Multi Sub【幻游猎人】| Phantom Hunter | EP 01 – 12 Collection | 未来的竞争愈加残酷,使新人类几近崩溃,为拯救这些遗失的灵魂,“幻游猎人”应世而生

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10 years ago Humanity has found the key to open the door to the world of consciousness Since then, the world has a new latitude race broken world The third-generation EEG terminal was released today A new generation of EEG devices Brings a more realistic simulation experience You can choose to connect directly with the conscious world You can also communicate with others through a portable terminal.

Most of my day It's all in the middle of the brain wave Wherever you want to go, just click the mouse Very convenient makeup commute It also saves time for cooking. I can put Spend more time doing what you love And the virtual version of the same thing is more affordable.

It works the same anyway This also improves the quality of life. Long-distance love is also very convenient work life balance Now every household has an EEG terminal I think it's important to remind everyone that Such technology is dangerous Are you referring to a security risk on the device? ah no i mean higher level.

The virtual world has no borders Once people can't tell the difference between virtual and reality The ability to judge the truth will disappear Too much causal awareness has happened in the past The tragedy of being lost and unable to return to reality That's a problem in the past, isn't it? Official data show Since the founding of the Orbiting Hunters Successful rescue of missing persons.

The rate is almost close to 100% Guarantee my personal safety in Cyberworld is our duty Eighth Road Captain, I also want to fight side by side with you Then you are welcome to participate in the qualification examination of the tour hunter The hottest job of the century Vocational Examination of the Traveling Hunter hello brother Where have you been.

Wake up, I'll call the city center to buy you something Why what can't Buy online and fly so hard take a trip Secret on the stove to eat something as soon as you get up Oh, by the way, do you have any tasks today? What's wrong with you still waiting.

What date did you forget May 30 ah my birthday Get off the line early, I'll be back in a while Great I don't know what gift my brother prepared for me. looking forward to it ah come alive.

There are big fish online without brains Cyberworld Security Maintenance Mission Level C Content Processing Illegal Plug-ins Bounty 20,000 gold Wow unveiled Give me the coordinates and I'll be there soon Connecting Western towns for you administrator.

Admin, admin, someone is cheating here where is the administrator no this Hehehe, the prize for the first place is mine Why What age is this? Why do people still use plug-ins? challenger this is mine get us out of him.

Wait a minute fucked him fucked him Little girl, don't overestimate my ability to spoil my good deeds Don't overestimate yourself, try it Wow, is he ours with a name? ah ah get it done Hey, Nolan, come here and have a drink, please. thanks but i already have a date.

Zuoci Bullying the rookie again out of control old cat half of the bounty generous enough Then of course you give me the information half each fair enough.

Correct Any news on what I asked you to investigate earlier? no So fast I have set the location for you is the tracker marvelous The information on the Brave Continent is very dangerous investigating such sensitive information.

Do you have any reason um, lyricist Have you ever heard of the urban legend about the land of the brave? Some people say that in the depths of the virtual world There is a door to another world to determine whether you are eligible It's a brave challenge Through the challenge you can successfully pass through the gate to reach the pole Le Bifang.

But if you fail will be lost in chaos become forever unreturned do you want to take part in this challenge No, little Zots You forget this basic trick forget it Take an interesting thing as a cover Then find a reason for the victim to voluntarily say yes.

Giving up authority is tantamount to letting liars do whatever they want In the end, the money is empty This is the liar I've been looking for lately I've been chasing this guy for a long time It's just that I haven't been able to locate his exact coordinates. Been doing it for a long time just to catch liars cheating is bad behavior Humph, I'm sure I'll find you this time Found.

Ah you stupid Why do you keep all your belongings here? Isn't it the challenge of the brave that I initiated together? how did it get sent here This is the brave challenge It's a pity you didn't pass Hey, why do you have so much money? too much you are too much.

Why Don't talk nonsense This challenge was initiated by him to me The money was also voluntarily pledged by him. i lost Gone with the wind, don't lose your debt, brother Even I can't beat you and you still want to enter the Brave Continent Hey, what a challenge! It's so powerful. why don't i try.

Someone actually broke my lock code if i win Give me a ticket for that mainland too. Whoops, there are even broiler chickens delivered to your door come test me I can't wait that's what you said Ouch ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Don't do defrauding people of money from now on.

Wait for the punishment, uncle ah loran be careful soy Mujer ah ah ah why did you run away No, it ran away Can your tracker still work? It should be safe here didn't expect to be targeted by bounty hackers.

Recently, keep a low profile and don't rush let's go uncle What we just talked about is not over yet How can it be You have been locked by the tracker, don't try to escape again by the way let me tell you something on the way i have notified the circumnavigation hunter Oops.

If caught by a wandering hunter, it's really over. Hey uncle, don't you still want to run away? Even if you run to the ends of the earth I can't escape from the palm of my hand Nolan, you seem like a villain Very confident, girl If you are capable, come to the Land of the Brave and catch me i am not lying The gate to another world really exists.

It was they themselves who failed the challenge Hahahahaha don't run did you see That port just now seems to be real That Land of the Brave doesn't really exist, does it? And the hero's challenge can't be true, right? Oops, I'm so scared let's go let's go let's go let's go.

Do you want to keep chasing? I think this thing is a bit strange I'd better leave it to the circumnavigation hunters. what's up The surroundings seem to be corroded by something sorry This virus is so destructive Everyone get off the line run fast run fast.

Run Too late we already spread The normal offline channel should not last too long Lyrics, then we act separately Escort everyone to the safe passage good security alert Western small town area hit by virus Nolan shouldn't be in that area by chance.

Go nolan what are you still dawdling The western town is almost over infected I follow the last person right away Um you go forward Thank you for the safe logout. There are not many points left. I escort you.

Oops, my brother is calling Have you figured out how to explain it? Nolan where are you uh uh you're not in a small western town are you? my hands are a little numb I'll explain to you later go ahead you hung up your brother I hung up on my brother.

Ruined bring station request docking Docking allowed Welcome to experience the latest Wifi system Read your question port for the Howard Library whether to go do not send.

Western town Keep going forward That's the last safe spot over there okay Have you figured out how to end it with your brother? Don't be tired, can't be, don't be tired help why are there still people this late night market.

I don't want to be lied to i don't want to die Lyrics fast positioning Listener Hello nolan hello nolan bad signal completely broken The end of the world to the bridge ah.

Ah so dangerous so dangerous ah Are you OK brother why are you here So you've been in a small western town since the beginning long story then you better stop talking Be quiet and wait for help You don't know me, brother with a bone physique.

Such an accident is not what people want to say Talking well and being cute can't solve the problem bro You see people's eyes full of sincerity I really have one more thing to do stop really lost to you what's the matter except us Someone else is trapped on this map probably about to become a bachelor.

What Out there is a virus that interferes with consciousness haven't been there for years man devoured by him Only ten minutes of golden rescue time Help I just wanted to find him But the western town is too big I'm afraid if I wait for the Orbit Hunter to come.

Then we'll go find him Nolan, do you believe me? Nolan, do you believe me? as long as we are together can solve any problem of course i believe you Well, about the position of the trapped man. I have a bold hypothesis tell me what to do.

Can nolan hear you The signal in the no problem area is still there You just said you were chasing after that person He ran away clutching his hands and opened the virus port Since these viruses came from him where is he Probably the source of the virus knew.

I'm looking for the places with the most viruses found it there At once help be careful with you Don't worry bro hey-hey be patient Nolan is coming soon.

Nolan seems to really miss you ah ah hey wake up Oops can't you hear it already? Nolan be careful when nolan nolan ah.

The hunter Haihua's first team is ready to attack elder brother nolan You two brats are really bold Brother, what are you going to do delicious? I'll give you a hand, okay? what did you tell me before you left Do not worry.

Your sister, I'm the world's most invincible Nolan People stumble, horses stumble Although the last bit of cunning hey but that man is saved isn't it? Your three-legged cat's kung fu only to catch the thief If it wasn't for the hunters who arrived later You are now an unreturned person lying in the hospital. oh.

People just come of age today Is there still much room for improvement? So I'm starting to really think about it Eight dragon captain's suggestion Let's go to the world hunter test Ah, brother, I still have a lot to learn but as long as we are together It can solve any problem, can't it? ah.

Yes Hey bro, what else is in your bag? what did you say My birthday present is TNL's limited edition CD huh marvelous So on my 18th birthday me and brother Received an assessment invitation from the wandering hunter team To become a wandering hunter.

Maybe it's not as simple as I thought oops My brother is a nerd, can he pass the test? Hey, why worry so much? as long as we are together Surely any difficulty can be solved so many people I'm so nervous After all, it's a one-in-a-million admission rate.

Yeah More people and more competition let's work hard together good OK it will work hey who is this I do not know What a great background.

Wow, what a big airship This guy has a lot of background it's not big it's too small so exaggerated yeah It is a limited edition IV 7 airship bro, do you know I especially like this model.

Wait until I make money as a safari hunter Nolan, slow down, I will definitely buy it for our family Hmm, who doesn't have long eyes and dares to pretend? sorry Hey, the kids are here for the exam too. Do you want my brother to take you? help you pass No Back off.

Oh, there is a flower protector I'm really sorry that my sister disturbed the three of you just now. just about to start the exam Let's make some preparations in advance Haha you want to pass the hunter exam too what you say is enough nothing hahaha The matter between the little boy and them and us is not over yet Leave it to me cowards don't try to hide in the terminal.

Really anything can get mixed in. shoes are dirty What did you say who It seems that if you don't clean up, you don't know how powerful it is admin Hey, hey, it's all a misunderstanding The administrator is the one making trouble yes yes yes.

Hello brat Fighting is strictly prohibited in the examination room The three of you have been disqualified from the exam what did i call me let me go i didn't do anything Big sister, you are so cool thank you so much There are no administrators, are you calling here? You can handle it without me.

