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Hello Guys Welcome Back to R Anime ExplainerGuys Please Like the video and Subscribe to my channel Thank you.. Today is Explanation of Upcoming Episode ofPerfect World Based on Novel So let's startInside Stone Country’s Imperial Palace, Shi Hao sat with his legs crossed, appearingsolemn and dignified. Around him, ten great heavenly passages wereopened. They released an undying aura. The lights all linked up together. “Heavens!.

These are His Majesty’s ten great heavenlypassages!” A few imperial guards cried out in alarm,all of them excited and shocked. This was the first time they saw Shi Hao displaythem. Even the War King, Peng Nine, and the otherswere shocked. They couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. For Shi Hao to be able to reach this day,it was definitely not a fluke. He reached the peak of every single cultivationrealm, making him terrifying to the extreme. Shi Hao sat there, appearing solemn and dignified. Inside the ten great heavenly passages werethe Kun Peng, Suan Ni, Vermilion Bird, and.

Others, floating up and down. Following a grunt from him, these creaturesall rushed out. Your Majesty, be careful! Even though the spiritual bodies are powerful,if you travel into the great regions separately like this, problems might occur!” Peng Nine warned. The Ming King nodded and said, “Those greatsects have stood tall since the ancient times until now, so there is definitely a reasonfor their glory. Your Majesty has to be careful!”Shi Haodiscovered from that supreme expert’s sea.

Of consciousness that there were two powersthat participated in the last operation from the Ocean Race. One was a Gray Flood Dragon supreme expert,and the other was a Sea Demon Race supreme expert. These two supreme experts had grudges againstShi Hao before, especially the gray flood dragon supreme expert. During the chaotic battle of the NorthernSea, it had tried to kill Shi Hao several times, but in the end, it had one of its spiritualbodies killed by Shi Hao. A Kun Peng directly flew towards the NorthernSea for these two.Then, a purple gold Suan.

Ni roared. Electrical radiance crackled about it. It was originally huge and swirling with symbols,but now, it shrunk, becoming less than a meter in size. It ascended the ancestral altar, heading forLittle Western Paradise. Shi Hao never thought that this sect wouldalso take action and deal with Stone Country! This was definitely unforgivable! Little Western Paradise was actually goingto take action as well. Truly hateful!”.

The War King said. Fortunately, Shi Hao learned about it first,or else they wouldn’t have known that this type of power also joined in. A Vermilion Bird spread its wings, its entirebody was incomparably red. It left through that ancestral altar and headedfor the Western sect. Then, a human shaped spiritual body appeared,one that carried the broken black sword. It headed for Immortal Mountain!Finally, aTrue Phoenix with brilliant feathers appeared. It raised its head and cried towards the sky. It left through the altar towards Heaven MendingSect.

Shi Hao’s several great spiritual bodiesleft one after another to lock onto those sects’ supreme experts to prevent them fromescaping first. If this level of character was going to escape,then they would definitely bring about a disaster in the future. He set his resolution to deal with these greatsects, so he naturally wouldn’t let those main culprits leave. They were all going to be killed clean! Everyone’s eyes were dazzling as they watchedShi Hao release several spiritual bodies. Their powers were heaven overflowing.

They were now truly going to take action. What followed would definitely be a crazystorm! That day, several great sects received thebone books that were sent out. They all trembled endlessly. “A supreme expert actually died? What exactly happened?”The hardest thingfor them to accept was that Stone Country threatened them in reverse, demanding thatthey hand over their sect protecting precious artifacts, saying that they were ominous objectsand that a blood disaster would occur if they didn;t.

This was intolerable. Their words of threat were sent back untouchedand with even more intimidation. “Who exactly is that person? Doesn’t Heaven Mending Sect and Little WesternParadise each have a supreme expert in Stone Country? Ask them to investigate this thoroughly! If Shi Hao saw this individual, he definitelywould have recognized him. Back then, when he fought against the bigStone in the Void God Realm, this individual had taken action with Grandma Xihua to killhim.

It was precisely a supreme expert from HeavenMending Sect. Back then, this individual used curse power,an extremely strange type of power, almost affecting Shi Hao’s dao. “Go, let’s take a look to see exactlywhat kind of deity appeared in Stone Clan.” They stopped their long breathing and stoodup, hurrying over towards Stone Country Imperial Capital. There was still a set amount of distance fromStone Country Imperial City, but the two stopped moving. Heaven Mending Sect’s elder laughed coldlyand said, “We aren’t going to take risks.

