Mr. Prolonged and Coco (English Sub)

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Chapter 568 the title is Mr Snell or talk byaccident to help and mislead Bay Minette I have been in contact with him recently to coverbrother Johan but soon already birmingia will find out that something is wrong and I must comeup with a better solution as soon as possible why don't you take a break work is never done and thebody is important I'm afraid it's too late long Tang has my father here I know chenyais helping so it's not a big problem but I also have a Communication company outsidecalled pension and I have to make arrangement in infants brother I didn't mean your identity Ijust reminded him to be careful with you faiyan thanks Coco elder brother aren't you stillgoing to do new in the afternoon I will take you there later okay then I will make lunch and wewill have a quick bite if you like my video don't.

Forget to like comment and subscribe thank youfortunately brother two honey don't notice it just now otherwise it will be Troublesome to ask andexplain I didn't bring a change of clothes either brother Johan is calm down he wants to have alunch with cocoa brother chuhan it not off by the way my clothes were dirty before so Ican lend you a t-shirt temporarily I will go buy you some clothes leather and comeback you are a nice test now you can go out to casually men's clothes will causeyou a lot of unnecessary trouble I know omelberti was found is a rocky Forest at thebottom of the certain Cliff according to the forensic examination he was so twice the opponentsare highly suspicious the dishes is really to killer organization falling eagle and Europeandepartments are conditioned in Dev investigations.

Bro news don't be afraid I will suspect you eatfirst and send you go back to your after eating by the way that car I drove today on yesterdaywithin rediscovered and learn coming and of your house don't worry I have eliminated the relevantmonitoring it quickly don't think so much I will take care of these three floor matters you mightas well think about your own offers first in the opening ceremony and dinner in the afternoon youthe heroine will definitely speak have you talk about what to say and so far I'm not ready yet abrother I'm full I'm going to think about my lines Coco lived there in the next day it isentertainment media and Coco meet her friend why did you and luncheon go yesterday even if youwant to reminisce about other old days you are not so out of touch I haven't been able to contactyou the doctor is going crazy I'll be interviewing.

The report later are you ready alright alright ifit's too late let's go in and put on makeup first let's talk about it later where is brother chuhanwant to go finally he is here they are one to top what are you doing with sasa's stinky face hereI specially ask your eyes see Santa Barbara ice water for you take a sip to reduce the fire areyou still in the mood to chalk what happened to that man named lung does his dad have everythingto do with you you can speak louder for everyone to hear I was with Coco last night and I havebeen in the apartment and taught her a little bit about computers you can ask her don't usesuch words to profuse me don't think I don't know anything when I went last night there was noone in your apartment but blood was everywhere it turned out that you helped clean it up who elsethought I think is so kind thank you Mr Snell.

During all you always tell me not to deal withthose people that they will ruin my career but look what you are doing manufacturing can you tellme the truth you always keep it from me and let me guess myself when will I get the result then don'tthink don't guess and don't middle listen to Big Brother are you wearing at it next episode perfumehis own brother is not as good as his sister he can stay in this family anymore you are crazyare you afraid that blaming you why not ice you

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