MULTI SUB《我捡起了一地属性》第1-8话 凭借属性异能和在游戏中培养出来的战略手段一路打爆敌人!#冒险 #热血 #战斗 #异能

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Why do I, a mortal , have to fight with this kind of thing? Wait , big brother, can you slow down, range attack? How do I hide ? I resist , say ,.

Who sent you here? I came here by myself . Be stubborn , wait for me to go back Is it okay to change a pair of shoes ? Let me ask you one last time. I won’t tell you what your.

Last name is. My name is Feng Xia . If it lasts, this broken game will definitely not pass the level without krypton gold. Pills, pills,.

And the last level. I can become the fastest zero-charge player in the country to pass the level . Unexpectedly, when I am about to become famous and reach the pinnacle of my life, I will cross .

Where is my mobile phone My mobile phone What the hell is this place? Is there anyone ? I almost passed the level. I 'm going . This must be the fastest I've ever run. There's no way out. Get out of here.

. Don't think I'm afraid of you . I've practiced Wing Chun. Help I can't do it. In the next life, I must have something gone . Swiftness,.

Jingyuan. This is the injury. I understand. I'm good at picking up attribute upgrades. What I picked up just now is Swiftness's light ball , so I'll try it.

. This time it's Jingyuan . Old waist, it’s so enjoyable . Using this ability to fight monsters and upgrade is more enjoyable than playing games. Don’t run away. I haven’t collected enough. Why did it.

Suddenly fog up ? What a crime, waste of money, do you know how important these spiders are? Said , did Wuguan send you here? There are property managers in this.

big forest , full of nonsense . I haven’t tasted meat for three thousand years, so I want to try grilling a spider . It’s a nest of black jade spiders that I have spent fifty years attracting. Roasted spiders are too heavy . You and I just came to this magical place.

And met this long-haired man with open breasts and was brutally beaten. This guy's output is too high . I'll try after I go around. I'm sorry . It turns out that the door is here. Damn ,.

The reaction is so embarrassing . This is going to be big. Yeah, no, fire suppression, it’s up to me , it ’s done.

Kid , what do you want to do? Liver , what does liver mean.

? It’s a kind of honorific title. Liver , I see your bones are so strange , it’s a good material for cultivating immortals. I want to teach you an unrivaled skill. Would you like to be my apprentice ? I asked for it because of a few spiders. Kill me, and now you want to take me as an apprentice again , it’s definitely not a good thing,.

Boy , listen carefully, this unique technique is called the Three Lives of Floating Dreams , once it is cultivated to perfection, the soul is indestructible, it can create dreams, distort.

Reality , and rebirth I want to teach the exercises. I believe you for the time being . If you dare to play tricks , just wait and see . What is the meaning of this guy sitting down with his back facing.

Me ? Itchy GAN has Fraud, rushing to the street, pass on the merits and fumble here and there, I will go there, it’s not allowed, you brat dare to provoke me, give in,.

Boy, it’s too much , I can’t take it anymore, you pervert, senior, I misunderstood, senior, you’re bleeding, it’s okay, it’s okay , my boss It doesn't.

Matter, really, where is this? Why did I float ? What is it? There is really a floating dream three-life formula . This seat has left twelve flaws in the floating dream three-life formula. Now his soul must be trapped in it . This seat will be able to do it soon. I have lost my body for three thousand years Three thousand years I.

Am finally going to be liberated How did I wake up Senior I have realized what have you realized The Floating Dream Three Lives Art has a total of twelve heavens GAN Every time one level is completed, a powerful supernatural power can.

Be practiced GAN is a ghost Trick , the formula of Three Lives of Floating Dreams was created by me , there are only nine heavens in total, where did the extra three heavens come from , it seems that this kid wants to deceive me, boy , since you said you realized it,.

Then I have to go to your mansion to investigate Make the next achievement, senior , please , this purple-browed mansion is extraordinary, how can a mortal have such spiritual power , this structure has never been seen before , has he really understood something , come on , use the kung fu method you just comprehended to attack it, but senior, I I just realized GAN.

GAN may not be able to grasp its power. It’s a joke that you can shoot GAN. Now this seat is not the real body , but a separate soul incarnation. This alone is enough to rival the Dao stage . This is the first supernatural power I comprehend. What about seniors , damn it,.

The avatar that was just destroyed will take decades to recover. Boy , you wait. My seat is behind you . The move just now was too weak . Just use your strongest ability.

. I can escape , as expected of a senior . It seems that I can only forcibly take away my body. This is impossible . I can absorb the incarnation of my soul. Why did I come back ? Senior , is it you? Why did you become smaller.

? Shut up, your power just disappeared temporarily That's all It will change back. You look much cuter like this . You are so cute. Don’t make such a fuss about it . It’s a pity that the fame of my first life was ruined once. You committed crimes. Under.

The careful guidance of your teacher , you have become a lot stronger now , thank you Master, worshiping me as a teacher is a blessing that you will not be able to cultivate in eight lifetimes. Damn , this kid is so smart and has grown to such a tricky level in a short period of time. It's time to turn around, Master . From now on, you must be filial as a teacher, yes yes yes I will definitely help you beat that Wuguan when I go out.

This is serious. That Wuguan is not a girl, right? What is that brat thinking? Don’t get me wrong . Women will only affect the speed at which I draw my sword. What kind.

of sound and breath ? There are spider monsters. Hey, do you want to try the delicious grilled skewers that are freshly grilled ? How dare you treat my.

clone like this? What are you doing, girl , I will kill you. Do it, shit, they're so strong, Spider-Man , what nonsense, she.

's just a bird , I'll come back when I get stronger , what the hell is she doing, what happened to Master, this is a god-forsaken place , safe, everyone , come in too Alright, big brother.

, big big brother must be able to become a strong person in the Open Wheel Realm this time, right? The records in the ancient books are correct . The Ancient Land Abandoned by the Gods will reopen every 3,600 years. Here comes the opportunity for the revival of our Qianqiu Valley, okay , okay Yeah, someone came in. It’s not for treasure hunting, right?.

GAN Stupid , this ghostly place abandoned by the gods is isolated from the world GAN Don’t talk about natural treasures. Even the living things are only black jade spiders . Master, you.

Must eat this I don’t know the goods. This is as delicious as the East China Sea lime crab. It ’s really fragrant . You brat , why did you take away the teacher ? You can still eat.

This thing if you don’t throw it away. Why is it you again? Didn’t you say that you will come back after becoming stronger ? You dare to compete with me for food, and you’re getting impatient. Wait a minute, what do you mean Master can’t get out ? He’s sealed here Unless the person who seals him is willing or the person who becomes a god can save him.

