Most ceaselessly Búllīed, a Unfortunate Girl At favorable Gets Magical Energy to Procure Revenge | Anime Recap

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The anime begins by showing a middle-schoolgirl named Aya Asagiri who had intended to end her life. However, she immediately gave up because shedid not dare to do so and chose to continue living her life of misery. At school, Aya is always bullied by her classmates,both physically and mentally. In fact, the bullying experienced by her hasalready reached the stage of severe persecution because her classmates did not hesitate tobeat her up and threaten her with sharp objects. At home, Aya lives with her parents and herolder brother, Kaname Asagiri, a smart and popular student at his school.

Therefore, her parents seem to be more considerateand loving to Kaname, especially Mr. Asagiri, who has high hopes for his eldest son to maintainthe honor and good name of the family, and become a successful person in the future,so that he can make his family proud. However, behind his charismatic nature, Kanameturns out to have a terrible nature. Every night, he visits his younger sister'sroom and bullies Aya, usually by tying her up and punching her until she vomits. He abuses her as a stress reliever to dealwith his father's high expectations of his academic performance and hits him when hedoesn't get perfect marks on tests and other assignments.

Aya always spends her days at school and home,experiencing torture by her schoolmates and her older brother, until one day, a suspiciouswebsite named Magical Girl Site pops up on her computer screen, showing a creepy-lookingperson. This person appears to pity Aya and announcesthat she will grant her magical powers. She thought the site was just making it upand immediately turned off her computer. The next day at school, Aya looks surprisedwhen she finds a toy gun with a heart barrel in her shoe locker. She also found a piece of paper that saidhow to use the gun and included a picture of a creepy-looking person who appeared lastnight on the Magical Girl website.

According to the information on the paper,the gun is a kind of wand with magical powers. Even though she didn't know the use of thegun, Aya kept it in her bag just in case. As usual, Aya is always the target of bullyingby three girls: Sarina Shizukume, Erika Kaijima, and Ai Kawano. But then, Sarina felt bored from continuingto do the same thing when bullying Aya, and she wanted to do something more frontal totorture her. Seeing that Sarina was bored, Erika had theidea of ??asking her acquaintance's senior for help, Shota Arai. When they came home from school, Sarina andAi took Aya to the school warehouse, keeping.

Her there. Not long after, Erika arrives there with Shota,who plans to do bad things to Aya at the instigation of Erika. Aya did not necessarily stay silent and triedto run away. But they managed to catch up and corneredher in a deserted place. She pleaded with them to let her go, but Shotainstead pinned her down and prepared to do bad things. Aya, who refuses to give up her body to alecherous man like Shota, remembers the toy gun she got from the Magical Girl Site.

Without thinking, she grabbed the gun fromher bag, immediately aimed it at Shota and Erika in front of her, and shot them. Surprisingly, they suddenly disappeared asif they had magically moved places. After that, Aya rushed back to her house. But on the way, she saw people gathered atthe edge of the railroad track and was very surprised to find that Shota and Erika laylifeless after being hit by a train. Knowing that Erika and Shota died shortlyafter she used the Magical Girl Site's toy gun, Aya was shocked. She blamed herself for the tragic incidentthat happened to her schoolmates.

Arriving home, Aya hurriedly turned on hercomputer and tried to access the Magical Girl Site. But she found nothing as if the site had neverexisted before. The next day, Aya and her schoolmates areseen mourning the deaths of Erika and Shota. However, Sarina seems to be holding a grudgeagainst Aya and accuses her of being the one who caused Erika to die from being hit bya train. Filled with anger and revenge, Sarina takesout a cutter from her pocket and plans to kill Aya in a very painful way. Fortunately, when Sarina holds and is aboutto cut Aya's tongue with the cutter, suddenly,.

