MULTI SUB《独步逍遥》第287集 | One Step Toward Freedom EP287 #热血 #玄幻 #战斗 #修仙

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Wang Cangyun, why don't you kneel down and recognize me as your master, how about I let you go down as soon as possible to reunite with your son? I do n't know what is good or bad, Eight Desolation Slash , Qianyan Shield Oh no, then Wang Cangyun is the peak of Xusheng, the senior is not his opponent, don't come here, the boy has some skills.

, he is obviously just a Taoist The inner power of the sword skill is extremely powerful. It is the power of Tianyan Yuangen , which can greatly enhance its own defense. It is said that a certain sect won Tianyan Yuangen , but was robbed during transportation. In the hands of Wang Cangyun, you Lingshan disciples who only practice Taoism and Zen can’t imagine how cruel it is to compete.

For resources to cultivate immortality outside I need to refine you, boy, the power in your body may directly help me reach the semi-sage . Let’s see if you refine me first or I will smash your perverted corpse into thousands of pieces. Fortune Art , Tianyan Meteor, Qianyan Shield , he actually has the source of God How is it possible for you to have the power? Say goodbye to your path of practice , Tianyan Dharma,.

Senior brother , quickly dodge Ruyi supernatural powers, small tricks, you are the pinnacle of the virtual saint , yes, you got it right, to reward you, turn your head and look behind you , Nirvana fire, Qianyan axe,.

Wuji Sword, my dharma image was actually taken by you. Do you know why you lost? Kidnapping Lingshan disciples and making them waste their blood to build a temple for you and still want to become a saint . People like you who can only use crooked ways to cultivate are useless even if they improve their realm. Fuck.

, since So, go to the underground to confess, then I will let you all be buried with me , or he will explode his spiritual power, little master , it seems that you still can’t do without Miss Ben, how do you know I’m here?.

Seymour City doesn’t have many people It's easy, it 's not good, this place is going to collapse, Miss Lin Xi, go from here , you go first, seniors , I have to take them away , there is another one in the prison, what time is it.

, saving the life is more important than saving the corpse, let's go, my lord , we are really wronged, how do we know these things Ah yes, my lord, senior brother and senior brother didn’t protect you well , it’s because senior brother didn’t protect you well, I have a friend from Lingshan who just joined the Taoist temple, and after he agreed to come to Seymour City to preach, he led me to Lingshan to worship as an inner disciple , but he didn’t After I got the news, I found out that he had been to the palace to investigate all the way.

, but it was still a step late. It’s not too late . At least you didn’t leave him underground, never see the light of day , and avenged him . What kind of song is this? It’s also a song about saving the undead. The main idea is that I hope that the disciples of Lingshan will meet.

Again at the end of the road. Well, the matter is settled , we should leave. Miss Lin , you promised me before that you will take me to Lingshan if you find Mr. Ye.

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