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There are so many people with similar talents to me. Damn, there is one person missing. Has he already made it to the fourth floor? What do you think about the fourth floor? No, no, I ’ve reached my limit . I still have a little more energy.

, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to the fifth floor. Looks like it's just me , Duan Jian and sister Yu Yan are relatively relaxed , so you can practice here, my sister and I will go upstairs to try , Duan Jian will stay to protect everyone , I do n't know if there will be any surprises at the top.

, be careful Nie Li Don't worry, the fifth floor of the Tower of Black Flame , you can go up as soon as you say it . The sixth floor of the powerful Black Flame also went up. It's strange that this boy and the people who went up just now have never seen it. Where did it come from ?.

Black Flame is against the sea of ​​souls The burning is getting stronger and stronger , but I can also draw more power from it . The goddess must have absorbed more laws of fire. Yes, the black flames here can't hurt me, but can help me recover . Sure enough, the goddess, do you know this? What is the origin of the tower?.

In a period even more ancient than ancient times , there were two strong men who understood the legendary Profound Truth . They fought for something . Their cultivation was so extraordinary that even the spirit gods did not dare to intervene in them. This tower of black flame is the treasure they left behind. When this treasure fell, the whole plain became a land of flames.

. It was rumored that the two strong men died and the other was wounded , but no one saw them again . That’s why I thought this tower It was also arranged by the master of the underworld. No one can pry this tower , and there is no new owner. The spirit gods of later generations have used it to become a place of trial.

. As for who locked the Tianlin monster into it , there is no way to know. Oh, the Promise of Promise , could it be that those two strong men are the disciples of Emperor Kongming? From the previous stele, I know that there are five inheritors of Emperor Kongming, including me . In that battle, one died and one was injured , so there are four.

More. The good news is that the crazy old man I met in the world of Hell is probably also one of the inheritors. Promise has no beginning, no beginning is endless. He appeared in front of me repeatedly and said the truth . He must have known my identity. Why didn’t he do anything to me ? With his strength Obviously, you can easily.

Kill me and get the Wuji Profound Truth on me , so there is only one reason . I am too weak, just like that Tianlin monster . I will be fattened up and then killed. It's a pity , just let me go like this . You You’ll regret it, you.

’ll regret it , I didn’t expect that we would meet here , you’re so rude to do it without saying a word, you’re so rude, demon master, immediately take a taxi to serve you , please fasten your seat belts and go away, when it’s over, you’re running a red light, Luo Feng,.

You ’re here, Mr. Jun I 'm everyone's English teacher. My name is Jun Lianmeng . Get out of the car . Boss , bastard. What are you doing ? I told you not to appear in front of me again.

You must mess with me, boy. Which road are you on ? Did you tell me? I 'm the driver of Yoyo, help Remember to give five-star praise for the things that the passengers brought and dropped. It’s done . That’s enough.

. Sooner or later, this kind of person will ruin our big business. If necessary , gather all your strength and get rid of him . Why do you want me? Geng's selection today Admission Notice Tomorrow's Jiao Nuo Rakshasa, Bauhinia promises you , I will definitely do it .

He is the only one who can have such destructive power . It's Luo Feng, remember this name New Thelostbero This is the end of the world.

Tholosthero This is the end of the world

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