Time stops, and everyone else stops movingexcept Aya. Not long after, a girl named Tsuyuno Yatsumuraappeared in front of her, admitted that she was also a magical girl, just like Aya, andasked Aya to come with her. But before leaving, Yatsumura slashed Sarina'sneck with her cutter. Yatsumura then explained about her wand hegot from the Magical Girl Site, which is in the form of a smartphone stick that has thepower to stop time at her own will and can add one or several people to move so thatthey are not affected by her ability by writing their name on the cell phone. Besides that, she explained that she had learnedabout Aya, who is a magical girl, and also.

Aya's magical wand in the form of a toy gunwith the ability to teleport people instantly to places that have a strong impact on heror where she is thinking of by shooting them. When time rewinds back to normal, Sarina andAi are surprised to find that her neck has been slashed, and Aya is no longer there. Meanwhile, Yatsumura, who decided to takeAya home, then told Aya all the information she knew about the Magical Girl Site, oneof which was the side effects they would experience every time they used their magical wand, suchas blood flowing from the corners of their eyes. and mouths, and also their lifespans whichwill get shorter, the more they use these.

Powers. Furthermore, Yatsumura also said that thereare many magical girls like them, one of which is her friend, Rina Shioi, who helps her uncoverthe secret behind the Magical Girl Site. Rina managed to get a lot of information aboutthe identity and whereabouts of the magical girls. But then, one by one, the magical girls startedto be killed, and their magical wands were stolen. Yatsumura concludes that the killer is someonewho has a magical wand and calls her the Magical Hunter.

When she and Rina investigated the MagicalHunter, Rina suddenly disappeared right after she sent a photo that was supposed to be theface of the Magical Hunter. Knowing that she and Aya might be the nexttarget, Yatsumura asked Aya to cooperate with her, where they would protect each other ifthe Magical Hunter suddenly attacked them. She tells Aya that she will stay all nightin Aya's bedroom, protecting her from her brother's abuse. Meanwhile, the Magical Hunter is seen in anotherplace, who has made Aya the next target and devises a plan to kill her. The next day at school, the students are stilltalking about the fateful incident that happened.

To Sarina and accuse Ai of being the one whoslashed her neck because Ai was the only person on the scene. Ai became very depressed because everyonetalked bad about her, though she had no idea what was happening. When she was about to go home, Aya met a pink-hairedgirl who turned out to be the Magical Hunter. Knowing that Aya was in danger, Yatsumurarushed to use her magical wand to stop time. Unfortunately, the pink-haired girl had alreadyactivated the magical barrier, so she wasn't affected by her magical power. Yatsumura then asked about the identity ofthe pink-haired girl because her face didn't.

Match the face of the Magical Hunter thatRina had sent to her some time ago. She then reveals that she used the magicalcamera she stole from a magical girl, which allows her to transform into the person shephotographs. Because Aya had been trapped in the magicalbarrier she created, the pink-haired girl then took out her magic wand in the form ofa hammer to launch an attack at Aya. Yatsumura, who was outside the magical barrier,couldn't do anything to help Aya, so she convinced Aya to use her toy gun to defeat the MagicalHunter. At first, Aya was reluctant to use her toygun because she was still traumatized by the tragic incident that happened to Erika andShota.

However, she had no choice but to use hermagical wand and destroy the magical barrier created by the girl. After that, Yatsumura used her magic wandto stop time, so they could easily catch the Magical Hunter. But then, how surprised she is when she findsout that the Magical Hunter is actually her friend, Rina Shioi, who tells them that she'sbeen killing other magical girls because she wants to survive the end. Furthermore, Rina says that she met the website'smanager, who told her about a secret page with a countdown to an event called the Tempest,to happen on August 11, that will destroy.

This world and open the door to a new one. However, before Rina explained in more detail,she suddenly vomited blood and fell unconscious, so Yatsumura and Aya rushed to take her tothe hospital. After confirming that she had received medicaltreatment, they went to see the doctor who treated Rina, who told them that she had falleninto a coma and was in critical condition due to her damaged organs. Yatsumura didn't seem surprised to hear thedoctor's explanation because Rina had used so many magical wands, which had a bad effecton her bodies and shortened her lifespan. Aya wondered about the Tempest incident thatRina was referring to.

