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For centuries, powerful Shinobiclans engaged in relentless warfare, their conflicts driven by a relentlesspursuit of total dominance over Japan. Yet, amid the tumultuous battles and the clashof swords, a sinister undercurrent took root. The violence and bloodshed gaverise to a malevolent energy, one that cast a dark shadow over the land. This malevolent energy became a beacon, luring demons from the depths of hell toinvade the country and possess its residents. Recognizing the dire threat, the Shinobiclans cast aside their longstanding rivalries, uniting in a resolute stand to protect humanity.

Legend speaks of a deity emergingfrom the celestial realm, revealing themselves before the united Shinobi. Revealing an ancient trial, completion of which would bestow the Shinobi withan array of incredible powers. These newfound abilities held the potential to aid them in banishing the demonsback to the depths of hell. Aware that this marked only the start andanticipating the demons' resurgence, the surviving Shinobi established the “Crimson StarEmpire,” under the leadership of the Crimson Hero. The deity then severed this empire from the.

Constraints of time, entrusting themwith safeguarding the “first flame.” Endowed with a godly energy, the”first flame” holds the ability to break the seal imprisoning the demon god”the fallen.” Whispers persist that even now, the opposing forces wage theirconcealed war in the shadows. A warrior strides toward the palace, wielding a sword in one hand andclutching a bag in the other. He bows and kneels before his lord, affirming that the assigned taskhad been successfully accomplished. Lord Crimson inquires aboutthe disposition of the body.

From the bag comes out the hands of his foe, stating that he has fled buttooks his arms in the process. Unconvinced, the lord declares his intention to dispatch the cells to locatethe fugitive and eliminate him. The warrior raises a question regarding the cells. In response, the master emphasizesthe utmost secrecy of the mission, stressing that even the clan heads must remainunaware to avoid dishonoring the Crimson Empire. The warrior nodded in understanding, yet alingering question remained in his thoughts. Yasuke, assigned to a secret missionagainst his own formidable mentor,.

Wondered how the lord could becertain victory was attainable. The Crimson lord responded that hisadversary had forsaken his family for power, sacrificing all he vowed to safeguard inhis insatiable pursuit of clan leadership. However, Yasuke's sole aspiration is toprotect the vulnerable through strength. The Crimson lord had observed him for years,conquering challenges that had defeated others. Upon receiving these words, a profound senseof fulfillment blossomed across Yasuke. The lord explained thatYasuke's foe, the Night Hand, sought strength through absorbing demon soulsinto his blade. But lacking a strong will, this negative energy wouldcorrupt and devour his soul.

Nonetheless, Yasuke managed to overcome thenight hand. This achievement led the lord to proclaim Yasuke as the new clan head,bestowing upon him this prestigious title. The lord excuses Yasuke, noting that the warrior'swife is anticipating his return. Simultaneously, the Crimson lord prepares to mobilize thecells to conclusively resolve the matter. As the story continues, Yasuke hops branch to branchas swiftly as possible excited to see his wife and share the newsof him becoming the new clan head. Under the luminous glow of a crescent moon, Yasuke arrives at his destination.

Informed by the guards, Yasuke learnsthat his wife is waiting within. Upon entering, Yasuke is startled by a loud scream To his astonishment, it's his wifewho is on the brink of giving birth. Our valiant warrior rushestowards his wife's side, his heart filled with a mixtureof concern and anticipation. However, Aniko's concern centers onthe blood staining her husband's form. Yasuke consoles her, assuringAniko that the blood isn't his. Aniko, however, is in noticeable discomfort, her face strained from theintensity of the contractions.

Abruptly, another warrior placeshis hands firmly on the ground. And begins the sealing ritual, channelinghis focus into the intricate process. Suddenly, a deafening bangreverberates from the outside. Confused by the situation, Yasukestruggles to comprehend the events and urgently demands an explanationfor the disturbance outside. A sensation of unease courses through Yasuke'ssenses, hinting that something is amiss. Out of nowhere, another warrior enters and urgently informs the clan head that thetemple's defenses have been breached. Yasuke presses for an explanation, demandingto know the details of the situation outside.

