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Spiritual practitioners in the world of the five elements retreat Only one born with a spirit can become a spiritual practitioner There are countless legends left by spiritual practitioners But only the deeds of the sword god cutting through the army The most extolled by the posterity Gain he killed the true god And that famous The Excalibur Sword that has been recorded in the annals of history forever Just insert it in Tianlong Earth Fire Tianbei City.

Academy Heritage Fashion Therefore, the sword has attracted countless people to covet it. Overwhelmed Tianbei College Until Lu Mingxi appeared The sword god said something Only 16-year-olds can attempt to draw a sword A person can only draw a sword once in a lifetime fail no chance This is the order of the Sword God.

Brother Yan, please don't embarrass us at Tianbei College No one knows the title of the leader of my spiritual practice It was just that I was busy practicing and missed the opportunity to draw the sword now i have something If it's not the case, the Excalibur has missed its master but you are old non-compliant Du Lingxi, can't you understand me? Maybe I am the inheritor designated by the Sword God.

You are not the Sword God Dream Millennium The Excalibur was placed in my Tianbei College after deduction in the dream It is not wrong to designate a 16-year-old to draw a sword I still want to try Tianbei College is actually hiding a dragon and a crouching tiger But no one can stop my way Tiangang 36 One Covers the Sun and the Moon Dainichiguan Tendo Year.

Eight-armed vajra Fire Spirit Nine Days Fire Tomb big arm drawing fist diamond pier king kong eight knives Sword Ten Thousand Fist Brother Yan, you lost Dean Lu served as dean He defeated Yan Shangxiao, the leader of Wudou.

For this reason, His Majesty bestowed upon our academy the additional cup This is the honor of our academy's young talents also hope The disciples in our courtyard can also work hard to cultivate be the second Even the third or even the fourth Dean Lu Of course I look forward to you too among them Someone will be able to pull out this Myeongdong Qingshi's Excalibur Sword.

But remember you only have one chance in your life to try and must be under the age of 16 Sir, do I have a chance? Scavengers, everyone has a chance I'm 16 and I want to try it now you sure Anyway, I'll try it sooner or later. If it doesn't work, I will give up and go back to practice hard. Even if you can't become the sword god.

I also want to work hard to become the next Dean Lu you have such ambition very good not to be moved by foreign objects The teacher supports you to go never be bullied again Even if Bajie fails won't give up on him ridiculous You guys from Class 13 dare to try to kill the Excalibur.

Luck To draw the sword today Li Jianchi draw your sword if you want don't insult others He is Li Jianchi Hui He is the second son of the Li family, the most wealthy family in Tianbei City Advanced for freshmen this year.

One of the three geniuses of the Ophthalmoscope It is said that his elf incident maybe he can pull it out untouchables are untouchables It's not worthy of such a bit of guts Ares sword is mine Elven Yin Yang Sword what to see a bunch of trash rolls.

No one is allowed to try to draw a sword today let's go out of print Only by cultivating this skill can you get the approval of Zhan Shenjian Become the Inheritor of the Sword God Are you watching Ben's joke? I don't know what is good or bad Someone throw this sword name out of Tianben Academy Li insisted not to overdo it.

What do you think about your whole crap class Are you losing your chance? Do you think your Li family is a big family in Tianbei City? Can you cover the sky with one hand? This is Tianbei College I am a teacher pay attention to your identity Hey, I really take myself seriously Okay, then I'll use your class to stand up.

Just let you know What is the status of my Li family in Tianbei City? It's not something you untouchables can provoke casually. Li Jianchi, you are too much There is plenty of strength to deal with corrections I'm afraid you won't make it mere soil spirit Watch my golden spirit and golden yang sword fly into the sand earthen.

Da Di Bao Zhou cactus Scavengers attack the Omen he is also a genius Ha ha There are only three Occulus geniuses among Mr. Scavengers, this is the fourth Hey, who will say we Chuning in the future? Class 13 is the bottom one.

I am a majestic Jinling genius How can you beat a pariah like you Jin Yang Jian Qi beheaded Do not break ground boy we are not finished you wait Life from scavenger hunt is like an apparition Treat yourself to geniuses today Food and living will be specially arranged by the college.

Really? Genius treatment? Tuition free? Not only free tuition Is there an additional subsidy every month? Scavengers, we envy you so much This is the treatment of geniuses at Tianbei Academy You have to match the scavenger Wow This single room is too comfortable Why.

I'm not dreaming ok it's real it's not a dream correct Filial piety to the world Have you really become the new master of Zhan Shenjian? I can't draw my sword yet The whole world is staring at this sword if found I don't know how many people want to kill me.

Take away the Excalibur Sword? Thanks to Li Jianchi Su Yufei, why are you here? Our Taoyuan Village has another genius how can i not come to congratulate Break through and show tranquility before entering school You are the true genius of our Taoyuan Village How about the two of us continue to praise Shi Tiancai Shi Tiancai.

That's a good name From now on I will call you Su Tiancai look at your pride can i remind you You offended that Li Jianchi today But the young master of the Li family, the largest family in Tianbei City, went to it won't stop I won't be bullied anymore I trust you.

I came today to bring you a surprise surprise Let's take you to Zangji Pavilion to pick out inspirations really uh i knew you would break through So I have already chosen the inspiration for the cultivation of the earth spirit for you. Say it early, let's go You bastard, you gotta buy me dinner eat delicious food.

Definitely next time Su Yufei, you are here again You are the fourth genius in the heartbreak of the scavenger world Why we are going to the third floor Ordinary freshmen can only choose inspirations on the first floor Freshmen who show potential pick their brains on the second floor Only certified geniuses Only then can you choose the magic skill on the third floor.

I did my homework There are three most outstanding spiritual skills of spit spirits Defense of the Mind, Armor of the Earth, Power of the Mind, Mount Si Because the earth leopard bear is bulky and moves slowly So he has his own way of remembering violent collision College Regulations Each person can only take one copy and take it out to practice. return within the stipulated time you choose one.