Since Yatsumura didn't know that either, Ayasuggested that they look for the other magical girls out there who have the power to healRina so that she can reveal all the information she knows about the Tempest and also the secretbehind the Magical Girl Site. While searching Rina's bag, Yatsumura findsher Slaughter Notebook, which has photos of other magical girls. They realize one of them is Nijimi Anazawa,an idol from the Inu Asobi group. A few days later, Yatsumura and Aya went toa fan meeting held by Nijimi and her girl group, where they then used their magic wandsto take her somewhere and told about Rina, who was lying in a coma, and their plans togather the magical girls so they can work.

Together to uncover the secrets behind theMagical Girl Site. However, before Nijimi had time to explainher magical wand, her fans suddenly appeared, so their conversation had to be stopped. Long story short, Aya and Yatsumura meet againwith Nijimi at her house, who then reveals that her magic wand is the magic panties thatcan control people's minds by giving them direct orders and commands, thus controllinga person's actions and words. Nijimi is a cheerful and naive girl who isalso fearless. Still, she changed from being a sweet girlto an obsessed girl with a strong desire for revenge in seconds when she talked about herbest friend, Mikado Ikemata, who was killed.

By the Magical Hunter, who was none otherthan Rina Shioi. Knowing that Nijimi has such a big grudgeagainst Rina, Yatsumura abandons her intention to ask Nijimi for help and plans to find theother magical girls. However, unbeknownst to Yatsumura and Aya,Sarina, who was also in the hospital, overheard their conversation about the magical girls. After they left the hospital, Sarina sneakedinto Rina's treatment room and saw her lying in a coma. At the same time, Kaname, who's getting angstyby not using his sister as a punching bag lately, discovers the Magical Girl Site onher browser's history.

However, Kaname could not access the site,so he became irritated. Meanwhile, Sarina, who sneaked into Rina'streatment room, was surprised by the appearance of one of the admins of the Magical Girl site,a girl named Nana, who then told Sarina about the Magical Girl Site. In addition, Nana also revealed the truthbehind Erika's death and the cause of the appearance of a cut on her neck, which wasnone other than the power of the magic wands possessed by Aya and Yatsumura. Knowing this, Sarina became very angry anddetermined to take revenge on them. Surprisingly, Nana gives Sarina a magicalartifact so she can become the next Magical.

Hunter, following in Rina's footsteps. A few days later, Sarina tries to access theMagical Girl website as directed by Nana. As the Magical Hunter, she finds informationabout when the Tempest event occurred, which is mentioned in detail on the Magical Girlwebsite. Sarina was also very surprised when she foundout that the world they were living in was going to end because of the Tempest incidentthat was happening soon. The following day, Aya returned to schoolas usual. But this time, she seemed more cheerful becausethere was no one to bully her anymore since she had become close friends with Yatsumura.

When Aya entered her classroom, her cheerfulface turned gloomy, and for being unable to find Yatsumura's whereabouts anywhere. Meanwhile, Yatsumura is still at home andlooks helpless because lately, she has used her magical power too often, draining herenergy quite drastically. Not long after, Aya was surprised by the presenceof Nijimi in her class, who decided to take a hiatus from her profession as a singer andenrolled in Aya and Yatsumura's school, even becoming their classmate. Nijimi then tells Aya that she has decidedto take a temporary hiatus from the music industry to focus more on finding the personwho killed her best friend, Mikado.

Upon hearing that, Aya feels anxious and confusedbecause if Nijimi finds out that it was Rina who killed Mikado, then it is certain thatshe will kill Rina. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, Sarina turnsout to be secretly eavesdropping on their conversation and seems to be planning something. After school, Aya decides to go to Yatsumura'shouse because she worries about her. Arriving there, Aya found Yatsumura lyinghelplessly on the floor. But what surprised her even more, was thepresence of a man being held captive in the house. Yatsumura told Aya that she used to live withher parents, who loved her very much, so she.