However, in a sudden twist, the warriorbegins emanating a sinister dark aura. Sensing the escalating tension, Yasuke instructsthe others to complete the ritual swiftly. The warrior who recently arrived continues toexude a terrifying aura, its intensity growing. Suddenly, something resembling a dark entitybegins to emerge from the warrior's body. A grotesque hand, as ifclawing its way from within, slowly inches its way out of thewarrior's form, contorted and ominous. With a sudden burst of motion, it lungesforth, the whole arm outstretched. Yasuke is rendered speechless, disbelief gripping him as he beholds the surreal sceneunfolding before his very eyes.

A creature emerges from the body,remarking on the difficulty of its entry and emphasizing that using the guard'sbody was the only way to make it possible. Aware of the resilience ofShinobi against possession, Yasuke's anger flares as he demands to knowthe identity of the demon standing before him. Offended, the creature commandsthe Shinobi to be silent. Asserting his distinction from lower hell demons, the creature clarifies that he hailsfrom the sixth hell, a realm apart. A Shinobi identifies the mark on the creature'shead, linking it to that of “the fallen,” and proceeds to label theentity as the black halo demon.

Swiftly responding, he directs another Shinobi to swiftly erect a protectivebarrier around the mother. Understanding the urgency, the other Shinobiimmediately begins channeling energy, focusing on creating the required barrier. Yet, with a single malevolentsmirk from the demon, the Shinobi's life is abruptly extinguished as his head is twisted by an unseenhand that materializes above him. The shinobi and Aniko cannot believe their eyes. Yasuke, too, is taken aback bythe sudden and unexpected assault.

The black halo demon adamantlyrefuses to be referred to as a demon, expressing disdain for the termas he finds it unappealing. The surviving Shinobi urgently informs Yasukethat they must depart, explaining that without the presence of the other Shinobi, he cannotexecute the protective ritual effectively. Yasuke concurs and informs Aniko that he willcreate a diversion to allow her to escape. Aniko, filled with concern,urges Yasuke not to hold back, emphasizing that his adversary hails from thesixth hell and poses a significant threat. Yasuke issues a command to Aniko, instructingher to run, and she flees with all her might. Yasuke's body springs intoa burst of swift motion,.

Propelling him behind the demonin a seamless display of agility. His feet touch down gracefully on the oppositeside, every movement deliberate and calculated. Meanwhile, the demon, its preternaturalinstincts finely honed, anticipates Yasuke's actions and attacks with lethal intent. The sheer force of the demon'sattack propels Yasuke backward, sending him hurtling through the air. Unaware of the demon's overwhelming might, Yasuke crashes into the wallwith a resounding impact. The force is so potent that he smashes throughit, the wall unable to withstand the collision.

The demon asserts that its target isn't Yasuke. Nevertheless, a sudden realization dawns upon it as it notices that Aniko hasalready escaped the scene. Unperturbed by the turn of events, thedemon's demeanor remains unaffected, fully aware that the currentsituation holds little significance. Without hesitation, it initiates aprocess, emanating a sinister aura that births a multitude ofsmall, demon-like spawnlings. These eerie creatures, born from its veryform, take flight across the temple's expanse. Their eyes gleam with malevolence as they scourthe surroundings, seeking out lifeless forms.

Their aim is clear. It is to locate deceasedbodies and seize the opportunity to enter and possess them, a chillingmanifestation of their dark intent. Under the malevolent control of the demon, thepossessed undead Shinobi now move at its command. The chilling orders it issues aregrim and sinister, directing them to forcefully extract the baby from Aniko's womb and to bring her severed headto him as a separate act. In a sudden turn of events, afigure hurtles back into view, catching the demon's attentionin a moment of surprise. It's Yasuke, resolute determinationblazing in his eyes, his presence.

An embodiment of unwavering resolve tohalt the demon's malevolent machinations. Even the demon is compelled to acknowledgethe potency of the Crimson Shinobi before it. With a fiery determination thatmatches the flames of his clan, Yasuke declares his intent with unshakableresolve. His eyes, fierce and unwavering, burn with an uncontainable determinationas he proclaims that he will banish the demon back to the depths ofhell from which it emerged. However, the demon coldly reminds Yasukethat while his wife may have eluded its grasp for the moment, her fate is to be doomed. Confident in his wife's capabilities,Yasuke asserts that Aniko has the.