Seem to have learned Did I learn it? I will choose this I also think this suits you best I heard that our dean Xue Qianchi is a spit spirit His first aura also chooses violent collision Haha, I seem to have a good eye. Isn't it my fault? Ha ha.

Yes Yes Yes Well, you want to treat me to something delicious Um Our son wants to challenge you childe Is it Li Jianchi exactly Our son is already waiting for you on the fighting platform not bored.

You are so bold dare not fight snort look who is this ah It's not the soda that our son and I are regarded as geniuses school belle? still don't understand I have Su Shaohua not to accompany me.

What are you doing to find him, Li Jianchi? ah I don't mean it you will regret it if you don't go The stinky scavenger knows how to beat me not with you Earthlings dead mountain I.

I just did it Hey, filial piety to the Lord of the World is really amazing Let's try Armor of the Enemy again Violent collision You can comprehend the spirit sword just by looking at it This red light is too helpful for spiritual sword cultivation. amazing I want to hurry up and practice to honor the Lord of the World Can't live up to the painstaking efforts of the Sword God.

Practice from noon to night I don't feel anything at all Honoring the world is really a mystery indefinite I can reach peak Occult before the Academy Tournament Even breaking through to the next level and new artistic conception but I heard that it is necessary to break through from the new idea to the next refuge It's like crossing the antenna.

Shooter This is the call of Excalibur Could it be that Zhan Shenjian sensed that I was cultivating? Filial piety to the world Are you urging me to draw my sword? If you don't want to draw your sword, someone will find out then it will be dangerous Since I'm not good at drawing my sword Can you let Zhan Shenjian come to me by himself?.

Try it I don't know if it will work Come in ah ah this is bad this is too loud This is the sword that killed God who is there ah where run.

Why did Li Jianchi come here? snort It really is you kid you are really cunning Do not fight during the day Come here to practice in the middle of the night Just got the idea to improve snort.

Fix you now I don't have time to play with you you can't run do you know you're annoying Jinling Jinyang County earthen Land reimbursement sword cut moon cut.

Dead mountain die Always come for Excalibur am the first cloud wireless station in Milongwei, Tianbei City From now on, only in and out is allowed here. Everyone stands where they are now Don't act rashly This is my Tianbei College I am willing to uphold the will of the sword god to guard the sword.

This matter is the responsibility of our hospital Dean Xue Guard Excalibur But it's also part of my mission to find a dragon seat Sergeant Sword God Inheritance Cloud Handmade Please Respect Yourself last anger Emperor Tuling Banner Earthen Wings You and I fight.

It's others who get cheap search on site too radical If it is the Excalibur Sword, I will seek it out by myself Wouldn't we offend Excalibur by doing this? Do you still want that man to come out by himself? Admit that you can't hold a sword The longer the delay, the more people will come You and I both know how many forces are staring at him inside and outside the city.

We can't wait Humph, I know who was at the parrot farm just now I know who was in the training ground just now snort Li Jianchi broken There's someone who came to the martial arts field before me who has been here Whoever pulls it tight must know.

Who snort he scavenged And his earth spirit is an earth tyrant Everyone knows that earth spirits are powerful Generally used weapons are heavy weapons He carried a very ordinary sword for no reason And the scabbard is so ingenious Maybe it's a scabbard I found temporarily from Yanwu Field.

That sword is Excalibur ah come out stop the sword It's over, saving the sea beast and losing the Excalibur? Um swords are rusted You shouldn't be Excalibur, right?.

The Excalibur Sword was soaked in the blood of the gods Destined to be eternally sharp will it rust Really Excalibur How can you hide your true identity? ah i don't use a sword ah It can also be called a sword It's a pile of scrap iron.

Maybe it has a special meaning for the imbalance. This is the only explanation Otherwise, who would carry such a sword? Wow Wow finally got through this snort snort What is the identity of scavengers Of course he can't pull out the Excalibur Sword.

But he is practicing in the martial arts field He must have seen who drew the sword hum lee insist do you know you really hate I was practicing Lingji Didn't notice at the critical moment you are lying How could you not know about something so big.

I have evidence what evidence i finished Just now the critical moment is the moment of selflessness That's why I didn't notice three moments Just used 3 small change when I played against me Ah, it was completed in less than a day So Li Jianchi's injury was caused by Shi Huang to prove that i didn't.

If you lie, I can cover it up for everyone to see. Well, let Li Jianchi be my opponent No you finished Why don't you prove it? Brainstorm I told you that you are done don't come here He is Li Zhiji, the father of Li Jianchi, the head of the Li family.

Tianbei Academy is full of talents How dare you openly provoke my Li family? Obviously it was Li Jianchi who slandered me again and again then you just endure why Since he is my son Lee Chi Kee in front of my house You untouchables with no background insist on hitting you.

You're gonna get on your knees and wait to be beaten snort I don't People don't offend me, I don't offend others if someone offends me i will fight back it doesn't matter whose son he is you Master said well.

Li Zhiji Tianbei College is not a place for people to be presumptuous Your Li family must abide by the rules when you come to Tianbei College otherwise The Li family announced that I would withdraw from the academy never again In that case let's talk Shi Huang said that he was right when he cultivated spiritual skills But how can he prove that he completed his cultivation tonight?.

I suspect that he has already learned magic skills cover up the facts Impossible today during the day I just accompanied Shi Huang to Zangji Pavilion to choose the miracle There are access records in the Zangji Pavilion clear enough Go to Zangji Pavilion and call someone here less than a day Practicing spiritual skills for the first time.

It can be repaired so perfectly My Tianbei College A true genius was born he is the genius Everyone wants to know who took the Sword of Zhan Shen i think Everyone should ask Li Jianchi He knows I've been practicing It means he is also in the training ground.

No not later Huh, is it really that coincidental? You stopped me just after I finished training that's not counting When everyone comes, just say something, I will see Zhanshen for thousands of miles looks like you did it on purpose don't slander me Excalibur has nothing to do with me.