Good morning, candidates I'm Dorn, the leader of the Orbit Hunters. This year's round-the-world hunter ability test is about to start I wish you all the best Multiple presidents Candidates pay attention exam is about to start Please prepare for the exam Brother, remember.

This hunter exam mainly examines physical fitness Skills and Psychology Brother, your actual combat ability is relatively weak. Pay attention to avoid confrontation exam is about to start Exam system ready where are you elder brother Candidates please pay attention Nolan Candidates please pay attention.

Elder brother Provide defensive small moves Small landowners will be victimized and banned Candidates are asked to use the dry method to find Labyrinth defense tricks The customs clearance channel has been opened 10 minutes left until the end of the exam when did you sign up long story.

Ah, my brother is here too He's not yet proficient at coding. i have to find him go first ah Lyricist, you are so cunning, you actually follow my coordinates can save a little ah then you have to follow.

The number has stabilized This is a knockout Shouldn't it be as simple as just running the full distance? isn't this the beginning? Combines lucky you came just in time i have an idea ah hi beauty.

Is your acceleration code not bad? Where did you buy such a gorgeous watch the road Who is so short-sighted? Sorry, I didn't realize there was someone behind the wall. Actually broke the maze wall The examinee's code can't do it. The attack ball launched by the system can attack and fuse Can it go through walls?.

I have a proposal Are you interested? how is the situation this year There are a group of boys who can toss By the way, the candidate named Nolan It's the genius white lesson you've been thinking about for a long time, right? what do you miss People are really talented Well, what are these candidates doing to catch the batting ball?.

Actually relying on fusion to enlarge the air ball all the way through the wall such a maze This this It seems that this kid has some It's a headache end of first exam Please take care of the candidates A group of 5 people take the center customs clearance channel.

Hahaha refreshing Oops, the situation was special and I didn’t have time to introduce myself Down Witt You're the gangster who caused the commotion this morning Hmm just down my name is nolan this is my brother Xu Mu, that short winter melon over there?.

Hahahahaha hi what a coincidence I never thought we'd meet here also formed a team Big sister, you were so handsome just now I was dumbfounded May I have your name clear sky you.

You can play tricks ah ah Coming soon to the second examination room Candidates please prepare Wow, it is generous enough to directly give the internal code ha what is my problem this simple come over.

No harm at all what happened Do you feel that he has become stronger? look over here bro what are you doing and five runes and five planets on the ceiling If I'm not mistaken, there must be a connection. really flash of nolan ceiling.

Quickly understand hey-hey Thanks It seems that the attacking monster problem is useless his weakness is those planets Just attacked Mars According to other planets Probably came up with a question about the five elements. Just follow the order of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Quote monster stomping on him with color They attack Zentraedi again you can pass I see what are you waiting for they seem small The second exam is to pass but target statement kill Congratulations to everyone who passed the second exam.

Ah why did i fall asleep Brother, where did you see your review notes? This code command must be tested It's also important You haven't watched that yet That's also a test point take it ah what's wrong bro.

Isn't it the book book is this book But Nolan doesn't seem to be Nolan bro what are you talking about you are not my sister This is the third round of exams This world is fake Congratulations on completing all test scores qualified.

Ah, here is congratulations for passing the exam I am an examiner Balong, I'm curious how you found out Probably because of Nolan nolan a careless I've never kept my desk so clean I'm rummaging back and forth to find anything he won't be so neat to find what you want.

Haha you are sharp Has the potential to be a hunter Welcome to join Xu Mo Great that we can be hunters together That's how we all became hunters After passing the exam, we took a special plane around the interior Go to the headquarters to complete the newcomer training is also the department interlinked.

I would like to be a wandering hunter Rescue in s go out of his way Welcome everyone to join the wandering hunter waited for a long time It's a virtual badge If you want a physical badge, of course you can Well, but it's up to you to get it Hahaha only those who did the previous mission.

This paragraph is about you stand up sir I am the captain of Team Hunter 02 in Haihua City Balong, I will be your instructor from today it's here I don't care how much you think you know from now on I forgot everything.

In the virtual world A strong body is the best guarantee for the spirit The enemies you will fight against will be varied System virus human mutation data disorder Neither is the worst enemy The worst enemy is the lost ego once lost in the virtual world Want to find the right person in thousands of virtual spaces See you when you come back.

Kenshin Ha ha wow how is it The number one flight attendant is amazing Thanks Hey, it's so hard to distinguish between reality and virtual reality By the way, brother, your grades are not bad, Uncle Balong Instructor of Eight Dragons Head is not bad.

It's just that I'm a little weak in stamina. Damn Uncle Balong, don't pick him up to work Nolan, you really have to work harder Instructor, when will we be able to send out missions? Yes, training every day I'm sick of it you are still early give me some thought How to apply theory to practice.

Ah Especially Clear Sky and Xumo Ah ha ha Ah, the simulation is really choking How does Nole insist why can't i go who told you it's not your part right.

This should be the responsibility of you so-called high-level If it wasn't for your rescue, it would be useless The Brave Continent will not be blocked for so long Clear Sky Brave Continent concentrate push this little ball over clear sky pass Sunny sky, you are too ruthless enough.

Not enough after class sunny stewardess drinking water Sunny Sky, you are too hardworking Thanks oh you guys are here let me find it When will the spare computer room on the 23rd floor be available? seems to be sealed.

Didn't you say there was a power failure? Power failure can be repaired for a month It hasn't been fixed yet My information, my notes I'm going back to the dormitory first clear sky Miss Sunny, are you okay? You look so bad clear sky.

Where is he going so late The place where the seniors said the accident happened before the 23rd floor what are you doing here clear sky Qingkong did go in this direction just now Oops where did you go clear sky you follow me.

What's going on outside the clear sky how did you get in Nothing to do with you clear sky everybody are worried about you what's wrong with you here is with hunter database I heard that all users' brain bumps are stored here.

Activity information what are you here for The data center is at your service Please show your ID Document detection successful Instructor Baron good evening captain baron Please tell me the information you want to inquire Please help me call out Luna, a citizen of Taihua City.

All brain wave data from March last year to now Searching for matches please wait You have been successfully located you luna found it How dangerous it is for you to be out in the wild alone lucky to meet me I'm not very smart recently. blue light what's going on.

Ah Hey, why are you distracted again? Are you a nun from the Delia family? What nun I said look at your dress Is it a nun from the Delia family? How dangerous it is for you to be out in the wild alone lucky to meet me.

It's been rough recently someone called I saw an extinct ancient beast in the suburbs There's a lot of buzz in the city Red Moon Castle had to recruit troops everywhere I hope there are brave men to go to crusade Whether the rumor is true or not Let's go back to the city first it's getting late.

Red Moon Castle is the safest place around here Luna Castle right A stronghold guarded by a prophet Luna Castle Apart from Capital Weather City There is no place safer than Luna Castle hurry up let's hurry up look what this is.

What the hell is here elder sister Hello Hello hey are you okay ah you almost fell ah I'm fine this is not the real world.

Don't be fooled by the clear sky Are you too tired? Little guy, this is your first time visiting Hongye Castle, right? go to the hotel and have a rest Oh, right Don't forget to register your identity at the flagstone at the entrance of the hotel It will be convenient to go back to the city later my name is blue light what's your name.

My name is clear sky ah Does this mean So it's Luna's Luna is such a special name incredible let's go in I'm exhausted today.

Ah doctor is the ancient doctor It's not safe here let's go we were attacked help mom Go to the Prophet's Tower The shortcut to not hitting the prophet with your hand stick to it no problem something happened over there.

Blue light What are you doing ah ah it's impossible Sister Wu Yuecheng's guardian sister disappeared How could the Prophet of Elsha lose? careful run away blue light.

Blue light By the way, return to magic Lord Shivagaska Holy Guardian Why does recovery magic not work To Uncle Phoenix clear sky ah why is it useless what do I do.

Sunny sky, listen to mom ah sister wake up Ah, everything here is not real ah ah ah starry sky Oops I called the police and caused a full resonance.

Qiankun come here clear sky take pass away President report to me in detail is suffering from a pair of hunter Xu Moqingkong the behavior of both of you Has seriously violated the Hunter's internal rules Why take someone else's identity.

Brute-forcing into confidential databases The current hunter Xu Mo clears You better give me a reasonable explanation it a accident OK, let me trust you But the next question I need you to answer truthfully Did you successfully read that data? It's a piece of encrypted memory many lives at stake.

I need you to tell me exactly what you saw ah is brother Me and the starry sky accidentally entered into a hallucination The world inside the illusion is very real Good thing we saw through the illusion and got out. but sir How did you know we've been in hallucinations.

We never told it's not your concern you just need to answer my question The one who needs to answer is obviously you Answer me, is it the land of the brave? The Brave Continent where you have concealed all the truth Brave Continent The Legendary Land of the Dead Brave Continent public beta a year ago.

All those involved in the experience fell into a coma The next day's special group of hunters around the world was established accept all victims And on the third day Brave Continent is completely blocked also blocked And all the news about the Land of the Brave Since we know so clearly then you must know.

We've sent our best hunters to deal with it Believe in the ability of the organization trust deal then please to this day What is the result of your company's fine processing for 12 months Confidential no comment good one no comment.

Ah what's going on asset instability where is the interference Sun Kong ah 12 months developer status unknown Sun Kong data setting is unknown Trapped situation unknown The cause of the accident is unknown.

Rescue method unknown for so many unknowns Where did you learn about these secrets who are you Just because I believed in you I made my only sister wait 12 months forevermore actually made a disguise Is it your t from TNL.

Tell me what are those images is your sister's last memory you know everything good luck to you both The higher-ups ordered you two to be locked up for only three days. This is the end of the matter I didn't expect the decoded information to be like this Sir, I am applying to restart the reinforcement operation of the Brave Continent.

Operation Brave Continent has stopped impossible to restart But obviously there are new clues Death in the Brave Continent is equivalent to real death Such news, you call him a new lead But the captain and deputy team are still a year old there's only so much we can do No matter how many people go in, they will just die in vain Do you understand?.