, you don’t need to talk too much, she said that only the god of salty can save you , then master, teach me to become a god, do you know what you are talking about , my peak period is only a bridge of gods Realm Three Heavens, it’s still a hundred and eight thousand miles away from becoming a god . What is the Divine Bridge Realm ? You don’t even know the realm. You want to become a god . As a teacher, I will reluctantly explain it to you.

Supernatural beings are divided into eight realms from the lowest to the highest. The seat has reached the Divine Bridge Realm, and the eight realms are harder to reach one by one . To reach the highest bridge and heaven realm, one has to go through thunder and calamity , and there are only a handful of people who can become gods . It’s very strong , it’s super strong . Back then, the strength of.

This seat was enough to make the whole continent proud . That was before . Now you can’t do anything when you’re stuck here . You shut up , you ’re so noisy. Senior brother is so brave. Why is Junior Sister Ling not the same as usual? Ah,.

There are hidden weapons, what’s so strange ? These hidden weapons have never been seen in books. They are well- designed , and they are hard to defend against. Anti God Abandoned Ancient Land is indeed a hidden dragon and crouching tiger , brother, I am so hungry, could it be that this smell is not good, it.

Is the fragrance of the mist, brothers and sisters hold your breath quickly, let’s trace the fragrance of the mist, maybe the opportunity is at the source , brother, I am about to die , hold on , don’t stop Noisy, don’t panic , who are they? Just.

A few mortals . Can they eat? Don’t act rashly. Just look at me and do things. This person is dressed strangely and his eyes.

Are dull . He doesn’t seem to have a high level of cultivation . So serious , seniors , big brothers, they are not seniors, junior sister , stop, the hidden weapon must be made by that witch, I am not a witch, this is, be careful.

, this is the witchcraft of Baiyouzong witch, my name is Zhu Youniang , spider 66 , is the 66 we just ate delicious? That’s enough 66 Make a fuss 66 But she also ate it Senior brother is so scary, junior sister, don’t worry, I.

Will definitely protect you, accept the move , then let’s see what skills you have If you don’t want your people to be hurt , just obediently arrest them Play cards according to the routine, young people don't talk about martial arts , sorry, the method is a bit disgraceful.

, but this place is related to the lifeline of the Qianqiu Valley, Bai has to make such a bad plan, as expected of a big brother, he took control of the situation as soon as he made a move , I am really not a witch of Baiyou sect Yes, there is no need to quibble , and don’t make unnecessary resistance anymore. My buddies,.

Let me say something first. I don’t know what grievances you have with Baiyouzong , but GAN GAN , I don’t like being pointed at by swords. It’s quite the style of my seat back then. Great strength, but why didn’t you drop a single attribute ball? Senior brother, are you okay? Senior brother.

, Senior brother , I’m fine. How did this happen? I want to say that they are better than me, the young people don’t know the heights of the heavens and the earth , and they will die. If you want to kill me, please.

Let go of my younger brothers and sisters . They are still young and crazy . Who is going to kill you? Really , thank you seniors . I ask what realm is the senior ,.

You have such power 3j2 Master, come and see, you are a real ordinary person before the chakra is opened , but this brick has some power of the Daotai , the king of the Daotai realm, am I already the king? It ’s just a mere Daotai realm.

What a fuss. I haven’t asked seniors what to call me. My name is Feng Xia . Don’t be fooled by him. The size is not Daotai realm at all. I remembered what the teacher’s Daotai was like. Big and his is too small , just like a brick , look at me let him reveal his true.

Form, Dementor , how can this girl have such a thing , this person is fixed by my Dementor, let 's go together , who said I was fixed, girl , I have already It depends on what is wrong with you , junior sister, young master,.

You are so rude, who the hell are you? Since you posted it sincerely , I will tell you with mercy. He is Baiyou Zongyan Wuyou . How is it possible ? Youzong demon girl, I’m so curious . How did you find out about them? Your acting skills have fooled them , but you can’t fool me.

It’s too bad . People’s transformation has never been seen through. How can the little boy say that ? No matter how many times you encourage them to do it It's the sword energy and soul-absorbing talisman that were released secretly. You acted too eagerly . There is only one truth, and that is that you are deliberately provoking.

Trouble. The young man is very smart . But are you willing to blame others ? Show the young man his true skills, it's useless You can't beat me, who wants to fight you? The little boy is really doing it. It's a trick. The little boy has been fooled this time . Stop and I.

Advise you to surrender obediently . There is no way ahead. I will go and jump directly. Goodbye. Goodbye . The resident’s name is Yan Wuyou, I can’t let her run away , my junior sister is still missing, something’s wrong.

, she’s still nearby , don’t hide out, you’ve been tricked just now, she looks like a beating, her fists are hard, who are you talking to? Talking, how come there are two young girls , how come there are two young girls GAN.

, this Baiyouzong witch is really scheming, where did you come from, how dare you pretend to be salty like me ? I am the real young lady , I am the real young lady, senior brother , who is the real one,.

They all look the same, which one of you is the real one , I am the real one, I am the real one , Senior Feng , you Do you know who is real? If it’s not sex, it’s sex. If it’s.

Not empty, it’s empty. Axia , I’m the young girl. Brother Feng, I’m the real young girl. Needless to say , I know it all. Isn’t this just double happiness ? Counterfeit,.

I can’t beat you to death , I ’ll come back, I let her run away , white-haired girl, I don’t feel good to mess with, idiot, that ’s the awakening mode of monsters, in this state, the five senses and spiritual power of monsters can be greatly enhanced , thank you senior Thank you for saving my life,.

That Baiyou sect demon girl is full of tricks and can change into ever-changing ways. Without the help of seniors , we are afraid that we will be in danger . Brother, your health is important . Let us go back to Qianqiu Valley. We came here to find opportunities to revitalize Qianqiu Valley.

How could it be because of this? Small injuries give up halfway , but brother, brother, M , this is a wasteland, where is the opportunity? You better not waste time, go back to heal your injuries, wasteland , no chance,.

Senior, is what you said true? Really , there is nothing here , let alone you What chance are you talking about ? You see, he has been trapped here for three thousand years. I have never eaten meat, let me go, I used to be 1.9 meters tall, and now I am so hungry that I am so hungry.

. Is it true that the sky is going to kill me? Master brother can’t help it. GAN , this young man, GAN lacks the nourishment of chicken soup for the soul Who cares , help Master first , let me get out of here, don't stop me, let me be my husband, don't stop me, let me be my husband, do n't.