And are just going to stay outside. Watch how I teach them a bloody lesson!”Hedecisively used curse power to kill a few important people in Stone Country and throwthe imperial capital into chaos. It was impossible to guard against. The corners of his mouth grinned, revealingsnow white teeth, appearing cruel and merciless. “Did you guys just come?” A cold voice sounded. In that instant, both supreme experts’ bodieswent rigid. They were both horrified.

That voice was too clear, as if it soundedright by their ears. They were still quite far from Stone CountryCapital City, but they were discovered so quickly! This was too terrifying Who is that person?!” Everyone saw a hazy figure that was tightlywrapped within layers of mists, one that seemed quite young appear high up in the sky. Immediately afterwards, Heaven Mending Sectand Little Western Paradise’s supreme experts were horrified. They saw Shi Hao’s true appearance.

They couldn’t help but scream out loudly,feeling as if they saw a ghost!“How can this be? You are still alive!” They all felt their fine hairs stand up straight. The instant they saw Shi Hao’s true appearance,cold sweat ran all the way down from their heads down to their feet. This was too shocking! This person had clearly died! Everyone in the world knew about it, so howcould he still be alive?“Go!”They didn’t.

Think about staying for a moment, turningaround and leaving. The little Stone reappeared, leaving themcompletely shaken. They didn’t have any intention of fightinga decisive battle. Their only wish was to flee as far as possible. Shi Hao’s speed was extremely fast. Kun Peng wings appeared, and heavenly overflowingdivine might swept outwards. He possessed extreme speed, cutting off theirroute of retreat instantly! Meanwhile, the War King, Ming King, Peng Kingand others appeared as well, bringing their imperial guards.

They appeared high up in the sky and exudedtremendous power and pressure. “Who is that?” Many people from Stone Country Capital Citystared at Shi Hao’s figure, feeling greatly puzzled. Bright mists surrounded that place, makingit a bit indistinct. However, they felt a bit of deja vu. “Kill!”The two great supreme experts shoutedout loud, wishing to break free from this place. Shi Hao’s wings moved, and then with a loudsound, yin and yang energies.

Swirled together before sweeping out likea sea. They were immediately shaken to the pointwhere blood shot out from their mouths. A battle immediately broke out. It was incredibly fierce and tyrannical, shakingheaven and earth. They had just exchanged attacks, yet LittleWestern Paradise’s supreme expert already cried out miserably. The pair of sparkling white ivory teeth werebroken off, landing in Shi Hao’s hands. He tossed them over to the Ming King and theothers. “You how could you still be in this world?”.

The White Jade Dragon Elephant was unwillingto accept this. “Stone Emperor, you… exactly how did yousurvive?” Heaven Mending Sect’s supreme expert’sheart was pounding. He truly couldn’t understand why this deadperson was able to appear again. When these words were spoken, Stone CountryImperial City was shaken. This news was too astonishing. It was too hard to believe!“You want toperform a curse? You alone aren’t enough!” Shi Hao coldly said.

He raised his hand, sending out electricalradiance like an ocean. It swept out with pi li pa la sounds. All of the curse power was wiped out. Heaven Mending Sect’s supreme expert criedout miserably. Half of his body was scorched black. The world was in an uproar. What was going on?“I know what happened,perhaps the little Stone truly revived. The Suan Ni, Vermilion Bird, and Kun Pengare all his spiritual bodies!” Someone suddenly understood with a flash andtrembled uncontrollably.

“What is going on with the True Phoenix? I never heard of him cultivating this precioustechnique!”“This proves something else. Back then, rumors had it that he capturedfairy Yue Chan, and now, it seems to be true! He obtained this damaged precious techniquefrom her.”That day, the entire world was shaken. Everyone found this somewhat difficult tobelieve, but they couldn’t help but develop doubts. Could it be that Shi Hao truly returned tolife? This was too shocking!.

The entire world was astonished!A supremebeing youth that had disappeared for more than a year reappeared. There was nothing more ridiculous or shockingthan this. “Is it truly the little Stone? Heavens! What happened? He was actually able to survive and reappear!”“Thisis crazy! In just a day, he moved out with several spiritualbodies and suppressed several great sects. How domineering is this?!”“This reallyis like a sovereign descending!.

A single person could deal with several greatsects, choosing to take action all in one day! A warship made of lazurite several thousandzhang in length moved across the sky. It shocked quite a few inheritances in thewasteland region. This was one of Stone Country’s divine levelwarships. It was going to cross the dome of heaven andbreak through the rigid ‘region wall’, crossing over into other great regions. It released an extremely powerful pressure. “What region are they heading towards?.

