MULTI SUB《万界独尊》第110话 涅槃重生,逆天改命!EP110 蓝光1080P #热血 #冒险 #玄幻 #战斗

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How can a majestic holy sword be dominated by a bird? It 's insulting to the sword, it's insulting to the sword , it's insulting to the sword.

! Withdrawing one more sword is already a secret technique , there is nothing you can do, it’s only one step too late , even if you want to follow this bird: don’t be discouraged, I will show you a clear way, what a clear way ,.

My master in Futan has a younger sister , Sheng If she can break into the sword stage, you follow her , it will be a way out. Sword Master Wugou also has a younger sister . As for whether she can climb the holy sword stage, it depends on your good fortune . The power of the sword here is all under your control. You release the water,.

My good sister can go to the sword platform , we should go to the next place, Wugou sword master , you are going to the god-level sword pool , yes, if you want to enter the god-level sword pool, you must pass the test, so what, my master With such a talent, why.

Not go to the god-level sword pond? The number plate resonates with this stone sword . The child of the human race, the holy -level sword soul , can enter my god-level sword mound. One step , one life and death. Master.

, it seems that it is not so easy to enter the god-level sword mound, life and death . If you dare not even break through , how can you prove your way and call yourself a god? It ’s so hot , my god, master , this flame is about to reach the level of nirvana.

If you want to enter the god-level sword mound , do you have to step through this sea of ​​flames? I can’t stand it anymore It seems that I have to go through it by myself . In this case, I want to see how dangerous this way of becoming a god is.

The fire of nirvana. My fire of nirvana is only at the level of divine martial arts. It cannot resist the flames in the sea of ​​fire. Panjue, since it is a test , there is a glimmer of life. I must not back down. Master, there is no end to walking in.

This sea of ​​fire . Is it because we are going in the wrong direction? The direction is wrong. You are right. One step will lead to death . Of course, the test cannot be the ability to withstand the flames . That’s not what it means. Excalibur.

Can be wielded by extraordinary people. This sea of ​​fire originates from my phoenix martial soul . It is the fire of rebirth of Nirvana, rebirth of nirvana . Master , master , is the dragon from the Black Dragon Abyss come out? Look , the giant dragon is pulling a flying chariot.

I am the spiritual pet of my human cultivator, what a powerful coercion I am from the Mojiao lineage of the spiritual realm, Mobeihe, the spiritual realm should come, it is still here Mo Yunguo, Mochang ,.

Welcome to your lord, my grandson, Mo Chongxiao , has been to your Black Dragon City My lord , please listen to the details about Mr. Chongxiao below. My lord, after Mr. Chongxiao entered the Black Dragon Mountain Range, there was no news.

. We sent people to find him. When Jun'er arrived at the abyss of the Black Dragon , we found that Mr. Chongxiao had been possessed by a demon dragon . Grandpa Long , I don't believe it, I don't believe my grandson will fall here . My grandson's form is based on it. I reappeared yesterday.

, I reappeared yesterday. I didn't expect that Chong Xiao would have mastered such a secret technique. Such a powerful treasure . Without this son, H Chong Xiao would have already hit Nirvana Success { I love my grandson, I am a genius of heaven , but.

I died here. Don't worry, grandpa will seek justice for you . Consultation

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