Lived a happy life. Sadly, her happiness was instantly shatteredwhen a robber named Soji broke into her house and killed her parents. At the time, she was hiding somewhere, butSoji found her and told her not to tell the police. He threatens to come back and find her whenshe grows up. Afterward, Yatsumura spends the next few yearsfearing him coming back until she is chosen by the Magical Girl Site and decides to strikefirst. After successfully capturing Soji, she imprisonedhim in her house and tortured him relentlessly.

To avenge the death of her parents, who hadbeen killed by him. Not long after, Sarina suddenly appeared atYatsumura's house, prepared to take revenge for Erika's death and the scar on her neck,which worsened her physical appearance. In addition, Sarina also told Aya and Yatsumurathat she had revealed Rina Shioi's identity as the Magical Hunter to Nijimi, so Nijimirushed to the hospital to kill Rina. However, Yatsumura apparently had anticipatedthis and created the magical barrier to protect Rina. Sarina, who has now become the Magical Hunter,uses her magic wand and starts launching attacks at Aya and Yatsumura.

A fierce battle ensued between them, and becauseof the large amount of magical energy used, the feud between the magical girls causedthe apartment building to crumble. However, before the building completely collapsed,Aya used her toy gun to safely teleport Sarina to their class. At the same time, Yatsumura created a magicalbarrier to protect her and Aya from the rubble of the collapsed building above them. After that, they were rushed to the hospitalfor intensive care because they suffered severe injuries. Meanwhile, Nijimi, who was very annoyed becauseshe couldn't destroy the magical barrier that.

Protected Rina, then remembered the wordsof Aya and Yatsumura, who had asked for her help to save their friend who was in a coma. Realizing that the friend they were referringto was none other than Rina, she immediately became furious and decided to kill them. Nijimi finally arrives at Aya's house, whereshe meets Kaname and falls in love with him at first sight because of his handsome looks. At the same time, someone is seen watchingher from a distance and seems to have bad intentions toward her. Enchanted by Kaname's good looks, Nijimi finallygave up on killing Aya and instead tried to.

Attract his attention so that he fell in lovewith her. On the other hand, Kaname, who thinks everyoneelse is trash, decides to use her to discover more about the Magical Girl Site. At the hospital, a mysterious girl sneaksinto Rina's treatment room. Surprisingly, the girl managed to destroythe magical barrier and took out a cutter at Rina's side. Turned out that the girl apparently had nointention of killing Rina, instead trying to cure her by giving her blood to Rina. Shortly after the girl gave Rina a few dropsof her blood, she finally woke up from the.

Coma. The mysterious girl then introduces herselfto Rina as Kosame Amagai. She reveals that she is the magical girl whohas a box cutter as her magical wand, with its power being the ability to physicallyheal others by feeding her own blood to them by cutting herself with the box cutter. However, this only heals their bodies andcannot return the lost lifespan of other magical girls. Despite not showing many facial expressions,Kosame is calm, soft-spoken, and friendly. However, she becomes very nervous and losesher sanity if she does not take her pills.

She is nicknamed Mental Girl by Rina becauseof her sudden outbursts, where she seems to have random panic attacks. With these symptoms, she needs to take medicationto lessen them. After healing Rina, Kosame headed to bothAya and Yatsumura's treatment room to heal them. Afterward, Kosame reveals that she's a magicalgirl from another site of the several that exist and that she needs their help. She explains that she needs help from othermagical girls to fight the Administrators of the Magical Girl Sites.