Snort It's no use just talking to prove The consequences of your disgraceful offending Li Jia Can you ignore the consequences if you offend me, Shi Huang? so stupid He actually contradicted Li Jia in public you will regret it You better worry about your baby son first.

I think we both fell for it All of you have seen the great movement of Zhan Shenjian's birth If Zhan Shenjian really landed here It's not surprising that the entire delay field was leveled. But Jianchi and this stone desert who have been staying in the delay field all unscathed so i guess True Excalibur Maybe it has already flown away without a sound.

Even left Tianbei City, let's go So what is Patriarch Li's opinion about the whereabouts of the Excalibur? Zhan Shenjian was born like the face of Suzaku So I think the real Excalibur Went to the south represented by Suzaku not impossible Makes sense possible I sent it all over the delay field and found nothing.

Mr. Zhou, look south The owner of this house is definitely not in vain. A few words broke the game i have to thank him no one is watching me now You will regret it if you offend the Li family You will regret this Be careful with the Li family in the future I'm not afraid of him if I die.

If he wants to kill me, I won't make him feel better. you are so stubborn I'm used to it and I can't change it What's more, if I bow my head, will people forgive me? Stretch your head and shrink your head with a knife, you can't escape Why do you still torture yourself It's better to face upright what a double knife let's go.

Very fast training speed Spiritual power runs for a big week It only takes three or five breaths It turned out to be at least half a day ah This is the dark rust Could it be divine blood The sword god cuts through the army and leaves behind filial piety under the right.

Using divine blood to assist the next master of the Excalibur Sword to cultivate It can also cover up the true face of the Excalibur Sword Let the descendants not be exposed to the eyes of the world serve multiple purposes I want to cultivate so that I can live up to the will of the Sword God Did Zhan Shenjian really go to the south? of course Some people have seen the spectacle of Suzaku flying south with their own eyes who.

Old Li next door to me is the son-in-law of his brother's third uncle cut If you want me to say, you should search the entire Tianbei College The Excalibur must have been pulled out by the students in the academy Xue Qianchi hid both the man and the sword The student who pulled out the Excalibur Could it be that Li Jianchi? Excalibur is now at Li's house Li Zhiji in order to cover people's eyes and ears.

What nonsense, Suzaku flies south I bother i don't believe there is any suzaku I'm twin On the basis of the earth spirit, there is a fire spirit Isn't the world of the five elements one person and one spirit without exception? what's the matter with me Unbelievable Suzaku It's the spirit of Excalibur.

It's unbelievable The sword can also cultivate spirit There have never been rumors of twin spirits in this world. The only twin souls It's not a bad thing to have one more fire spirit hide it I still focus on cultivating earth spirits stone flower ah.

You How did you come today is a day off Didn't you agree to go back to Taoyuan Village together? Hey, of course I want to go back I've been homesick wait for me, i'll clean up who are you snort.

It is the evil way of the three classics You are just a scavenger someone asked us to fix you who is it my surname is li My name is Qingmang, guess who called me here? Li Qingmang, you are the Li family Li Jianchi Li Zhiji didn't call you here.

Jinliang Jinxie Marching to the top Hurry up Yufei How could I leave you alone then leave it all Then come out with me Brother Ling Dadi wood spirit dead tulip.

Petal sword ah Violent collision Ha ha ha ha Golden scorpion wagging its tail i sit ah golden fist ah.

Ah ah Did you eat chicken to arrange you to come? Who do you think you are I deserve my dad to deal with you he is the butler of the li family Although trapped in the early days of the New Yijing for more than ten years But his earthen sarcophagus is more than enough to hit us higher than us.

This time it's really troublesome My son originally thought that 13 gold scorpions would be enough for birth Those who can compete with Li Jianchi are a bit capable but you still have no chance If Li Jianchi can't beat me, I will sue my parents what is it Shut up the untouchables I just want you to know the consequences of provoking me tell you you're done.

Anyone who dares to offend my Li family is finished Huh? ah good withdraw catch them bad horse i will stop him Ming Dadi.

Loyalty hang in there i'll get someone right away Intuitive This is the power of the new one It doesn't seem like much ah ah way forward delusion of the weak over the strong.

Stop dreaming is the whip Does his earth spirit need a spirit whip? Great, it's Milongwei I'm Su Yufei from Tianbei University We were attacked by Thirteen Gold Street Everyone in Milongwei, please lend a helping hand Li Zhenfei is you Li Jianfei.

Of course you are Li Jianchi's elder brother is the Li family but don't forget You are Milongwei If you really want to help Li Jianchi, you must do evil. Yin Yang Sword Damn elves haven't fully recovered yet flying sword petal sword Let's go, Li Jianfei is here with Milongwei.

What We can't outrun them without horses mood Who said we were going to run What do you want to do Remember the sea of flowers in the northeast of our village? yeah how did i forget That's the big purple species big purple.

You said Ye Yuchan time we all like purple I call him Da Zi, he calls me Xiao Zi hum little purple big purple i am old purple Lao Zi wants to feed Li Jian well now look These two are not easy they all deserve to die.

Especially Shi Huang His earth spirit is discerning. Sensitivity I saw can't go wrong yes there is this sign The strength of the spirit-changing earth spirit society has skyrocketed That Shi Huang's combat power will also increase greatly because of this The scary thing is that this person is now in the apparition.

Strength is enough to compete with me I, Li Jia, have to fight against such a person must die Why You trash Self-reported home and let people run away From now on You, as my Li family Get rid of Shi Huang and Su Yufei.

Yes Chase your death tulip lord of mullin How much strength can be exerted in this sea of flowers My teacher told me on the first day of school The sea of flowers is my battlefield They also specially taught me the magic method of the plank road in the sea of flowers enough here for them I left traces along the way to lure them over.

This time we have to fight back Give This is an idea I asked my eldest son to borrow from his family I originally wanted to give it to you after returning to my grandson Fortunately, I will eat you hard It's cheaper for you now you have to learn quickly Xiongwangli, this is a kind of spirit sword with explosive power accompany me to central.