Stone Country is going to take major action!”Rightnow, the wasteland region had long clamored with noise. Everyone was making guesses at whether ShiHao truly revived. Even now, they weren’t certain. Rumor has it that this was the number oneboat of the Stone Clan in the ancient era. When its horn sounded, the entire country’sexperts would move out and fight to the death against enemies in a decisive battle. After so many years had passed, everyone hadalmost forgotten about this ancient boat. Now, it reappeared, crossing the heavens.

Were they going to suppress an undying inheritanceor ancient country?“They broke through the ‘region wall’! They are heading for the mysterious region!”Newsimmediately transmitted outwards, triggering a huge uproar. They weren’t pretending and truly crossedregions to carry out a huge battle!The lazurite warship pierced through the void, arrivingin the mysterious region. This naturally triggered huge chaos. Many people were shocked. Beside him, there was the War King, Ming King,Peng King, and several thousand imperial guards.

Their strength was extremely great. Forget about everything else, just the threegreat supreme experts alone could sweep through a sect! One of Shi Hao’s spiritual bodies remainedin Stone Capital to oversee this place, so they didn’t have to worry about place. In reality, they didn’t have to move outthat many people, but since they already decided to take action and punish the undying greatsects, they couldn’t do it in a low-profile manner. Since that was the case, they might as wellfight, display their divine might and shock.

The world! The divine grade warship was covered in beautifulmetal wires. The most precious area wasn’t its offensiveor defensive power, but its speed. It had some void penetrating divine might. This type of precious artifact was extremelyrarely seen! Perhaps some weapons might be able to tearopen the void, but it was impossible for them to move through it long term. Immortal Mountain, a place where tall peakstowered imposingly and purple energy lingered about.

This was a place where dragons arose, butin recent years, they continuously suffered disasters. The first place Shi Hao chose to fight washere. You all are Stone Country’s people?!” The Qin Clan’s higher level figures came. They stood in front of the mountain gate,all of them shaking endlessly. Were they going to attack Immortal Mountainwith everything they had? They felt extremely uncertain inwardly, feelinga bit terrified. Stone Country currently had several supremeexperts, while they only had one.

If a war truly broke out, the results wouldbe too horrible to think about!“My Qin Clan has never offended you all, so why are youbringing your army towards our mountain gate, treating us like this?” An elder asked in a loud voice. “Is there still a need to talk any further? Some of your Qin Clan’s people colludedwith several great sects, leaking them all types of information, yet you still claimto be innocent?” The War King spoke in an incredibly cold tone. He didn’t have a single good impressionof the Qin Clan.

A year ago, Shi Hao fell here, and when hewas recuperating, they tried to harm him several times, narrowly avoiding an even earlier death. If not for giving Shi Ziling and Qin Yiningface, they would have taken action back then and overturned this place!This time, eventhough the Qin Clan didn’t directly take action, they relied on Shi Ziling, Qin Yining,Qin Hao, and Shi Hao’s complex relationship to obtain a few secrets from Stone Country. They leaked it out, colluding with severalgreat sects to obtain the void gold and other items. What?.

That is Shi Hao?!”Everyone in front of theQin Clan’s gate were shocked. They all stared with open mouths and stupefiedexpressions, not daring to believe what they were looking at. News were spreading from the wasteland region,but Immortal Mountain only heard a bit of rumors. How could they believe such a thing? However, now the living person appeared!“Impossible! He died a year ago!” An elder cried out loudly, unable to acceptthis reality.

You have to understand that they understoodmore than the others. Qin Yining had previously stayed in that so-called‘Stone Village’, not willing to head into the higher realms because of Shi Hao’s grave. If Shi Hao was still alive, why would shedo something like that? Now that Shi Hao came here again, his heartwas sighing with sorrow. Without saying anything, he directly swepthis eyes over the Qin Clan’s higher level figures. Everyone’s minds trembled. Before, they had even thought about overturningthis ancient country.

They never thought that it would be flippedover today, having their own gates attacked, forcing them to compromise to avoid a disaster. “Close the mountain gates and start up thegreat formations. Kill all intruders that dare to charge in!” Immortal Mountain’s supreme expert shouted,giving this order. Qin Clan’s important characters all retreated. They all felt extremely annoyed. They were going to use their great formationsto attack, letting these intruders pay the price of blood.

“Just some damaged magical formations, yetyou dare to make such a display?” The Ming King roared with laughter. At this moment, multicolored light flashedin Shi Hao’s hair. The divine striking stone flew out, descendingtogether with the three great supreme experts to directly break through the formation. “What?” The Qin Clansmen all cried out in alarm. Kill!”Immortal Mountain’s supreme expert’sface immediately fell. With a divine magical artifact in his hand,he took to the air.