Furthermore, she told Aya and her companionsthat the Magical Girl sites were numerous and had different Administrators and magicalpowers. She explained about the Tempest event thatwould destroy human civilization on Earth. The only way to survive the events of theTempest is to collect the magical artifacts full of negative energy and hand them overto the King, an omnipotent figure from the past responsible for causing the Tempest. Aya and her companions seemed so surprisedthat from the start, the magical girls were deliberately used to collect negative energyfrom the magical wands given by the Administrator of the website, which would actually shortentheir life.

After realizing they've been lied to, theyagree to help Kosame capture an Administrator, to find out the truth about the Tempest andthe Magical Girl Site, and figure out how they can survive the destruction of mankind. Meanwhile, elsewhere, the Administrators ofthe Magical Girl Sites are having a meeting, where they discuss the magical girls who alreadyknow about the Tempest and decide to kill the magical girls who know too much aboutthe Tempest and the Magical Girl Site. Soon afterward, Yatsumura thanks Aya for givingher another reason to live, and Aya's parents agree to allow her to stay. After that, they try to find their magicalwands lost after their fierce fight against.

Sarina. However, they could not find their magicalwands, even though they had searched until night when they finally decided to go home. Yatsumura, who now lives at Aya's house, saidshe wanted to go to the beach with Aya before the world ended because of the Tempest. Elsewhere, Sarina was seen meeting Nana, andshe asked Sarina to hand over the magic wands she had collected during her duties as theMagical Hunter. However, Sarina refuses to give Nana the magicalwands before she manages to kill Aya and Yatsumura. It's also revealed that Sarina was the onewho had taken the magical wands belonging.

To them when the apartment building collapsed. Even though Nana lets Sarina keep the magicalwands, Nana insists that she will not hesitate to kill Sarina if she disobeys her ordersor plans something against her. The next morning, Yatsumura told Aya theywould meet Kosame in the afternoon. But before that, they must convince Nijimito help them carry out the plan to kidnap the Administrator of the Magical Girl Site. Shortly afterward, they invite Nijimi to talkon the school roof and explain everything that happened to her. Yatsumura asks Nijimi to put aside her revengeagainst Rina because they must work together.

To kidnap the Administrator and find a wayto survive the events of the Tempest. Nijimi tells them that she only agrees tohelp them with the kidnapping if she can kill Rina first. Not long after, Aya and Yatsumura were surprisedby the appearance of a new student in their class, who turned out to be Rina. Seeing Rina standing in front of Nijimi, shebecame angry and prepared to kill Rina. However, Aya and Yatsumura try to preventher from killing Rina. While Yatsumura knocks Nijimi down and pinsher down to keep her from moving, Aya takes her magical pants off, and Yatsumura runsaway and hides them.

After school, Aya takes Nijimi to the park,where they meet Yatsumura and Rina. Seeing Rina's presence there, Nijimi feltangry and wanted to kill her using her magical wand. Thankfully, Nijimi immediately realized heractions were in vain because Yatsumura had hidden her magical wand. Shortly after, the four met Kosame and hercompanions from the other Magical Girl Site. Kosame introduced her companions one by one,starting with Asahi Takiguchi, a seemingly popular and athletic girl that goes to a differentschool than her group, but received her wand from the same site.

Her magical wand is a necklace that enablessuperhuman speed and strength. Then there is Sayuki Ringa, the only daughterof a yakuza, possessing great sword fighting and martial arts skills. Her magical wand is a katana that can sliceand harden anything from afar. After that, there is Kiyoharu Suirenji, atransgender girl who attends the same school as Kosame. Kiyoharu is recognized as female by the magicalgirl site; thus, she is chosen as a magical girl. Her magical wand forms a ring with the powerto link directly within her target's sensory.

System to control their body and experiencetheir senses remotely. And the last one is Mikari Izumigamine, anheiress from a seemingly rich family, and her magic wand is a broomstick that enablesflight. After they all gathered, Kosame again explainedher plan to kidnap one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Site and dig all the informationabout the Tempest and how to survive the catastrophe. But before that, Aya and Yatsumura must findtheir magical wands first. Kosame said that she and her companions wouldhelp them find their magical wands because, apparently, Kiyoharu can use her magical wandto detect the presence of the other magical wands.