Resilience to look after herself, even inthe moments leading up to giving birth. Steeling himself, Yasuke readies for action, interjecting sternly as he orders thedemon to cease discussing his wife. With a sinister tone, the demon cynicallyinforms the Shinobi that they are incapable of grasping the gravity of the impendingevents that will transpire tonight. Rushing forward with unbridled determination, the demon exclaims to Yasuke that the birth ofthe child will signal the commencement of the end. Fueled by the demon's words, Yasuke'seyes blaze with a fiery determination, their intensity a reflectionof his unwavering resolve.

Regaining his composure with a deepbreath, he steadies his stance, muscles coiled in anticipation. With the oncoming attack imminent,he channels his focused energy, prepared to meet the challenge head-onand prove his indomitable spirit. Yasuke then taps into thedepths of the secret ninja art, invoking its power as his handignites in blazing flames. He releases a barrage of fierybolts in rapid succession, each streaking through the air like a comet. The demon charges headlong towards the onslaught,.

Its movements as sinuous and graceful as a shadow, effortlessly slithering through thefiery projectiles with sinister agility and dismissively labels theattack as utterly pathetic. However, that initial onslaught was merely adiversion, for Yasuke now hovers above the demon, his hand ablaze with flames that dancewith the ferocity of a blazing comet. With unyielding determination emanating fromhis eyes, Yasuke initiates his counterattack, his gaze an unwavering beacon of resolute purpose. Yasuke unleashes a fierce assault, hisfire-infused energy converging into a blazing beam of intense brilliance. Thebeam streaks forth like a celestial meteor,.

Tearing through the temple's walls, determinedto engulf the demon in its fiery conflagration. Yet, defying the odds, the demon skillfullysidesteps the attack while airborne, evading the fiery onslaught unscathed. The demon acknowledges Yasuke's speed, Yasuke on the other hand casuallycompliments that the demon is ugly. However, With not a moment to spare, a hand materializes through aportal directly behind the Shinobi, leaving him with just enoughtime to narrowly evade its grasp. Yet, the onslaught doesn't relent, compellinghim into a dance of evasive maneuvers.

As Yasuke reaches at the end of the wall, the demon's face contorts ina rare display of discomfort. His eyes fall upon his arm, the onethat had ventured through the portal, now adorned with numerous cuts that ooze crimson. Yasuke's maneuvers wasn't merely evasivebut strategic. Amidst the dodges, he had been meticulously slicing atthe attacking hand with his kunai. Still perched on the wall, Yasukechannels another secret ninja technique, conjuring lightning that takes form from his palm. With a burst of energy, he releases a surgeof electrifying power: Lightning Viper..

Yasuke propelling himself like acoiled spring towards the demon, akin to a striking snake poised to bite. In a lightning-quick maneuver,Yasuke's body streaks through the air, his trajectory colliding with the demon's form. The impact is relentless, his momentum unyieldingas he propels himself onward while airborne, leaving shattered pillars in a trail behind him. Finally, he halts, his momentumstilled against the wall, having executed a dynamic display of prowessthat reverberates through the battlefield. Exuding confidence, Yasuke remarks thathis lightning viper technique has yet.

To encounter an adversary capable of evasion. However, the demon questions it's facts Yasuke's realization dawns as hecomprehends that the demon has skillfully exchanged places with another shinobi. Emerging from the shadows, the terrifyingdemon's voice drips with dark amusement as he whispers to Yasuke from behind, questioningthe way the shinobi treat their fallen comrades. Infused with anger, Yasuke attempts to pivotand launch an attack at the demon once more, only to be met with a suddenand brutal blow to his neck. The impact of the attack propelsYasuke through the air, his body.

Hurtling across the expanse of the templeand crashing against the opposite side. Exuding confidence in his perceived triumph,the demon bids his farewell with a sinister smile. He charges himself for another devastatingattack, fully convinced of his impending victory. Shifting the scene, ourfocus transitions to Akino, who is now racing away from thetemple in a desperate bid for safety. Amid her frantic flight, a deep worryfor Yasuke grips Akino's thoughts. However, a sudden realization dawns uponher as now is not the time for his concern. The urgency of her situation becomes paramountas she senses other adversaries in pursuit. Seeking to create some distance, she initiatesthe channeling of a secret ninja art.

