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It's difficult to overstate the popularity of boys love anime in Japan romance is one of the most popular genres of Storytelling in any medium and bl is just another manifestation of that no surprise it's now popular throughout the world Sasaki and Miano was one of the better shows of 2022 and it was certainly the year's most popular boys.

Love anime the genre does not produce new shows all that often and when a series does come out it tends to struggle to attract too much attention outside its Niche audience that said there are plenty of memorable BL series out there for those that haven't got their fill here are some other great BL anime if you enjoyed this video make.

Sure to leave a like And subscribe I'm Kat with es enemy and now let's get right to it first we have Junjo Romantica this anime has proven controversial among anime fans with many deriding its characters and plotting While others argue that it is a classic of the genre and worth watching on its own merits it is.

Inarguably divisive what it brings to the table however is an anthology structure a strong balance between humor and romance a strong dose of eroticism and a memorable if problematic plot while its protagonists can be even more infuriating than Goku when he forgets something important Junjo Romantica is still a BL anime of which some fans will.

Never stop singing the Praises next we have hybrid child if given enough love and romance from its own an Android known as a hybrid child can grow despite their partly and mechanical nature the hybrid children grow close with their own owners and vice versa another Anthology anime hybrid child features three primary protagonists.

Kotaro must grapple with the impending death of his hybrid child Seiya The Swordsman must learn to love again Kuroda the man who designed the hybrid children only designed them due to the love he lost hybrid child is sadder than most BL with stories engineered to pull at the heartstrings and bring a tear to the eye this mission is facilitated by.

Strong animation music and plotting which combine to make these Tales of dramatic sacrifice truly effective between its original premise and its Artful execution hybrid child has much to offer next we have hitori jimei my hero if someone is interested in fully exploring boys love anime they need to know that a.

Lot of shows deal with taboo relationships in many ways hitori jimei my hero hitorijime my hero serves as a litmus test for someone's tolerance of these Dynamics since the anime covers quite a few divisive Yahweh tropes while still playing it safe by the genre standards a timid teenager Masahiro yearns for a hero and he finds his.

Savior in the form of kusuke a high school teacher naturally Masahiro develops feelings for his Sensei but kosuke is not sure whether to commit to the younger protagonist or not the story also follows kinsuke and kasekura two students who are a couple hitoriji made my hero does a decent job of exploring its characters backstories and why they.

Are attracted to their specific relationships while not the void of melodrama the Romans anime incorporates plenty of humor as well next we have gaku and handsome hardcore BL anime are already rare and that goes triple for parodies of the genre gaku and handsome has hideous art detestable love interests and the blandest.

Protagonist and imaginable more importantly all these things are intentional consisting of short three-minute episodes the hilarious anime pokes fun at some of the more polarizing aspects of boys love stories particularly older shows like joondal Romantica and gravitation due to its nature gaku and handsome should not be.

Someone's next BL anime after Sasaki and Miano since the latter does not contain many of the tropes mocked by the 2016 series although enjoyable without context Goku and handsome improves significantly if a viewer knows what they want to watch next we have sukisho Can't Stop Loving You sukisho centers around the.

Relationship between boys at an all-boys boarding school its attractive animation is one of the first things to hook most viewers as for its plot it will be too much fluff for some with some episodes in its 13 episode run that could be considered filler in many ways tsukisho is an archetypical BL anime heavy on romance and light on deeper themes it.

Doesn't have superheroes punching holes through mountains or Wizards summoning dragons just developing connection between two young men tossing some fan service and Youthful hijinks and one has the makings of a solid if simple BL series next we have Love Stage stylish with well-rounded characters and a plot that.

Hits on most of the Staples of the genre Love Stage is the story of Izumi a college student who is also an inspiring manga writer his mother is an actress his father a director and his brother the lead vocalist for a band Meaning Izumi h as big shoes to fill creatively complicating things is Ryoma a man two years older than Izumi who fell in love.

With the protagonist years ago mistaking him for a girl thanks to his small figure Ryoma retains his feelings even after discovering izumi's true gender however allowing the Embers of romance that were kindled years ago to reunite neither sure where their new relationship is leading but discovering the answer to that question is exactly.

What makes Love Stage captivating for the audience next we have Heaven's official blessing a Chinese dongwa anime Heaven's official blessing takes the idea of divine love seriously so seriously in fact its protagonist is literally Divine was once a mighty God now reduced to a fraction of his former glory she meets Hua Chang.