I need to prepare The death tulip is connected with the whole sea of flowers Learned that I am such a genius a little embarrassed coming I am the king of Mullin Welcome to heaven with Wanmu Call the Soviet Army Lend me the power of flowers and trees to be the king.

Set the world Ah, Su Yuefei is the king of muling It's now ah violent charge 0 switch ah roar at this time Lie on the ground honestly.

Otherwise i'm welcome am Li Jianfei, Dragon Slayer Guard someone is going to kill me Who dares to make trouble in Tianbei City? Armor of the Earth ah another new shot I am Li Jianfei from Tianbei University Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Colluding with 13 Golden Immortals to murder me.

Please also submit to the general distinguish right from wrong Uncle, I want to believe him He is the one who wants to murder Jianchi I go to the rescue Injured by his design Li Jiaren again I am Imperial Guerrilla General Li Feiyu how can you three.

After he killed Li Jiazhongliang The thief hasn't knelt down yet get caught Li Jianchi, Li Yunguan, Prince Li, Li Jianfei Another Lu Feiyu appeared You Li family are not good things. bold The emperor will be full of loyalty How can you slander.

Erdengzong meteor Armor of the Earth Tianbei Lijia go too far I am the heir It was left to the sword god William i make fire no one is allowed to bully me.

I want to fight he has a spiritual change If you can change become a more powerful spirit It can enhance his combat power in all aspects less than double three to five times more Once changed means that he is highly talented.

The future will be brighter Even so was alarmed by the people in the city always say The governor shot the thief Chu Ling Dadi Violent Although the clan uncle is not a new peak But the strength is far beyond me.

The spiritual change actually made the fighting power of the Stone Emperor compete with the clan uncle snort Is the Lingchang number amazing? This general is right to kill Cut Liu Xing I'm afraid you won't make it ah ah don't eat dead things.

Empress Wu Zetian Pride and Sword Cloud The strength of the earth again that's fine This armor can also be passed meteor sword rain bells and whistles vain inspiration.

Snort Meteor River Sword Returns to One ah lone sword kill here ah ah Violent collision stop.

Dean Distinguishing stone flowers carefully You gave me another big surprise Our Tianbei College actually showed a genius of spiritual discrimination Hahahahaha It makes sense to make a sword concubine by hand Hand made Emperor Shi murdered my brother Li Jianchi and was discovered by me Take the brothers to stop.

I don't want to be hurt by Shihuang and Su Yufei's joint design escape so far Only General Li Feiyu couldn't see how he could block the robbery I see he lied I go home with Su Yufei Encountered 13 Jinxiandao attacks on the way Li Qingmang, the boss of Jinxiandao, is Li Jiaren Su Yufei went to ask for help but was intercepted by Li Jianfei.

We have no choice but to escape into the sea of flowers With the help of the power of the sea of flowers to fight back, there is life you hold your own Shi Yufei, I want to see the evidence i have evidence brought Su Yifei is besieging Li Jianchi And Li Jianfei took him to Milongwei And Li Qingmang and other 13 mechanical roads.

Can they prove with Mechanic Um go and see in case I will also go on behalf of the college. Unexpectedly, Xue Qianchi also came to intervene Obviously do not trust the first seat Yu Fei Are you OK.

I'm fine but Li Zhiji is here and I can't beat him Shisanjin Street was also let go by him Su Yufei wants to talk nonsense Obviously you want to kill my brother Li Jianchi Still slandering my father you don't trouble the dean meet again Dean Xue made by Yunshou.

Snort I heard that someone was against Jianchi luckily i got there in time Otherwise, my son's life will be lost. mean yes The truth and Su Yufei are going to murder Mr. Li Jianchi Fortunately, the head of the Li family came forward and escaped the catastrophe What about the mechanical way?.

I didn't see any mechanical way The Li family blatantly turned right and wrong really hateful Li Jianfei is in You said that picking up waste and murdering Li Jianchi how did you know Um Can't tell someone tipped off.

It turned out that someone tipped the news where is that man where is the letter this this this cloud siblings I'm asking about Li Jianfei Um Yes Yes You students from the Li family and Dean Xue hold their own opinions.

Difficult to distinguish authenticity since no big mistake better take a step back I'm looking for Longwei and I won't pursue it anymore how to take a step back Are Sagittarius joking? must check of course check For Dean Xue's sake, I will let you go.

Don't push yourself Don't invite me to scavenge Find out the truth and find out the truth Check it out Then grab it and bring it back Wait until I find out the truth before making any plans catch we can But Li Jian Fei and these secret dragon guards also have to be arrested.

I can't suck them Are you saying I cover up? I have no idea but you know in your heart Presumptuous come Let Shihuang take it for me push back First press the thirty boards Dean, save the first emperor.

Golden Evil House It's me who wants Shi Huangliang to be imprisoned I see time suffers Li Jia will not let it go I can only regret the time first don't stand out But Li Jia is too bullying in order not to be bullied.

Strength alone is not enough The commander needs to have a famous name. big son sirius leaf family The Ye Family is named after Tianlong Kingdom he intervened The situation is more complicated what is a famous name If you have this name, not only will the Li family not be able to bully you.

It can also slap Yun Shouzuo in the face do you want please advise When Dean Lu Linxi was young Have not participated in the Hundred Academy Competition of the Empire But easily defeated the first person in the Hundred Academy Competition Yan Shaoxiao was therefore valued by the empire Give us Tianbei College a Tianjiao Monument If you pick up waste and leave your name on the Tianjiao Monument.

Tianbeicheng Tianjiao Tianjiao Tianbei City Tianjiao is more noble than your grade genius It is the proud son of the country who is honored no one can insult you Don't even try to frame you He also wants to be the pride of heaven This is not lip service can do it.

Pass Tianjiao three levels within seven days Guan Guan narrow escape Does he dare to scavenge? of course i dare dean I want to take the three-stage assessment of Tianjiao in Tianbei City Are you sure that these three levels are more dangerous than S30 Osaka? I can't stand being bullied when I pick up waste I can't stand being splashed with dirty water.