That evening, Rina decides to stay temporarilyat Aya's house, where they share a room. When everyone was asleep, Aya got a call fromKosame, who said she wanted to discuss something important with her. Soon after that, they choose to meet somewherewhere Kosame reveals that Yatsumura doesn't have much time left because she uses her magicwand too often. Upon hearing that, Aya became very shockedand cried in frustration. Knowing that Yatsumura might not have enoughtime, Aya asks Kosame to help gather the magical girls and takes them on an excursion to thebeach, just as Yatsumura wanted. At the same time, a man named Naoto was seenwatching Nijimi, who was about to leave Aya's.

House after saying goodbye to Kaname. He turns out to be a big fan of Nijimi, whokeeps stalking her and feels very irritated at Kaname, who looks familiar with his idol. Therefore, he also intends to kill Kaname. Long story short, Aya and the magical girlsthen decided to spend a full day having fun on the beach to simply relieve stress andcarve out beautiful memories together before carrying out the actions that might cost themtheir lives. When she was about to go home, Nijimi wasvery surprised and confused because her magical wand had disappeared from her locker.

Kiyoharu then uses her magical power to readtheir minds, but none of the magical girls steal Nijimi's panties, indicating that someoneelse knows about the Magical Girl Site and their magical wands. Nijimi immediately realized that she had revealedthe Magical Girl Site to Kaname and assumed that he had stolen her magical wand. Meanwhile, Naoto finally meets Kaname andintends to kill him. Fortunately, he used Nijimi's magical wandto force Naoto to kill himself. From a distance, Aya watched the whole sceneand was very surprised to find out that her older brother was the one who had stolen Nijimi'smagical wand, and Kaname used his power to.

Kill someone. Aya, still in shock at the incident, was surprisedby the appearance of Yatsumura and Rina, who invited her to go home immediately. On the way home, Aya kept thinking about Kanameand had no idea that he knew about the Magical Girl Site and their magical wands. Aya actually wanted to tell her fellow magicalgirls about it. However, she immediately abandoned her intentionbecause she didn't want them to kill her brother. On the other hand, Kiyoharu, who can readother people's minds, finds out about Aya's secret about her brother, who stole Nijimi'smagical wand.

Not only that, but she also knew about Nijimi,who had revealed information about the Magical Girl Site to Kaname. Therefore, she was determined to resolve theproblem immediately before it worsened. After that, Nijimi returned to her apartment,while Aya and the others decided to stay at Sayuki's house. Elsewhere, the police find the body of Naoto,who died by doing the unthinkable. But, one of the police detectives named KiichiroMisumi found an oddity while conducting an investigation at the location where Naoto'sbody was found; there was a photo with the name of a person who was none other than KanameAsagiri.

Kiichiro decides to investigate Kaname andtries to find his involvement in Naoto's death. At the same time, Nijimi, who was at her house,was surprised by Kaname s appearance, which revealed his true identity. Where he used his magic wand to control Nijimiand ordered her to kill herself. But then, Asahi suddenly appears there andtries to save Nijimi. Asahi is under the influence of Kiyoharu,who deliberately controls his body to save Nijimi. However, Kaname's control over Nijimi is muchstronger, so even she can order Nijimi to attack Asahi by strangling her.

In fact, Kaname took over Kiyoharu's controlover Asahi's body and ordered her to kill Kiyoharu. Under the influence of Kaname, Asahi thenstabs Kiyoharu until she is seriously injured. At the same time, Asahi finally managed tobreak free from the influence of the person controlling her mind and rushed Kiyoharu toKosame's place to save her life. Seeing Kiyoharu lying helpless, Kosame usedher magic wand to heal Kiyoharu. But her blood isn't enough, so Aya takes hermagic wand and uses it to save her. Afterward, Aya also revealed to her fellowmagical girls that the person who had stolen Nijimi's magical wand and controlled Asahito kill Kiyoharu was her older brother, Kaname.