Her focus hones on a nearby tree, and with adeft touch, she taps into its hidden power. As her pursuers draw closer, an unexpected twist of nature's wrathunfolds. Branches thrust forth from the tree's trunk, impaling the oncoming assailants. Yet, despite the onslaught, Akinorealizes a handful manage to evade the arboreal assault and continue their pursuit. Amidst the shadowy night, underthe glistening crescent moon, two more pursuers close in, positioneddirectly above her, poised to strike at Aniko. As her escape persists, the unrelentingcontractions add to her challenges.

Despite the pain, she fervently prays,her voice a whisper in the night, beseeching the unborn child togrant her a precious bit more time. Amid the escalating pursuit, the pursuersbegin to deploy secret ninja arts. She comprehends that these unyieldingassailants are none other than crimson shinobis. Their very beings possessedand manipulated by dark forces. As one adversary closes in,Akino's survival instincts kick in, compelling her to defend against a high knee kick. Summoning her inner strength, shecounters with unwavering determination, channeling every ounce ofpower into a fierce punch.

The force of her blow propelsthe possessed shinobi backward, and with a resounding impact,he collides with a nearby tree. Nevertheless, as her contractionsintensify, Aniko's strength wanes. Amidst her struggle, she persistsin her plea to the unborn child, entreating it to endure just a while longer. Yet, in a cruel twist offate, as she attempts to rise, a formidable bolt of energy is unleashed upon her, its power overwhelming. Theimpact hurls her through the air, a helpless figure propelledby the force of the assault.

Akino tumbles and fumbles acrossthe ground, her unwavering focus fixed on protecting the precious life within her. As she nears the mountain's edge, the peril grows. Just as the precipice threatens to claim her, she manages to clutch onto theedge with a desperate grip, her fingers locking onto the rockysurface with an iron determination. Now suspended on the cliff's edge, Aniko's grip remains her sole lifeline.She finds herself in a precarious position, as her pursuers loom directly above her,.

Their sinister intentions evidentas they channel yet another deadly ninja art skill, poised to strike her down. Realizing the brink of her mortality,Akino's voice trembles with resignation as she offers a heartrending apologyto Yasuke in her final moments. Yet, just as the shadows of deathseem to close in, another ninja, their presence unexpected,channels a powerful art. In a breathtaking spectacle, phoenix-shaped flames soar through the darkness, obliterating thepossessed shinobis with its cleansing inferno. A surge of disbelief washes over Akino,her eyes widening in astonishment.

As the shinobi priest materializes before hervery eyes, a timely savior amidst the chaos. As the night remains young,a new life enters the world, the cries of a newborn piercing the air.Amidst the dawning of this fragile existence, the shinobi priest's voicecarries a weighty declaration. He turns to Akino and solemnly proclaims thatthe sealing ritual is no longer a viable option. The gravity of the situation dawns uponthem both, as he explains that the only recourse now is to eliminate the newborn, a grimnecessity to prevent the release of the fallen. Akino's gaze shifts downward,a blend of maternal love, protectiveness, and the weight ofthe harrowing decision before her.

Meanwhile, the shinobi priest attempts to swayher with a logical argument, emphasizing that the child's destiny had been sealed withthe fall of the other priest in battle. Tears stream down Akino'sface as she clutches her baby, her heart heavy with desperationpleads for an alternative path. The shinobi priest, his resolve unwavering,acknowledges her anguish but concedes that no other option remains. He gently urges Akinoto step aside and relinquish her child. Back to the ongoing battle between Yasukeand the demon, the relentless onslaught propels the shinobi through multiple walls,leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Seizing the moment, the demontaunts Yasuke stating that the.

Caliber of the shinobi clanhas fallen over the ages. In a rare moment of respite, witha touch of lightheartedness Yasuke jests about his dislike forconceding to Akino's insights. The demon's expression shifts, a flicker of displeasure crossing his featuresas Yasuke has managed to endure the onslaught. Perched upon a shattered pillar, Yasuke acknowledges the formidablemight of sixth hell demons. Descending back to the ground, he readies himselffor the battle ahead, his conviction unwavering. With Aniko's distance affordinghim freedom from restraint,.

He no longer feels compelled to holdback, his determination ignited anew. Yasuke's fingers curl around the hiltof his katana, his grip unyielding. In a single, fluid motion, hedraws the blade from its sheath. The tip of the katana finds its mark, pointingunflinchingly at the looming demon before him. Yasuke, steady and resolute, cuts throughthe tension as he declares that the time has come to bring this conflictto its long-awaited conclusion. Unfazed and devoid of fear, the demontaunts Yasuke with brazen arrogance, proclaiming that he cannot be vanquishedby a mere devourer of the shinobi. Yasuke remains steadfast,unaffected by the demon's.