Put down your sword, GAN, let go of me , Brother GAN, brother, let me ask you , the world is so big , is there only God Is there a chance to abandon the ancient land? To revive the Qianqiu Valley , the most important thing is the chance. It.

Is a human being. The chance is bestowed by God. Not everyone can get it . It’s the way,.

Brothers, stand up , go out , you will win GAN GAN if you fight hard After.

I return to the valley, I will resign from the position of chief disciple . I really want to slap him awake. What do I mean? Elder Brother, it seems that you can’t leave . Now that the Xuanwu court is eyeing us, you will be regarded as a traitor if you leave at this time.

. Then execute it as a warning to others, I have made up my mind , I have to do this for the sake of Qianqiugu, wait a minute, why is the situation suddenly serious , it will be over if you don’t pour chicken soup into Qianqiugu, boy , let’s see how you end.

, junior brother, I have heard the master’s call to you I can’t go, don’t stop me, listen to my big brother , let me go, calmly analyze , now there are three ways to go, Qianqiugu was the best choice , but the poisonous chicken soup had an accident, the elders of the sect are afraid they will be killed I will leave the affairs in this valley to you. Go to.

Xuanwu Kingdom and accompany you like a tiger. If you flatter me wrongly, you will lose your head . It is even more impossible to stay here. You just listen to me. Eating spiders every day will kill you. Calm down and just be It triggered a series of missions,.

So I will take it all to the end. Brother , you think twice, Xiaobai. I just left the customs and I just need to find a place to stay , or I will go to Qianqiu Valley for a while and visit the Tao of this era by the way. Friends, what do you think , seniors are here to help us in Qianqiugu, boy,.

what do you mean? Bai Canghai will definitely go through fire and water, senior . When are we going to.

GAN ? You, junior Sanshengdian Yan Wuyou, see Master Chuzu . You are a descendant of the Yan family. No wonder you can use the soul-absorbing talisman . As long as there are people in the Sanshengdian. The first ancestor.

Has passed away for three thousand years. Can you take advantage of the opening of the secret realm and come with me? Back to the mortal world, little girl , it’s not the secret realm that traps me, but.

The sealing formation under my feet . The thief who sealed me is extremely rogue. It’s my remaining strength , it was exhausted by that bastard , but I don’t want to tell the younger generation about such embarrassing things . Master and young lady don’t need to send it off anymore. I ’m not sending you off. I’m following you to eat. I.

Want to go with you. When we first met, you still wanted to kill me . Yes, I’m going to kill you . Don’t make it as easy as missing a utility bill. Hey , but if you kill you, you won’t be skewered. Monsters respect power , yes. Don’t move your mind, master,.

I’m leaving the secret realm, you wait for me , I’ll definitely come back to save you, that’s all, all right, get out, goodbye , master, let’s go , let ’s go, don’t come back when you leave 9z apprentice Why did I come out and ask my father why did you come out,.

go out, the incarnation of the primordial spirit of this seat actually went out, my lord , would n’t this seat also be able to leave this ghost place? After three thousand years.

, my Lu Chenhai is finally going to be free . Don’t look at me, my ancestor Chenhai. Today I am going to be free, no one can hold me anymore Master First Ancestor, Lord First Ancestor, don’t worry, my lord, this little trick won’t hurt me. My soul incarnation can go out.

, but my real body is still trapped in the formation, isn’t it? It has something to do with that kid Feng Xia. In order to meet the first ancestor , I have gone through untold hardships. In the end , little girl, don’t be discouraged. Here are some tricks.

for you to improve your cultivation level. The details are revealed. Yes, Lord Chuzu, Lord Chuzu , I didn’t find Sister Ling on the way . I don’t know what happened to her by the witch.

. Brother , Sister Ling , where did you go? Are you really Sister Ling? Didn’t the witch treat you? What are you guys talking about? I can’t hear you. Are you here ? This is Junior Sister N. Is it really you? Why is she.

? It’s great that you weren’t hurt. I can’t see anything. Let’s observe and observe Axia . Her smell is not right . Are women all the same? Good thing I learned the Three Lives of Floating Dreams, I think I want to open the Qianqiu Valley , this time I won’t be seen through at a glance, so I will leave the Qianqiu Valley, big brother, you want to betray the sect.

, this word has reached the ears of the master As long as the younger sister is safe and sound , I will explain this to Master when I return to the sect. Bai Canghai , you evil disciple.

, you can be convicted . The door was instigated by you, right ? Chunqiu Yiqi Sword Art , do people in this world like to greet with fists? Where is.

He going to hit? Body description Master Bian, villain , where did I beat that surnamed Feng? Senior Feng didn’t move at all . Master, you forgot to wear a glass mirror. You don’t need glass mirrors as a teacher . Eyes , there.

Is no need for such cumbersome things at all , Master, stop quickly , Senior Feng is not there, you are what Bai Canghai said, Senior Feng, you are the one who instigated my apprentice to betray the sect , Daoist Lei just call me Feng Xia, there are indeed some of me The reason But you just admit.

It , boy, don’t run away, master, where did you go at the critical moment , you stop for me, and accept the move , Feng Dao is friendly and courageous, facing the old man’s thunder strike , he has no timidity ,.

why is it that you are not being merciful from Daoist Lei? Pretend to have bad eyesight and lead me here. Is there something unspeakable about it? The old man thanked Daoist Feng first, although I don’t know what your purpose is , but my apprentice met the.

Witch girl of Baiyou sect . It’s alright , it’s alright, it seems that no one said that Bai Canghai’s injuries were all caused by me . In fact, the old man wanted that child out of the sect a long time ago . What’s going on? With that child’s talent , he can definitely go to a better sect and get better training. How did Xiaozi.

Come to Qianqiu Valley? It’s easy to say . When the old man went down the mountain, he saw the child lying on the side of the road. He was about to starve to death , so he gave him a few buns . Unexpectedly, he followed me every step of the way. From then on, he loved Qianqiu Valley. With all his heart, Xiaozi decided to leave Qianqiu Valley.

Because he was looking for a way to save Qianqiu Valley, so it’s best not to come back. Feng Daoyou , Qianqiu Valley fell from the peak overnight, who is the biggest beneficiary , and how can this beneficiary allow Qianqiu Gu Zhongxing, Xuanwu Kingdom.

, shhh, there are enemies’ eyes and ears hidden in Qianqiu Valley, it’s better to be careful , enemies’ eyes and ears, now I only know that most of these people are hidden among the disciples , Fellow Daoist Lei, I have a way to help you find the spies , you want to go to the muddy waters of Qianqiu Valley , wind A certain person has a destiny with Qianqiu Valley.

