MULTI SUB《武神主宰》第316集 | Martial Master EP316 #热血 #玄幻 #战斗 #冒险

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Damn it , let me come 803. Every step this person takes , there is a.

Rhyme flowing under his feet But killing two of my Dajin disciples in a row, Your Excellency is really brave, so much nonsense, what to do, if you want to take revenge, you are really arrogant , today you will die, wind and clouds, Tianjianlin,.

This sword technique is “sword will follow one's heart, no wonder you are so confident . It's a pity that you met me.” It’s your pride. Hmph, it was just a warm-up, since you ’re.

in a hurry to seek death, then I will fulfill you. It’s the Hidden Killing Swordsmanship. It really is him . Sikong Jianxue This person is actually Sikong Jianxue. Genius, comprehended sword intent at the age of 15 , broke through to the sixth-rank Wuzun at the age of 18, killed three mid-sixth-rank Wuzun with one move.

Two years ago , and now is in the late-stage Wuzun realm. Interesting , with the cultivation base of the late-sixth-rank Wuzun, he can surpass swordsmanship and attack The combination of space is indeed extraordinary , but this person has not become a martial king.

, and has never mastered the mysteries of space. The so- called fusion is just superficial . How can this person perceive the trajectory of my swordsmanship? However, let me show you what the real Wuhen swordsmanship is. Okay, I thought you wore a mask as a hobby , but it turned out to be too ugly to see anyone. You broke my mask and.

I want you to die. Die. This is a half-beast form that is fused with blood crystals of blood beasts after the bloodline went mad. Sikong sees how blood turns into That’s it , hahahaha , dead, it’s over , the next one.

, immediately , take a taxi to serve you, please fasten your seat belt and set off , it’s over, you’re running a red light, Luo Feng , you’re here, Mr. Jun , I’m everyone’s English teacher, my name is Jun Lianmeng U , get out of the car.

, boss You bastard , what are you doing? You said don’t show up in front of me again, you have to mess with me, boy. Which road are you on ? Did you say that?.

I ’m the driver of Yoyo, and I help the passengers to deliver the things they left behind. Remember to give five-star praise, it’s done, that’s enough for people like this Sooner or later, our major event will be ruined. When necessary , we must gather all our strengths and get rid of him. Why do you want me? You should go and find the wronged souls under Tianya. Record.

Today’s Tieduo, tomorrow’s pride Admission Notice, Rakshasa , Bauhinia, I promise you. I will definitely do it . He is the only one who can have such destructive power. He is a person we have no face to see. In order to avoid rabbits, you find the wrong person.

. I still tell you. My name is Luo Feng . Remember this name. New Tholosehero K This Doomsday Tholbsehero This Doomsday Tholosthero S Grave of Doomsday Field Entry Tholosthero < Cold Doomsday Field Pa fork.

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