MULTI SUB《一念永恒》第90集 A Will Eternal EP90 蓝光1080P #热血 #搞笑 #冒险 #修仙 #白小纯

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Junior Hanzong, Fengshenzi , Luo Dan, Chihun , on behalf of Nihezong, we hereby submit a letter to invite you to fight . Four fellow Taoists, please stay safe. This time,.

You have traveled thousands of miles to visit our sect , and you have been spying on our sect overnight. It seems that you have really put in a lot of effort in this battle. You and I are both compelled by the rules of the previous sect. You waited for this obeisance today . The old man is satisfied , but.

There is only one thing to tell everyone. Anyone who violates my empty river will die. Start the defense formation . The Nihe sect will fight . The monks above the alchemy must kill the elites of the enemy sect.

Confined to the battlefield in the frontal airspace, the foundation-building monks , Danxuan is on the left, and Jiongxi is on the right . Immediately march towards the river banks on both sides to clear out the enemy. Destroy the threat of the tree,.

The whole sect , attack immediately , and take the Konghe mountain gate, don't even think about it, disperse, the downstream Xiaozong has such a background, everyone , my first mission in this battle.

Is to restrain the Kongrong , tear open the gap, and help my Nihe army advance to the mountain gate , only follow the blood The command of the Lord , is the ability of this Nihe sect beyond Chen Daoyou's prediction ? The power of.

A gnat is trying to shake my empty banyan foundation. The evil tree has only 30% of its vitality , but it still has such power. It's not good . The toxin in the roots is eroding the blood ancestor and the three sects The Zhanzhou destroys the root veins, and the cultiva tor of Xuexi.

Increases the output of blood energy. Yes, the Konghe Mountain Gate is hidden in the crown of the tree. As long as it is broken open, it is the main root of the evil tree. The erosion of the evil tree.

Has already spread to the whole body of the blood ancestor. If this continues, everyone will suffer. Its backlash, we must race against time, and immediately win or lose with it. The taproot cannot be shaken at all. To protect everyone.

From being corroded by the evil tree, we must leave here immediately. Delay the fighter , the blood master.

, the blood stream lineage , the fate of the Nihe sect is all on you, Zhongfeng , concentrate the blood energy, I will output the blood energy until the mission is fulfilled, Corpse Peak, nameless , monk Shaoze,.

Output the blood energy ancestor, make way for me, the whole sect, retreat , everyone Jiedan, Yuanying Daoist , fully deploy the protective formation,.

Protect the disciples on both sides of the strait, and the entire bloodline of Xuexi, use all your strength to bless me , I must not let them down, hold on, the evil tree will fall , do one last support , no,.

Everyone is exhausted , unable to resist erosion , if this continues, you will be destroyed To die here, I have to support the Blood Ancestor alone , even for a breath , Night Burial, what are.

You going to do , Night Burial, leave now , all previous efforts will be wasted, I will never run away from the battle, you have tried your best in this battle, you can't just watch your sacrifices, and the final phoenix will come out.

Let me do it alone. In the name of the Blood Lord , order the entire bloodline of Xuexi to spread immediately . Night burial , night burial, bear the last strength of everyone in Xuexi on my body. Don’t even think about taking a step closer to my mountain gate.

. Guard the mountain gate. This blow is bound to break you Empty River , Blood Lord , Night Burial , Empty Banyan Evil Tree Threat Has Been Eliminated Blood Creek Lineage Mission Has Been Accomplished The Battle Gap Has Been Opened The Foundation Building Forces.

On Both Sides Of The Strait Are Pushing At Full Speed ​​As Planned Mountain Gate Reunion, Quanzong Jindan, Nascent Soul Combat Forces Going straight along the giant arm of Blood Ancestor Konghe Huanglong.

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