And will help him with great help. If he stays, GAN may be able to figure out the principle of the attribute light group. GAN you, I advise you to leave Qianqiu Valley as soon as possible with my big apprentice , so as not to be implicated and die in vain . I really have a way to say Wu Ping, let.

The old man's sword come to ask if you have this ability, such a big sword , the power is really amazing, fellow Daoist Lei , what do you think of me now? It is a terrifying physical strength. What Cang Hai said is true . If it is a Taoist powerhouse, it is natural.

To have this ability . But forgive me, Qian Qiugu’s current situation is really hard to believe. Suddenly there will be a Taoist powerhouse to help. The sword heart supernatural power will tell the old man what you really think in your heart . Friends Feng Dao offended , what kind of.

Supernatural power is it true that I am willing to help Qian Qiugu, but I must not expose my attribute powers. That’s how it is. This is the supernatural power brought by the sword heart of the bearded.

Fellow. If you finish fighting , it’s my turn to make a move. This pupil , how is it possible ? The bearded man is not familiar, why haven’t you come back ? God, Senior.

Feng You must be merciful, Master , please don’t let anything happen to you . I’m hungry . I’m hungry. I ca n’t get enough food. I can’t rest assured. Go and see the situation. Is n’t this.

Bai Canghai who messed up the mission of the sect ? I don't have time to talk nonsense with you now. It 's been so long. I 'm afraid that charlatan has been beaten to death . Ye Yi, don't spread rumors here.

. Senior Feng is not a liar. There is nothing to eat . Senior Brother Bai and Senior Brother Ye are fighting again. Where is the dining hall ? Senior Brother Bai and Senior Brother Ye are fighting again.

. Where is the dining hall? Who made the Great Elder and the Sixth Elders incompatible ? Now I am a strong person in the wheel-opening realm. Today , I will clean up your master’s trash for your master. No one listens to me . Come and tell me, where is the food ? You, Daoist Lei.

, are you okay ? Daoist friend Jianxin is just comprehended. Dare to ask friends, how long have you practiced sword ? I just comprehended it. I have never.

Practiced sword before. I can comprehend Jianxin without practicing sword. Xin, don’t tell me you are the rumored Holy Spirit Body , you can understand the skills and supernatural powers at.

A glance It makes sense. I have repeatedly provoked Fellow Daoist Feng . His strength is amazing but he is unwilling to make a move. He is obviously afraid of hurting me . This kind of heart and character are worth entrusting . Fellow Daoist Feng.

, I don’t want to thank you for your kindness. Just now, Fellow Daoist said he could help me find the undercover agent. I don’t know. What a good plan. With my ability , as long as I go to discuss with my disciples, I can find out whether any of them have used the exercises outside the Qianqiu Valley . Naturally, I can find out the undercover agent . It’s a clever plan. I’m going to work with my fellow Taoists. I will definitely cooperate fully.

Don't worry , I never thought that GAN would do this kind of thing with someone else after a while, and you still don't admit defeat. Take me to the dining hall, and I won't beat you. Don't even think about it. A tough man won't give in, you.

Bastard. I haven't touched the young lady's feet yet, get out of here, embroidery is fine too, A Xia , you charlatan, don't be too arrogant, we people in Qianqiu Valley are not easy to mess with, Senior Brother Ye is right, why are you making a fuss,.

You can't let them be here Qian Qiugu is too presumptuous, yes , yes , yes, yes, too much He's too arrogant and must be punished. He's tired of work . Who will give them some color? See , brothers and sisters , let me do it. Who are you ? I'm a.

Disciple of the next five elders. Mo Yushu, I 'm here to challenge Fellow Daoist Feng. I'm not interested. I'm afraid. Come on, Junior Brother Mo comes from a family full of treasures. From a family full of treasures.

Fat sheep , I accept your challenge . Please , then respectful rather than.

Obedience. Liar , a heart guard is enough. Besides, it is difficult for him to get close to me . Finally, he knocked down that charlatan. I’m sorry, long live the stick , I let you down. The names are all related to dragons.

. Could it be that I have a chance? This ink jade book is Xuanwu The spy brother sent by the royal family, brother, are you all right? It seems that Qianqiugu’s situation is more serious than what Lei Shao said , but the Xuanwu royal family spent so much effort, what exactly do they want to get from Qianqiugu? Next, don’t let the guests read the joke . The great elder J is.

All caused by the surname Feng. Stop, the young man is naughty , please forgive me, fellow Taoist Feng , it’s all a misunderstanding, it’s just a discussion . This is the old man’s distinguished guest . Pay attention in the future , don’t neglect It’s a guest.

, yes, fellow Daoist Feng, please let me take you to the place where you live . There’s fellow Daoist Laurel. By the way , anyone else who wants to learn from each other can come to me . What kind of purpose do you have to come to me and decide how you will be beaten in the end.

You, Brother Ye , don’t get excited , this guy is not easy to deal with, we have to prepare well Mo Yushu, Mo Yushu , he is actually a spy of Xuanwu Kingdom , yes , don’t rush to expose him,.

Today I intend to provoke him , he will definitely call his helpers to trouble me, Feng Dao You and I see the same thing, let’s wait and see what happens, and when the time comes, we’ll catch them all. Well , this is the Qionghua Bieyuan . If you don’t mind Daoist Feng , you can live here first .

Thank you, Fellow Daoist Lei. It’s so warm and comfortable . It’s been a long time since I took a bath like this. It’s the greatest joy in life. It’s great . Young lady is back. Young lady , you’re back.

Why is it you? Get out, Senior Feng, Xieyu is here to deliver clothes . I can’t hear what you are saying. Stop, don’t come here , Senior Feng.

At that time, the distance between me and her was only 0.01 centimeters. After a second, she would fall in due to inertia. Axia , young lady, please listen to my explanation.

Axia, I want to eat Donghai lime crab . I heard that it is better than skewers. It seems that young lady is not very smart. It seems that it is not a bad thing . Where is the lime crab? Master, you came at a good time. Where is.

The sky? Now I can’t eat crabs. Xuanwu Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Ten Thousand Monsters. 1 With the Canglan Mountains as the boundary, all the rich places in the Youyuan Kingdom and Linhai are all occupied by the Kingdom of the Ten Thousand Monsters. Friends, after the aura of heaven and earth is exhausted , the human race is gradually no match for the talented monsters. Qianqiu Gucha lives in the inland.

And can't eat lime crabs at all. Unexpectedly, after three thousand years , the monsters will ride on the heads of the human race. The aura has become so thin , let alone Maybe someone can become a god and save my real body . Don’t be discouraged, master. And I, brother Feng, put this on quickly.