He wanted to use the great killing weaponin his hands to immediately kill the three great supreme experts. However, he was set up for disappointment. The three great supreme experts each heldan ancient magical artifact in their hands. They were all left behind by deities. All of them erupted with radiance and hackedforward. You all dared to scheme against my Stone Countryand harm Stone Emperor a year ago. Everything will be settled now!”“Kill!”Shoutsof killing resounded through the skies. The three great supreme experts led thousandsof younger experts directly into Immortal.

Mountain, sweeping through this place. All those that dared to rebel were killedwithout mercy. That day, Immortal Mountain was broken through. The higher level figures were completely wipedout, and the number of casualties was great. The ones that tried to harm Shi Hao to deathbefore were all found by the three old kings and killed. All those that colluded with the great sectsto deal with Stone Country were all killed as well. After this battle, the Qin Clan was completelyruined.

They were completely struck off the list ofholy lands, their lower realm sect completely collapsed, never to rise again. If not for the fact that Qin Yining was ShiHao’s mother, this inheritance might have been completely wiped out. Western Sect and Heaven Mending Sect aren’tordinary. They had never been broken through by othersbefore. They had existed since the ancient times,so their accumulation is astonishing. They definitely have many divine objects!” The Peng King said.

Qin Clan has an extremely large formationinside. It is massive and full of mysteries.” An imperial guard reported. After conducting an interrogation, Stone Countrylearned that this was a super transport formation that could cross regions. Just now, there were some people who usedthis to flee. “It leads to the Heaven Mending Sect? That’s fine, let’s go as well, use thisinformation to head to our next destination!” Shi Hao said.

He immediately began to activate it. The bugle horn sounded. The lazurite warship was started up, and thenthe entire ship released a hazy radiance, departing from this super transport formation. They quickly entered another great region. A True Phoenix took to the air. Its entire body was covered in brilliant feathers. It danced about in the air, carrying withit powerful divine might as it continuously attacked Heaven Mending Sect’s mountaingate.

Mountain rocks flew about chaotically. Many symbols flickered about. The great mountain protecting formation shone. Many experts were fighting there, as if theywere facing a great enemy. They all hid inside while carrying out a defense. This was, of course, Shi Hao’s spiritualbody that was sent ahead of time to lock this place down, preventing Heaven Mending Sect’ssupreme experts from fleeing. The mountain gate had already been damaged. If not for the divine level formations protectingthis place, it would have been broken through.

A long time ago. This place possessed powerful might with bonetext interweaving about. They continuously surged out from within themountain gate. “So powerful!” Everyone from Stone Country was dazzled asthey watched this. Shi Hao’s power alone forced an undyinginheritance to fight behind their gate. This type of bombardment was truly incredible. If it was an ordinary person, they would havebeen chased away a long time ago. They would have long been killed!.

A phoenix cry tore through the air. Tens of thousands of streaks of multicoloredlights shot out. It circled about in the air before quicklyflying towards the lazurite warship. In the blink of an eye, it entered one ofthe true Shi Hao’s heavenly passages. The lazurite warship closed in. Heaven Mending Sect’s people all frowned,feeling as if something was off. They already knew what was going on. Just now, a few people from Immortal Mountainfled here.”“You really are Shi Hao?” A shout sounded from within.

The enormous warship stopped. Blue-green light flickered about. Shi Hao stood at the head of the ship whileoverlooking the world below. He revealed his true body, immediately raisingcries of alarm. Their reactions were just like Immortal Mountain’s. There wasn’t a single cultivator from HeavenMending Sect whose expression didn’t change. They were all incomparably shaken. They unexpectedly met the little Stone again!Thiswas definitely a disaster. Back then, they still didn’t believe thatthe True Phoenix was his spiritual body, but.

Now, it was obvious. “You all threatened my Stone Country, sayingthat if we didn’t hand the void furnace over to you, there would be a blood tragedy?” Shi Hao calmly said, his voice containingneither joy nor worry. Everyone’s expressions changed. This time, they truly kicked a metal board. They wanted to obtain the void furnace, sothey carried out a threat. Who would have expected that Shi Hao wouldrevive and come back at this time?“This matter will end here.

Things have been exposed already.” This voice sounded from Heaven Mending Sect. They wanted to make peace talks. “Giving up? Exposed?” Shi Hao’s voice was calm, but he was shakinghis head. Back then, there were supreme experts fromthis sect who tried to kill him, and this time, they even wanted to deal with StoneCountry. He wanted to wipe this place out, not willingto accept this conclusion.