I will try no matter how dangerous it is so ambitious Tianjiao three levels, the first level kills monsters Second Pass The third round decides the outcome Only by going through three levels can you become the pride of Tianbei City Write your name on Tianjiao Monument Into the history of Tianbei City The monster of the first stage.

But it was designated by Milongwei This scavenger wants to be the face of Tianjiao Dayun's handicraft what a dead end Today you collided with Milongwei and suffered minor injuries go back and rest for a day start tomorrow i want to start now Dean, he is such a stubborn person That's all.

I'm afraid your sword won't be useful yet. Tell me what weapons you need I want a bow and arrow and a heavy knife cloud hand is tired bring it to him I remember breaking it and hitting you Osaka Silver Hand, please refer to the monster in the first level This seat has already thought about it.

You go kill the three-eyed gold master The rules of Tianjiao Sanguan But a monster of the same realm as the passer-by The three-eyed gold master has a fighting power comparable to the peak of the new artistic conception If you choose him, you will send the Ten Emperors to die There is no limit to monsters that's scary does not matter The Ten Emperors can completely give up breaking the barrier and follow me back to Milongwei.

Milongwei's prison is large and spacious This is obviously deliberately making things difficult Then the three-eyed gold master Hey young and frivolous Now that you agree, let's set off to subdue the demon Humph, there are flying eagles to guide you as long as you don't cheat my people won't interfere If you voluntarily give up breaking through.

They will come to the rescue but don't force yourself don't go The dean of the school may come back soon after picking up the waste. we might as well wait for him here Maybe when he comes back in a mess Will beg me to beat him Then I'll punish him for contempt Bring back Milongwei.

The big prison eats him and lives him After all, we, Milongwei, are not villains. Hahaha Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Hahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha.

Ha ha ha ha Doesn't it mean that monsters have a strong sense of territory? When did these 3 gold masters get so good-tempered? snort eat is natural not good ah It's better than a lion finally followed.

Unite Earth Rampage Bear Xiong Wangli Fate is too big, none of them are dead bloody smell such a big body I can't believe you can hide snort you fell for it.

Earthen earth raging bear Violent collision It's a big deal if you don't fall to your death If you hide well, you might still survive. Tell Yunwu County I'm going to kill the Golden Wolf Road in this second level The two of you should immediately notify the dean and Yunshouzuo Tell me everything that happened here in detail hey hey have you heard.

Our college This year there is a genius who can transform Really? I just heard Miluo Wei say And this genius is now going to participate in the Tianjiao assessment Yunshouzuo and our dean are both at the gate of the city now Go and see, go and see Hey, do you think that Shihuang can pass the flyover test? It's hard to say that our Yunshouzuo is just looking for him to pass Is it the appointed three-eyed gold master?.

Dean Xue directly admit defeat Abandoning this assessment is the most sensible choice You see so many people are here If Shihuang loses It is bound to let everyone in Tianbei City know At that time, Tianbei College will lose face young man lack of magic I thought I could grab a chance.

I don't know Often they die on impulse. The principal also came here when he was young. why don't you understand you Word of mouth is pointless There's no point in arguing Then wait for the reality of blood to hit your face It's not sure who hit whose face.

Others think mere apparition can beat the Three-Eyed Gold Master You just said that monsters have no boundaries It can only be said that Shi Huang was too naive ah look ah ah Oops, I'm a little old-eyed Cloud hand work, help me to see What is the corpse of the captured monster? impossible.

The three-eyed golden lion is the strongest in the mind mirror And good at mountain warfare more talented Lion's Roar and the Third Tree How could it be defeated by the Omen Mirror? and how long must be tricky yes it is cheating to find out.

Silver hand Don't think you can't do it, others can't do it Dean Xue, don't be too happy The two invigilators have not yet certified Is it done by picking up waste alone? Maybe it was killed by a passerby master Do you think that's possible maybe i won't believe it in such a short time.

The Apparition Can Kill the Three-Eyed Gold Master Believe it or not see dean See Handmade Did the three-eyed gold master kill himself by scavengers alone? The first place to return to soldiers is to scavenge and complete it alone you sure I saw it with my own eyes during the summer vacation I waited to witness all the whole process with my own eyes.

Completed independently without anyone's intervention Tell me about the specific process I want to know that all confidence can't be missed at all yes that's it Hit the enemy to lure the enemy with the body to lure the enemy to benefit the enemy Kill the enemy with danger wonderful coming.

Record all the details of this battle It will be introduced into next year's Tianbei College textbook boy Take a good look at the face made by cloud hands Is it bright red? Haha it doesn't seem to be red Are you so thick-skinned? what he said Now I break one by one and I don’t blush even if I get beaten in the face.

Oh, I really didn't blush Dean Xue, don't be too happy Three levels, this is just one level He has a second pass One person is required to evaluate a bandit cottage go check it out Which bandit village did he choose? Huimin handmade The golden man chosen by Emperor Shi himself arrives at the.

There are a lot of people in the Golden Wolf Dao Cha Yunfeng's terrain is dangerous, easy to defend and difficult to attack Why did the imperial servant choose this trash? Golden Wolf Road The Golden Wolf Road has invaded our Taoyuan Village six times also killed the villagers Emperor Shi must take revenge, so he chose the Golden Wolf Road snort overreaching.

Young people are so brave Dare to choose Golden Wolf Road doesn't he know Is Taoist Li Feiyang the pinnacle of the new artistic conception? if he really chooses must die Why is the surname Li again? fish I just killed the three-eyed gold master.

This eye is the proof I'm here to see the Blue Wolf King Little rascal I know you can hear me now you listen I know Three years ago, Jin Langdao slaughtered more than a hundred relatives And skinned and cramped in public or grill or stew I also know that the relatives have always had revenge.

But still unable to seek revenge from Jin Langdao And Kim Lang Road has been established for 5 years once attacked the six sons of my village Not just looting food, gold and silver Also took 17 lives Today I practiced with some achievements take revenge That's why I came here to join hands with you less Kill Jirodao together.