Words. He plants his feet firmly on theground and assumes a resolute stance. Drawing upon his inner reserves,Yasuke channels his power, weaving it into a formidable aura thatengulfs him in an aura of reckoning energy. The intensity of his focus is palpable, hisconnection with his blade so profound that he senses it vibrating on a distinct wavelength,resonating with his heightened state. Fully prepared, Yasuke raises hissword with unwavering determination. In a defiant retort to the demon's taunts,he declares that the demon will serve as a fitting addition to the myriad of negativeenergies his blade has already absorbed. Having exhausted patience for banter,the sixth hell demon readies himself.

To unleash the attack he has beencharging with focused intensity. At long last, he unleashes a torrent ofenergy from his chest—a menacing beam of teal blue hue that sears throughthe air with an aura of malevolence. Anticipating the oncoming assault,Yasuke takes a deep breath, his body poised with readiness. His griptightens around the hilt of his katana as he prepares for his own decisive counterattack,determination fueling his every movement. With a swift, sweeping motion, Yasukesends the Heaven's Crescent hurtling through the air—a slash thatglows with a lucent brilliance. The blade blazes with brilliance as it carves a.

Luminous path through the beamwith an almost ethereal grace. Emerging from the clash unscathed, theblade continues its relentless journey, tracing a path ablaze withits own determined light, hurtling toward the demon like a vengefulcomet on a collision course with destiny. Left with no alternative, the demon is compelledto swiftly sidestep the oncoming assault. Infuriated by the close call,Yasuke's adversary channels additional spells with his fingertips,conjuring forth more arcane energy. the demon unleashes a formidable attack. A menacing onslaught resemblingfive serpents poised to strike.

As the menacing attack hurtles towards him, Yasuke's sharp gaze locksonto the oncoming threat. Summoning his agility, Yasuke propels himselfinto a powerful leap, narrowly evading the strike. The attack, now off course, crashesinto the ground with a cataclysmic impact. The resulting collisiongouges deep craters into the earth, propelling hefty boulders skyward ina chaotic display of unleashed power. Amidst the chaos and the aftermath of his ownattack, the demon finds himself disoriented, unable to discern Yasuke's whereabouts as hesearches for any sign of the elusive shinobi. Suddenly, Yasuke's hand connects with thedemon's visage in a resounding impact,.

Driving the malevolent entitydownward with formidable force. The collision generates a powerful shockwavethat radiates outward from the epicenter of their clash, causing the very earth toshudder beneath the force of their collision. Evident agony contorts the demon's features,yet Yasuke's determination remains unyielding. Maintaining an unrelenting grip on his adversary'svisage, Yasuke drags him along the ground, forcing the demon to endure further tormentas he's pulled relentlessly forward. Amidst the seemingly tranquilambiance at the temple's entrance, a sudden disturbance ruptures the peace asthe demon is forcefully expelled by Yasuke's powerful blow, hurtling through the airand shattering the calm surroundings.

As the demon skids across the ground, graduallydistancing himself from the temple's vicinity, he employs his menacing demon-likeclaws to dig into the earth, striving to halt his momentumand bring himself to a stop. However, Yasuke's resolve remains unshaken,and he relentlessly pursues the demon outside. In response to the imminent threat, thedemon focuses his waning strength to summon yet another attack, this time drawing uponthe wellspring of energy within his chest. With a fierce surge, he releases the amassed energy in a formidable blast aimeddirectly at the oncoming shinobi. but Yasuke kicks the beam anddeflects it towards the sky.

The sixth hell demon, his disbeliefevident in his expression, is momentarily left stunned bythe unforeseen reversal of fate. Elevated to a new level of prowess, Yasukeprepares to unleash a devastating counterattack, determined to crush his adversary into the ground. As he makes contact with the ground, aseismic upheaval reverberates through the surroundings, causing everythingin its vicinity to tremble and rumble. Unfortunately for Yasuke, the demonnarrowly evades the impending stomp. The demon comes to a stark realization thatYasuke transcends the realm of ordinary shinobi. Yasuke's determinationundeterred, he charges forward,.

