MUCİZEVİ GÜN GELİYOR! 🐞✨ Yeni Spoiler’lar Olacak Mı?

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Hi guys, welcome to the video. Since it was a little difficult to find content to produce in this period, where there was not much new after the season 5, my video frequency expanded a little. But if you still say there is no improvement, no. As you know, Miraculous Day starts tomorrow, for those who don't know , it is a program organized by Gloob on August 8 every year, where many events from Miraculous are held, new information and spoilers are given. Although it is the 8th of the month for Brazil, due to the time difference, the Miraculous Day will begin for Turkey at midnight. It will first start with an event called Mundo Miraculous, where there will be plays, theories and more with Portuguese dubbing voice actors. It 's a little.

Unlikely, but little information can be shared with us in the meantime. At 1:00 pm, there will be an event called Miraculers Wars. I think it's a bit of an empty event because it's just a competition among fan groups to see who is the better miraculous watcher . So, it seems unlikely that a new development will come to us from here. At 2:00 pm, the Portuguese dubbing premiere of Recreation will take place. Right after the episode, at 2.30, we will see the reactions and comments of the voice actors to the episode. And finally at 2:55 pm Gloob's Season finale theory will be waiting for us. Maybe small spoilers from the Paris special may be shared with us at that time,.

But this part is just a possibility. It's not said in person on Gloob's show. Yes, if you ask my thoughts, this year's Miraculous Day will not be as full as the previous ones, because when we look at the program schedule, the main thing that focuses on is the final episode of the season 5. Last year, the first Gloob aired the season finale, but it wasn't the same this year. In other words, the season 5 finale is seen as a special content that has not yet been published by Gloob and is eagerly awaited by the audience . Therefore, while they haven't finished the 5th season yet , they don't seem to be getting into a spoiler event by being early about the new season . At the end of the day, a final theory that they will do does not sound very exciting to me, so to speak, theory. I mean, fans are already doing that. But at least.

A trailer, image or spoiler can be shared about the Paris special, which will be released in the future, even if it is not Season 6. But even that is not certain, let's see if Gloob manages to surprise us on this year's Miraculous Day. I will be sharing all the spoilers and new information shared that day with you. Make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss out . Hope to see you in the next video, bye!

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