I use the life of the three-eyed gold master to prove my strength you and me join hands all may avenge blood Please, Wolf King, if you want to cooperate, please show up It's okay to do it I stepped on the corpses of wolves and killed them I know you understand people's words and wisdom understand what I meant you will have your own consideration.

Little Wolf King, since I dare to take the initiative to walk in front of you I'm sure to leave The third eye blood is fresh As a monster, you know very well that it hasn't been long since I killed the three-eyed master able to come directly to you proves my strength I choose to work with you It is also the blue wolf group led by your blue wolf king Never raid human villages.

Though somehow but i appreciate you So choose to cooperate with you Hahaha good groom king we fight side by side Fortunately out Otherwise so many situations This could be a wolf god.

The cottage where the groom arrives is easy to defend but difficult to attack Narrow mountain road If they defend with bows, arrows, rocks and logs For you Qinglang tribe It's the saddest part This is also the key to strangling your revenge. I will be the pioneer I take the lead in killing how are you following.

I said that my cooperation is sincere close the gate bow and arrow preparation rock rolling preparation by their strength Bow and arrow strength up to 30 to 50 meters lethal shooting earthen earth raging bear Armor of the Earth rush.

This passer entered the mountain pool and beat him Where's the man with the vision mirror? come on Violent collision Daoist is not dead yet ah ah ah a group of beasts Dare to come to Li Feiyang's Jin Leng Dao presumptuously.

I light you superior incompetent fool die The evil animal seeks death lead wolverine cloud fall empire violence Wolverine Claws Violent build.

Purple mountain Spike bad fooled violent charge Good break ah Brother Wolf, is this going to cross the river and demolish the bridge? Ah, you may not understand the meaning of crossing the river and tearing down the bridge Let's put it this way.

You take revenge and I take revenge Shouldn't we get together and relax? you go yours and i go mine Would you like to cooperate again in the future? Of course, the premise is that your blue wolf group does not kill humans. I also promise not to kill a wolf of yours. How about we continue to cooperate when we encounter problems in the future? you are going to fight me There is still a third level to do.

Don't waste too much energy on the Blue Wolf King It seems that the bear king will take the lead to suppress the blue wolf king Xiong Mengli how What do you say that my earth raging bear casts again what will happen he did it alone yeah you win you win You managed the Golden Wolf Road by yourself.

It's a miracle, a miracle fight with wolves It's not against the rules, is it? this Of course not The rules are one person and you are one person is there a second person That's a wolf, a monster, not a human And you chose Golden Wolf Road.

Even if someone cooperates, it is reasonable Good for you Our Tianbei College is going to be proud haha Milong Weicheng Weijun 13 Golden Scorpion Road Golden Wolf Road The Li family is really good enough Do you want to recharge? Hey, as long as you can pass the third level Become Tianbei Academy Tianjiao The name engraved on Tianjiao's back is all yours.

This is Tianjiao's privilege So I'm a millionaire Let's talk after you pass the third level The third level, Li Jia, you can't escape Dean Yun handmade I tell you Shi Huang is a genius How can ordinary people let the Blue Wolf King make a move? snort.

Does Master Li feel distressed? want to threaten me How did you come up with the idea of asking the wolves for help? no way too smart good good good Tianbei City's Tianjiao Examination Three Passes are Sad It must be completed within seven days The two most difficult levels actually only took half a day to pass the sun has not set yet.

Complete the third level definitely us A good story about Tian Beicheng Passing three levels in one day, Tianjiao is sad, overcomes Tianjiao, it's wonderful The third pass The third pass The third pass Scavengers meet handmade um Students complete two I don't know if the cloud handmade is satisfactory.

Satisfied Cloud Handmade, don’t you check it yourself? determine cheating Don't worry about it, it's a panic don't push yourself I thought Yunshouzuo was thick-skinned and didn't mind you hum How about blushing? Do I have to turn my face? Later, I will ask Yunshou to handle it impartially.

You are so generous Do I dare to do it with merit? Will you slap me in the face again? Thank you Dean Yunshou I'm going to the third level Brother Yun According to the rules, the first hurdle is for you to choose the target. The second hurdle is student autonomy The third round is up to me to choose, right?.

Huh yes So I will choose an opponent for the Stone Emperor The dean wonders if I can propose someone to be my opponent Ah, as long as you don't pick someone who is too weak to be your opponent no problem Li Zhiji converted to one of the strongest masters in Jintian North City Li Jianfei Li Yunguan Li Feiyu They are all new opinion masters I want to challenge Li Jianchi.

What are you kid Obviously knowing that the elves in Jianchi have just gathered together but still challenge him what are you trying to do take advantage of the fire? This Li Jianchi is also a student of the academy after all Can't you? also he is too weak really not.

You are humiliating me huh If you want to kill me, you have to fight back you choose another one I choose Li Yunguan good you are the Omen Li Yunguan is a new artistic conception You are a leapfrog challenge It also surpassed the requirements of the designated opponent in the third level.

I think it's possible, Brother Yun The first level three-eyed gold master The second stage of Golden Wolf Road The third level is to challenge Li Yueguan again This is the beginning of a legendary genius Brother Li, I hope students pick up trash fairly Zhan Li Yunguan I don't know if Brother Li agrees sure.

Alright, then the third level will be carried out here. everyone step back If you stay, you will despise giving up the venue Come on time Time has long been on par with Li Yunguan Victory is now stronger after zero change But Li Jianji agreed to leapfrog the challenge they must be cheating Shameless, I'm going to expose him.

You, you, they are shameless But your family is very aggressive in scavenging. He never thought about these three views Ordinary officers are all male officers who exceed the requirements what is my house ah come on come on Master, you choose me to be your third level will be your biggest mistake I'm not interested in talking nonsense with you.

Anxious to find death then i will fulfill you Ling unchanged a ha ha ha This is the Lee family's top school Only I have done it let you cheat don't let me down too much ah.

Martial arts intuitive Martial arts emperor Wang Baoxiong when the yacht Headstand forward and backward dead mountain Dead Mountain's premise is gripping So he took this Lingji Dead Mountain's first half move is here.