Shi Hao, what a pity. You cannot go up either, because the heavenlypaths have been severed.” A supreme expert from the Heaven Mending Sectsaid. “There is no need for your concern. Do you want to open the mountain gates yourself,or do you want to wait until I slaughter my way in?” Shi Hao coldly spoke. Even though he wasn’t old, there was a greatimposing aura to his figure. Shi Hao, are you really going to become mysect’s enemy?”.

A voice shouted out from within“It is youall that forced me to fight you all to the end! I only came to satisfy your wishes!” Shi Hao replied. “Kill!”Behind him, the War King, PengKing, and Ming King brought the several thousand soldiers with them. They roared out together, shaking the worldwith their voices, making all of Heaven Mending Sect’s holy land tremble.This type of thinghad never happened before. Heaven Mending Sect that was reputed to beundying had its gates destroyed, and the enemy.

Was going to slaughter their way in. “Demon Locking Formation, activate!” Someone shouted from within Heaven MendingSect, activating a great ancient formation to stop Shi Hao’s onslaught. Shi Hao erupted with power. His head of black hair danced chaoticallybehind him. Symbols covered his entire body as he wieldedfive divine magical artifacts, sending them towards that great formation. He was going to use their great power to destroyit.

These five magical artifacts were carefullyselected. They corresponded with the five elements andwere chosen after great thought. Under his control, endless divine radiancepoured out, immediately entering the great formation to seal it in place. Shi Hao immediately rushed inside. With a raise of his hand, symbols poured outlike a sea. Everything erupted, shattering the great formationthat was locked in place and causing it to completely break apart. This was a violent yet beautiful sight!A fewof Heaven Mending Sect’s experts coughed.

Out blood. They weren’t able to retreat in time, andas a result, their bodies began to break apart. Large expanses of corpses could be seen. Retreat to the central region of the holyland! Activate all formations!” A supreme expert from Heaven Mending Sectshouted. He felt extremely anxious. Shi Hao was powerful beyond imagination. These five magical artifacts were speciallyprepared for breaking through formations.

“Stone Emperor is without equal!” Behind him, the several thousand young individualsshouted. Their voice rang through the air like thunder,shaking Heaven Mending Sect. The imposing lazurite warship was startedup again. This formation is so terrifying! I can’t break through it or see throughit.” The divine striking stone seemed to be struggling.“Sincewe already slaughtered our way here, we can’t just give up halfway.” Shi Hao said.

He already made a firm resolution to overturnHeaven Mending Sect. This was a holy land with expanses of medicinalfields. They were incomparably fragrant. Meanwhile, the islands in the sky were evenshining. There were many spiritual herbs, and therewas even a spiritual spring and others. They gushed forth, surging with immortal energy. “Yi, it has a gap. This great formation is damaged and not completelyarranged. There is a hole!”.

The divine striking stone cried out in excitement.Thetruth was that Heaven Mending Formation was too complicated. Once it was damaged, there was simply no wayfor those of the lower realm to repair it. Over the endless passage of time, a portionof the formation had long suffered damage. “Alright, break it!” Shi Hao said. “I need time, at least seven days.” The divine striking stone said. The Little Stone has revived!.

He is truly astonishing after all!”“Ishe going to attack all of the holy lands of this world alone? That day, the world erupted into commotion. Shi Hao’s actions were too crazy, leavingeveryone shocked. Everyone knew that these great sects had alltargeted him and Stone Country. Now that Shi Hao returned, he was incomparablyfirm and resolute. He was going to overturn them one after another.Timepassed, one day after another. On the eighth day, Heaven Mending Sect’sgreat battle ended. Shi Hao slaughtered his way in with worldshaking divine might.

A Kun Peng spread its wings, erupting witha strand of chaotic energy. Those supreme experts were blasted to pieces! Heaven Mending Sect was breached and completelyoverturned. This left the entire world speechless. This was just too astonishing.It had to bementioned that Heaven Mending Sect’s backing was deep and their collection abundant. Divine materials were piled high in theirtreasury, far surpassing what Stone Country’s inner treasury once had. Meanwhile, inside those medicinal fields,there were even more spiritual herbs that.

Couldn’t be found everywhere. They were all aged old medicines. There were even a few rare wondrous medicinesthat were hard to find even if one searched the entire world. This time, neither the little pagoda nor undyingexistence were here. Regardless of whether it was the divine materialsor spiritual medicines, none of them would be ‘wasted’. Episode 113 Part 1 End Here…

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