Multi Sub【万人之上】| Above Endless Folk | EP 17 天大的误会

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Mr. Yi, let's go out first. go back and tell my father tonight thousands of miles to go ah Ling'er has returned with news Hahahahaha when did the boss get so excited Ling'er has already taken care of the expert at the foot of the mountain.

After tonight Xuanwuzong will dominate the entire Jiangping territory Alright, grandpa mighty Xuanwuzong mighty what do you say oh oh great Why is the president so excited There is no way to suppress the Baofeng Chamber of Commerce We can only replace you as president.

President An might as well tell you frankly The little girl and that letter will make a private decision tonight He will have to call me father-in-law from now on Hahahahaha Then our son-in-law works for the Pingjiang Chamber of Commerce It should be right Our chamber of commerce still depends on you at the helm Chairman Mao is amazing Hahahahahaha.

Come on Well, this table is strong enough. gentlemen you do you want to come directly at the table The old man's hobbies are too Straightforward Can not be done That being the case.

Mr. Noshita where to start sorry to let ah This thing is called playing cards A deck of 54 cards has 4 suits The rules of Fighting the Landlords are simple Peasants and landlords have three belts, one belt and postal parcels Various techniques for polishing shoes and flicking door panels.

God I misunderstood something landlord he becomes a landlord if not i want to deal here Seam I need a seam hey do you understand Um Hey, although it's playing cards.

But we don't gamble hey how about this Take something you like as a lottery Mr. Yi will take you down today no matter what Daughter, this bottle of spring flower umbrella has a psychedelic effect Maybe tonight is the best time to use it A gentleman like Mr. I don't allow him to be taken away by others Take it all.

Hey hey one night I don't know how many springs I've beaten you two What two little trash hey hey hey Hey, let me go to make it easier. I will come again later. Hey, you're running out of tricks. Aren't you running out of energy? sir no ordinary grooming Up to now, I can only do one thing and do two things endlessly.

This is the last resort ah so tired Ah, I said let's stop here today Mr. played cards all night drink some water and rest Not so polite Don't you too let's drink together hehe let's drink.

Is there a problem ah ah Do not enter the tiger's den how to get a house let's go one just a moment's delay The medicine will work Um why suddenly.

A little hot heart beat so fast what happened a ha ha ha gentlemen you caught in the net More than 10,000 people are on summer vacation without stopping From July 26th to August 1st, 10:00 a.m. every day.

Seven days non-stop simulcast see you all

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