Not long after, Kaname finally arrived atSayuki's residence and managed to defeat the guards there. Kaname, who uses Nijimi's magical wand, caneasily paralyze Aya and her fellow magical girls. Kaname even discovered that Aya had just usedKosame's magical wand, so he drank Aya's blood, which was still pouring from her hands, toheal his wounds. After that, Kaname ordered Nijimi to seizetheir magical wands. But when Nijimi is about to take Kiyoharu'smagical wand, she then uses its magical power and manages to overcome Kaname's magic andfree her mind.

Nijimi realizes it's all her fault for fallingfor Kaname's deception and attacks him. Unexpectedly, Kaname managed to dodge herattack and slashed her with Sayuki's sword. Nijimi, lying on the ground, tries to getup, severely injuring Kaname in the neck with a broken crystal bottle. Despite being badly injured, Kaname doesn'tgive up and still tries to kill Nijimi until finally, a mysterious invisible person stopshim and makes everyone there lose consciousness after inhaling sleeping gas. The following days, news of Nijimi's deathspread quickly throughout the country. Aya's classmates again mourned the death oftheir classmate.

On the other hand, Aya, who blames herselffor Nijimi's death, continues to lock herself in her room and sinks deeper into sadnessand frustration. But then, Aya again determined to become strongerso that no one else was hurt or killed because she didn't want to lose the friends who werevery precious in her life. She then rushed to the ruins of Yatsumura'shouse and tried to find her magical wand. Meanwhile, Yatsumura and her fellow magicalgirls were seen attending Nijimi's funeral ceremony, held in a building where fans comefrom all over the country to bid farewell to their idols. Unfortunately, Yatsumura couldn't find Ayathere.

As the funeral service was almost over, Ayasuddenly appeared and walked over to Nijimi's coffin to bid farewell one last time. She promised in front of Nijimi, who was lyingdead, that from now on, she would not let anyone get hurt or lose their life. After that, Aya pointed her toy gun at herfellow magical girls to move them to a safe place, just before a huge explosion occurredin that place. When they are finally in a safe place, Ayareveals to Yatsumura and the others that the website Administrator, Nana, had been watchingthem from a distance and had devised a plan to kill them in the explosion.

In addition, Aya revealed that she learnedabout Nana's plan from Sarina, who decided to fight Nana after learning the truth behindthe Tempest and the cunning plans the Administrators carried out. But then, Aya re-directed her magical wandto Yatsumura and the others and asked them to hand over their magical wand because shedidn't want anyone to get hurt anymore and planned to bear the consequences and faceeverything herself. Yatsumura, who heard Aya's words, slappedher face while insisting that Nijimi's death was not her fault, so she didn't have to endureit alone. Yatsumura finally managed to convince Aya,so she gave up and decided to fight with her.

Fellow magical girls. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Kiichiro, who was conductingan investigation at the scene, met with Nana, who was also there to confirm that she hadsucceeded in killing Aya and the magical girls. Surprisingly, Kiichiro discovered the MagicalGirl and even conspired with her to kill them. It's revealed that the mysterious invisibleperson who brought Kaname in the middle of his battle with the magical girls was noneother than Kiichiro. While Nana thought that Aya and her fellowmagical girls had died in the explosion, they had survived and are now planning to carryout a plan to kidnap one of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Site.

Kosame immediately traced all the informationabout Yuka and finally found her home and school address. After getting the address, Kiyoharu, Asahi,and Sayuki rushed to her house, while Yatsumura, Aya, and Rina oversaw her school. Meanwhile, Mikari and Kosame will be watchingthe situation from above. Not long after, the Administrator finallyappeared at Yuka's school carrying the promised magical wand. Rina, who saw his arrival, immediately launchedan attack, and the two of them were then involved in a fierce battle.