It's great to fight against pressure with the force of tearing This kid's fighting skills are too high. like nature A surprise bullet for Li Yunguan Can increase spiritual power for a short time Now his strength is by no means weaker than Li Feiyang But the first emperor used the spirit sword Spirit beast Spirit beast.

How dare you look down on me I just look down on you Cattle force ah Wang Li ah ah ah Quickly transform into a guardian You can't even cheat ha ha ha wow so amazing.

Wow Wasn't Xiong Wangli given to him today? That's it Brother Yun, shouldn't you congratulate me? cloud hands Also ask the dean and hand to confirm Am I already Tianbei City Tianjiao Hahahaha of course yes.

Now is the beginning First, I, as the Tianbei City Tianjiao, Sir please find out about Li Jianchi's murder of me Take down Li Jianchi is my order Immediately expel Li Jianchi from Tianbei College never hire second I witnessed with my own eyes that Mi Long cooperated with Li Jianchi for Li Jianfei.

Intended to murder me and Su Yifei Li Qinmang of the third Li family It is the hand that harms the adjacent 13 golden scorpions Now being hidden in the main house of the Li family Take it all The fourth is Li Feiyu, a guerrilla general Don't ask right and wrong, just think about relatives Cooperate with Li Jianfei to murder me He was a general in vain.

These plays It is the evidence of his relationship with the groom Li Feiyang Li Feiyu, can you do it? You get me Patriarch Li Li Feiyang and Li Feiyu are brothers of the same generation You didn't say anything at home Li Feiyang was expelled from the Li family by me 10 years ago well-known things Don't make false accusations against the owner.

I know you're going to get rid of yourself but handmade adults Jin Lang Dao was pacified by me Are these all owned by Tianjiao? Then it's mine I also found food in the cottage I asked the proctor The market price can be sold for thousands.

Cloud Hand has agreed Help me resell the grain from the cottage to Patriarch Li I price 100,000 catties What ten thousand catties of grain you sell for 100,000 catties Sibling adults Now the Li family has been taken down so much I'm afraid I won't be able to be friends in the future Why don't you consider our Tianbei College? snort.

I have a lot of thoughts at a young age. Who doesn't want to be friends with Mi Longwei? you can Jin Langdao Lose another hundred thousand gold I see how your Li family is still strong. you pariah Wait for Yunshouzuo to finish these chores Welcome to Tianbei College to visit us.

Stele of Tianjiao ah ha ha ha ha hey did you hear Scavengers passed Tianjiao 3 concerns in one day you just heard I'm right there Defeat Li Yunguan in the last level Master Li's face turned black only 16 years old.

Able to leave a name on the Tianjiao Monument This talent is definitely not weaker than Dean Lu's. sway, sway, sway There is a fairy tale on the fifth floor of Zangji Pavilion Divination I want to practice and you help me get it done There is a wood spirit on the fifth floor of Zangji Pavilion Wanmu Tingling I want to practice and you help me get it done.

You are my friends, I will definitely help you with this favor But do you know what Lingji I choose? In fact, I fought with Li Zhiji and the others before I found myself lacking a lot of ideas If it wasn't for the Spirit Hall, my strength would increase greatly I may not be able to leapfrog at all There is also an inspiration for the southern Suzaku in the fire spirit I have to start studying Everyone I know is our age.

The eldest son who has not come into contact with the inspiration above the 4th floor do you have any idea The Tuling District on the 5th floor has a lot of ideas you can take a look at war trampling Well, the top ten geniuses will go to the Tibetan Sacrifice Pavilion first. that oh It seems that the beauty level of our Shi Tianjiao is really not easy The Academy requires that the fifth floor is only open to the Stone Emperor Su Yufei, Ye Yuchan, you are waiting outside.

No wonder I couldn't find the entrance to the 5th floor before It turned out that there was a five-element earthquake. Wow Um First go to Mulin to see Um oh What kind of inspiration This is only applicable to the king of wood spirits.

From this inspiration, Concubine Lu's style of play is enriched. Divide the spirit the kind that can be divided into two so powerful I have to choose a low-key courage Could it be said that filial piety to the world is absolutely You can also choose exercises for the host Wonderful War Stomp has no limited uses.

Scalable attack single attack Handy, ingenious, body, and equipment that's all You are the first one to openly enter Zangji Pavilion Take four spiritual books study well you get Lingji Bar Don't waste the tacit understanding between the three of you.

What the guardian said just now makes sense Don't waste our understanding Dazi Yufei We must make a big move It's stronger than the combination of the three, eh Hello Dean Xue I don't know what's important to find students I want to train you special training.

Li Bi strange land Why did you suddenly come to my Li family in such a state of mind? The master of the Li family said that you are generous Now that the Li family is in such a predicament, you have nothing to do It seems the rumors are false How about the owner It's not your turn to make irresponsible remarks Hahaha I can make you the detained person of the Li family.

All will be released Who are you Why does that person care about me? Li Jia Li Jiaheng Do you think Li Jia has the qualifications to be caring? He doesn't want Tianmei Academy to have arrogance why you don't need to know Take the token to Milongwei Naturally it can save your Li family.

But some crimes still need to be blamed Province's defaced token of Hawaii I understand and remember that Tianmei Academy is not allowed to have Tianjiao The Lee family will never disappoint Li Yunguan was seriously injured and died Then put all the blame on him I know You Heiyilou have always been sensitive to the world of the five elements kill.

Now I will give you another thousand gold I want you to kill Tianmei Academy Shi Huang and kill his parents There is a tortoise in the building, if the father does not kill don't want Shi Huang's death to provoke his parents. Raging Dexterity Since hands weeds as you wish.

Lei has the power to kill and also has infinite vitality The inspiration comes from the upgrading of human beings With the sound of spring thunder, all things are born Only this is the first death of the year Only the thunder and lightning of Lei Yutian can gather the greatest vitality stimulate spiritual growth even sublimation To be honest, you have enough spring thunder vitality available depends on whether you can catch him.