. This is a soul-cultivating ring . If you don’t mind it, you can let Senior Chenhai rest in it and nourish your soul . This is a good thing Ah , it’s really helpful to be a teacher , really? Master , thank you, Miss Ling , it’s really useless . I seduced that kid all the way and didn’t get out his identity . Forget it. The thing I asked you to.

Find has been found overnight according to the first ancestor’s instructions. Keep it The treasure of spiritual things, the soul -cultivating ring , find a chance to give it to that kid, and I will be able to find out his origin personally . Brat, just wait and see, come out to fight, come out, come out and challenge 0.0 , what.

are you doing? Come out , come out, yes Come out, isn’t it quite arrogant ? Come.

Out, are you afraid? Come out and fight, teach him a lesson, come out, I’m going to teach you a lesson, I’m sorry I just said yesterday, I’m sorry, I’m going to teach you a lesson, come out , so soon If someone sends attribute points to your door, just come out quickly , and you will meet them. It’s so dangerous . You have to quickly deal with the group of people outside. It’s not good to provoke the young girl to run away. Come out.

, come out and fight, don’t hide in it, come out for me, come out quickly, disciple Come and challenge, come out and fight, I know you are inside , come out, aren’t you amazing , fellow brothers, calm down, aren’t you amazing, come out and fight with me, come.

Out, Senior Feng , don’t misunderstand them , it’s okay Xiaobai , they are coming for me Who of you wants to be the first one? You go first. Why?.

You shouted loudly just now. Now it’s quiet . I’m here. It’s Brother Fang Yong. That’s great. Come on, brother, come on, Brother Fang Yong, come on, brother , come.

On , beat him up and teach him a lesson for being so big Only Zai Xiayong came to challenge Feng Daoyou. I don’t know if you dare to perform martial arts with me. This guy is much stronger than those two people yesterday . Come on senior brother, disciple Fang Yong teach that boy a good lesson.

, teach Na a good lesson, I want to fight this fellow Feng Daoist , I hope I can give permission, good, what’s wrong with the ground, this time Feng Xia is doomed.

, that’s right, that’s Brother Fang Yong, something’s not quite right , just discuss it, what about this Big fight? Daoist Feng, I didn’t expect it. This is not a martial arts arena , but a stage of life and death.

. Here, the higher side will be forcibly suppressed to the same level as the lower side . Even if you are at the stage of Taoism, so what ? If you fight head-on on the stage of life and death, I will open the round. The cultivation base of the Sixth Heavenly Realm will definitely win you. Let’s start the fight . Just try it out. Thanks to Brother Mo, I was able to invite Brother Fang Yong.

, but it’s a pity . It would be great if everyone could see Feng Xia making a fool of himself. What's so difficult ? This is the Jade Talisman of Huiying . With it, we can enjoy the scene of Fengxia being beaten up. Go to take a photo with a jade, and show it with a jade.

. You can have a panoramic view of the situation of the stage of life and death. Brother Mo, you have so many treasures . With it You can see that kid Qing Fengxia making a fool of himself. It’s wonderful . Brother Mo is amazing! Wait a minute, Brother Mo , such a good baby , why did you just tell us now ? Could it be that you are using it all the time? You.

Are not kind , you are not righteous, what are you thinking? Good brothers, you must use all your skills. You dare to be rampant when you are about to die. Cherish the last scene you saw in your life . Shut up and appreciate the strongest form of my kung fu. Let’s practice hard.

In the next life. Didn’t you eat breakfast, brother? Dali One point, there is no injury, how is this possible? After approaching him, my gloves and exercises disappeared . What kind of cultivation level are you ? I guess it will be a few months.

Before you can open the first chakra. Opening the first chakra, is n’t it a lack of cultivation ? Then why are you so strong? I ’m picking up attributes, not realms. Fellow Daoist Fang stopped fighting , so it’s my turn . Hero , please forgive me. Ah, it’s double yolk eggs.

Again , earning blood, swordsmanship , boxing, just growing tall but not brains . I think you should eat more walnuts to supplement your brains. Damn what did you say? What did you say? Another attribute ball fell. I.

Seem to have touched some rules of attributes. That's right, which attribute light group to drop is related to the attribute skills possessed by the target, and also related to my luck , and the weaker the target, the lower the drop rate On the contrary, the higher it is, I didn't expect that Master's mouth can come in handy, so looking at it this way,.

Xiaobai won't lose anything, isn't his strength worrying ? He is my beloved disciple. He is quite as powerful as your master and I were back then. Senior Feng is really powerful . Of course,.

Master , this Feng Xia is too strange . His cultivation base is obviously lower than ours , but even senior brother Fang Yong was defeated by him . Lei Shao and Bai Where did Canghai get such a freak ? It is said that he came from a secret place. The origin is unknown. This person is indeed a variable,.

Girl. Although Lei Dazi said that we can eat whatever we want , but you even took the whole steamer away, did n’t you? It’s too exaggerated. What is this ? Can it be eaten ? How are you fellow Taoists? You are Liu Chuanyuan, the Sixth Elder of.

Qianqiu Valley . I would like to invite Feng Xia to the Wangyue Pavilion . The Sixth Elder has also practiced Jianxin Tongming. Thank you Elder Liu for your kindness , but we.

Still have something to do, so we will go back first . This is a pity . I specially prepared the East China Sea lime crab to entertain distinguished guests. Where is the lime crab ? In Moonlight Pavilion, where is the food ? I won’t be able to eat it.

. Where is the food? It seems that I can’t eat it. Even a barbarian surnamed Lei would never dare to set foot in my Wangyue Pavilion easily , but you dare. Elder Liu , what do you mean ? The boy was seriously injured. The old man Lei Shao.

Still trusts you a lot. You have repeatedly provoked the disciples in the valley . Fellow Feng Dao, what do you want? A few sword qi are so fierce. Young lady, be careful , this guy is very strong. The buns are.

All gone . It's a sign that the young lady is going to go berserk, you have to think of a way to stabilize her , if she beats Liu Chuanyuan , she won't have attributes to pick up , as expected, a few sword arrays are not enough to deal with strong people like you, see, I will solve you, and let Qianqiugu come back Back to order,.

Elder Liu , let’s make a bet If I break your sword formation , you will have to compensate the young lady for a month’s food, no less , and you’re still glib when you’re dying , Elder Liu, you.

’re wrong , I never joke about bets, green Lian, then you can try it. The two blossoms are the same as the one dropped by Lei Shao. They also have the attribute of Jianxin. Sure enough, there is the Elder Liu of my ancestors. I would like to admit defeat.

, young lady , since Elder Liu promised to pay you a month's feast , you forgive him. Listen to your Asha, what kind of power is it that destroyed all the sword formations in Wangyue Pavilion with one blow? Who are you ? With such strength,.