However, the Administrator outperformed herand succeeded in overthrowing her. Seeing Rina overwhelmed by the Administratoralone, Yatsumura intended to help her. However, Aya immediately prevented Yatsumurafrom using her magical wand because she remembered Kosame's words about Yatsumura's lifespan,which would end soon if she used her magical wand. On the other hand, the Administrator, whoknew of Aya and Yatsumura's whereabouts, prepared to launch an attack on them. Upon seeing that, Rina got up and used hermagical wand to overthrow the Administrator. At the same time, Aya immediately used hermagic wand to move the Administrator to the.

Roof of the school, where Sarina was alreadythere to overthrow the Administrator, and forced him to provide information about theTempest. Sadly, their efforts were in vain as the Administratorhad somehow died. Shortly after, a puff of purple smoke shotout of the Administrator's body. Mikari and Kosame, who saw the smoke, thenrushed towards it. Meanwhile, Kiyoharu and the others were surprisedby the appearance of the Administrators, who launched an attack on them. After that, they fought fiercely with theAdministrators. Turning back to Aya's group on the schoolrooftop, they looked shocked to find out that.

The Administrator was an ordinary girl likethem. But then, Nana, who finally found out thatthey were still alive, arrived there and shot Sarina straight away. Since Kiyoharu and the others were so overwhelmedby the Administrators' attacks, Mikari decided to leave and help her comrades, while Kosameremained there. Shortly afterward, Yatsumura prepares to useher magical wand to stop time so they can defeat Nana. But she instantly destroys Yatsumura's magicalwand. Even so, Yatsumura could still create themagical barrier to protect Aya and the others.

While she tried to withstand Nana's attacks. At the end of her life, Yatsumura thankedAya and felt very grateful to have met her because Aya had helped her find the happinessshe had been missing for so long. Yatsumura said that she had prepared for herdeath and no longer held any regrets. In the end, Yatsumura died. But then, Yatsumura's soul somehow moved tothe place of the Administrators of the Magical Girl Site, where they then announced her asthe new candidate for the Administrator. They reveal to Yatsumura that the King isthe most miserable girl in the world, a sorceress that will change the world by causing theTempest, a global storm that will erase evil.

From the world but kill those unable to adapt,that is, most of humankind. At the same time, Aya uses her magic wandto move Sarina, Kosame, and Rina to another place while she will still be there to fightNana. Not long after, Aya was surprised that Yatsumurahad been resurrected because she became the new candidate for the Administrator. Being under the influence of the Administrators,Yatsumura, who got her magic wand back, used her magical power to attack Aya. Meanwhile, the battle between Sayuki and theAdministrators was still fierce. Realizing that she was starting to get overwhelmedwith them, Sayuki decided to withdraw from.

The fight after successfully killing one ofthe Administrators. Elsewhere, Aya decides to teleport with her,knowing Yatsumura is being controlled. She manages to transport herself and Yatsumurato the beach, where risking her own life can make Yatsumura remember their friendship. Afterward, they work together to defeat Nana. Before dying, Nana asks if they both thinkof themselves as poor girls. Upon hearing that, Aya was reminded of herpast full of suffering because she was always bullied. However, after meeting Yatsumura and her fellowmagical girls, Aya realizes that misfortune.

And suffering can be changed if they dareto act to defend themselves and defend their loved ones. Hence, they decide that they are not poorgirls. In the end, Aya and her fellow magical girlsmanaged to survive and decided to start a new life to get the happiness they had alwayswanted. Elsewhere, it's revealed that Kaname was actuallybeing held captive by Kiichiro. The anime ends with Aya and Yatsumura promisingthat nobody will take their happiness away, while the angry King wishes them more misfortune. The anime ends.

The moral that can be learned from this animeis never to bully or intimidate anyone.

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