Resolute in his determination to seethis battle through to its conclusion. Recognizing that his current level of poweris insufficient, the demon readies himself to unleash an attack of cataclysmic proportions,one that threatens to engulf the entire vicinity. With both his hands outstretched, he channelsand concentrates the swirling maelstrom of dark energy, drawing from the surroundingdarkness to augment his formidable might. Sensing the convergence of themalevolent energy around him, Yasuke becomes acutely aware of the ominouspower coalescing into a singular focal point. In response, the demon unleashes a sinister attackin the form of a malevolent skull-shaped entity, charged with dark energy, hurtlingtoward Yasuke with malevolent intent.

Planting his sword resolutely into the ground, Yasuke braces himself to confrontthe impending onslaught head-on. Yasuke positions himself in direct oppositionto the advancing attack. He stretches his hands out toward the oncoming assaultto halt its relentless advance. In a deafening proclamation, thedemon derides Yasuke as a fool, asserting that the engulfing darkenergy will devour all life in its path. As the oppressive force of thedark attack pushes against him, Yasuke struggles to hold his ground. The intensityof the energy tears his clothes, shredding them to pieces around his hand, a testament tothe formidable power he contends with.

However, he is not ready to give up. Withunyielding determination burning in his eyes, Yasuke continues to resist the overwhelming forceof the dark attack. The fiery resolve in his gaze mirrors his unwavering commitmentto protect everything he holds dear. He pulls back his arm, andwith a surge of raw power, His fist collides with the malevolentforce, and in a display of sheer strength, he tears a hole right through the menacingdarkness, creating a rift in its malefic grip. The demon is utterly astonishedby the shinobi's audacious action, his eyes widening in disbelief as hewitnesses the seemingly impossible. this unstoppable force of darkness halted in itstracks by the sheer willpower of a mere human.

For the first time, a tremor runsthrough the demon's imposing form, a sensation he is unaccustomed to. Hesenses Yasuke's energy continuing to surge, growing stronger with an intensitythat unsettles even the demon himself. In a split second, the demon is caught off guard as Yasuke launches himself towards themalevolent entity. With a swift and fiery strike of his katana, Yasuke slashes throughthe demon's defenses, delivering a searing blow. Desperate to regain control, the demon attempts to retaliate bysummoning more deadly beams of energy. Struggling to defend himselfagainst the relentless onslaught,.

The demon realizes he's on the brink of defeat. In a desperate move, he attempts tochannel his strongest attack once more. Having become adept at anticipatingthe demon's techniques, Yasuke readies his lightning-infused katana, poised to strike the demon beforehe can launch another attack. Yasuke's katana pierces through the demon's core, sending a surge of electrifyingenergy coursing through its body. With focused precision, Yasukeemploys his signature technique, the Negative Light, channeling thepower of lightning through his strike.

The attack cleaves through the demon's core likelightning, leaving behind a trail of brilliance. Left with a gaping hole through its body, the demon crumbles to the floor,collapsing to its knees in disbelief. As its strength wanes, itutters a desperate inquiry, asking the identity of its victorious opponent. He reveals himself as Sango Yasuke, one of the nine clan heads and the epitomeof authority within the crimson empire, emphasizing that the demon's imminent demiserenders the information inconsequential. Confronted with the imminent threat of the katana,.

The demon demands to know if this is the samepower Yasuke used to defeat the Night Hand. Yasuke pieces together the puzzle, realizing how the demon discovered thetemple's location through the Night Hand. Under the persistent gleam of the crescent moon, The focus shifts back to the shinobi priest, hispalms generating a swirling circle of energy. As the Shinobi Priest advances, drawing nearerto Aniko, the weight of his decision presses heavily upon him. He understandsthat sacrificing the baby's life might be the price for maintaining thefragile balance of the world's peace. Aniko, her eyes filled with tears, pleadsfervently until the very last moment,.

Desperately seeking an alternative solution. The priest's patience wears thin, andhe prepares to deliver the fatal blow. However, just as he is about to strike, an oncoming fireball hurtles towardhim, interrupting his action. The explosion erupts in front of Aniko,sending both her and the baby flying backward. Amidst the echoing footstepsdrawing closer to Aniko, she clings tightly to the baby in her arms, her heart racing as she realizes that thepossessed shinobi have tracked them down. Among them, one holds the charred remainsof the incinerated shinobi priest.