In heaven a Divine entity even more frightfully powerful than himself the romance between and Hua is elegant it unfolds gradually and because it plays out against a backdrop of mystery religion and myth and never feels the tremendous pressure to carry the entire story as Romans does in many BL anime instead the love between Gods feels.

Natural which makes it a whole different kind of divine next we have number six no matter the time or place whether deep in Earth's past the far-flung reaches of outer space or medieval fantasy world war dragons and Sorcerers Rule the Day love more or less always looks like love number six is a near future sci-fi story about two young men in a dystopian world.

The series succeeds in giving viewers three-dimensional characters in a three-dimensional setting it isn't perfect by any means but the richness of its animation and artwork lends an extra layer of great on top of an already good manga it might not have the humor of Sasaki and Miano but it lacks a little else.

Next we have Spirit packed another series that falls short of perfection but has a great deal to offer fans of Sasaki Miano Spirit pack is about tamoku an exorcist and Kika the victim of a freak accident that took his life two men one dead could have been the end of it instead tanmoku offers Kika the opportunity to carry on as tanmuku's.

Spirit Shadow allowing Kika to maintain his bond to the real world even if it isn't as an ordinary human being the interesting plot in Supernatural hijinks are fun what is likely is to keep viewers watching is the banter between 10 moku and Kika two men who for obvious reasons have a lot to say to one another next we have barrel and Sapphire how.

Much can this anime realistically accomplish in eight minutes more than most anime Canon accomplish in 20 it turns out despite its short run time barrel and Sapphire takes BL fans on a journey unlike any other in the genre it manages this by reframing the story every single time casting barrel and Sapphire new roles even as the story of.

Their lives and romance presses ever forward intersecting storylines and shifting settings make barrel and Sapphire difficult to describe but absolutely captivating there simply isn't another BL anime like it and Sasaki and Miano fans shouldn't miss it next we have Stranger by the shore it's discouraging and misleading when the.

Only depiction of a community is of the suffering it faces but it's worse for media to ignore the very real suffering that does occur shun Hashimoto dreams of an author's life only for his parents to abandon him for being gay with the simple premise The Stranger by the shore places itself on the side of painful realism but the anime doesn't dwell.

Unnecessarily on the negative to that end shun soon meets Mio chibana an orphaned high schooler in Okinawa the bond they develop is soon tested but their struggles are painted with a compassionate brush umibe no each Ranger looks at the good and bad of Love alike next we have docuse classmates while.

There's nothing wrong with elaborate World building complicated plots and twists at every turn there's something undeniably satisfying about a simple tale well told dokusei classmates is a story about two classmates in love rihito and Hikaru are both in the school's chorus rihito is an introverted honor student while Hikaru is an.

Academically struggling extrovert Hikaru offers to help rahita with his vocals and romance ensues the Simplicity of the story far from being a drawback is part of the appeal sometimes BL anime should just be about boys in love here it is next we have Yuri on ice when one thinks of Sports Anime what often comes to mind are titles like Prince of Tennis all out.

Ace of diamonds and kuroko's basketball baseball football and basketball might arise in the imagination male competitive ice skating probably doesn't that changes With Yuri on ice this series does what all good Sports Anime should which is to tell a story so compelling that it draws viewers in even if they aren't fans of the sport Yuri on.

Ice is a brilliant BL anime as well with a wide and engaging cast of characters sharp dialogue and solid twists wither one watches for the Triple axles or the hand-holding this series exceeds expectations next we have given music touches the spirit uniquely perhaps one reason that music anime is so beloved given is both.

A BL anime and music anime following the story of high school students mofuyu Sato and ritsuka yueno Yama the latter helps the former tune and play his guitar unaware that it belonged to mafuyu's First Love mufuyu joins rizuka's band soon after given is emotionally tough unafraid of throwing viewers into the deep end of their.

Feelings yet probing heavy themes is always done in the name of enriching the Romantic plot between the two and given flourishes exactly because it's willing to use the dark to illuminate the light and finally The Last Enemy on the list is Banana Fish every genre has its progenitors the titles that helped Define and popularize it giving shape to.

Stories and characters for decades to come for BL anime bananafish is one of those progenitors based on the 80s manga by akimi Yoshida Banana Fish is about New York gang leader Ash links and his investigation into the drug that led to his brother's murder as the investigation gets underway Ash meets EG nekamura and the two soon fall in love.

The anime adaptation is as emotionally punishing as the original manga and there's no denying that bananafish is close to BL Perfection well that's it for the list if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like And subscribe also check out my other videos bye

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