Why do you want to meddle in the affairs of Qianqiu Valley? I heard that the Xuanwu royal family has five Daotai-level powerhouses who.

are powerful enough to crush Qianqiugu , but why did they not do it for a long time ? Instead, they used small tricks like spies. What are they afraid of? If you don’t agree, I will go to Xuanwu Let’s chat with others , maybe they are willing to accept me Qianqiu Valley’s hole card, people with some strength know some of it, if no one really knows, why would.

Xuanwu Kingdom be afraid , tell him it’s okay to send such a strong man into the arms of the enemy That 's really regrettable , fellow Taoist Feng , can't hold back Hold on, this matter is not a secret , it’s okay to tell fellow Taoist Feng , Elder Liu, I feel your sincerity, let go and.

Talk about it, and ask fellow Taoist Feng to follow me to a place, fellow Taoist Feng , please see , Qianqiu Valley’s biggest hole card is that , that is What is it? It is the treasure of our school , the Qianqiu Bell. The relationship between the Xuanwu royal family and Qianqiu Valley was extremely tense.

Back then . Fortunately, the first head teacher of Qianqiu Valley refined a treasure that could sweep the world. Six hundred and ninety-five years ago, the Xuanwu Kingdom was shocked , and many powerful enemies were suppressed and killed after that . Since then, Qianqiu Valley has become the first holy place.

According to legend, when Qianqiu Valley is most dangerous, the Qianqiu Bell will revive and kill those who killed Qianqiu Valley. All enemies, this Qianqiu clock is really domineering and extraordinary, but the dust on it is so thick, your maintenance of historical relics.

Is not in place, fellow Feng Dao, please don’t joke , the first generation head teacher’s cultivation is as high as the sky, the old man spent his whole life refining it How could the Qianqiu clock be broken just because of the passage of time? It looks badly weathered.

How is it possible, Elder Liu ? How is this possible? Ah , why, if the Qianqiu Bell has lost its divine power , why did Emperor Xuanwu delay in.

Doing it? Maybe that lord has already realized that the time of the Qianqiu Bell is running out , so he chooses to delay the time. Without the Qianqiu Bell , Xuanwu has an overwhelming advantage . Qianqiu Valley Is it going to be history, Elder Liu , please don’t be so pessimistic.

. Let’s take a look . That is, the first headmaster seems to have left you behind . There are still so many little bells full of divine power. The first generation headmaster is really wise. Don’t get excited yet , how much power these little bells have left is.

Unknown. Elder Liu , He Fangxiao , dared to touch the treasure of this deity. What ’s the situation ? Could it be that the first headmaster is still alive, idiot , it looks like a thief who came to refine the treasure, not one of us.

, that’s fine It's over, you stay at the entrance of the cave and protect him , I'll go find out about that guy If he is really a thief , I will blow his dog's head off. Don't worry, fellow Taoist, I will definitely protect your Taoist companion . Axia asked me to protect you. You are injured. You.

Are too weak now, boy , I can feel that guy has strength. The power of the alchemy realm , don’t mess around, Yuan Dan, I have an idea, you little thief , when did the treasure that this deity.

Sacrificed to become yours? Could it be that the deity has retired for seven hundred years, and the world has forgotten the prestige of this deity Chao Haisheng, Qian Qiugu The first head teacher, since he recognizes the deity , don’t surrender quickly, it’s impossible , you can’t be alive , just hearing the name is not enough to make him surrender.

, then he has to do it , Daozhuo Shenwei , Qinglian two blossoms, Jianxin supernatural power , full gain gathering, it seems that it’s time Let everyone recall the prestige of this deity . Such a high-level sword heart is clear. Could it be,.

Little thief , return the magic weapon of this deity . These clocks are activated together to defuse my attack . It is very surprising. Chao Haisheng , 16 Dad, this magic weapon is already The deity is gone, Paoqin, go back to your coffin . The Qianqiu bell is the sound of the Qianqiu bell.

. How could it be possible? It’s time to come. Let’s go out. Qianqiu Xuanwu has fought for several generations , and there should be a result. Axia , he is very strong, we two It’s not easy to deal with it even if you join forces.

Young lady, Master said that it’s the nature of monsters to run away when encountering an enemy stronger than yourself. But now young lady is suppressing her instinct of fear and standing in front of me . Don’t worry, I already have a way to defeat him. But I need you to help me hold him for a while.

, no problem, since Axia said so, of course it’s no problem , young girl, you just need to control him, I can take his head off immediately after I brush up my skills The clock is fine. As for the task of attracting attention,.

Of course, it is entrusted to my wise and powerful master . I told you that he is very strong , so be afraid . Go , thank.

You, Master, please, I ’ll be right back, Chao Haisheng, you still dare to ignore this deity now , as long as I kill you , who else can stop this deity’s clock, you are dreaming,.

He is mine, and only I can kill him, Chao Haisheng’s little boy Hey, but the eighth heaven of the Kailun Realm dares to oppose this deity , see if this deity killed you , who is bluffing, take your life, come on ,.

You shameless little thief, you are just a kid from the Yuandan Realm , and you dare to stand in front of me in the Shenqiao Realm Arrogant, what ’s the matter , be afraid , how dare you insult me, none of you can run away, see me use this magic weapon to wipe you out , wow, you thief, how.

Dare you hit me , no one has ever dared to hit me, you are so brave, you guy, go to hell , Feng Fellow Daoist, who is he ?.

I didn’t have time to explain it to you. I’ll just ask you, would you like to help Qianqiugu ?.

Ah, Elder Liu , wake up, where.

Are the enemies ? You little guy in the wheel-opening realm, come and deal with you, Chao Haisheng This fellow is not easy to deal with, Brother Hou Qinfeng, you can’t get away, Axia, I ’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting, Axia , you’re finally back,.

I thought who it was, come and taste my freshly baked big sword It’s a big harvest. So many spiritual attributes are enough to double my mental strength. Young lady, you are not hurt . With Axia around, nothing will happen. Boy.

, your skill has improved so much . No , it’s all because of Master’s teaching. It’s okay . Don’t flatter me , Chao Haisheng, go to hell, young lady, be careful Axia.

, the shameless Xuanwu royal family, not to mention stealing from Qian Qiuzhong , actually sneaking up on a woman, such a fast sword, damn it , such a strong aura, this young man must be fellow Taoist Fengxia Come on, the one next to you ,.

This beautiful sister, would you like to be my Taoist companion? Pretty sister, although I am much older than you , but it is still strange to be bullied by you calling me elder sister. It turns out that she is an old and dishonest old man, stay away from her, fellow Taoist What do you mean.

