MULTI SUB《万界独尊》第111话 涅槃重生,逆天改命!EP111 蓝光1080P #热血 #冒险 #玄幻 #战斗

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Ai Sun is a heavenly genius , but he died here . Don't worry, Grandpa will seek justice for you . Where is the murderer? My lord, Mr. Chong Xiao was murdered by the dragon. Now the dragon is still in the abyss of the black dragon.

My name is Lin Feng , and please let my grandfather go. Tell me all the news about this person. This person is named Lin Feng . He is the son of Lin Xiaotian, the Pingtian Sword King . Now he is worshiping under the Tianjian Gate. He is actually.

The son of Pingtian Sword King. Grandpa, it is said that Pingtian The Heavenly Sword King once entered the ancient ruins and obtained the inheritance of the gods . The treasure mirror in Lin Feng's hand seems to be close to the god level. Lin Feng killed my grandson. No matter whose son he is , the old man will make him pay with blood . Hurry up and lead the way, Black Prison.

Emperor Sword Finally, I'm done. With this Fenglei sword , my strength will also increase a lot. Xuanyu heavy sword , sister Tsing Yi, sister Qianyu, congratulations on getting the imperial sword , but unfortunately it is only.

The imperial sword. Here you go , you have to try anyway. Okay, you guys are going to the holy sword platform . If you accidentally get hurt by the holy sword energy, it will be bad. If you don’t go, you will leave.

Regrets and affect the sword heart. But it’s not like Senior Brother Li at all. Just now, Junior Brother Lin climbed the holy steps and you have seen that such a talent is beyond my reach . If you lose the desire to chase because it’s hard to reach.

, wouldn’t you be willing to fall ? His sword power is nothing compared to it. Someone is climbing the steps . Could it be the sister of Wugou Sword Master? Let the water, the water, the water, the water, I can't hold it anymore. Don't waver .

With the help of the sword power of the emperor's sword , go , I'm not mistaken, Junior Sister Tsing Yi and the others have entered the holy sword stage .

Is it not as difficult as we imagined to climb the holy sword stage? Let's go and try if we have the holy sword in hand Weapons can also increase combat power . Brother Li, let’s try it together. What’s going on? Just.

Now, Junior Sister Tsing Yi climbed onto the sword stage with ease . Welcome everyone. The sword can talk . It’s the sword spirit. May I ask who is the younger sister of Wugou Sword Master? Wugou The sword master should be Junior Brother Lin. My elder brother , I.

Am the Qingyan Holy Sword of the eighth rank of the holy rank. I will serve you as the sword master . Would you like me? The Holy Sword of the Five Elements is the eighth-rank holy sword.

, and I am willing to regard you as the master of the sword. This , Sister Xianger , such an opportunity is rare in a thousand years . If you don’t hurry up and agree to it , I will.

Two young ladies , you are familiar with Wugou Sword Master. I have a super-friendship relationship with the sword master, super friendship , it seems that my guess is right , I can serve you as my master , I can serve you as my master , but you must promise to follow the sword master Wugou . It seems that these holy swords.

Are willing to serve us because of Junior Brother Lin Mainly , is it because of Junior Brother Lin ? Not entirely, because being able to climb the sword stage has already proved that the three Jianxin Mingwu talents are superb .

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