You two are always here for three days don't worry about other things I'll find a way with your sister you two do it yourself sorry Um still got you involved Uncle Long Good boys are bolder than each other.

You too Those two with coronary heart disease are also what is going on hey You need to know after all We grew up in a lab my sister is my only relative The biomagnetic field in both of us Born different from ordinary people.

Putting it a century ago probably wasn't a big deal but now Even though it can be suppressed with a limiter But it can still have a lot of impact where is a normal person clear sky but Luna and I have a lot of noise singing because of it It's a windfall.

We were chosen to be urban corgis but the price is freedom Sister, what does the real sea look like? We'll go see it together when you're older real uh really until later I know the Land of the Brave Claimed to be ever since.

The virtual world with the highest degree of freedom can fully simulate reality someone found me wish i spoke for it Does this make Luna happy? that's what i thought fully simulated reality However, he took my sister with his own hands Pushed into the shadow of doom.

Hello i think Luna is more suitable than me to represent the land of the brave Have you ever heard of unreturned people? cyber world Once people confuse the real and the unreal will lose myself Victims who have lost themselves and cannot return to their physical bodies collectively referred to as unreturned persons And we travel around hunters.

Responsible for the maintenance of Cyberworld on the surface More responsibilities are to go deep into the virtual world to save lives all the time The number of unreturned persons is under control until a year ago Brave Continent Application for Public Beta The Legend of the Brave Continent is True Countless people are trapped the news is true.

Yes it's all true different world different life A whole new simulation experience Welcome to experience Brave Continent public toilets are about to open Players please get ready Mr. Mayor please put your personal items here see you soon.

See you soon The result is never to see you again The sunset that entered the public toilet on the day none of them came out you give back my daughter Experience time has come Why haven't people come out yet? This involves important people at all levels of society Among them is Qing Kong's younger sister.

The direct endorsement of Brave Continent road luna now ma'am please calm down luna We have dispatched the strongest squad with the organization I will definitely bring Miss Lin back please calm down Once the brainwave connection bottoms out.

Cannot be cut off by external force In order to avoid secondary harm to the victim Organization transfers all violators to special hospitals Concentrated treatment panic for a while And the production staff disappeared overnight All data will be destroyed Please leave a backup host event day three.

Hunter special operations group Why didn't the captain take me there Anyway, I'm also number seven on the hunter ranking list. except for one contact The remaining 20 people all attack Brave Daoli haven't returned yet who is the right person This task is unusual i need you to stay at headquarters.

Captain's First Order Leoria, we all have our backs in your hands Second team sorens so much nonsense set off really However, there has been no progress in the security check for a year We have successively sent multiple groups of prey no one to protect finally They decided to abandon the entire Brave Continent rescue plan.

Until last month after that i never saw luna again but i can feel Luna is alive in another world Even live a much happier and freer life than here Condition but suddenly one day i don't feel luna.

A month ago include A large number of unmarried people, including Luna, suddenly lost their brains Luna's Brainwave Detector A huge set of data is detected in a short period of time This data is the last hope of foot power I'm aware that Luna's not doing well and I'm requesting a visitation. something must have happened to my sister I beg you to tell me about the rescue.

Sorry, please go home and wait for the notification How do you tell me to wait for the notification at ease hateful even more strange in this world The Brave Continent incident seems to have never existed one year later today No one remembers this event anymore And the Brave Continent account card.

It's become an urban legend Even the black market can't find his existence My plan to rescue myself has completely failed. Registration for the 33rd Tournament Hunter Qualification Examination is underway Registration for the 33rd Tournament Hunter Qualification Examination is underway i have only one choice become a hunter yourself but did not expect already changed.

Maybe it's not time to despair Luna, she still has a heartbeat and breathing. Everything may turn around now is not the time to give up The stewardess is so pathetic so Rescue operations really stopped hey i didn't say that remember to get up for class tomorrow.

Little bunnies Nora why are you here I need to use the study room Then I'll go first ha Tell me, how far did the investigation go? ah I've been making a hypothesis these days.

If this assumption holds true, I think don't i believe Luna may have a lifeline ah How to say Brave Continent is a plot clearance mode nolan elder brother nolan.

Once fully cleared everyone can come out Well, that's what Nolan said. I was right This little guy has a future not ready to stop ha Did you stop it? Luna, I'll pick you up Waite didn't think of you.

I can still find a place like this This secret base has excellent confidentiality and security The most important thing is not to be disturbed by anyone send it here this time really thank you all everybody meet again oh.

Say what world hunter nolan The first rescue mission in life is about to begin don't try to stop me hey-hey nolan oh Then I'm the brother Of course, I can only sacrifice my life to accompany you.

Stop talking to yourself get out of the way Aren't you so kind Don't leave me with something so exciting we're a team of brothers Everyone Everyone is here, right? Xu Mo Nolanzotswit Clear Sky Hearing Order secretly entrust you to the Brave Continent game.

Completely save the trapped people I wish you all the best safe return long long ago The shadow that hangs over the land of the brave is death The road connecting life and death is blocked by a furnace dragon The evil dragon blocks the way to death Soul is every soul that passes by But the dragon is getting greedy.

Finally no longer satisfied with devouring the undead And began to covet the world For a time, the Brave Continent was full of sores At this time, the 7 prophets appeared Wow and then and then and then Prophet Qi has mercy on the world they cursed me Dori, you're here to turn in the daily tasks again.

No matter how small a mosquito is, it is still meat I'm upgrading now with this Why don't you consider changing jobs? Can't stop I don't want to spend my whole life in the village Hurry up and make a team meteor Meteor Haha meteor is the instruction of Yuanshen.

A new warrior is born I go out for a while here it is yeah you woke up how is your body feeling Can you move? Ear? Are the ears connected successfully? take it easy take it easy let's Safe at the Adventurer's Inn in Moon Shadow Village.

Moonshadow Adventurer Inn Well, this is the novice training village for the cat-ear tribe You have not regained consciousness at the birth point I just passed by did you bring me back Hey, you're welcome, you're welcome Ah, by the way, you don't know anything about this place yet, do you? Geographically speaking, it is located in the jungle of ancient times Belongs to mainland Brunei.

It is also the place of guardianship of the Prophet Claire. The Marr tribe hidden in the eternal moonlight Moon Shadow Village This is the most mysterious tribe in the Brave Continent The only way to save people from the brave continent is the plot Clearance Maybe that's what Luna gave us. See you at Red Leaf Castle the brave.

Furious I really came in still awake Are there any other newcomers born? no you're the only one Sure enough, they were separated I came in with a few other partners Do not worry Your friends should be in another birth point.

By the way, I haven't introduced myself yet. my name is dori Level 13 cat ear players are druids what about you hello simo simo If you have no objection, then we are teammates Any questions here just ask me as long as i know i will tell you i do want to inquire about something.

Ah what what Have you heard of the Red Moon Castle? um what is that this place Uncle, have you heard of it? Luna Castle what place is that think again never heard of it.

Well, there is no way The text here is completely different Um You will automatically adapt after a while The hotel is crowded Isn't there any adventurer It's for the Red Leaf Castle The Mal people have always lived in seclusion in deep mountains and old forests not hesitate to contact with the outside world.

There have never been many foreigners Well, of course it won't be like this so smooth Oh, it's been a long time since there's been a new adventurer I almost forgot it was a starter pack Oh, it's so nostalgic This is the gift of the primordial god Help you quickly adapt to the world initial task.

Elder's blessing can understand The ability to adapt to this language is too fast. Don't you want to know how to get to the Red Moon Castle? The elder may be able to tell you the answer Brave Sumo Welcome to become a member of the cat ear tribe in Moon Shadow Village May the soul be with you Your power will be awakened under the guidance of the three gods.

People as Cat Ears You will always be under the protection of the primordial spirit from this moment on Xumo, the warrior born in Moon Shadow Village your adventure begins Thanks then goodbye brave looking forward to your growth Ah, wait.

Um Can you tell me how to get to the Red Moon Castle Go to Luna Castle are you ready to leave Adventurers should decide carefully. Every choice you make affects the world Luna Castle It is the capital of the east that was first guarded by Elsia there is a long way.

Danger on the way Are you sure you want to stay away from the sanctuary of Prophet Kleiya? to the other side of the sea yes i have a reason to go As expected of an adventurer i only heard It is located in a dangerous place in the mainland of Xi'an The exact location needs to be explored by yourself said before.

There are other partners who have entered the Brave Continent You are looking for Luna Castle Is it to meet them? Well, we've already made an appointment I must not hold everyone back. I've decided that I'm going to help you join them good Didn't the elder just say that? There's a long way to go and danger.

Since I picked you up Of course you have to be responsible to the end hey What are you doing stupidly? You have so much to learn about the world Wait, it hasn't stopped yet In the world of the brave continent The most direct way to distinguish abilities is the level Currently the highest level is 100 Level is directly linked to ability.

Level 1 General You can only see it if you use the hotel stuff others can eat By the way, I'm level 13 what is my occupation At level 10, the three gods will help you automatically differentiate occupations When the time comes, you will know We cat ears are good at telepathy Generally speaking.

Would be a summoner or a druid or something That's right, like me ah how to become a cat Meow Class druids can freely transform into retail At the same time, some retail skills can be inherited but to level up The only way is to complete the task.

Request from the villagers will be posted in the hotel quest bar There will be corresponding rewards for completing tasks except gold coins Rewards given by tasks It is the main source of experience for our upgrade Unlimited levels of tasks There will be corresponding level prompts according to the difficulty And special tasks will be triggered randomly.

Brother cat can you do me a favor This is the hidden mission My initial level crosses the level Is there any problem with this task? don't forget there is me This is a task that can assist the team All right Xu Mo went on.

Just ax Xiaoxin is here what to do next Of course it's a fight Come on, I like you ah good good stop him left stop him This is too messy It is said that the performance before level 10.