Xiaohua continues to practice One palm and one fortune growing up with martial arts Still not able to transform twice Dean, is my talent not enough? Scavengers, just 15 days Your Earthen Land Rabid Bear doubles in size Means your strength has increased by 5,000 pounds in terms of strength.

You can totally crush Brothers and sisters who are also in the heart of the earth spirit But I still hope that Lingdian and Fei are both kings I heard that the old man with a wooden collar is also a king with a golden collar Keep a low profile You are a low-key appearance with a strong inner heart The earth raging bear is amazing Then I'm so strong inside Do you look low-key?.

Play tricks in front of me Thank you Dean for your explanation Dean Lu Our academy is about to produce another amazing talent The dean's special training must have yielded a lot, right? Yes, what skills did you learn? show it hush Dean said.

Keep a low profile Seeing as you help us sisters get the miracle we want I invite guests to Yuntai Mountain Villa in the east of the city That's the most luxurious place in Tianbei City What are you afraid of? Anyway, you have money. Why isn't it your treat? Yes, I treat you to pay Shi Tiancai, who doesn't know that you are the richest in the whole hospital.

Don't be cheap Humph Let's go and have fun too snort welcome three Ha ha OK Good Li Feiyu Li Jianfei Li Jianshi thank you love.

I thought you became some kind of arrogance Today Beicheng is yours Ridiculous Tell you The Li family is not comparable to a pariah like you No one can do anything to me in Tianbei City The Li family remembers everything you did earlier Our Li family will retaliate tenfold and a hundredfold. you wait to die.

I hate people pointing at me hum pussy If you don't agree, I can accept your challenge. Do you dare? I want to go with the dying man, the arrogant big boy Remember to order the most expensive one later Anyway, the Li family has put away the ten thousand catties of grain Bought it for 100,000 catties I have too much money to spend 100,000 catties buy ten thousand catties of grain.

This 10 times profit is too lucrative This food belongs to the Li family too, right? There is someone behind the Lee family milongwei is so damned The crimes committed by the Li family are obvious Moreover, the Jinlang Road formed by their Li family Thirteen golden scorpions Executioners with bloody hands murder, robbery.

Actually let them go boy you are too simple The world is turbid black and white Where is it so easy to distinguish but you're right Li Jiabei's sores in picking up waste Myron is putting pressure on people in the upper echelons and our academy There is no way for Yun Wuxian to commit suicide indoors.

There is only one possibility that Li Jia has other obstacles And this obstacle Even Milongwei has to be in awe of three points But in Tianbei city No one can make Yun Wuxian bow his head like this so The only possibility is that Li Jia was approached by outsiders. Could it be that they came here for scavengers? for scavenging.

Did you offend someone by picking up waste? After all, I'm still not strong enough Look at Shi Tianjiao saying he's not strong enough Yes, yes, men should be strong Strong enough to make everyone bow their heads Watch the sword god come out Everyone in the five-element world must bend down and bow their heads how awesome that's my goal.

I want invincible strength No one dares to bully me anymore If you want to be strong, you have to challenge keep sharpening yourself but also to accept the challenge like you now actually It is the goal that the people in Tianbei City want to challenge everyone wants to beat you.

Step on you to become famous Especially your earthen is an earth raging bear Make many people think your earthen is too weak Make them think they still have a good chance of beating you My earth spirit is weak If these people call me weak in front of the dean estimated to be killed i want to challenge you Don't fight, you're scared.

I'm eating don't you see And didn't your adults teach you to be polite? I will fight and you must fight so crazy Then I don't give you face I am Bai Yujing i want to challenge you have you understood Freshman Genius Bai Yujing.

Before you became the pride of Tianbei City he is most famous oh it's yours I'll have to wait until I finish eating you are crazy I say white genius Start with your unreasonable door push challenge Who is more crazy between us? I'm stronger than you, of course I can be crazy.

Do you dare to fight just not I don't even allow a trash can bottle Be Tianbeicheng Tianjiao This is a disgrace to Tianbei City brother is my shame I'm waiting for you downstairs ah my sword Rivers and lakes rules folding sword challenge.

No fight or throw in the towel This kid is quite quack I've never seen such a crazy How dare you look down on my gambling spirit in person get down night fight snort you pissed me off war trampling How strong can the uprooted earth spirit be?.

Just let you lose heart to heart Vajra Fist Violent conflict casually cut ah How could I be at a disadvantage on both ends? you trash earthen Kirin Xinghuyin.

Big Yin Throwing Mountains and Rivers snort really big even the earth is violent ah new artistic conception The 4th Floor of Heiyi Building is full of thoughts Tianbei City Heiyi Building he is a killer.

2 don't bother you It's you become a chicken The two of you just watch the show well. stop meddling Li Zhijin, you actually colluded with Heiyilou to kill Shihuang Don't slander the owner The owner of this family has never cooperated with the Black Clothes Building The owner just thinks.

The conflict with Shi Huang was misunderstood Let my Li family help Shi Huang this time. broad daylight How can the killer on the first floor be released? four I used to be Lieutenant Milong The Killer of the Black Clothes Building It has long been heard that the Li family and the Ten Emperors will not deal with this criminal It must be shameless revenge.

The Li family colluded with Heiyilou Join forces to kill openly But still looking for such a high-sounding rhetoric It's disgusting fire ghost ghost boy Earthen Night Sky Meteor Soul Golden Garden So you dug a trap here But you all underestimate me now.

War trampling Boxing champion loses three orders Xiong Wangli earth star war trampling Zuo Ming Triple Funeral Prize holy sword Jinyuanquan.

Forest Violent collision Xiaokang he won Tianbeicheng Tianjiao well-deserved reputation don't know plan Are you not afraid that Tianbei College will destroy your Li family? What is Tianbei College?.

Today i will kill you Jinling Self-selling Zen Dragon Sword Jinling Golden Armored Warrior Normalization Wood spirit death a clove Wanmu obeys orders Wanmu listens to the scraping sword Divination war trampling.

Just don't expose me Do I accept being bullied? team up cut Mowgli Deaf Great Peak Deployment

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