, who are you, and who are you , a disciple of an elder ? Don’t you recognize that this is the head teacher? Why don’t you step down quickly , head teacher , it seems that the old man has n’t come out for a long time. It’s because he’s too dangerous.

Fellow Daoists , don’t worry , even if he’s the head teacher, we won’t do favoritism. It’s a shame for Qian Qiugu to have a head teacher like you. Every time you leave the level, you molested beautiful women , and you actually thought of a married woman . Is it too much? It’s not flirting . I’m sincere to that young lady. I ’m going to seduce.

The old man. I’m so noisy with you. The second elder, the third elder , and the sixth elder, you’re here too . Tuo , is that the head teacher.

? That’s right , it ’s the deity who are you? It should have something to do with the strong man fifty years ago. The strong man fifty years ago , Duke Wei.

Of Xuanwu Kingdom, Mo Yuanlong , the humble minister Mo Yuanlong, see Your Majesty IXX. A mysterious man who claimed to be Chao Haisheng just stayed in Qianqiu Bell with the old minister. Clone battle, that person's strength is no less than that of the old minister's clone . The old minister is afraid that Chao Hai will come back from the dead. Ai Qing is too worried. The person I arranged in Pingqiu Valley has already sent back the news.

. The mysterious person's name is Feng Xia, and he is not Chao Hai at all . Sheng, his strength is comparable to that of Chao Haisheng , and that Ji Qixi cut off the clone of the old minister with a single sword . The old minister really deserves to die for not being able to refine the secret treasure in the Qianqiu Bell . I implore His Majesty to let the old minister lead the army to retake the secret treasure and eradicate.

The Qianqiu Valley . But we don’t need to do it ourselves . Those sects who have abandoned the dark side and turned to the light to be loyal to me are all in a hurry to show it . Qianqiu Valley’s gang of rebels, none of them can live . I have a good news today. I have entered the Yuandan realm for the first time.

. This is the Yuandan realm. Is it the light? That’s great . The head teacher has finally broken through. Qian Qiugu is saved. Head teacher , let’s go and announce the good news . Go, old man , little friend still has a grudge against me.

Do n’t pretend you didn’t break through at all. I ’m right. Little friend Feng, you said that this deity has not reached the Yuandan state . How do you say this? The Yuandan state uses its own Dao platform as a furnace to condense the true essence, set the yin and yang, and cast the golden elixir.

. I have not seen your golden elixir . Wait, true essence, yin and yang Isn’t Jindan the content of the Three Lives Art of Floating Dreams? The kid learned it well , but after three thousand years ,.

why even the method of condensing the Yuandan has been lost? More than 700 years after the founding of the People's Republic of China, there is hardly one person who casts Yuandan in a hundred years. Now that the old man has a certain grasp , he can break through to the Yuandan realm.

Fortunately , what, sir , shouldn't your character design seem to be extremely powerful? Hehe The enemy is coming, but you are only 10% sure. As long as you can keep Qianqiugu , even if you sacrifice your life, the old man is willing. Axia sounds.

Dangerous . Idiots. The grievances between them and Xuanwu are none of our business . I think it’s okay to stay here. After all, there is food and drink , as long as safety is guaranteed,.

Crow’s Mouth, you and I will go. It’s a big barrier. Now the court should be satisfied. What’s going on? Brother, look at what ’s going on. It ’s over , what should I do.

? It's over, what should I do? What should I do? Gold, wood, water , fire, and earth This is the five elements of the Five Elements Sect to.

Seal the void. Five Elements Sect . If you can’t leave, don’t worry, headmaster , let’s go to the edge of the formation to see if there is a way to break it. It seems that there is no way to rely on brute force. It’s so stupid. If you want to destroy the five elements formation directly , it’s up to you.

Guys , just stay inside. Wait to die, as soon as the royal army arrives , we will bloodbath the Qianqiu Valley. The young master of Juemen will leave you with a whole body. There is a strong sense of superficiality. As for the female disciples of the Qianqiu Valley , I will show mercy. Girl, how did you get out?.

This barrier is only on the ground, underground ? You can walk as you like. This awesome formation actually has such a mentally handicapped loophole. What is mynah? Don’t worry about it. Young lady, you bring this idiot in first . Let’s have a long-term plan.

Young lady, be careful behind you , young lady, I almost let this little bug run away. You dare to attack the young master , it’s really not a pity to die 6 You two bastards, you dare to attack the young girl, it’s unforgivable, this formation is.

Something that a brat like you can break, just stay inside and wait for death , it’s not good, it’s abominable If it weren’t for this formation, you would already be dead. Let ’s settle the account of what you did to me just now. How could.

It be possible ? Absolutely not humans Let's go together Kill this monster, why, why can't you cut it down? What did this witch do? The girl is amazing,.

Axia, I'm back , it's good to be back , worry about me, I caught this guy in , quickly take our young master Come back, if you have the ability, you come.

In and grab it yourself, despicable villains, let’s go and find some helpers, it’s sad , even Tianjuemen has surrendered to Xuanwu Kingdom , I can only cut a small hole in this large formation , it seems that the enemy’s strength Don’t underestimate me. Just now I saw you sacrifice yourself to save others in Qianqiu Zhong . Now you can also stab your friends in both sides. You are really a hot-blooded child . Are you talking about me, little friend.

Feng , I have something to ask for . Before Mo Yuanlong, he wanted to ask a little friend to take care of Qianqiu Valley for a while . I was originally an ordinary person who loved to play games. I had no friends. I was used to being alone . Now I am just a mortal without realm.

, but they are still willing to trust me and entrust Qianqiu Valley to me. I, Qianqiugu needs me, everything is packed, when are we leaving , I will pack more food, I won’t leave , you stupid apprentice, don’t you know how strong.

Xuanwu is, how can you, a mere mortal, be able to solve this mess of Qianqiugu Ah Xia , if you don’t leave, I won’t leave either.

You guys, don’t worry, Master, just let me meet Emperor Xuanwu for a while. Although Xuanwu’s ability as a teacher is not to be regarded , with your current ability, I’m afraid there is no chance of winning. What are you going to do? Shanren has a clever plan . It seems that the court has finally taken action. My lurking will soon be over. Three years.

And three years and three years and three years later, it will be almost ten years . When I return , I will no longer be an identity Disgraceful illegitimate child , but Mo Yushu, I ’ll give you a chance . Do you want to be a good person? What do you mean? The meaning is this.

Mom, I want to go home. It’s very good . As soon as the goods are shipped, take advantage of the good luck now , and hurry up . What do you want to do, weird.

