MULTI SUB《一念永恒》第87集 A Will Eternal EP87 蓝光1080P #热血 #搞笑 #冒险 #修仙 #白小纯

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Nihe Pill is not easy to refine , otherwise Lingxi Sect would not have been successful for thousands of years , countless generations, you should take this as an attempt , it’s just that Xiaochun was delayed for half a month , and his cultivation base did not improve.

At all . Zhan, I’m afraid it’s going to slow you down . The ancestors knew you had a hard time , so they ordered me to take you here to the secret realm. Such a big scene , Tianjiao Molong opened the secret realm.

This secret realm is connected to the ancient ruins, and there are countless rare beasts in it. Previously, I found a beast bone in the realm of heaven and man. This thing is the best keel to build the Tongtian Warship.

In the secret realm, there are also hidden treasures and hidden treasures of various ancestors . After you enter the secret realm, look for opportunities separately . This jade slip is.

Inscribed with the teleportation power of the Ninth Mountain . If you are in danger, return at any time . Danger , thank you, our ancestors . We will set off. After seven days , everyone must return. This trip will.

not be a narrow escape. You can find help Uncle Li , what are you doing all of a sudden, boy , my breath can keep you safe. Is this.

The dragon scale body protection? Thank you, Senior Molong , but I want to think about it again. I should go as a teacher first , otherwise the battle in the middle reaches is afraid It’s going to slow you down. Be careful, Uncle.

Li, you too, kid. Remember , as long as you don’t provoke those horrible guys, everything will be fine . It ’s a vast world with great potential .

Its existence , this guy is actually a Jindan cultivator . This place is too dangerous. This damn sweet smell also has a rare bitter aftertaste, which is getting stronger and more attractive. So you are hiding here,.

Big baby , something is wrong. What ’s going on ? Alive, when did you slip out, master , little tadpole, I called it for you,.

Later you kill it, tadpole, that thing was brought by you , little tadpole, my master is here, if you have the ability, you come to him, are you crazy, little tadpole Just chase after me , be careful of being made into a snack by my master. Shut up, Senior Mo Long,.

help me . This kind of coercion is almost the same as the golden crocodile last time . Tianjiao Molong , Tianjiao Molong, what's the matter? My boy.

, old toad, toad It’s strange, it’s almost over , I’m afraid, senior , your great kindness and virtue, this old toad is the quasi-king beast in the late Yuanying period , I can’t beat it, can’t I,.

Boy, the old toad has indigestion , your body is strong, there is no serious problem , I will go to the ancestor to save it You , what a toad belly, smelly and thick, you can actually block the teleportation power of Ninth Mountain . Such a big bone dregs,.

Ancestor , ancestor , how long will it take to arrive ? I don’t want to rot and corrode here too. Acid, the stinky toad is trying to digest me . The smell is getting stronger . It must be nearby . It is here . Finally,.

There is only a wall between you and you . Look at your dragon scale armor. I’m afraid it won’t last long. You are still talking sarcastic, Mr. Turtle . You are pitiful, now I will give you a way out , you are so kind, put away your doubts, life, where is.

The way out , it is behind this wall, break it open with your physical strength , no time It’s too late , still dare to hesitate , is it here ? Go on, break, it ’s.

Here . What a big handwriting . The majestic quasi-king beast was sealed and turned into a moving altar cave . The purpose of the ancient magic way is to delay the promotion of the toad to the king beast , so that it can use its aura to.

Continuously nourish the treasures hidden . I don’t understand, Lord Turtle kindly reminds you , try injecting the aura. The ancestor wants to fight . I will help you. This battle is close to death . This treasure has not yet been finished. Once it is completed It can be used as a heavenly artifact, the name of.

the umbrella is Yongye, if the future generations are destined to get my treasure , they can directly extract the vitality of the clam beast and green land from Yongye to improve their own cultivation. Slow, this kind of artifact is not that simple, there.

Must be other restrictions , let me help you explore Investigate the facts, the first story, the second breath, the third quality , the fourth taste, which means completeness , so you are so good ,.

Nonsense, otherwise I have nothing to do to wake up this big toad , so you do everything possible to deceive people , just to make me do it Coolie, help you find the treasure, nagging , the master is finished , the treasure rewards you, say as if you can take it.

, no, the old toad seems to have noticed it, you'd better get out quickly , or it must kill you, as the illusion said , so Yong Ye directly extracts the vitality of the toad , which can improve my cultivation , help me to speed up, and achieve.

the second level of Immortality .

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