Will directly affect the division of your future career don't be lazy ah thank you big brother big sister It's okay, next time I can be optimistic about your little butterfly ah It's not easy, finally upgraded ah i have to go to the hotel to rest What about you, Xu Mo?.

I want to look around again see you tomorrow remember work and rest Oh, so tired, I can only recover at the hotel Hahaha come on come on you come after me It's not so much a simulated space rather a different world Although knowing Everything here is fictional.

But so comfortable Don't be fooled by illusions as a wandering hunter Our job is to find knowledge Moonshadow Village's Prophet Shortcut on it's your new kitten I heard you were asking about Red Moon Castle.

Well do you know how to get there i do know But compared to the Red Moon Castle You should worry about how to get out of Moon Shadow Village first. what do you mean What additional conditions are required to leave here Could it be related to the enchantment you just mentioned? Back then, the Prophet Kreia used the power of off-road stones Create a protective barrier here.

And the power source of Moon Shadow Hour is the moonlight Therefore, Moon Shadow Village was sealed into the eternal night by him. no more day enclose forever night no more day build and see Could it be that not stupid eternal night.

Naturally, the power of monthly diet can win the whole victory but isolated from the world Without the permission of Prophet Kreia no one can leave prelude You really got to level 5 in 10 days Dare to make progress so desperately? Um.

As long as the tasks are divided according to the level area 3 times more efficient It's barely done. so much intensity Thank you for being able to sit here 30 million players trapped in the Brave Continent a year has passed And the time in the Brave Continent is accelerated by 4 times The only way to save everyone today is to.

Clear the world plot Today is the tenth day of being here I should have gone to the Red Moon Castle right away. But I'm still stuck in Xinshou Village 10 days later Come find me here if you get the weapon I'll tell you the fastest way out of the village what do you want you don't have to be so defensive.

Let's be honest we just take what we need Prove to me your determination first kitten be careful The world may be far more dangerous than you think can he really help me ah ah ah strange if there is anything The fastest way to leave the village.

As the oldest in the village How could I not know Do you know where the other players have gone? hello have you ever heard a legend hmm If the player voluntarily gives up in the virtual world or confused start to see fantasy as reality their behavior will gradually become no different from the aborigines.

Are you saying those were once gamers? ah battle supplies ah Don't be hungry when I go out for a few days Uncle, you went to the forest again Well, you two have to work hard Thanks be safe Oh, I see.

Really worrying so dangerous in the forest Aboriginal people can't be resurrected Hotel resources can't be maintained by missions, right? plus i'm here hey good thing you're here I thought I was the last player I didn't expect someone later than me but don't worry.

Since i have promised you I want to accompany you to the Red Moon Castle Then even if the spirit is deceitful as long as we work together get out of here sooner or later I didn't expect you to rely on your own strength Got to level 5 so quickly Well, tell me your conditions I'll help you pass the Prophet's village mission.

But I want you to help me bring a gift to the Prophet cut After a long time, it turns out that you are also trapped in Moon Shadow Village. you are 0 How old are you? ah ah ah ah he His name is Dori and we are level 13 druids just don't get in the way.

You are an infant teacher Did you just come to Moon Shadow Village? i have never seen you before Hey, the barrier of the Creation Prophet In fact, people can come and go at will. I passed by here, but I didn't expect to stray into the boundary of Moon Shadow Village without his permission No matter how high my level is, I can't go out So how old are you?.

It shouldn't be higher Are you a full-level first-generation player? aha What the hell is your quick way out of the village? The principle is difficult easier said than done Help you quickly rise to level 20 Directly conquer the village chief task Aha, you are hard to beat just the first one.

Not difficult what do you say Broken Love near the Mist Forest There are many rare and exotic beasts in the misty forest can bring a lot of experience Let people upgrade quickly but there is a fatal factor poison My profession can provide you with temporary shelter.

To resist the erosion of poison and the rest will require your own efforts But the level of monsters in the forest is higher than ours even if we can go into the forest Still can't kill monsters That's what I'm going to teach you next I'll just say it once You all remember well we can talk.

If something goes wrong, retreat immediately We have cooperated so many times, it should be fine That's the forest of mist It is the most advanced dungeon map in the entire Moon Shadow Village and haven't received it yet That guy feels so insecure following me leading you is not enough for us to go if i am in How can you get real promotion?.

Skincare I made I can only guarantee you within an hour not harmed by poison So remember not to fight Teleport to the Mist Forest found a single too far away I need to be close to him to judge the location of the dead door hmm be careful.

Our spirit fox clan is similar to your cat ear clan Our strength comes from the primordial spirit Natural spiritual power is far stronger than gravity Attacking directly with a weapon is like brandishing a body but like spiritual power with your current capabilities It's not enough to be the prey in the forest of one thing therefore To master the ability of the forest people to learn by themselves.

Sixth look master Everything is made of energy flow Since there is a gate of life, there is a gate of death feel nothing Listen to the sound of energy flowing move their direction pretty it hurts me.

I hate the setting of the permanent continent the most. Is it a completely realistic pain experience? ah ah ah upgraded Master, I have upgraded. Do you know how long it's been since I upgraded? One year and three months correct Prologue You are almost at the level of professional awakening.

Should be soon But what about self-teaching ability? why can't i learn Occasionally gifted and dull It's too direct prelude It's the bamboo hat of the hotel uncle He's not in danger, is he? Dory.

In this world, natives can't be reborn, right? what to do I'm going to ask Lin for help. That's too late The protection chapter can last for a while let's go find uncle If the player voluntarily gives up in the virtual world or confused start to see fantasy as reality.

Their behavior will gradually become no different from the aborigines Uncle, you have to hold on nerd blood is gone on top Uncle how do you wake up beware of ambushes how come so many Xu Mo.

Take uncle out of here And you I'm a druid don't worry about speed you are only level 9 can't help here either You just need to send uncle to a safe place I'll follow right away well then you must follow.

Remember my words don't die I try my best not as much as possible you listen in this world every death all represent the disappearance of a certain memory when i realize What is the original world like.

I don't remember at all the only one I remember It's just that I come from my own world so you can't die Go, Uncle Dai, let's go It hurts It hurts i hurt so much don't want.

Don't take away my last memory I finally met someone I finally had friends It was hard for me to meet you, Dori. Swiss Hall, am I there? believe me today will be fine Xu Mo Are you afraid of losing your memory? Afraid, why not?.

But i can't leave you alone What I often tell my sister is as long as we are together can solve any problem To lose courage is to fall into darkness But even a small light The darkness is not only black still have hope dory don't be afraid.

We face together Believe me, there are some memories that I want to forget but I can't forget it's the middle of the night waking up wishing you is a warrior Rookie, don't stand out alone. Finally rested we mean what we say Today you are going to make sure I go back alive no problem.

Oh, so loud but i think Although the memory of my acquaintance with you It's only a tiny bit that matters But it's definitely something you want to forget and never forget. But what if I can't remember? then i'll go find you Repeat the process of our acquaintance again you said.

I said What are you waiting for bad protection failed lonely lonely lonely the pain is gone I should have died just now dory is not out of danger yet i have to go back someone.

Hello do you know can't make a sound where the hell is this is the devil did not expect Someone actually forcibly awakened by willpower what are you doing use first aid the music from there.

So familiar, back to your world what just happened Graphite Didn't the idiot promise not to die even once? Dory, I'm sorry for worrying you. Congratulations to player Xu Mo for reaching the Brave Continent for the first time death achievement If they hadn't tried their best to bring me back My fate today is an account.

Today I invite you all to feel free long live uncle hahaha young people ah please take this Thanks to you, my son can return safely this is uh This knife is called Sea God Soul Blade It will grow with the master's ability.

Is a knife with a soul this gift is too expensive Brother heard that you awakened as a warrior, is it true? um, so cool haha in general children of our forest Born with a sense of the forces of nature knowing and manipulating Warriors rely more on strength and physique.

For thousands of years There was only one warrior in Yueyin Village, and that was you You mean I'm not suitable for this career saving lives has its own reasons This knife has been in my hand for a hundred years It's just that I haven't been able to find someone worthy of entrustment please take it I didn't expect my profession to be a soldier Also got a great weapon.

It's just that i always feel seems to have forgotten something very important Good and evil pay off you deserved it's a good knife Ling, I haven't had time to thank you for what happened today. we are still working together this is necessary Hey, what you said before is indeed true.

My ability is far from enough I was careless today Teacher says I didn't expect you to awaken directly by your own ability You relied on your warrior talent to sustain the monster's attack Dory and the innkeeper are saved This is a fact are you comforting me you think it is.

It's not frank spirit The memory of your original world is really lost. i didn't go no future Don't be afraid I'll take you out Did I ever tell you that I'm here to save lives? Although I don't seem determined enough now not strong.

But don't be afraid I will definitely take you home You are really an interesting person Xu Mo is as weak as rush grass yet solid as a rock I do understand why have you been chosen as a warrior is brave is brave is brave.

Warrior of my tribe Be sure to find the elixir for awakening West Moon Chief fool what to see Rory is almost assimilated When it was resurrection, I probed his heart His soul memory is probably running out. This mission is dangerous Are you sure you want to take him with you.

I have promised to accompany you to the Red Moon Castle looking for your partner even if i forget you can also remind me not hello what's up we're almost there i respect his choice well let's go here it is.

The final out-of-the-village trial is finally about to begin To the Sleeping Forest ah so excited Thinking of leaving Moon Shadow Village soon I'm super happy hey hey Our trials aren't over yet. is there any difference Lin Dashen testified and added me.

First Druid of Renying Village And you, the number one warrior for five thousand years No matter how we look at it, our team is a leading role group careful ah good risk good risk You forgot to replenish the new shield again The monsters in Sleeping Sun are all transformed by Zhao Qi If we hadn't made it in time.

Dory, I'm afraid you're going to die in vain again. God, you look cold Didn't expect to care about people? It's not frank girl Your shield is going to disappear oops why is it gone again because you are not paying attention Ha ha.