Where did A-Xia go? I just wanted to trap this young master with a spider web. Stupid woman, go to hell . Damn it , you.

Are such a nasty bastard. Have you given up ? Just spare your life, I want to go home , seven, eight, nine , it feels good, go back to the Purple Eyebrow Mansion and have a look , now unlock the skill Dragon Vein Resonance Method,.

It turns out that the Eyebrow Purple Mansion can see so clearly Nine Dragons Sacred Heart Art , but more than ten fragments need to be collected The drop rate of this guy is getting lower and lower. There is nothing to do. Seniors don’t fight anymore . It seems that the gap between the strengths of the two sides is too large , which will lead to a lower drop rate . The same person will be spawned too many times in a short period of time.

It is better to waste time here. Let me verify it with another person. Feng Mou will come to ask for advice another day. I’m still here, Axia , but I found you, young lady ,.

Where did you pick up the mud balls ? After eating, Axia , you can have a bite too . Open your mouth, I don’t want it, young lady, you can just eat it yourself. Wait,.

You are talking about the young master Mu who we captured back. Where is he now ? Take me there quickly. I’ve eaten it. I have to ask Na to get a new one. Axia, why do you have the same temperament as a child ? Young lady, you misunderstood me.

I do n’t know what good things that Mu Gongzi will drop. You are here to help that woman ask for the antidote. Kneel down for me . I will consider giving you an antidote. Antidote.

What kind of antidote ? That stupid woman asked me to eat it. I gave it to her , but I didn’t expect that she actually took it . The Nine Poison Corroding Heart Pill can poison even the supernatural powers. She ate so much in one go . I’m afraid she will die soon. Kneel down and beg me.

, Mr. Mu, young lady Her body is a spider with its own anti-poison properties . Feeding her the Nine Poison Corrosion Heart Pill is the same.

As meat buns beating dogs . You are giving her buffs. What is it ? This kind of person deserves to be beaten until he can't take care of himself. If you dare to touch me, Tianjuemen will kill your whole family. Sooner or later, my young master will divide you into five horses, so that you will suffer . This Mr. Mu is too weak, so he lost two attribute balls . Forget it . It ’s.

Better than nothing . It seems that my previous conjecture is correct. The target of brushing is too weak . Brushing a target too many times will indeed lead to a lower drop rate , except for the high explosion rate pool. Does Axia still have that black ball on him? I still want to eat.

it , so flashy The light is stupid , she just needs to break through 6 ≤ 6δ, girl , show your chakra Look ,.

Well, it does feel like the energy has been enhanced. After all, this girl has eaten a lot of good things since she came to Qianqiu Valley. Monsters can better accumulate food energy into cultivation bases. That ’s okay. Look at the new poison attribute attack I just learned . Look It looks good,.

But I am safe from poison , safe from poison, what a big-headed ghost , hurry up and take a look at your face , there are so many young girls, my head is so dizzy, young girl, why did you bite me, idiot, she is helping you suck the poison Come out, really.

, I don’t feel dizzy anymore. The little girl has stepped into the realm of supernatural powers. Her toxicity has been greatly improved compared to when she was in the realm of opening wheels. You know how much the realm affects supernatural powers . With your current cultivation base, if you match up People from the Xuanwu royal family are sending their heads away . Does the master have a way to improve the state in a short time? You can understand the martial arts and supernatural powers at a glance.

, but the state is different . The improvement of the state must go through self-strengthening . So I should now Body training first , that's right, if ordinary people want to improve their realm, it is best to practice physical exercises first, but I don't have low-end exercises suitable for newcomers, master ,.

I do have a body training exercise called Nine Dragons Sacred Heart Jue Nine Dragons Tactics, let’s hear it , all suzerains, my son was captured by Qianqiu Valley , and the guardian was killed by the old sword king Ji Qixi. Qianqiu Valley is far from being vulnerable as the court said. We can’t act rashly now . We have been tricked by the court. Is this.

Information accurate? Accurate, the little emperor is using us as pawns . If it weren't for the benefits promised by the court, our Five Elements Sect would definitely not take this muddy water. Don't be impatient, everyone . Emperor Xuanwu has already arranged a backup in Qianqiu Valley . Everyone, don't forget the resonance of the dragon veins Anyone who has the blood of the royal family.

Or has been given the blood of the king can resonate with this secret method , disregarding the barriers of space to transmit information. We only need to use this method to get in touch with Dark Chess , and we can find out the real situation of Qianqiu Valley . Secret method , well, as we all know, activating this secret method will affect one’s own strength.

, coupled with the backlash of the secret method, it consumes a lot of money . It’s really cunning and cunning, trying to gain benefits by beating around the bush. Don’t worry, brother Mu, I will naturally not let you pay for this five thunder beads in vain. It was refined by collecting thunder stones from the Xuanjie battlefield. Its power is comparable to that of Daotai.

. Today, I gave it to Brother Mu, Master Mu . This is the wind and fire jade silver grass in Canglan Mountain. It can strengthen the body . This three-turned true pill can be cured Injury improvement and cultivation can be described as the ultimate panacea . You are all old friends , but you are still so polite.

. How can I be ashamed, Brother Mu , let’s use your skills to inquire. Where is Qianqiu Valley Xuanwu’s dark chess? Where is Qianqiugu Xuanwu’s dark chess? Is dark chess there? I ’m here What is it?.

I am Mu Fugui, the master of Tianjue Sect . I am here to discuss the plan. I am Mo Yin, the dark chess player of the imperial guards, who infiltrated into Qianqiu Valley under the pseudonym Yin Kaiyu. Now I am a senior deacon in the valley . The situation of the old sword king is like Dong.

This is an undercover conspiracy . It turned out to be the old sword jade that was released publicly . The mystery of life and death of yin and yang has been uncovered. There is no security measure at all. Hey, yes. Does the imperial court have other arrangements for our dark chess? Emperor Xuanwu Arrange the sects to block the Qianqiu Valley through the air-sealing formation . At that time, you only need to cooperate with us inside and outside to wipe out.

The Qianqiu Valley . Fellow Daoist Mo Yin , where are the other dark chesses ? I have read the Nine Dragons Sacred Heart Jue . Practicing hard can really help you improve your realm faster . It would be great if you can get the complete exercise.

. Duan Kaiyu Mo Wangshu Master Mo Yizhou Mo Nandu I happen to have a method to get the complete exercise Mo Yi Mo Nandu, Mo Yizhou, but you and your young mother are needed to help Mo Zhishen, You Wazi, the undercover list, what do you.

Want? Who will come at this late hour No one is wondering who you are

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