidorah was able to awaken.

All of the monsters that were hibernating on the planet at once, causing a global panic. His powers involve generating and manipulating electricity from his body. The shots it fires from its mouths are enough to knock out ANY monster, and if it wants to, it can absorb energy and cause a huge blast of lightning throughout its entire body – which can knock out an entire city or knock out multiple monsters from afar. one time. He can also generate huge storms just by flying across the oceans, and all these storms have the ability to bring hurricanes or even giant waves to the continent. Thanks to his massive size, Ghidorah has also been shown to have enough strength to grab and lift Godzilla HUNDREDS of feet above the ground and drop him from above!.

All of that seems to be more than enough to make Ghidorah scary, but its regeneration is the real reason you fear this monster. Even if one of your heads is destroyed, a new one can be generated in a matter of seconds, and that goes for any wound on your body! And just like Godzilla, the dragon cannot be killed by a simple bomb, already surviving even a liquid oxygen bomb! In the end, Monster Zero could only be defeated after Mothra's symbiosis with Godzilla. Now, as for the height of the “false king”, Ghidorah is 159 meters tall, but the span of his wings are the real terror: having around 450 meters of wingspan!.

If he attacked the walls, the people there could rest easy on one thing: Since they don't have electricity, the dragon wouldn't have the energy to power up! Just that. For the rest, they could only pray to Ymir Fritz and nothing else. Furthermore, being a totally evil monster, who attacks humans out of pure malice, he would only leave Paradis when there was not a single soul left to tell the story. Only thermonuclear attacks have been shown to have any effect on Monster Zero, and since we've never seen anything nuclear in the Attack on Titan universe to date… Not only Paradis, but Marley and the entire world would be in danger if this monster decided to attack elsewhere – and believe me, he would!.

Not even Bang could stop this cloaked dragon, he would just use Eren's colossals and Titan as a pass time for him! NA KIKA Na Kika, also called Kraken, is a giant squid-like monster, which has tentacles with arrow-shaped tips and a kind of shell protecting its enormous brain. He is one of the smartest Titans in the monsterverse, having a level of intelligence enough to understand and interact in complex situations. Na Kika has shown to be a more peaceful monster,.

Who prefers to live his life in isolation and without causing harm to other creatures. He also only appeared in the comics, and by the looks of it, he's the best monster in the “camouflage” category. Despite being gigantic, Na Kika can change its appearance to blend in with the aquatic environment, making it practically impossible to find with the naked eye. What's more, Na Kika can also make sounds that are imperceptible to humans, but which can interfere with submarine sonar detection, which also hides the monster's presence! And to boot, he can also “play dead”, disguising his radiation signature. The octopus monster also has incredibly developed regeneration,.

Being able to regenerate any part of its body, in addition to having multiple hearts, which allows it to survive fatal injuries. In combat, Na Kika uses her powerful tentacles, which are strong enough to shatter bulletproof structures with ease, as well as being capable of dragging an entire Monarch outpost down. It's good that the monster is very peaceful, because its size is intimidating: 213 meters long! Luckily for the Eldians, it would be very difficult for Na Kika to reach the walls alive, since the coastline is so far from them. And since he's so good, Na Kika wouldn't pose any danger to the walls.

However, if ordered to wreak havoc by the alpha monster, Na Kika can turn into an unstoppable destruction machine! Should he somehow manage to get to the walls, they would be no obstacle to him, and he could use the rivers and lakes within to hydrate himself and be able to wreak havoc over an even wider area. Even if Na Kika suffered some damage, her super regeneration could restore any part of her body in moments, no matter how destroyed that part was. So, let's hope that our friend Kraken is all right at the bottom of the sea! WARBAT.

A snake in the monstroverse already looks pretty sinister, now imagine a snake WITH WINGS! That's exactly what a Warbat is. They are considered one of the darkest predators in the Hollow Earth, and their personality is as destructive as that of Rodan and Amhuluk. Its teeth are capable of devouring a Monarch jet in a single mouthful, but a Warbat's teeth do more than just bite. It is said that the monster's teeth can inject up to 37,000 liters of venom into its prey at once, and by the looks of it, it can also expel this venom from the claws on its wings. In addition to poison, Warbats are also guaranteed to be strong. One of these monsters.

Was even able to strangle and contain King Kong, and if it weren't for the intervention of humans at that time, perhaps the gorilla would have died of suffocation! They also seem to have considerable resistance, being enough to withstand several of Kong's attacks and even withstand the impact of missiles fired at him, suffering only discomfort. The total length of the Warbat reaches approximately 290 meters, and its wingspan is around 213 meters long. Now, imagine seeing a giant flying snake like that out there! Or rather, imagine a Warbat flying over the walls!.

We've already figured out what might happen to a lot of other winged monsters by now, but the bigger the monster, the bigger the trail of destruction it will leave in its wake! And as the Warbat have the habit of hunting in packs, Paradis could be terrorized by several of these monsters, which would carry out coordinated attacks at several points. Not to mention that the Warbat are highly aggressive predators, being one of the most dangerous flying monsters in the monsterverse, which would make the situation even more desperate for the Eldians. TIAMAT And to finish, let's now go to one of the biggest monsters in the entire monstroverse, Tiamat. He is a serpentine creature similar to an eastern dragon,.

But with some aquatic features, such as his massive fins. Were it not for Godzilla, Tiamat could be the true alpha monster of the seas, as her water skills surpass even the King of Monsters. Tiamat is an extremely territorial creature, attacking any monster that enters its territory. However, she recognizes that she is surpassed by Godzilla and has even shown herself to be submissive to him. In addition to doing everything a sea serpent can do, like moving at high speeds and grabbing and strangling her opponents, Tiamat can go much further with her other abilities. She can manipulate water with incredible precision, being able to generate huge eddies that engulf her enemies and.

Huge waterspouts that are capable of dragging even aerial enemies into the ocean. Its body scales are also extremely sharp. If she manages to strangle a prey, it is likely that the victim will die, not asphyxiated, but with the bleeding caused by the scales. Godzilla himself had his body pierced by these scales, and not even missiles or a NUCLEAR BOMB managed to injure the lizard! And finally, it looks like Tiamat can expel a toxic vapor from her mouth, but all she can do is temporarily blind her enemies. Anyway, the entire body of the eel reaches an incredible 335 meters in length! And unlike Na Kika, Tiamat is said to survive.

Even out of water indefinitely. That is, it doesn't matter if the walls are far from the coast, for a monster of these dimensions, getting there crawling like a snake would be a matter of minutes! As one of the biggest monsters in the monsterverse, the level of destruction would be overwhelming! You can be sure that there would be no walls left standing and all the houses and buildings would be completely reduced to nothing! Until Tiamat wiped out the last life form on that island, he wouldn't stop! For only he reigns in his territory! So, even against water monsters, the people of the walls wouldn't be too safe!.

So, what did you think of our first video about the monstroverse? As the picture of giants compared to the wall is usually quite successful here at Ultranerd, it's past time to include these famous movie monsters in this playlist, don't you think? But of course, this could be the beginning of our videos about Legendary monsters here on the channel. So, if you enjoyed seeing Godzilla, Ghidorah and company around here, just tell us here in the comments if you want to see more of the monsterverse here on the channel. So, what did you feel when you saw the monstroverse facing Wall Maria? Was there a monster that appeared here that you didn't know about? So comment.

Below so we know and let's interact! Just don't forget to leave the ultralike MONSTRUOSO if you haven't already and subscribe to the channel, okay? Now, Ultranerds, we say goodbye here. Until the next video, thanks!

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