MULTI SUB《一念永恒》第83集 A Will Eternal EP83 蓝光1080P #热血 #搞笑 #冒险 #修仙 #白小纯

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Lingyang Black Crow This background originally came from the Danxi Sect. It is a pair. The other one happens to be in the hands of the old man . Let's see which one is more powerful today. Danyin White Crow and Red Soul have died.

Since childhood . The decisive battle has come. It's time to start Tianzunxiang , Shaozu , blood master , Xiaochun, no , let me loose , Xiaochun, you idiot, if someone.

Puts you in a circle, you will jump in and almost kill your father , because of the power of the explosion just now, if it weren't for my sharp eyes and quick hands, we would be on the road to Huangquan I ’m with you, Jiupang, senior brother, I ’m.

Fine . You scared us to death. You thought you weren’t old enemies. Why did you run faster than me just now? When did you care about him so much ? I just came to see if he died. Myself.

. Little Chunfu has a big life, so it ’s not so easy to die. Uncle Li, the despicable face -faced plot against your grandfather, see how my ancestors use the background to deal with you . What, what ’s going on? It’s not good. Once the weighing is completed.

, Xiongcheng will be wiped out. Taoist Tianzun , wake up Come, the power of heaven and man , the Xuanxi sect actually has the background of the realm of heaven and man. No wonder the trapped Xiongcheng has no fear. The war has entered a critical stage . Be careful. Right now, the background is fighting hard. Only us, the disciples of the blood and spirit sects, can.

break through quickly. I quickly attack the inner city, kill, quickly return to the barrier, and can no longer retreat. Everyone, follow me to strengthen the barrier. The disciples of the.

Two sects listen to my instructions . Look for another opportunity in the inner city.

You think the same trick can succeed twice in front of us. You have repeatedly attacked my sect's blood master. It's time to settle the score. The inner city has been broken . How many generations of people have worked hard.

And devoted their lives to create today's Xuanxi Sect . I thought that the empty river was in danger. It was my chance to annex the three sects and be promoted to the mid-level. Now , it has turned into a catastrophe of exterminating the sect. It's.

all due to omissions . No matter how stubborn you are, ask your brothers to surrender . Our foundation has not lost yet . Well, I will destroy the last trace of Xuanxi.

Sect 's support. The end of the war is Bai Xiaochun . Stop him ! Merit.

, today, is completely destroyed in my hands. The incense of Tianzun is gone. The Xuanxi sect will surrender or not . The ancestor of the red soul.

Will surrender. The ancestor cannot surrender. The last dignity , but in this way , the inheritance of the Xuanxi sect will also wither and die. If the Xuanxi sect voluntarily surrenders,.

My two sects will never engage in massacres. At the same time, I will give you a new path. Xuanxi sect , surrender or not,.

Xuanxi sect, the ancestors , can’t Surrender, the Xuanxi Sect has surrendered, the war is finally over, we have won, the blood master of the blood stream is powerful in all directions, the young ancestor of Lingxi is powerful, the blood master of Xuexi is powerful, the young ancestor of Lingxi is powerful,.

the blood master of Xuexi is powerful, I am Bai Xiaochun In the blink of an eye, Xuanxi Xiongcheng was wiped out. Sheng . It’s been a long time since I’ve heard someone blowing the bull so fresh and refined.

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