MULTI SUB《万界独尊》第109话 涅槃重生,逆天改命!EP109 蓝光1080P #热血 #冒险 #玄幻 #战斗

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These guys , are you going to hang on? My target is not you . You just want to get your hands on the Wugou Sword Soul, and you still don’t give up. These swords flew back again. These swords have all been withdrawn. Did.

You listen? Hearing a woman's voice Although I can't get out of the place where the gods are buried , it is still possible to frighten these spirit swords. Go to the holy sword stage. My brother has entered the holy sword stage. If the holy sword soul is fused with the holy sword, there is no How many people can compete with Junior Brother Lin?.

That’s fine . There will soon be a battle between the genius disciples of the seven sects. It’s time for the geniuses of each faction to meet the genius of my Heavenly Sword Sect. With Junior Brother Lin here, not to mention the southern Qingzhou , even if it’s the state of the Ancient God Continent In the battle of the domain , I can also make a difference in Tianjianmen. It's time to choose a sword. With.

Junior Brother Lin in front , I should also catch up. Lin Feng , you can choose a few swords you like now , but senior , I plan to go to the god-level sword pool. There is no conflict. Your Wugou sword has its own sword body space.

, which can hold thousands of swords. The holy-level sword you choose can be integrated with the god-level sword in the future to upgrade its rank. After that, you will gradually understand its mystery . Wugou The soul of the sword can hold thousands of swords , otherwise, why would you attract thousands of swords to worship when your Wugou sword soul comes out ? It turns out that with your current cultivation.

Level, even if you have mastered a god-level sword , it is not appropriate to expose it. Conquer the holy-level sword and paralyze the world. A strong enemy shows his cards again , and when the enemy is unprepared, what the senior said is very good. Which sword.

Should I choose? Sword Master , choose me, choose me . I didn’t expect these sword spirits to be so lively. Sword Master , choose me, choose me My sword soul can hold thousands of swords If you follow me, I.

Can't guarantee that you will stick to one. We know that we don't expect thousands of favors from the sword master , as long as the sword master can find some divine gold in the future to melt the sword body for us . Shenjin Qo, we can also raise the level to fight the enemy for the sword master , Qingtian,.

Tianlei , red flame and wind, I will choose you , the sword master is wise , with our assistance , you will surely be able to prove the way and become a god, sword master , don’t you choose my Wujin sword? I don’t Worse than them.

, there are only so many holy swords in Tianjianmen. If I take them all away, I am afraid that the sect will have no successors. This sword mound is opened every seven years . We have been waiting here for a thousand years , but we have not seen a few geniuses . Ah, those mediocre people.

Are not worthy of holding my cold jade sword . Lord Sword Master , you can accept us . You can form us into a sword array to defend against the enemy , Master Sword Master. If so , you three.

Enter, follow me. The rest of the swords have not yet reached the ninth rank. You should practice here. Wait for someone.

with a destiny. Wait for a thousand years . You, you can follow the king , Ben Og appears when they are most lost, they will definitely be grateful to Dade for being used by the king You , you don’t even have a body, a bird wants us to recognize the master.

, go aside , don’t insult the sword , this sword actually contains The power of the dragon's bloodline , if this king gets this sword , it will be like a tiger with wings added, baby , don't you rush to reject me, for the sake of our destiny Let me reveal a secret to you.

In a few days , my master will go to the Tiannan Battlefield to find the liquid of the god stone for me. At that time, I can restore my body. It ’s none of my business . My dear baby , why don’t.

You think about it ? What is the difference with my master ? If my master obtains the divine gold, he will not have my share. At that time , I will reshape the sword body for you and make you one of the swords of the.

gods . Qing is also considered loyal and I will cultivate it. If you follow it, I will not treat you badly . In this way, following this little bird is equivalent to following Wugou Sword Master. I am willing to.

Follow you. Make a contract with you, merge this sword pattern , I will regard it as the master , oh, nothing, sword master Wugou, it is rare to see in ten thousand years , it is also.

A great opportunity to follow him, Qinglong, this guy has just become a bird's soul sword . It is simply humiliating the majesty of our holy sword. How can a majestic holy sword be dominated by a bird? It is insulting to the sword style, it is insulting to the sword style !.

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