Well, the chat time is over. cheer up something is wrong in this woods Strange how the wrong mission became so dangerous It turned out that it was just to get a certificate of bravery or something. Could this be the change that the elder reminded him during the day? no matter what here is all you get The only way the prophets allow.

But the mission was only promised by the chief Prophet's side Don't worry about it, idiot Since the Great God said yes, there is absolutely no problem Since the place where the reading material is thickest that's where we're headed then let's go i can't wait to see the outside what's the world like.

Here we are Wow There are places like this in Moon Shadow Village ah look over there refreshing flower We didn't expect it to be so easy, so we found it Didn't the medicine I brought come in handy? where is it so easy look at my hey.

Ah Dory help Quick Torre drink the medicine quickly ah finally comfortable what was that just now what's wrong with your chest.

Mission changed Is it the legend is a prophetic task Hero I am Prophet Krea Please kill the host of the hypnotic flower in the sleeping forest for me I will thank you in person May the Yuanshen be with you Destroyed by all Xie soldiers Did he already know about this hidden mission?.

Wipe out Cui Mianhua's host Wait for the so-called host Is it the big guy Xu Mo so painful can't breathe I feel like the inverse is going to explode Don't panic, Xu Mo opened his eyes.

Has the innate ability of a warrior born with feel with heart God, let me help you Ah, it hurts me Why is this big lizard so hard ah what ah ah idiot it's great you're alright.

Sorry for the lateness What should I do This monster is too fake I tried my best just now, but I couldn't penetrate it. i approach him I also felt a strong energy barrier There is a lot of energy gathered on the top of his head It should be that flower is constantly functioning for him insight is excellent.

I'm not bad either And it uses the power of protection You are the first in thousands of years Ah, it feels terrible that he fell It seems he has been irritated by us The wound just now is slowly healing it seems that the flower not only continuously recharges his armor Can also release poison gas to allow him to repair himself.

The tail that I cut off before Unknowingly reborn I think the only way to get rid of the energy chain above his head Make him lose his shield and regeneration we have hope That's right, so we're going to work together next. What Smaller spells cannot penetrate his basic armor so i need time to hide high level spells.

Xu Mo Your weapon can cut monsters apart temporarily so i need you before my spell is done Use your weapon to slice through the top of the monster's head cut off the poisonous flower prevent him from regenerating again Good Brew You are most mobile in the air I need you to keep the enemy at bay.

Buy time for me and Xu Mo no problem god My spell turns red as it nears completion You must cut the poison spell before the spell is complete good be careful right This is it Flowers are indeed his weakness.

Hurry up and follow me hum you can't catch me maybe hurry up Oh damn Careless We can only forcibly uncover the poisonous gas net with the power of protection master be careful Ah ha ha blocked.

Dory Dory persisted Don't you still have a bag of medicine that you haven't used yet? cheer up Dory don't try too hard I know I can't do it anymore remember our agreement must come to me.

His soul memory is probably running out. It has been assimilated for many days I'm afraid if I die again Xu Mo the spell is done Go and cut off the poison I managed to win a chance for you yesterday Are you going to waste Xu Mo get out of there quickly.

Why are you so dumb Call you an idiot just look for me I've decided Did you promise me before? We made an agreement to get out of here together i want to see the outside world go back to your world the outside world You said to respect his choice.

It's getting late go back now Wait until the village chief wakes up You can go to see the Prophet Tomorrow I'm taking Dori with me out of here how about you come with us I see thanks for your help Every rebirth in this world has a price.

You better remember Zuo Rui, I will definitely take you out I don't know how Nolan Qinggong and the others are progressing. at that time Is it my eyes? This is mission of the century Looks like that might not be some hallucination Maybe some unknown warning.

Full moon night hand over things otherwise otherwise or will you meet me with swords, sorens disrespectful bad dog call me sir You actually forgot your identity as a wandering hunter Humph, you have no way out Obediently grab it.

Why did you let him run away It's the subordinate's disadvantage please punish Hey, the prophet is worthy of being a prophet Even if the gods are in the rain You can also find wandering hunters to work for him Oh that's all I'll let you off this time Sorens, you have done me a crime.

Must find that person as soon as possible Follow orders but according to spies This person has boarded a merchant ship bound for Keene escaped manchester low case i know The opponent moved so quickly It is really difficult to win with the current strength of the subordinates Then give me an order to mobilize the power of the whole country whoever captured this person.

The king will bestow upon him great honor That's all the god mulla ever had My king is famous okay back off Is the subordinate resigning Mulla talk smart At most it can keep you alive for a while longer Soon after The glory of you and this country.

Will be wiped out And we will usher in a stronger first Arras The show has just begun this century exactly mine Ha ha ha ha Ah, Moonlight Mushroom I finally found it.

Dried Moonlight Mushroom I should be let out of the village now It's too early to say No, my mission prop hateful ah what is this what are you kidding It's obviously the first lovelorn at level 30.

Why is there even a level 40 Naruto Dragon? Humph, I already gave you a reminder The time of broken love in the mirror flows in disorder Right now we're running into a time blender as lucky Can see the prehistoric landscape of 100,000 years ago Real adults It doesn't matter if the broken alliance will refresh the map But what the hell is a fire dragon at level 40?.

I'm a nanny who has only passed level 20 So breasts still need to work hard hateful Too bad there's no way ahead bored etc. become a sword Hate Nanny's damage is too low.

Hello pastor nolan how many times have i told you Don't Destroy the Competitive Environment There are thousands of faces of real history Do you know the consequences of changing history ah Where is Nolan? Did he steal Liao Xingta again to break through? dumb nolan.

Be back soon Hahaha ah failed again The bold boy actually sneaked into the Liao Hang Pagoda again Only once a month out of the village test It's too inhuman Why Xianzhi adults.

Don't let me break in Just give me permission to leave the village I promise to be good Stupid your practice is far from up to standard Letting you out now would be a dereliction of duty Do you know how dangerous it is to trespass on Liao Xing Pagoda? how dangerous is jeff instinct in these mirrors There are thousands of time sections that have really existed.

The opening of the door has a law If it wasn't for Wuwai noticing your presence just now You are ready to be lost in the mirror for a thousand years lost millennium so serious These copies are all made by you still out of control? cannot For thousands of years, I am just the guardian of the gate of time and space.

Hum thousand years old You look like you're underage Oops Nolan It's prayer time, just obediently stay in the Holy Show Court and pray ah pain pain pain Oops, it's prayer time not a miss Hey Winnie.

How did you come Can my avatar be found? Your Master Fan said that if there is another time, it will be three times that old hag Fanny, I'm not therapy material at all. wand of healing I'd rather be a heavy machine gun like a chug chug Fanny, can I change jobs, silly Nolan? We are the priests of the Seminary.

Messenger of the Holy Spirit on earth I was born to pray for the blessings of the world You should be thankful for the gift of God. ah ah It hurts Idiot who doesn't remember anything You've been brainwashed again But it's okay Fortune favors fools.

Oh Nolan is so scary ah I'm afraid the players of this world It's all been stabbed so unconventional I really saw it for the first time Where does this main storyline start? ah ah what sound.

Have no idea I feel like there's a clue go hey nolan your flower If you can't finish it, the protagonist Li Zi will scold you again. Oh, I'll talk about it later wow such a big battle The White Cloud Knight is coming Came here specially from Tianqi City, the capital of the kingdom It must be for His Majesty's wedding.

Oops that's a happy event Since we have so many years of Cathay Pacific and Minan Thanks to Your Majesty His Majesty's wedding It turns out that the Holy Seminary has received so many praises and congratulations recently It's for the big wedding ceremony silver knights to have a look.

Silver Knights so mighty yes wow so cool The silver knight welcomes you Bishop Aisia is waiting there please follow me sorry for the trouble please so mysterious.

Ah hey nolan where are you going ah ah ah Really Nolan, what are you doing in the back garden all of a sudden? Of course it was for eavesdropping wow awesome uh wrong come down quickly You'll be fined 3 times the salute if you're caught nolai.

Keep your voice down if you don't want me to be found Your Majesty sent silver banners from afar from the capital There must be something important happening ah there Lord Silver Knight's Unexpected Visit But for His Majesty's wedding this is one Almighty Prophet Estill A dense cold from Hongshan Palace.

Peeping into the sky with ominous omens Wu Wangkui There are thieves in Manchester disrupt the overall situation Specially send me to guard Prophets and Consolation what's the matter too far to hear anything What are you doing ah.

Miss, are you all right? Hahaha Oh, so you are the pastors here. The sudden fall really startled me Fortunately, I hugged you just now How are you not hurt? I'm fine. I'm leaving first. hey wait girl if you want to leave the village.

Let's obediently be a prophet and lovelorn besides you know This is one of the three barriers in Keen territory, right? Creation Prophet's Enchantment Is it possible to get out by climbing over the wall? what three barriers You really just came to the land of the brave I haven't had time to introduce myself Must be Lord Silver Knight's adjutant.

Vice-President Green of Warsong Bribe Follow the Silver Knight to this point Dare to ask the names of the two girls ha Why should I tell you You've just Didn't you want to find out why the Silver Knights came here? Well, if you want to know, I'll tell you then call me nolan.

Boss Now that you know so much, why don't you tell me more Well become so fast The Brave Continent is divided into three parts Apart from Brunei, which has been hidden in the fog all year round and does not care about world affairs It is the continent of Keen where we are and a dark realm that rivals Keene.

Manchester Manchester sits along the river people born there are warlike by nature And their king Ambrose more cold-blooded Been eyeing Keane for years Fortunately, after the Salon of the Seven Immortals Each holds a world to protect the continent of the brave There are three places in the world in Keen.

Except for the enchantment of Liao Xing Tower made by Master Shera And Estil's Red Mountain Palace in the mountains and forests And Lord Elsia's Red Moon Castle Green, do you know how to get to Hongye Castle? i have a friend there i have to find him yes Hello speak.

The only way to Hongye Castle Destroyed by unknown forces a month ago what could be like this There's an evil force approaching Gene Nolan I am afraid warrior is approaching girl Uncle girl.