Aniko's realization sinks in deeper as shecomprehends that the threat won't subside, even if they manage to survive, because thecrucial sealing ritual remains unfinished. Thus, not only the demons but also the empireitself will be after the baby's life. For now, she gently places the baby on the ground and with unwavering determination, Aniko positions herself protectively in front of thebaby, her voice firm as she speaks, proclaiming that Yasuke must continuehis journey and take care of Sekiryu. Standing her ground as a wife, Aniko refuses toplace Yasuke in the position of choosing between her and the empire. She knows that such a decisionis not something she could ever ask of him.

With that in mind, Aniko summons her sword,which glows with a radiant blue energy. The adversaries poised to charge at the mother, Akino readies herself to strikewith the materialized sword in hand. The possessed shinobis surge toward her, and with resolute courage, Akinomeets their charge head-on, ready to sacrifice everything to protect her family.A colossal explosion engulfs the mountain's peak, its blinding brilliance visiblefrom a distance on the ground. Yasuke's senses tingle with familiarity, and hewonders if the explosion was caused by Akino. His gaze sharpens as he looksin the direction of the blast,.

A mix of concern and determination in his eyes. Yasuke's attention wavers as theexplosion seizes his focus. In the midst of this distraction, thedemon, senses an opportune moment. the demon's claws lunge toward Yasuke'sface, and in an unexpected turn, the demon's claws graze Yasuke's eye, he instinctively swings hissword in a defensive motion to push the demon back, but the damage is done. Blood trickles from the wound on hiseye, leaving him wounded and impaired. Summoning a swirling portal,the demon mocks Yasuke,.

Reminding him that this is merely the beginningof the torment he plans to inflict upon him. Retreating through the portal, thedemon's words linger in the air. He vows to never forgive Yasukefor robbing him of this moment and intriguingly suggeststhat while the demon has lost, Yasuke might have lost notjust one, but two things. And just like that, the demon vanishesthrough the portal, leaving no trace behind, and the portal itself dissipates into thin air. His heart races as he wonders aboutAniko's well-being, a sense of urgency and concern compellinghim to take swift action.

He gazes at the distant site, a mixtureof anxiety and determination in his single eye, his mind racing throughpossibilities and potential outcomes. Amidst the thunderous downpour, Yasuke presses on toward the explosion'sorigin, rain-soaked and undeterred. Upon reaching the mountain's base,Yasuke's gaze fixes upon the summit, where the explosion had shattered the serenity. There, he finds an incineratedhand and a piece of jewelry, The piece of jewelry Yasuke discovers isnone other than Aniko's golden earrings. As the storm rages on, an infernoof grief ignites within Yasuke's.

Chest. The sight before him isa cruel tableau of devastation. His every step toward her theform is a struggle against the maelstrom that mirrors the tempest in his heart. Once steady and unyielding, his handsnow tremble uncontrollably from the storm of emotion within. These hands that held,fought, and cherished, now falter in disbelief, mirroring his shattered world andthe ache that rends his heart. Tears mingle with the rain, tracing rivuletsdown his battered and bloodied face, one eye blinded by the very blood spilled in battle,the other clouded by the deluge of sorrow. His teeth clench, a physical manifestationof the emotional tempest he's weathering.

And then, like a lone wolf's mournful howlpiercing through the darkest of nights, Yasuke releases a heart-wrenchingcry. A primal scream of disbelief, agony, and the wrenching loss thatthreatens to consume him whole. In this moment, the storm withinhim matches the storm around, as nature itself seems to grieve with himfor the love that's been cruelly torn away. Meanwhile, at the heart of theCrimson Star Empire's headquarters, a young boy named Sekiryuinnocently queries his aunt Mizuki about the return of his mother tonight. Aunt Mizuki assures him thateverything will be alright and.

That he'll get to meet his newlittle brother in the morning. The young boy's face lights up withjoy, eagerly agreeing to go to bed, excited about the prospectof meeting his new sibling. Thirteen years later…In a sprawling metropolis surrounded by towering buildings, theirarchitecture perfectly suited for parkour A young boy in a grey hoodieruns through the urban landscape. His vibrant red and white shoes splashthrough a puddle on the rooftops as he jumps from one building to another,his agile form propelled by urgency. He insists that he can't afford to be late.

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