MULTI SUB《万界独尊》第95话 涅槃重生,逆天改命!EP95 蓝光1080P #热血 #冒险 #玄幻 #战斗

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Our senior brother from Tianjianmen is here, you have n’t activated the ban to go out of the city to help in the battle, open the ban , go out of the city to kill monsters , yes, follow me to fight, kill Qianyu sister, why are you crying, you scared me.

Just now , I thought , I thought I would never see you again You, Junior Sister Su , what the hell is going on? The people in Black Dragon City are too bad . Sister Qianyu kindly helped them cut off their backs. As a result , they entered the city and closed the restriction.

. They refused to save my sister . Those guys are still human. They are not worthy of our Heavenly Sword. Mentally came here to support Humph , forget it, in the end it was my own decision, it’s pointless to pursue it, it’s useless to blame me , if I had the strength of the Divine Martial Realm, I.

Would n’t hurt Sister Qianyu, you girl, why are you still blaming yourself? Don’t blame me Is it alright, sister ? Fortunately, Junior Brother Lin is here . Junior Brother Lin, I heard earlier that you showed extraordinary kendo accomplishments in the Tianjian Peak Xiaobi .

At that time, Sister Qianyu and I didn’t believe it. I didn’t expect you to be stronger than the legend. Thank you just now . The members of the same sect should support each other, but I treated you that way before.

Is there any story between Junior Sister Lei and Junior Brother Lin? It ’s been a long time. If Lin Feng still remembers it in his heart, wouldn’t he become a villain ? Dao, aspiring to be the pinnacle of martial arts, of course I will not hold grudges . Of course,.

If you have a guilty conscience, my lord suggests that you should repay your life- saving grace with your body. This stupid bird, do n’t talk nonsense, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, I’ll.

Just say it, this bird is pretty cute Sister Qianyu , what do you think? Look at your nonsense . Thank you fellow daoists for coming to help you . Fellow daoists lost a lot of real energy in the battle against monsters. Why don’t you come to my Black Dragon City to rest for a while ?.

Let me explain the situation . This time, the crisis in Black Dragon City has been resolved thanks to Mr. Lin. It is our responsibility to eliminate demons and protect the Tao . You don’t need to be polite. Fellow Taoists, my.

Grandfather will hold a banquet at the palace tonight to clean up the dust for you . Thank you for your kindness . Fellow Daoists are able to attend, thank you for the kindness of the palace , then you rest here first, and I will pick you up when the time comes. Hypocrisy ,.

Master, let us find out the source of the demonization of monsters. Sister Lei , do you have a clue about the demonization of monsters this time ? I originally went to Black Dragon Abyss with Sissy to find medicine for my brother, but we happened to land in Black Dragon City , and encountered demonized monsters attacking us. As for the reason, we don’t know anything about.

It . I’m afraid we’ll have to ask the people in Black Dragon City about it. Mo Jun, I don’t think I can believe it. There are many monks in Black Dragon City who are exploring the Black Dragon Mountain Range. I think I can ask them. Junior brother Lin is right. I think the monster came from the Black Dragon Mountain Range. I wonder what those who venture into the mountain.

Can know . Brother Gao and I will go to inquire immediately, you wait for news, the two senior sisters will heal your injuries first, Lin Feng will not disturb you.

, sister Qianyu, how are you thinking ? But there is no chance if you stand in line, why don't you think about it ? If your brother's injury really has nothing to do with him,.

We will find out after some inquiries. Seven days ago, demonized monsters appeared in the Black Dragon Mountain Range. Not only that, those alienated monsters also kidnapped many monks and brought them into the Black Dragon Abyss deep in the Black Dragon Mountain Range . It is not known why these alienated monsters kidnapped the monks. Look Come on, I.

Can only go to the Abyss of Black Dragon to investigate. Before that, you can listen to the information at the banquet first. Let’s do it first. Let’s have a good drink. Come , come, come, please do it. Fellow Daoists,.

This time the crisis of Black Dragon City has been resolved, and I will take credit for it Zhiwei , this king replaces the people of Black Dragon City, and I would like to respect you all. Although the alienated monsters have retreated this time, we still need the help of a few friends to completely eliminate these monsters , so as to avoid future troubles. I also hope that all heroes will kill the evil.

For me in Black Dragon City. These guys saw Qianyu before. My sister was in a desperate situation and did not save her, but now she brings public opinion to ask us to get rid of the harm. Our Heavenly Sword Sect was ordered to come here this time to get rid of the alienated monsters, so this king will thank all the.

Fellow Taoists on behalf of the millions of people in Black Dragon City . But this king There is one more thing I would like to trouble you with. My lord, it’s okay to say it straight. A few days ago , a genius in my Black Dragon City was kidnapped by a monster in the Black Dragon Mountain Range. Please, fellow Taoists , hurry up and.

Rescue him.

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