What's going on here Hush girl, go away Manchester is about to call in ah Uncle Hey, there's no need to hide none of you can escape dawdle what don't dawdle.

Let me go forward No, he doesn't seem to have anything suspicious. then get out of here good ah killed kill kill kill murdered Yo Li Anna is so ruthless Cut the nonsense, the player can't die anyway.

Give me a quick fix Take off your hat and scarf and expose your face If we can't find the wanted man The one on the ground is your fate hey you guys don't go too far ah A little mage who is not at the full level still wants to show off Haha, let's kill another one ha ha ha good.

Yes yes yes adults manchester thief Under the imperial city, how can you allow yourself to be presumptuous? ah what emperor The person in the room informs the general secretary we will be back Somebody come and untie them this.

This is the power of the dragon ah Thanks to the protection of the two families of Faral and Jiyan Our auspicious words are so safe These manchesters are so deceitful what the hell are they looking for this This is Leoria tell my king.

Golden Knight Wells Farrar has an audience Quick announcement See King Wu how to encourage Is there news from Red Moon City, Wales? The only passage connecting Hongyue City to Huangdu has completely collapsed Although it has been sent overnight to modify But before the roads are cleared again.

Everything is unknown over there On the way back to the city I fought the mercenaries of Manchester they surrounded the town seems to be looking for someone and kill for it I am afraid Don't startle the snake just yet Just send guards on the outskirts of the town.

You pay close attention to this Report to me immediately if there is any situation Following orders, the Red Moon City fell steadily Prophet Elsha's whereabouts are unknown Jean's strength plummeted Ambrose eyeing again This marriage with the Dori The purpose is to consolidate the foundation of peace in Keen Continent Never miss anything.

Yes The Queen's team should have arrived at the port smoothly Heading towards the royal city is that good So many things happened in succession these days My luggage is always hanging hope makes me worry May the Holy Spirit bless Jean May the Holy Spirit bless Jean.

Holy god bless jean ah My lord, those bloody Zeons attracted the guards Ahead is Apocalypse City These two days are our last chance let's go searched everywhere no one have you seen this man.

Never seen You have to think clearly before answering Kill him, but if you kill him, he will be beheaded and hate to eat please how are you doing here Mr Sullens what? really sorens Oops do not move.

You don't even know that Liuli what the hell was stolen from manchester To mess with such a group of people Fortunately, the convoy of Princess Vanessa's marriage happened to pass by Otherwise our town would be miserable Hey, your room is ready for you If you need anything else, you can call me anytime. Thanks The room is registered.

Use my name So Liulia Why are you hunted down by Saurons? what happened What's wrong what are you doing do not move ah very quick response.

Mental quality counts you as qualified you deliberately look at me Given your character level of 30 Combat ability is remarkable just lack of practical experience Do not misunderstand Just deal with the little tail that comes in ah what is that peeping eye.

The manchesters are at it again with their wiretapping trick I was careless It's really hard to ask you to use anti-reconnaissance now After all you and four other brats Been here for less than three months isn't it do you know me Can you get in touch with Captain Eight Dragons? Otherwise, you thought you had cleared the plot.

Solution to the Unreturned where did it come from This is the dragon's pond and tiger's lair let's get to know each other formally I'm the captain of the advance team Liuliya Clear Sky welcome back yes I heard those people came after you.

To forge the Manchester relic you stole Ah, those are all pretense They have only one purpose to prevent me from entering Xi'an king Why Because I have something important to give to Gene king if failed Everyone in this world will face the danger of death ah what.

I'll make a long story short 4 years ago, I received an emergency rescue mission from the Brave Continent Tens of thousands of people are concerned Urgent situation So in the absence of any data I assembled a most trusted elite team as an advance team Adventure here to find the way System is preparing.

54321 start In fact, we had already prepared for the worst. but did not expect the situation here worse than expected you mean Is it impossible to return to reality due to the background crash of the program? still Those who entered here have all been assimilated by the world How can all assimilate.

Generally, assimilation is a natural event with a small probability All we need to do is wake up the player's mind but in this world it's different The fairy tale here is that someone did it on purpose who manchester king ambrose What The first year we were scattered all over the world Convergence in the second year.

Little has been gained since then until a year ago from an adventurer we heard a story an adventurer claims When entering the path of rebirth after death Met the Prophet Yaras, Guardian of Chaos go back there When the adventurer was about to go in the wrong direction.

Guided by Arras back to the resurrection queue But then it's unbelievable that Prophet Arras was actually captured by dark forces Later we learn that Red Leaf Castle has fallen My two team members Dali and Lizard also died we track down Finally explored the depths of Furnace this time We finally discovered the truth about the Land of the Brave Ambros death captures Arath the new knowledge.

And imprisoned the player's soul with his power before the lizard and vigorously died left us with key information This gets us to Furnace Thor Altar Came here without His Majesty's call sambros king boo keep quiet what are they going to do.

King I will give you my first gift as your Majesty wishes Offer the power of the brave soul hahahahahahahaha very good very good hahahahaha Are you saying those players are still alive? Um what you do.

Go to the Temple of Thunder and rescue them. You can't fight him with your strength How will you know if you don't try? i have tried The price is a whole squad i know about your sister know you came to save him but listen to me we have one more important thing to do.

This is officially to bring down Ambrose Also for all the players trapped in this world This prophetic letter must be delivered to King Keen Croatian Nibel Taipingsha has caught you Around Hunter Hey, what a guts He delivered it to the door by himself Captain, I'll cover you, go away.

No you go i cover you go none of them can get away captain ah captain after i was captured Prophet mullah rescued me from my cell and lead me to him from his mouth.

I know the real face of Ambrose My king Ambrose has gone astray i need you to do something important for me night of the seventh full moon It is the time when the evil dragon returns to the world and the catastrophe comes For the common people go to the king of jen only him can stop this.

That's why they came after you Um Once the heavens open Death in this world is real death This letter must be sent to Apocalypse City King Terras of Keen will be our greatest power I see I will go with you Manchester to Keene.

These bastards have been chasing me for a whole month It was an accident to meet you you how did you recognize me but nothing i want to hear not clear sky How can I not recognize your voice ok i take a break Close the door for me when I go out.

This way I'm afraid it's not easy suck suck vigorously vigorously Everyone you really let me down Thorens.

You you solons ah ah Thorens save me sorens Manisha Kill all the brothers in our post town Now the crossroads stronghold is lost The wanted person was not caught.

If King Ambrose knew Will you send us the giant spirit stone directly? You are so talented, Sorens. sire i can explain For 4 months you brought my three regiments of undead warriors Let a little golden knight Escaped all the way from Furnace Castle to Apocalypse City When you asked for a chance, I gave you a chance Or would you rather give your soul.

His Majesty it's all that person's fault That leoria he confused us Hahaha took advantage of the Keen royal family Keene royal family what happened I had already led my troops to take full control of the Crossroads station. but However, they encountered Jin Qi and the princess of the Duoli clan one after another.

Has that man been in touch with King Keene? don't worry your majesty The appearance of the royal family is just an accident let's do it Keane Three you with the power of kings met two You really can't compete with it with your strength now give you another chance you can use that.

Ambrose my sister is already weak Can't let him use the power of the king anymore But he has to use my script again. Acting? How can you fool Terrasse? that old fox Am I right Her Royal Highness Rest assured.

The crossroad station is safe have used the power of the king Kill the Manchester thieves Lord Vanessa Ah, is it for me? So lovely Hey Duoli clan's queen sister looks better Prettier than all flowers Thank you.

Will you marry our king Ah, Your Highness and King Wu are a match made in heaven There are two guards Keane is sure that the country will live in peace and prosperity, yes yes yes please rest assured The Thieves Attacked the Station Apocalypse City has been notified The army coming to protect everyone will be here soon. The king will not let what happened yesterday happen again.

He's Vanessa, the eldest daughter of the Dori clan. He is also the current heir to the power of the king of the Duoli clan This time he came all the way to Wangcheng Probably for the purpose of marrying King Jean political marriage His marriage to King Keen But a matter of national power Rumor has it King Kean decides to merge the duo.

Create a stronger protective barrier for Keen His destination is the same as ours with his wagon as cover We should be able to reach Apocalypse City without incident let's hide in this car is it really ok Station to Apocalypse Middle Ornament Endless Plains Believe me This is the fastest way we can get to Apocalypse City.

All ready to go His Royal Highness Why don't we wait for Lord Thorn to arrive before setting off? time is running out I'm okay Will the Manchester crowd come after us? Attack a well-prepared royal team But suicide But they should have guessed.

I'll use the Dolly Kings again Let's be careful to kill ah I lend you the power of the prophet Which is Leoria? it's you you or you We don't have the glass you mentioned. It's a joke, if you say no, then there will be no stop talking nonsense.

Kill them all don't leave one behind The power of the king let's go, my lord Your body can't hold on to the second holy mana. everyone is still outside I can't come out violia not here.

Manchester lackeys Honored You actually saw it This is clearly the mark of the Prophet Mullah you guys Your king Ambrose what did it do to the prophet You are the princess who got married, right? Originally, my goal today was not you But think carefully about the purpose of the marriage.

Isn't it against King Wu? And now you know King Wu's secret Anyone who stands in the way of my king must die Don't even think about touching a single hair of His Majesty Don't overestimate your ability to eat grass Stone stop Thorens enough.

Does he still remember his identity as a circumnavigation hunter? sorens you forgot everything you have no idea what you're doing Don't you think I'm like those normal people Is it assimilated? Captain i just made a choice Choose to follow His Majesty Ambrose he gave me strength.

Gave me life So I won't be like other hunters with no place to die So you know he's going to start a catastrophe But he wasted the life of tens of thousands of nights for his own selfishness Soles you are worthy of your identity no kidding you should.

Are you still that invincible wandering hunter? show me clearly Here in Solace only the strong are everything I do not want listen to me It's good that it's in the original world one thing never changes That is we were never friends Manchester Thief.

Don't go too far you When did the power of the king accumulate The power of the king is here Give me step down So it's you who they want to catch sorry That's all.

Just have you ever thought about it? in your capacity how to meet king kean His Majesty Terras I can use my identity Introduce the two of you to His Majesty but i have a request you just say can you please serve.

The identity of a woman is with me Ah, be my stand-in for this epic wedding Your Majesty, although this is very beautiful But I'm afraid only you can fulfill this requirement Wow, it is Her Royal Highness Independence Temple The princess is so beautiful you are pretty Queen's Palace Down.

To be the future queen of our Jean? Wow queen empress you are so beautiful Oops, Your Majesty we are almost there Remember I want people to see you.

Um Although very beautiful But I'm afraid only you can fulfill this requirement I want you to hide your appearance Follow me into the city as a maid Be my stand-in for this epic wedding It looks the same as the clear sky The Dori are descended from elves If you don't look at the pair of spikes.

The looks of the princess and Qingkong are indeed very similar not even exactly alike I'll be your substitute Her Highness is Jean's future Queen Why does such an important ceremony as a wedding need a substitute Because of my wedding with the king Concerning Keane's future fate By the time Our kingly powers will be united.

Constructed together for Keane Indestructible Divine Shield It's just that I'm already using too much power too weak before the final ceremony I can no longer abuse the power of the king And the queen bee on the other side can't do anything The ceremony was successfully completed He will definitely strike at the most important moment.

And the last bloody ceremony is the best time for them to act I need you Be my stand-in and help me through I know that's asking too much but other than that i I promise you clear sky It's Ambrose who's going to kill you, right?.

Um It just so happens that he is also our enemy hello captain my sister There are other souls imprisoned by King Ambrose His plot can only be stopped by Keen's Ming army that's right Completing the wedding will allow Keane's strength has greatly increased Defeating Ambros will bring the others back.

Her Royal Highness can i call you vanessa ah Um Can I reveal as a lover i will be your substitute protect you from disaster protect you.

Help you get married Vanessa, the eldest daughter of the Doli tribe of Po Island The storm and its entourage to Vanessa May Kim prosper and prosper Vanessa You finally came I heard you were attacked by Manchester thieves on the road cute and healthy Thank you, Your Majesty, for taking care of me for ignoring.

Let me introduce you to a hero in addition He has something important to tell you Your Majesty, I am entrusted by Mullah the Prophet of Fire come for the world Please stop this catastrophe Fire Prophet Mulla i need you.

Fall in life Prophet imprisoned full moon notoriety returns magic His Majesty beyond the cloud Charcoal life just die.

Life and death Music Foot Seven Dragons Return day of the seventh full moon It's the time of catastrophe At this time, the evil dragon will return to the world Will the world be beyond redemption again? This day is finally here In the end what happened it's ambrose.

He may be preparing to resurrect the dragon with a forbidden technique What If all this is Ambrose's revenge Then the target of his revenge must be me whole keene And the whole world will fall into this catastrophe of revenge He was Keene's bravest general was also my most trusted friend at that time.

Children of the Brave Continent live under the shadow of the dragon where dragons rage Charcoal life For survival The twelve ethnic groups on the mainland reached an agreement Dispatch the most elite troops to join forces to defeat the dragon but how can man overcome the sky.

For a moment we were almost wiped out His Majesty we can't win this battle withdraw troops no we quit what about my people Just when I can't hold on anymore The Three Holy Gods came with the Seven Immortals Kill the dragon.

The divine power of the seven dragons thought that the seven holy stones taken separately by the seven prophets Created the strongest barrier in the world Guard the Quartet to Resist Evil But the dragon isn't really dead Once resurrected, disaster will come again The three gods bestowed the power of the kings of the twelve clans to shelter ethnic groups hum however.

But not everyone is satisfied ambrose based on the power of kings he became greedy and bloodthirsty even follow the magic why it fails extract strength from life Find me more experiment questions stop ambrose take it down.

Ambrose Huo Sa broke the law of the country unforgivable sin from today Deprived of his name as a general and distributed to the frontier never return Teras how dare you I step half a step into Jean Unforgiven Terras I made the world for you.

Half of the shade of the mountains and rivers is mine He has been completely driven by desire then i heard he killed the king of manchester self-made king for strength Transform yourself into a half-human, half-ghost monster Did he take revenge on Gene? No he knows the power of Jean.

Don't attack lightly until you are fully sure But now Gene has lost an important front What is the crimson castle to the east that has fallen? The enchantment of Jin continent is no longer complete if revenge Now is the best time for Ambrose i know he's gonna make a move but never thought trying to use technology.

Once the metal is done The Resurrection of the Forked Dragon The world will change color to avenge keane Will not hesitate to take the whole world as a funeral i teras Stop him even at the cost of your life prevent the catastrophe from coming My union with Vanessa in 5 days.

Will be able to fix the Keen Ward exploit Once the enchantment is repaired Even if the catastrophe comes The shield constructed by divine power will also block most disasters Just Vanessa wronged you It's an honor to be able to do something for Gene. where you live Your Highness has ordered me to arrange.

It's in the courtyard closest to the main hall sea rose yes is the flower of your hometown I remember you liked it when you were a kid Liaoning is bothering one year did not expect you have grown so big.

Ah you may not remember that was ten years ago I once visited Whirlpool Island with my father You were about half your height then guess I don't remember it. No i remember I recognized you as soon as you appeared.

Come out lord wales i still remember The moment I first met Kinch many years ago That's the season when sea roses first bloom I stand on the balcony of the hall Lord Ace and you are riding a steed Facing the sunset Stepping into the city wall piled up along the blue back mother standing behind me.

Point to lord wells and tell me child this is your future husband For years I believed it was true Wang Dianshang But for those of us For a bloodline with the power of a king no matter who you marry As long as Ji En can prosper because of this Undoubtedly the greatest blessing.

Congratulation His Royal Highness if nothing else I rest Her Royal Highness Vanessa A change of clothes and dinner are brought to you It doesn't need you to serve back off yes.

I didn't expect such an interior to exist. can you stay with me just a moment Um million sand clear sky There is a person in this world who is so real to you have my sister luna.

I've been looking for her for her i'm willing to pay any price Then we are similar not only in face i also have a sister claire And the most real person in my world have found take a look This is the mark of the prophet quick.

Send to Apocalypse City hey look I think it should be discussed is this or this why is this Her Royal Highness Vanessa and her entourage arrive at Urgent summons so late is there something urgent Everyone, we have received news from Red Moon Castle.

The murderer who destroyed the Red Moon Castle has been found a traitor among the prophets What since you're here Does it mean my warning has been sent to where he should go Prophet of Creation Even if you imprison your body with spells The extreme cold suppresses your fire energy.

You still can find someone to die for you Ants still survive Not to mention that everyone's lives are at stake. ignorance Mulla I'm giving you one last chance surrender your holy truth no way Looks like you're delusional about resurrecting the dragon.

The plan to start the catastrophe is about to fail no prophet you can't do anything Acting against the sky retribution You have tried so many means don't you understand? It is impossible for ordinary people to take away the Holy Hour of the Prophet Oh, that.

What about other prophets Arras say hello to your sister is the master Ha ha ha ha Long time no see, Sister Mulla ah Why The melting barrier has fallen.

To you my master good boy it's time for the next step Thorens grown ups You don't care about the failure of the last time You're rewarded with this real molten rock Go ahead and remember your mission is The subordinates will stop the Dori of the Whirlpool Island marriage with adulterer.

That's right, the show is about to begin Hahahahahaha The power of evil has increased Well, I don't recommend you leave the village anytime soon thank you spirit but i worry about my sister and partner I think I'm leaving tomorrow with Gambling Day. what about you really don't come with us.

I have something to do do you remember our original deal certainly You help us find a way out of the village and i'm going to do something for you Um I need you to help me deliver this violin to the Prophet Krea Prophet Krea is sleeping so i can't enter the seer's tower.

But you who have completed the Prophet's Broken Love can do it i will bring you there i don't have any friends If you count your fingers, you're number five. Don't be afraid that we won't see each other again for a long time. Um I feel so sorry for you take this souvenir 0 is actually a persistently bound item.

You can't lose it even if you want to Goodbye 0 holy god May glory come back Vitality is in the spirit holy god May glory come back Vitality is in the spirit holy god.

May glory come back Vitality is in the spirit The Prophet has answered our prayers Thank you Prophet That way you don't have to worry about outside intrusion. Yeah yeah It's amazing. Jiejie has been strengthened. Haha this is the power of the Prophet Used to isolate external interference.

Ah, patriarch Xiyue and the elders Young people are awesome Thank you for defeating the Overlord of the Sleeping Monk bring me back the medicine The two have proven they have the ability to go out of the village please follow me The old students will take you to meet the Guardian Prophet Kleiya ha great The door to Tongten Fujiman is about to open.

Go up brave Ah good wow so ready What are you preparing for? Wow, this is the residence of the Prophet Kreia I used to always watch other people finish their tasks and leave I never thought I could have such a day Thanks to you and Lin Ximo thank you.

What are you being polite about suddenly? This is what you deserve let's go in Um Wow lying there It's the Guardian Prophet Claire, right? I have no idea Why don't you go up and have a look?.

But it's empty how to go up It's been a long time since anyone came up to report I thought I could have a long sleep Hey, why did you wait until here? We were recommended by the patriarch of Xiyue Ask the prophet to grant us permission to leave the village Uh-huh You have to leave Yueyun Village when you leave the village.

Yes I advise you to dispel this idea Why to tell you the truth I just had a horrible prophetic dream The catastrophe will come again to this land At that time, the evil dragon will possess and endanger the Quartet Life all over the world will be threatened Not even you brave.

To escape When the catastrophe comes You will be the same as the residents of the Brave Continent lost the privilege of eternal life no one can be reincarnated death is eternity What Only in this Moon Shadow Village My enchantment can keep any evil spirits out.

How about letting me gift some Weapons and equipment suitable for you as a gift What catastrophe This may be the main mission of the Brave Continent If we can prevent the catastrophe from coming Does that mean we can get out of here? I choose to leave the village Nier me too.

Are you sure Sure we have something to do Want to be the savior in troubled times? snort that's all I have given you permission to leave the village Thank you Thank you.

There's nothing else to do, just leave Very good Finally got permission Ah yes Xu Mo your gift I need you to help me deliver this violin to the Prophet Krea Lord Correa I have one more thing This is a gift from my friend Zero.

He specifically told me that I must hand it over to you Gift very strange I haven't had a guest in many years ah what's going on how could it be you prophet nine tails Nine tails can't be one of the prophets of creation, right?.

Your enchantment is indeed the strongest let me spend a lot of effort Only then did these two newcomers take my phantom body Sent into your inner barrier what made our reunion It's not easy what are you doing here Why did you leave Linghu Palace? you who have been sleeping.

I should have never thought of unraveling the truth of this world in the past. real secret what are you saying As one of the Seven Immortals, have you forgotten Did our relatives agree on the promise back then? Of course I haven't forgotten that is our time But that's just a setting what are you talking about.

Are you going to fight me Are you responsible for the chaos in the outside world now? nine tails hand over the prosperity Remembering the love in the past can spare your life don't even think about it Did you forget it On Going Alone With only the power of jade hands, you have never been my opponent.

What You don't care about losing your heart Forcibly blending with one's own prosperity Are you crazy mother what do you want to do Klia Shinji Ha ha ha ha.

Are you OK Hahaha power power is so comforting hiding here Master, what shall we do? Hahahahaha If you're willing to clean up, I'll have you right away. Ling what the hell is he going to do? spirit.

You can call me ling I do understand why were you chosen as a warrior Ling and so on i don't have any friends counting fingers you are the fifth friend found it.

Life and death Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Hahaha Ha ha go quickly whatever method is used Protect the Yan Meteorite why don't you want to leave.

Is the sound just now 0? Master Luna give it to me Xu Mo spirit this has nothing to do with you Giving me the holy stone won't hurt you or that kitty Why snatch the holy stone Ling, do you want to trigger a catastrophe? Still know the catastrophe.

But what does it matter to you You're just trying to break into this world and have fun. know the woman you This world is to be or not to be Is it important to your whole life? not important Of course important my most important sister.

My friend There are thousands of people from our world are stuck here Besides, I already promised Prophet Claire i will never I will never hand over the prosperity to you It will not let you open the cocoon overreaching.

This may be a virtual world you and me We may all be just a set of data when we go through all this our time together Our friendship is absolutely real you I always when you are friends.

You what are you doing I won't let you go wrong again promise Apply ink Apply ink Apply ink Shi Mo, wake up! Shi Mo, you're awake I am alive.

What stupid things do idiots say this is sunshine Be careful, come here, here, here, here Let's hold hands, come together And there are so many monsters in the village Um Because the barrier protecting Moon Shadow Village disappeared Some monsters will run into the village What.

Villages are now no longer isolated from the outside world It becomes a normal day and night cycle. enchantment disappears I'm not holding the holy stone Is the holy stone still in my body? how to take out the medicine Well spirit Where is the Prophet Correa?.

Correa prophet is lingering You seriously injured the Nine-Tails Prophet But he cast a powerful spell on you before he fled You can no longer use the inner power But fortunately, it won't be backlashed by the Yuyin Corpse Where will he go if he escapes? moon shadow is broken The barrier of this world I am afraid that only Ji En's Hongshan Palace and Liao Xing Pagoda are left.

His target may be the other two barriers. Xu Muyue Yingshi is still in your body he will come to you Seek refuge in Red Mountain Palace There are still two days left before the prophesied catastrophe if you can't hold on everything is meaningless Hong Shangong's Prophet Estir know everything.

He can help you get out the moonstone promise me then Come back here with the Moonstone Bring Moon Shadow Village back to peace Moon Shadow Village is created because of me Once again involved in the torrent of history and disputes It's my responsibility I should pay it back it's just apocalypse.

Where are Mulan and the others now? Why didn't my concubine give me permission to leave the village? You little nun just stay in the village There have been changes in the seven major festivals in recent days The world outside is in chaos one more day holy marriage In the name of the knight, I will reveal the sword of the son Fight for the people of all things in Keen Continent.

Send me edict Apocalypse City Enchantment Restoration Ceremony Launched front army preparation Everyone must stop the catastrophe yes how to win or lose In this battle finally waited Our Gene's most important Holy Marriage, yeah.

God bless Gene long live wow long live your majesty viva royal here it is again so good so good Very good great too good too good.

Great too good up long live the emperor Um Your Majesty, according to your will The independent army has found the altar of Thor is the son of Her Royal Highness.

General Claire leads the team personally presumably at noon tomorrow General Claire must be able to complete The task of stopping the catastrophe from coming Ah, very good The second princess of the Duoli clan led the team in person I can rest assured Liao Xing Pagoda and Hong Shan Gong enchantment The Silver Knights have also laid down heavy defenses.

Tomorrow's Holy Marriage is very important Wells, you garrison the main road to Keene with your troops. Defend against the invasion of Manchester's army And the knight Leoria has joined Keene Imperial City Guard Ensuring that the Holy Marriage Ceremony goes smoothly Whirlpool Island Vanessa Storm, the eldest daughter of Doli Clan Came at the faint appointment of His Majesty Willing to be kind forever Holy Marriage.

Will the catastrophe really come? everyone thought A town guarded by an enchantment is the safest place And the prophet's barrier cannot be broken But now there is only gratitude left in the world the last two That's why Holy Marriage is needed to add shortcuts Will the Holy Marriage be a success? will be the key to the situation.

Oh do not worry everything about the wedding I will teach you word by word how to deal with it from now on You are the queen of Dolly Vanessa Storm We must make the Holy Marriage a success, eh? The Eldest Daughter of the Doli Clan King of Whirlpool Island.

Vanessa Storm Come on His Majesty's engagement Willing to be kind forever Holy Marriage A jumble of fish and dragons at the holy wedding ceremony What I need to watch out for is this moment No really noteworthy After this, the Bloody Ceremony.

At that time, the king will remain in the church on behalf of the emperor and you will replace me Go alone to the highest place of the apocalypse and swear to him I reveal as a king I reveal as queen Will live and die with Keane Coexistence of honor and disgrace wait for success Keen will have the strongest protection.

Be careful Um Hey, I really envy the brothers who are on duty in Temple Square Today is a unique event I can't see anything we have an important mission of course i understand To protect Keane it's our job.

That should cheer you up Of course if we don't have the chance it couldn't be better Next I will open the teleport to Shiyota To protect Keane For the world not to fall into darkness three gods please give us light beautiful isn't it.

Sister Qingkong I want to see a different world I think it's the most beautiful sight in the world then don't let them be destroyed Um you're not him, right? His Majesty I know you're here for him He's already waiting at Seyota right now.

It will be very dangerous when the bell rings That is the enemy's best chance to destroy the world go ahead protect him This last cataclysm must be stopped I will clear sky What you have to do is to attract the enemy's attention for me until the seventh bell strikes let me finish the ceremony.

Everything is up to you loud thunder this is not thor adults have a situation go and see ah who Stand at the alley and don't come in Is it for the convenience of escaping?.

Solas Did you finally show up? up to you Never try to succeed stop vanisha lighthouse come on wang ning Vanessa is here Come on me here we go.

I really want to fight you but unfortunately I'm here this time to show you kindness The king brought a generous gift this is a unique gift what are you talking about i can even tell you this gift is the end of the world.

Sorens stop being obsessed You are the one who is obsessed Do you think Only the side that supports the so-called justice can end A story can be the end of a story as much as a tragedy we will see you again leoria team leader Oops.

Advanced Illusion Shadow Escape stop it's endless I don't know if I can do this now flame magic spell ah consumes a lot I'm afraid no more.

Ah bad How did Yaqun go to Shijota? Was it discovered? die power of king ah hateful Come on let's finish the last layer experience Sean.

Quick march rush ah nolan where are you going Green and the Silver Seven team are guarding the Six-Star Tower today i want to help But But you don't have much ability.

What you said is not meaningful enough how come Wow Someone is attacking Judgment what are you doing so fast Green and the others are here nothing will happen how so Too bad my master is still inside.

Come in and I'll help them heal ah what is this hands on bad it's a trap everyone retreat ah ah princess you you.

Sit down claire Master, are you okay? Lorraine why are you here His father's guards were all knocked down Are you in danger? there is such a thing It turns out that you are messing with Nine Tails Long time no see Sheila This day is finally here.

Blood moon Oops Everyone follow my sword Vanessa what have you done why do you do this You worked so hard to get here Is it for my sister you are doing well It's all right.

To defeat the one who possesses the power of king head-on really hard fine Teras the idiot really believes you're going to marry him It's a pity that my sister has always been alone in her heart right my dear sister clear sky there is only one you in this world very real person.

It's been a long time Who said before that dared to set foot on Keen territory again? no mercy haha Look, I'm back, haven't you? Who are you do you like this gift my old friend ha this prosperous city It's as disgusting as ever.

Might as well destroy it all ah ha ha ha ha stop Now you are the only Queen in Jienchengli what you up to Humph, you're ready to accept Ji Eun Sung The love of thousands of subjects ha Hahaha.

How did it become like this what happened Your Majesty is dead queen Come on, the queen killed the king Calling you as the Dragon Lord come back to me i will be your master Queen's army rebellion.

Catch him life or death I can't believe it's all a trap Catch me will be the whole jean hunt down they have heard no explanation Eun's anger Our brave bodies no longer heal naturally The catastrophe has come what to do.

No way catch where are you going stop and die no solution anymore gotta make a choice alarm 301 team leader.

Half of them have not returned Brain wave signal disappears Don't worry, captain we will definitely get the job done Give me back alive I can't keep my word you guys

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